Provisioning with Platypus

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					Provisioning with Platypus

How Platypus can be the center of
 provisioning for your business.
       What is Provisioning?
• Provisioning is the act of creating and
  maintaining the services that the customer
  has purchased.
• In the Internet world, these services
  include network access, email, hosting
  and associated services.
    Provisioning with Platypus
• Since almost all Platypus installations
  serve a commercial base, we feel that it is
  important that you get paid for the services
  that you provide.
• By providing a centralized location for all
  service provisioning, you can rest assured
  that your billing data is always in-sync with
  your production systems.
            Platypus Services

                               Customers        Platypus Customers

Platypus Rates   Access Charges        Hosting Charges      Email Charges

 Dial-Up            Wireless                DSL          Platypus Services
        Platypus Services

                               Wireless   Platypus Service

Data                  Provisioning Commands             Billing Rules

          Standard Data                       Create            User
       Service Specific Data                  Update


 Service User Manager Events
• User Manager Events occur when Service
  or Customer Data is added, updated or
  removed. When User Manager Events
  occur, provisioning commands are
• When a new Service Type is created, the
  following User Manager Events are
  Service User Manager Events
Event Name      When Event Occurs
New Save        New Service Added

Old Save        Existing Service Save

Deact Save      Service Manually Deactivated

React Save      Service Reactivated

Username Save   Username Changed

Close           Suspended - Nonpayment

Delete          Deleted - Nonpayment
        User Manager Actions
• User Manager Actions are a way of grouping
  commands for reuse across multiple events
• For example, the same “Suspend Service”
  Action might be used for both Deact Save and
• These Actions are comprised of User Manager
  Commands that perform the actual provisioning
  calls for a particular Action and thus its Event.
    User Manager Commands
• User Manager Commands are where
  Provisioning calls are defined.
• Platypus support five different types of
  User Manager Commands:
  – Email
  – ODBC
  – UNIX
  – HTTP (Post / Get)
  – Script (VBScript / JavaScript)
    User Manager Commands
• Data from the Service that is being provisioned
  as well as data from the Customer account to
  which the Service belongs, is available for use
  within the Command.
• For example, when provisioning an email
  account from an Email Service, data such as the
  email address, password and the customer’s
  name is available to the provisioning call.
Assigning User Manager Actions to
• Once the User Manager Commands have
  been created for a particular User
  Manager Action, these Actions can be
  assigned to Events within Platypus.
• After tying an Action to an Event,
  modifications to a Customer’s Service,
  such as creation or suspension, will result
  in a Provisioning call for the Service.
Process Flow after Setup
  De-Provisioning with Platypus
• Many times when we think provisioning, it is only
  how to get the service deployed. For instance,
  what happens when a customer fails to pay?
• With Platypus, De-Provisioning is built in.
  Platypus controls customer access to services
  based on business rules. If the customer is late
  paying their bill, Platypus can suspend the
  account. If they never pay, Platypus can delete
  the provisioned account, freeing precious
 Advanced Provisioning - Script
• Platypus has support for both VBScript and
  JavaScript so that provisioning logic doesn’t
  have to reside on each of your production
• By using a Script User Manager Command,
  each client executes the same code which can
  contain logic as to how the service should be
  provisioned based off of the service and
  customer data available to the command.
        Advanced Provisioning
          Service Templates
• Platypus also has the ability to use Service
  Templates which, when assigned to the
  Rate Group, allow specific service data
  fields to be dictated by the rate group.
• Service Templates can be used to allow
  the customer to perform their own
  upgrades from the web or to make sure
  that the proper parameters are set on the
  Service Assignment based on the rate.
         Advanced Provisioning
             Server Pools
• Platypus supports services being hosted on
  multiple servers using Server Pools.
• Servers are definitions that specify how to
  connect to a particular server.
• Server Pools are used to group servers together
  in a group.
• A Server Pool will select an available server
  within the pool and assign it to a service
  instance when the instance is created.
  Advanced Service Provisioning -
• Platypus not only sends the provisioning
  commands, it has the ability to respond to them
  as well with built-in two way communication
• Based on the return information from the
  provisioning call, Platypus can log an error to the
  database, display an error to the screen, or even
  update the Service data in the database. The
  latter is useful if the provisioning system returns
  a unique id that is to be used for subsequent
• Powerful features such as Service
  Templates, Script based User Commands
  and Server Pools give you the power to
  maintain your business logic within
• Allowing Platypus to manage your billing
  data and provisioning calls ensures that
  billing and provisioned servers stay in