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									H                        onorary degrees

This year the University conferred
Honorary Degrees on:

Mr John M Salisbury, TV wildlife
programmes producer (MSc)
                                     Professor Ralph Benjamin, CB,
                                     FREng, Engineer; Visiting
                                     Professor at the University (DEng)

                                     Dr Keith Burgess, Management
                                     Consultant; Patron, Campaign for
                                     Resource; Bristol graduate (LLD)

                                     Professor Madeline H Caviness,
                                     FSA, Historian of Medieval Art
                                                                          Professor Michael J Hamlin, CBE,
                                                                          FREng, Civil Engineer; former
                                                                          Principal and Vice-Chancellor,
                                                                          University of Dundee; Bristol
                                                                          graduate (DEng)

                                                                          Professor Andreas M Kazamias,
                                                                          Emeritus Professor of Education,
                                                                          University of Athens; Bristol
                                                                          graduate (DLitt)

                                                                          The Rt Hon Baronss Noakes,
                                                                                                               Miss Monica L Sims, OBE, Former
                                                                                                               BBC Radio and Television
                                                                                                               Producer and Controller, Radio 4;
                                                                                                               member of Council, 1989-9

                                                                                                               Dr Christopher Stringer,
                                                                                                               Anthropologist, Paleobiologist;
                                                                                                               Bristol graduate (LLD)

                                                                                                               Professor Marko I Turina, Cardiac
                                                                                                               Surgeon; Visiting Professor at the
Mrs Rosemary J Hartill, Religious
                                     Mr Arnold G Denman,                  DBE, Chartered Accountant;           University (MD)
broadcaster; author; Bristol
graduate (DLitt)                     Businessman, Philanthropist;         Bristol graduate (LLD)
                                     supporter of University cancer       Mr Terence C Mordaunt, Master        Mr Martin J West, Chairman,
                                     research (MA)                        Mariner; Owner/Manager of the        University Joint Social Club;
Mr Arthur M Graves, Bristol
                                                                          Port of Bristol (LLD)                Technician, School of Chemistry
graduate; Command of the
                                     Professor Laurance D Hall, FRS                                            for 45 years (MSc)
Officers’ Training Corps 1953-66;
Warden of Wills Hall 1973-82;        (Canada), Professor of Medicinal     Mr Edward F Morrison,
                                     Chemistry, University of             International Rugby referee;         Mr Garry H Weston, Businessman
Chairman of Convocation 1974-
                                     Cambridge; Bristol graduate (DSc)    supporter of University Rugby (MA)   and Philanthropist (LLD)
80 (MA)


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