MEMORANDUM by liuhongmei


									M E M O R A N D U M
TO:       FBLA Advisers and Members
FROM: Kara B. Burkett and Iris Hicks

DATE:     June 13, 2011
RE:       2011 FBLA State Leadership Conference, April 4-6, 2011
          Chattanooga Marriott at the Convention Center, Chattanooga, TN
CC:       Will Lewis, FBLA Executive Committee, District Consultants

Conference Registration Fee & Remittance Information
Food Service
Event Coordinators (Advisers)
Competitive Events Information – Conference Site Events
Who’s Who in FBLA Competitive Event
National Conference Information
Scholarship Contributions
Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit

Appendix A: TN FBLA State Conference Deadlines
Appendix B: Dress Code Guidelines (for all conference events)
Appendix C: Silent Auction, March of Dimes, and
            Ronald McDonald House Can Tab Drive
Appendix D: State Officer Candidate Guidelines                  Use the CTRL key and your
Appendix E: State Officer Candidate Application                 mouse to open links
Appendix F: Special Needs Form
Appendix G: Registration Worksheet                              throughout this document if
Appendix H: Who’s Who in FBLA Application                       you are using Word.
Appendix I:  FBLA Scholarship Information
             FBLA Scholarship Application
             Cumberland University Scholarship Application
Appendix J: Pin Order Form
Appendix K: T-shirt Order Form
Appendix L: Hotel Registration Information
Appendix M: Unmask Your Potential Masquerade Ball
Appendix N: Talent Show
Appendix o: Gold Seal Chapter Award Application
Appendix P: Adviser of the Year
Appendix Q: Businessperson of the Year
Appendix R. Canned Tab Verification
Appendix S: March of Dimes Walk
Appendix T: March of Dimes Prettiest Baby Contest

The Tennessee Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Executive Committee is ready
for an exciting 2011 FBLA State Leadership Conference. The FBLA State Officers and Advisers
have worked diligently to make this year’s conference a great success.

This packet contains important information regarding the state conference. We ask that you
take the time to carefully read all information and share it with your co-advisers and
chapter members.

Conference Registration Fee & Remittance Information

  Adviser, delegate, alumni, professional member, school representative, and participant).
      $60.00 – Conference Attendee with hotel room in FBLA Hotel Room Block
      $108.00 – Conference Attendee with no hotel/hotel room outside of FBLA Hotel Room Block
      $35.00 – Conference Guest (Guest for Opening Session & Award Sessions)
      $7.00 – Non-Conference Guest (Guest in FBLA Hotel Room Block Only)
      $0.00 – State Officer (All Regional Presidents must be registered as a State Officer)
    o Those conference participants choosing not to stay within the FBLA hotel room block
      are assessed an additional $48 per attendee to offset conference costs (incorporated
      into hotel room rates for those attendees registered in FBLA hotel room block.
      Conference costs covered include convention center rental, event rooms at nearby
      hotel cost, audio visual rental fees, set up/tear down charges, security costs, etc.).
    o Registration fee also includes the cost of Monday night’s Ice Cream Social.
    o Name Tag is required for ALL FBLA conference attendees & guests at ALL sessions.
     o T-shirt and Pin order form -Deadline for receipt in State Office is March 18 !
 Conference registration checks are to be made payable to TN FBLA and must be received by
  the State Office on/before March 30, 2011. Mail check and a copy of the following documents:
     o FBLA Online Registration Attendee Verification form (deadline for receipt is March 30th)
     o registration worksheet (deadline for receipt is March 30th)
             Mail to: Iris Hicks, FBLA State Adviser
                      Tennessee Department of Education
                      710 James Robertson Parkway, 4th Floor
                      Nashville, TN 37243-0383
 FBLA conference registration must be done online at and requires
  use of school username and password. If you did not receive your chapter’s Regional/State
  conference username and password, please e-mail Joyce Dykes at or call
  615.532-2808. It is important that your chapter’s online State Conference registration be on the
  website on/before March 18th. If conference ATTENDEE and EVENT registration is not
  entered on the website, TN FBLA Registration web site, contestants will not be allowed
  to compete. Only those members having paid FBLA National and State membership dues
  on/before the March 1st deadline are eligible to compete in FBLA Competitive Events.
 Conference registration will be open in the Convention Center lobby on Sunday, April 3 from
  7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. and on Monday, April 4th from 8:00 a.m. to 10:30 a.m. At this time, the
  adviser must confirm accuracy of chapter’s Attendee and Events Registration.
     o A Code of Conduct and Medical Release form must be submitted at registration
       for each student attendee. Please keep a copy for your files.
 If an attendee is unable to attend the State Conference, another attendee may be substituted.
 Each FBLA Chapter should be prepared to have two (2) voting delegates in attendance
  at all delegate sessions. Refer to conference program for seating and roll call times.
Food Service

   (Prices Will Be In A Separate Document)



Advisers serving as event coordinators are an essential part of the Competitive Events Program.
Coordinators assist in the smooth and efficient operation of each event. Advisers will be
responsible for coordinating one event (at least). Advisers are to assist with contestants,
seating, roll call, etc. Assignments will be made at the registration desk for those advisers
who did not Advance Sign-Up. Event Coordinators will meet on Monday, April 4th, at 11:00 a.m.,

Competitive Events Information – Conference Site Events

 Individuals in competitive events must have paid state and national membership dues.
  Only those dues paid members who paid membership dues on or before the March 1st
  deadline and who are registered for the conference may compete.
 A student may enter one (1) individual event OR one (1) team event AND a chapter event.
  Contestants may take as many Open Events as time permits. Contestants who placed in the top
  5 of their Regional Conference competitive event MUST advance to State in the same event.
 Please pay careful attention to the designated grade level for each competitive event.
   Public Speaking I, Business Math, FBLA Principles and Procedures, Introduction to Business,
   Introduction to Business Communication, Introduction to Parliamentary Procedure, Introduction to
                                                                th    th
   Technology Concepts, and Word Processing I are open to 9 & 10 graders only! Accounting I
   students must not have had more than 2 semesters (or 1 semester equivalent to a full year in a
   block scheduling program) of high school accounting instruction.
 With the exception of events in which the contestants have already been pre-determined
  by regional conference placing or events where submission of pre-judged materials was
  required, substitution for no-show contestants may be made at registration by an Adviser.
  An Adviser MUST report to the Events Confirmation Desk during conference registration to verify
  all that competitors are in attendance and to request competitor substitutions.
 FBLA National Guidelines will be followed for state competitive events unless otherwise noted. A
  copy of the FBLA competitive events guidelines is available on the National FBLA-PBL web site
  at and in the 2010-2011 FBLA Chapter Management Handbook. Please
  review the latest changes/updates in events (available only on the national FBLA-PBL website).
 All event competitors should be aware of the time and location of their events. Sufficient time
  should be allowed for competitive event room location. Event participants should arrive for their
  event at least 15 minutes prior to event time and must be dressed in business attire (as per
  FBLA National dress code). Advisers, it is your responsibility to ensure that your students attire
  adhere to dress code.
 It is necessary for all contestants to mark answer sheets with a #2 pencil on all written exams
  that are machine graded. Contestants who are taking a written exam must bring a #2
  pencil to the event. Please note that ONLY those materials and equipment noted in the
  FBLA National event guidelines may be used during testing. If an item is not listed, it is to
  be assumed that it is not allowed.
 Sequestered Events. The following events are sequestered (meaning that contestants in
  these events are required to report to (and remain in until performance time) a holding
  room prior to the event start time that is listed in the conference program): Banking and
  Financial Systems, Business Ethics, Client Service, Emerging Business Issues (final round only),
  Entrepreneurship, Global Business, Help Desk, Impromptu Speaking, Management Decision
  Making, Management Information Systems, Network Design, and Parliamentary Procedure.
  Participants must report to the holding room prior to the first scheduled performance as indicated
  in the events guidelines.
          o   Any participant or team arriving at the holding room after the first participant or
              team starts the performance is disqualified.
          o   Sequestered participants must be escorted from room to room.
          o   Sequestered participants may not communicate with outside individuals.
              All phones and other communication devices must be left with Advisers
              (TN FBLA will not be responsible for lost, stolen, or misplaced cell phones).
          o   No phone calls, text messaging, e-mail, or Internet use is allowed.
          o   Food and drinks may be given to the event coordinator to distribute to an individual
              participant (Adviser’s or participant’s expense).

Who’s Who in FBLA Competitive Event

 The Who’s Who in FBLA event will consist of FBLA members who were selected as their
  chapter’s (ONE PER CHAPTER) Who’s Who Candidate and FBLA State Officers who have met
  the FBLA National BAA requirement (Must have completed the “Future” level of the FBLA
  Business Achievement Awards).
          o   The State winner of the Who’s Who event will be announced at the Tuesday
              night Awards Session and will represent Tennessee at the FBLA National
              Conference. Each Chapter Who’s Who Candidate and State Officer Who’s
              Who candidates must submit a Who’s Who application and the supporting
              documentation to the State Office on/before the March 18th deadline date.
          o   The Who’s Who in FBLA event is an ―in addition to‖ event. The Who’s Who
              candidate is still eligible to enter either one individual OR one team event,
              and a chapter event. (Refer to 2010-2011 Chapter Management Handbook).
              Who’s Who candidates may also enter the Open Events as time permits.
Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit

To enter this chapter event, submit entry form and documentation to the State Office on/before the
March 18th prejudged materials deadline date. Please note that the Gold Seal Chapter Award of
Merit requires the submission of a Local Chapter Annual Business Report. See Appendix O.

Scholarship Contributions

 The TN FBLA Jared Michael Bryant, Dr. Bill Radcliff, and the Andy Vanosdale Technology
  Scholarship programs need your support. All contributions are invested to ensure continuity of
  the scholarship programs. Mail donations to Iris Hicks and please note on your check which
  scholarship account(s) your contributions are to be posted to. Your continued support of the TN
  FBLA scholarship programs is greatly appreciated.
 Chapters wishing to contribute to the West Greene High School Ray Kosuda Scholarship
  (scholarship in memory of Ray Kosuda, former FBLA State Officer from West Greene High
  School) should make the check payable to the West Greene FBLA Chapter. Please note on the
  check that it is a contribution to the scholarship. The Ray Kosuda Scholarship is a local FBLA
  scholarship (not a State scholarship).
 Guidelines and Scholarship application information are included in this mailing.

National Conference Information

                             NATIONAL LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE

FBLA-PBL offers national meetings that promote leadership development.

National Leadership Conference (NLC)
FBLA-PBL members have the competitive edge, as the best and brightest of FBLA and PBL convene to
compete in leadership events, share their successes, and learn new ideas about shaping their career future
through workshops and exhibits. This four-day conference is considered the pinnacle of the FBLA-PBL
experience, especially for those running for national office. FBLA-PBL has forged partnerships with industry
leaders to underwrite competitive events and scholarships for students achieving national ranking.

2011 NLC—Orlando, Florida
PBL: June 23 – 26
FBLA: June 28 – July 1

Institute for Leaders (IFL)
Held in conjunction with the National Leadership Conference, this high-energy, intensive, two-day seminar
is a focused-leadership experience for state and local chapter officers, as well as members and advisers.
This training conference prepares student leaders and members to assume their elected responsibilities and
develop valuable life skills.

2011 IFL —Orlando, Florida
PBL June 22 – 23
FBLA June 27 – 28
               TN FBLA STATE CONFERENCE DEADLINES                                                                               APPENDIX A

                                     Item                                   Deadline                                                   To Attention Of:
                                                                                                                                             Carolyn Miller
         Online State Conference Hotel Registration Available               February 18, 2011 - March 18, 2011
                                                                                                                              Director of Convention Services & Housing
                                                                            (closes at midnight March 18, 2011)
                                                                                                                           Chattanooga Area Convention and Visitors Bureau
            Online State Conference Registration Available                  February 25, 2011 – March 25, 2011                 Andy Vanosdale – Technical Coordinator
                    By-Laws (online @ TN FBLA website)
                                                                            March 1, 2011                                          Iris Hicks, TN Dept of Education
                      Deadline for filing an amendment
                                                                            Tests Mailed to All Regions March 1, 2011
                                                                                                                               Deliver to your Local School Site Test
                    State School-Site Tests Distribution:                     With the Exception of Regions 3 & 5
                                                                             Test(s) Distributed Onsite @ Conference
                  State School-Site Test Return Deadline                    March 18, 2011 (in State Office)                       Iris Hicks, TN Dept of Education
  ML Outstanding Chapter of Merit
  Submit Criteria Verification & Local Chapter Activities Report
  ML Outstanding Middle Level Adviser
  Submit Application & FBLA Biographical Sketch
  ML Outstanding Middle Level Supporter
  Submit Application – FBLA Biographical Sketch
  ML American Enterprise Project – Report                                   Please Note: TN FBLA is requiring
  ML Community Service Project – Report                                     submission of 3 copies (as opposed to
  ML Computer Slide Show – Slide Show                                       the 2 copy requirement that is listed in
  ML Local Chapter Activities Report – Report                               the guidelines) of each of the following
Outstanding Middle Level Member – Application - FBLA Biographical Sketch    pre-judged items:
                                                                                                                         Iris Hicks, TN Dept of Education
 **Regional Job Interview (1st – 5th place) must submit new packet             Report
                                                                                                                         These competitive event items are pre-
        (Letter of Application / Resume - 6 file folders w/set in each)       Statement of Assurance
                                                                               Program DVD / Flash Drive                judged and must be submitted to State
 HS Adviser of the Year – Application & FBLA Biographical Sketch               Digital Design DVD / Flash Drive         Office for judging on or before March 18th.
  HS American Enterprise Project –Report                                       Digital Video DVD / Flash Drive
  HS Business Financial Plan –Report                                                                                     Please refer to FBLA National Guidelines for
  HS Business Plan –Report
                                                                                                                         submission information (found in the
 HS Businessperson of the Year - Application - FBLA Biographical Sketch
                                                                                                                         competitive events section of your Chapter
  HS Community Service Project –Report
  HS Computer Game & Simulation Programming –Program
                                                                                                                         Management Handbook or online at the
  HS Desktop Application Programming –Program                                                                            National website at:
  HS Digital Design & Promotion – Digital Design                            Submit 1 copy for recognition events
  HS Digital Video Production – Digital Video                               (events highlighted in blue print March      http://www.fbla-
  E-Business – URL – online at this time. No changes
                                                                            18, 2011 (in State Office)         
 Electronic Career Portfolio – URL – online at this time. No changes
                                                                            Three (3) copies of Pre-judged items         el/2/fbla.asp
  Mr. FBL – Letter of Application / Resume (6 file folders w/set in each)
  Ms. FBL – Letter of Application / Resume (6 file folders w/set in each)   must be received by deadline.
  Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit                                          Items received after the deadline will not
  Criteria Verification & Local Chapter Annual Business Report              be judged.
  Computer Game & Simulation Programming - Program
  HS Local Chapter Annual Business Report – Report
  Partnership with a Business Project – Report
  Web Site Design - URL - on line at this time - No changes
  ML Web Page Creation (submitted on CD or DVD)
  Who’s Who in FBLA – Application - FBLA Biographical Sketch

  State Officer Applications                                                     March 18, 2011 (in State Office)                  Iris Hicks, TN Dept of Education
  State Registration Refund Request Deadline                                     March 25, 2011 (in State Office)                  Iris Hicks, TN Dept of Education
  Online Registration Verify Attendees Page & Check                              March 30, 2011 (In State Office)                  Iris Hicks, TN Dept of Education
  State Executive Committee Meeting                                                April 1, 2011 – April 3, 2011           Chattanooga Convention Center – Chattanooga
  State Leadership Conference                                                      April 4, 2011- April 6, 2011            Chattanooga Convention Center – Chattanooga
  All Pre-judged National Items
                                                                                  May 6, 2011 (in State Office)                    Iris Hicks, TN Dept of Education
  State Chapter Annual Business Report
DRESS CODE GUIDELINES                                                          APPENDIX B
 FBLA-PBL members and advisers should develop an awareness of the image one's
 appearance projects. The purpose of the dress code is to uphold the professional image of the
 association and its members and to prepare students for the business world. Appropriate attire
 is required for all attendees, advisers, members, and guest’s at all general sessions,
 competitive events, regional meetings, workshops, and other activities unless otherwise stated
 in the conference program. Conference name badges are part of this dress code and must be
 worn for all conference functions. For safety reasons, do not wear name badges when touring.

Professional attire acceptable for official FBLA-PBL activities includes:
       Business suit with collar dress shirt, and necktie or
       Sport coat, dress slacks, collar shirt, and necktie or
       Dress slacks, collar shirt, and necktie.
       Banded collar shirt may be worn only if sport coat or business suit is worn.
       Dress shoes and socks.

       Business suit with blouse or
       Business pantsuit with blouse or
       Skirt or dress slacks with blouse or sweater or
       Business dress.
       Capris or gauchos with coordinating jacket/suit, worn below the knee
       Dress shoes.

Inappropriate attire, for both men and women, includes:
     Jewelry in visible body piercing, other than ears
     Denim or chambray fabric clothing of any kind, overalls, shorts, skorts, stretch or stirrup
         pants, exercise or bike shorts
     Backless, see-through, tight-fitting, spaghetti straps, strapless, extremely short, or low-
         cut blouses/tops/dresses/skirts
     T-shirts, Lycra™, spandex, midriff tops, tank tops, bathing suits
     Sandals, athletic shoes, industrial work shoes, hiking boots, bare feet, or over-the-knee-
       Athletic wear, including sneakers
       Hats or flannel fabric clothing
       Bolo ties
       Visible foundation garments

 Clarification: Many women's two-piece suits are currently designed so that they do not require
 a blouse. Therefore, this will be accepted. In addition, sling-back shoes, open-toe shoes, and
 sleeveless dresses are accepted.
SILENT AUCTION, COMMUNITY SERVICE                                            APPENDIX C


Each year a silent auction fundraiser is held at the FBLA State Conference to assist first and
second place winners in attending the FBLA National Conference. To share in the proceeds from
this auction, your school must provide a minimum of two baskets to the silent auction. The baskets
are to be turned in at conference registration. One basket should be suitable for student interests
and one basket should be suitable for adult interests. Cost of basket should be at least $10.
Please type a card describing the basket contents, the value of the contents, and your school’s
name and attach to your baskets.

FBLA National contestants from schools choosing not to participate in the TN FBLA Silent
Auction fundraiser will not be eligible to receive a share of the distribution of the proceeds
raised from the event.


March of Dimes
See Appendix S and Appendix T for donation opportunities at State Conference.

Our national service project is the March of Dimes. March of Dimes promotes giving every baby a
healthy start.

By donating a check in the amount of $1 per member attending the State Conference, we can all
help babies begin a healthy life. Checks should be made out to the March of Dimes and turned in
during registration hours.

Ronald McDonald House
Can Tab Drive

The mission of Ronald McDonald House Charities is to “keep families close” by providing essential
resources and a “home away from home” for families of critical ill children receiving inpatient or
outpatient medical care at area hospitals. By donating can tabs to Ronald McDonald House, we
can help provide Ronald McDonald House families a place to stay while they are away from home
and help make it possible for more families to help their children heal.

Chapters collect can tabs and place them in gallon milk jugs. Can tabs should be turned in to your
local Ronald McDonald House or they may be turned in at State Conference. Chapters who deliver
the can tabs to the Ronald McDonald House must complete the can tab form found in Appendix R.

Can tabs that are brought to the State Conference should be turned in during registration hours.
The three chapters donating the most can tabs will be recognized during the conference.
STATE OFFICER CANDIDATES GUIDELINES                                         APPENDIX D

 Candidates are required to be qualified for State office. The Candidate must possess qualities
  necessary for State Officer selection and be a member in good standing. Please consider that
  the candidate must be able to attend all required conferences, meetings and activities as
  outlined on the State Officer Candidate Application. An adviser must accompany the officer to all
 Campaign guidelines and a State Officer application are included in this mailing. Mail completed
  application to Iris Hicks, for receipt on/before March 18, 2011.
 The candidates will set up their campaign booths on Monday, April 4th, 9:00 a.m.-10:00 a. m., in
  the North Rotunda/Mezzanine. State Officer Candidates and their advisers will attend an
  orientation in the Signal Mountain Room, Marriott Hotel, Monday, April 4th, 10:00 – 10:30 a.m.
  Campaign signs must be attached to the table. No wall signs are to be posted!
 State Officer Candidate Campaign speeches will be given during the Opening General Session
  on Monday, April 4th at 8:00 p.m.
 The combined introduction of the State Officer Candidate and speech of the State Officer
  Candidate may not exceed three minutes. If a candidate chooses not to have an introduction by
  a campaign manager, the candidate will have the full three minutes to deliver the campaign
  speech. State Officers may not serve as Campaign Managers.
STATE OFFICER CANDIDATES APPLICATION                                          APPENDIX E

                               Campaign Guidelines
                   Future Business Leaders of America Candidate

   Please read all of the following guidelines before completing the officer application.

   The candidate shall be dressed in business attire.

   Campaign booths should be set up in the Convention Center on date and at
   the time specified in the State Conference program.

   Each officer candidate shall be given a 6’ draped and skirted table on which to
   set up his/her campaign booth. If a candidate needs an easel, he/she will need
   to bring one.

   No campaign literature shall be allowed in the General or Voting Sessions.

   Candidate speeches cannot exceed three (3) minutes. After the speech,
   each candidate will be asked to respond to one question pertaining to
   him/her self.

   Any candidate who does not abide by these guidelines will be subject to
   disqualification by the Executive Council.

   Each candidate should sign these guidelines, make a copy for her/his files,
   and return the original with his/her State Officer Application to the State Office
   by the deadline date listed in Business Technology calendar.

   I have read and fully understand the campaign guidelines listed above
   and I agree to adhere to these guidelines.

                                              State officer candidate signature

                                   Date: ______________________________________
                                TENNESSEE ASSOCIATION
                           Future Business Leaders Of America
                            State Officer Candidate Application

                     (All information of this form should be typed or keyed)

   (Last)        (First)       (Middle Initial)

Date of Birth

School Name                                                                       Grade
School Address                                                     Telephone
School City, State, & Zip Code

Home Address                                                         Telephone
Home City, State, & Zip Code

E-mail                                                                   T-Shirt Size

I wish to seek the office of

I wish to serve as a State Officer because:

List all Business Technology courses you have taken:

List all Business Technology courses you plan to take next year:

Month and year you became an active member of Future Business
Leaders of America or Business Professionals of America.

List all activities in Future Business Leaders of America or Business Professionals of America. (Attach
additional sheets if necessary)
List all other youth, civic, social, class or church activities (include offices held, honors won, etc.):

How do you plan to apply the knowledge and skills gained through Future Business Leaders of
America and Business Professionals of America involvement and enrollment in business courses?

List any public speaking experiences and/or presentations:

Do you have a job at the present time?                Do you plan to work next school year?

What are your goals upon graduation from high school?


Please initial the following statements indicating that you understand and agree:
I am a Future Business Leaders of America member ___________
I am a Business Professionals of America member _____________
I understand the duties and responsibilities of the office I will hold __________
I will be able to travel as needed for duties of the office I will hold ___________
I understand that expenses for travel will be reimbursed according to the policies of the State of
Tennessee Travel Regulations __________
I understand that I will uphold the Tennessee Future Business Leaders of America Officers Code of
Conduct and will always present myself in a professional manner __________
I have permission from my guardians and school officials to attend:

____ (required) June Executive Committee Meeting
____ (required) Career and Technical Education (CTE) Conference
____ (required) Camp Clements Fall Leadership Camp
____ (required) Regional Meetings
____ (required) Winter Executive Council Meeting
____ (optional) Youth, Citizenship, & Government Seminar
____ (required) State Conference Executive Committee Meeting
____ (required) State Leadership Conference
____ (optional) National Leadership Conference


_____________________________________ ____________________________________
 Candidate Signature & Date   Adviser Signature & Date

_____________________________________ ____________________________________
 Administrator Signature & Date Parent/Guardian Signature & Date
SPECIAL NEEDS FORM                                                         APPENDIX F
                           2011 FBLA STATE LEADERSHIP CONFERENCE



    Members who have disabilities add an important dimension to the organization. They serve
    as models within the profession and to the students, as well as provide guidance
    concerning program needs, sensitivity, and accessibility. Please contact the national staff
    as soon as possible if you know of a delegate with a disability who may require special

    If one of your competitive event participants requires special needs due to a physical
    challenge, i.e., reader, guide, or signer, please indicate the need below.

     Participant's Name:

     Participant's School:
     Person To Contact For Further

     Contact Person's Phone Number:

     Email Address:

     Event Entered:

     Special Need:

    Complete and return form postmarked on/before March 18, 2011 to

           Iris Hicks
           TN Department of Education
           4th floor, Andrew Johnson Tower
           710 James Robertson Parkway
           Nashville, TN 37243-0383
TN FBLA 2011 STATE CONFERENCE WORKSHEET                                         APPENDIX G
                             REGISTRATION WORKSHEET
  (This is Not the Official Registration – Online Conference Registration is REQUIRED)

School Name
School Address
City                                             State                    Zip
Adviser Name
School Phone                                   Home Phone
School Fax                                     E-mail

                                                                             NUMBER         = TOTAL
                   REGISTRATION                             COST      X     ATTENDING         DUE

Registration – On Site Stay - $60
(Includes Banquet)                                          $60.00    X                 $

Registration – Off Site Stay - $108
(Includes registration fee & $48 off-site stay charge)
                                                            $108.00   X                 $

small/medium/large/x-large - $10 each                       $10.00    X                       $
xx-large/xxx-large - $12 each
                                                            $12.00    X                       $
You must submit the Official T-shirt order form
(with sizes) to the State Office on/before March 18th
in order to receive pins!

conference registrants receive a pin at registration
You must submit the Official Pin order form to the
State Office by March 18 in order to receive pins!
                                                             $1.00    X

Guest for:
Conference (Attends all Conference Sessions)                $35.00
*Hotel Block ONLY (Name tag only) - $7                       $7.00

                                       REGISTRATION TOTAL
WHO’S WHO IN FBLA                                                             APPENDIX H

                         FBLA WHO’S WHO (State Level)
            (To be completed by Chapter’s Who’s Who nominee and FBLA State Officers)
              Note: Must have completed the Future Level of the Business Achievement Award

NAME                                             M/F             DATE


DATE OF BIRTH                              AGE                   GRADE

CITY                                       STATE                 ZIP









*Please note all FBLA activities attended at the local, state, and national levels and itemize
your participation at each. List all competitive events in which you have participated.
Itemize participation in other leadership activities and explain if/how FBLA has enhanced
your leadership skills in those activities. Attach a sheet of paper if additional space is
SCHOLARSHIP INFORMATION & APPLICATIONS                                            APPENDIX I

                                Dr. Bill Radcliff Scholarship
The Dr. Bill Radcliff Scholarship was established to assist students who intend to pursue a four-
year college program in the Business and Information Technology field.

This State Conference Scholarship will be awarded at the FBLA State Leadership Conference to
one of the nine regional Dr. Bill Radcliff Scholarship winners. The amounts for the scholarship will
be determined by the State Executive Committee and will be based on the amount of money in the
Scholarship Fund. The scholarship stipends are paid on a one-time basis to the registrar or
admission's office of the institution or college you plan to attend and are non-renewable. The
scholarship must be used during the year for which it was presented, or it will be awarded to the
alternate winner.

Since this event is state only, the participant does not advance to the National Leadership

                                  Jared Bryant Scholarship
The Jared Bryant Scholarship was established to assist students who do not intend to pursue a
four-year Business and Information Technology curriculum but do plan further training beyond high
school. This education could include business college, vocational school, or one- or two-year
programs at a college or university.

This Scholarship will be awarded to the winner at the FBLA State Leadership Conference. The
amounts for each scholarship will be determined by the State Executive Committee and will be
based on the amount of money in the Scholarship Fund. The scholarship stipends are paid on a
one-time basis to the registrar or admission's office of the institution or college you plan to attend
and are non-renewable. The scholarship must be used during the year for which it was presented,
or it will be awarded to the alternate winner.

             Andy Vanosdale Microsoft Technology Scholarship
The Technology Scholarship was established to assist students who intend to pursue a four-year
college program in an engineering or computer science field.

This Scholarship will be awarded to the winner at the FBLA State Leadership Conference. The
amounts for the scholarship will be determined by the State Executive Committee and will be
based on the amount of money in the Scholarship fund. The Scholarship stipends are paid four
times over four years to the registrar or admission’s office of the institution or college the student
plans to attend. The Scholarship is renewable, but contingent upon the following guidelines: the
student must have declared an engineering or computer science major with the college, maintain a
declaration in an engineering or computer science major, and maintain a 2.0 out of a 4.0 (or 3.0
out of a 5.0) grade point average at the end of each year. The State Executive Committee
recognizes that some colleges do not allow a student to declare an engineering or computer
science major without taking prerequisite courses. The recipient will receive the first year’s stipend.
If, however, the recipient is unable to declare an engineering or computer science major at the
beginning of the second year, the remaining Scholarship funds will be returned back to the fund
and used for future recipients. The recipient will submit a copy of his/her transcript to the State
Executive Council at the end of each semester for verification of requirements. The State
Executive Council reserves the right to revoke the Scholarship for any reason.
                               FBLA SCHOLARSHIP
                                      APPLICATION FORM

Check One:
  Dr. Bill Radcliff Scholarship (four year degree) – Regional Qualification Required
  Jared Bryant Scholarship (one to two year technical, community college or Jr. college degree)
  Technology Scholarship (four year college program in an engineering/computer science field)


                      FIRST NAME              MIDDLE INITIAL                  LAST NAME

  Home Address

                    STREET AND/OR PO BOX NUMBER          CITY         STATE   ZIP CODE

  Date of Birth

  Adviser Name

                             FIRST NAME               MIDDLE INITIAL                        LAST NAME

  Home Address

                        STREET AND/OR PO BOX NUMBER            CITY      STATE   ZIP CODE

  School Name

  School Address

                    STREET AND/OR PO BOX NUMBER          CITY         STATE   ZIP CODE

  Inclusive dates you were an active FBLA member

  FBLA Activities
  (Offices held, Committees Served, Honors Won, Chapter Participation, etc.) Use additional sheets
  of paper if necessary.
Other Activities

    (Youth groups, Civic Organizations, Social Organizations, Class Programs, and/or other groups or
    organizations, etc. (include offices held, honors won, etc.) Use additional sheets of paper if

What do you think are the most important things you have gained by being enrolled in the Business and
Information Education program?

Give the names and addresses of two personal references:

1. Name:


City, State, Zip

2. Name:


City, State, Zip

Name & address of post-secondary technical school, college or university you plan to attend.

Application Date to above post-secondary institute?

Date of Acceptance to above post-secondary institute?
Explain your planned program of study, educational aims, career objectives, and ambitions.

Explain in your own words your need for scholarship aid and your overall plan for financing your college

Describe any employment you have had during and after school or during vacations:

        Signature of Applicant: ____________________________________________________

        When the two scholarships are awarded at the FBLA State Conference, winners
        must have the appropriate office verify enrollment and provide the name, address,
        and what office the check should be made payable to. This information should be
        immediately forwarded to the FBLA Youth Consultant. The scholarships check to
        the institution with a copy to the awardees.

        Application must be received in State Office on/before March 18, 2011. Mail to:

                                                Iris Hicks
                                                Tennessee Department of Education
                                                4 Floor, Andrew Johnson Tower
                                                710 James Robertson Parkway
                                                Nashville, TN 37243
CUMBERLAND UNIVERSITY SCHOLARSHIP                                                                     APPENDIX I

                                            Office of Student Financial Services
                                            Cumberland University              Phone: 615.547.1355
                                            One Cumberland Square              Fax: 615.444.2569
                                            Lebanon, TN 37087          

FBLA Scholarships
  Cumberland University will offer up to five renewable $2,000
    FBLA Scholarships at the 2011 Tennessee FBLA State

         Application for FBLA Scholarship (see page 2).

         Minimum high school grade point average of 3.25. A copy of high school transcript(s)
             must accompany the Application for FBLA Scholarship.

         ACT score of a 25 or above. A copy of the ACT score must accompany the Application.

         Personal Essay (see page 2).

         Applications must be received by March 13, 2011. No application will be considered after
             this date.

How to renew scholarships
     Scholarships are automatically renewed for students who maintain a 3.0 cumulative GPA in
     core classes (developmental coursework will not be included in calculating overall GPA for
     maintaining the scholarship).

                  Selection will be based on (1) the Application for FBLA Scholarship, (2) High School
                  Grade Point Average, (3) ACT Score, and (4) Personal Essay. Applications
                  must be received by March 13, 2011 to be considered. Qualified
                  students must plan to attend Cumberland University. FBLA scholarships will be awarded
                  at the FBLA Conference, if possible.

                  Interested students must submit the (1) Application for FBLA Scholarship, (2) copy of high
                  school transcript, (3) copy of ACT score, (4) an essay using the prompt attached, and (5)
                  an Application for Admission to Cumberland University (CU) (if not already on file).



Mailing Address

Telephone                                          Email

School District                                                    Do you plan to earn a degree?

Do you plan to enroll       Full time        Part time        Beginning    Fall       Spring        Summer

Are you a permanent resident of the U. S.?                        Do you plan to live on campus?

Do you have any relatives who attended or graduated from CU?

    Please list senior year courses:

    1st Semester                                                 2nd Semester
Please list extracurricular activities

Please complete the following requirement. On plain bond paper, typed and double spaced, address one of the
following topics in a 300 or more word essay:
    o   Think of a value or character trait that is important in your own life and describe a time when you tried to
        act according to that value or character trait. How well did you do? What might you do differently next time
        and why?

    o   What is the greatest challenge you have faced? How has that experience prepared you for the challenges
        you are likely to encounter in college?

    o   CU has a diverse campus where many different religious beliefs, cultural backgrounds, learning styles and
        racial and national origins are represented. Based on your past experience, what difficulties do you think
        such an environment might present? What opportunities?
PIN ORDER FORM                                                               APPENDIX J

                                      2011 Trading Pin

 Order your pins to trade at National Leadership Conference 2011 in Nashville and to give to
 Chapter members not attending the State Conference. The profits from the sale of pins will
 assist first and second place winners (or representative) with National expense.

Return form to Joyce Dykes on/before March 18, 2011!
School Name


E-mail                                                Telephone

          Quantity                  Cost                   Total

                                    @ $1.00 each

         Return this order form with your check (payable Future Business Leaders of America-
         FBLA) on/before March 18, 2011. Fax form to Joyce Dykes at 615-532-8226
T-SHIRT ORDER FORM                                                            APPENDIX K

Return form to Joyce Dykes on/before March 18, 2011!
School Name


E-mail                                                 Telephone

  Don’t forget to send in your t-shirts order - *T-Shirts will be picked up during registration.

Return this order form with your check made payable to Future Business Leaders of
America-FBLA) on/before March 18, 2011. Fax to Joyce Dykes at 615-532-8226.
E-mail .

Shirt Size                      How Many            Cost                 Totals
Adult Small                                         x $10
Adult Medium                                        x $10
Adult Large                                         x $10
Adult X-Large                                       x $10
Adult XX-Large                                      x $12
Adult XXX-Large                                     x $12
                 Total Cost of T-Shirts
HOTEL REGISTRATION INFORMATION                                                 APPENDIX L
Hotel reservations for 2009-2011 Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) State Conference
may be made by going to the web link and entering the 5 digit code
10041. You will receive an e-mail acknowledgment informing you that your request has been
received. However, you will not receive a confirmation from the hotel until after March 18,
2011 when the Chattanooga Area Convention and Visitors Bureau (CCVB) will forward your
reservation(s) to the hotel. The CCVB will process all registration requests on a first-come, first-
served basis. Only official online registration(s) will be accepted. Reservations WILL NOT BE
accepted by telephone. Please complete all information requested and make sure that your e-
mail address is correct. Hotel reservations may be made beginning on Friday, February 18,
2011 through midnight on Friday, March 18, 2011. All updates, cancellations and changes
MUST be made directly with the hotel after the midnight, March 18, 2011 deadline.

NOTE: You may feel confident after you receive the CCVB acknowledgment that your hotel
room(s) will be reserved at the hotel listed on the acknowledgment.

Advisers, please reserve the number of rooms that you need in under your
name and please enter ALL occupants for each room requested. Example: Cathy Jones
needs ten rooms.

                        Room 1
                         First Name                  Last Name
                         Jane                        Doe
                         John                        Doe
                         Susie                       Doe
                         Ron                         Doe

                         Room 2
                          First Name                 Last Name
                          Sam                        Doe
                          Amy                        Doe
                          Johnny                     Doe
                          Ronny                      Doe

                         Room 3 – Room 10 etc.
All rates are subject to 9.25% sales tax and 8% occupancy tax unless a tax exempt form is
submitted and lodging is paid by school check or school credit card. Please mail your tax exempt
form directly to the hotel noted on your reservation. The tax exempt form exempts the group
from sales tax ONLY, not the 8% occupancy tax. You must include the 8% occupancy tax
per day per room when you are requesting a check from your school or organization.

If you require further assistance, please contact:

Carolyn Miller, Director of Convention Services and Housing
1-800-964-5600, Extension 3016
The Tennessee Association of Future Business Leaders of America requests that you please reserve rooms
at the designated Future Business Leaders of America hotels listed. These hotels have given Tennessee
FBLA meeting space and other concessions that help keep costs of the convention lower.

A current, completed tax-exempt form should be mailed with your hotel registration to avoid paying
state sales tax. The 8% local tax applies to all rooms. If using a tax-exempt form, payment must be
made with a check or credit card from the organization that is tax exempt. Cash, personal check or
personal credit card CANNOT be honored for the tax exemption. It is important to bring a back-up copy of
your hotel registration and tax exempt form even though you mailed one with registration.


2011. All hotel assignments will be provided by the housing bureau (Chattanooga Convention
Visitors Bureau) and no reservations for this conference will be accepted by the hotel directly.
Reservations must be received by midnight, March 18, 2011 (EST). The hotel requires one night’s
room and tax per room for an initial deposit (must be sent with room registration). You may choose to
send the entire pre-payment with your room reservations. The hotel cancellation policy is 72 hours. It is
critical that you cancel any room 72 hours in advance to avoid any charges. Before canceling rooms,
please contact Kara B. Burkett at

     Hotel Reservation Information (more detailed info in Appendix L)
                           Hotel                                    Cost                     Parking
     Marriott Hotel
         Run of House                                              116.00                     10.00
         Double/Double                                             116.00                     10.00
     Sheraton Reed House
         Queen Bed/Queen Bed                                       135.00                     12.00
         King Suite                                                135.00                     12.00
     Chattanoogan Hotel
         double/double                                             146.00                      8.00
     Chattanooga Choo Choo
         Double/Double                                             100.00                      0.00
     Double Tree
         Queen Bed/Queen Bed                                       129.00                      7.00
     Holiday Inn Express
         Queen Bed/Queen Bed                                       129.00                      0.00
     Marriott Courtyard
         Queen Bed/Queen Bed                                       139.00                      8.00

Note tax is 17.25% which includes both state and local taxes. State tax which is 9.25% would be deducted with a
tax exempt form which must be sent with payment. Local tax of 8% would apply to all rooms

 All hotel rooms must be reserved by use of the online registration, March 1-18, 2011. No fax, e-
  mail, or phone calls will be accepted. A Tax Exempt form from the school must be submitted with
  a copy of the online hotel registration. Reservations will be made on a first-come first-served
Your check for payment MUST be from the same organization providing the tax-
exempt form.
MASQUERADE BALL                                      APPENDIX M

              Unmask Your Potential
                Masquerade Ball

                Tuesday, April 5, 2011
           Following the Awards Ceremony

         Semi-formal/Formal or Dressy Business Attire
          Everyone Bring your own elegant half-mask!
         We are expecting beautifully adorned masks!
              (No macabre masks will be allowed)

      At least one adviser per school must be present at the ball.
TALENT SHOW                                                     APPENDIX N

                CASH PRIZES!
      Complete the registration form submit with your audition video and/or CD
                      and lyrics via e-mail or standard mail to:

                                    Art Yasso
                              Oakland High School
                               2225 Patriot Drive
                             Murfreesboro, TN 37130

                           Guidelines for the Video

  On the video, you must be dressed in the EXACT attire and using the same
   lyrics and props that you will be using during the performance. Excessively
   revealing or provocative dress is NOT allowed.
  Your act is limited to 2-3 minutes. You must provide your own music, props,
   etc. Use of profane language or reference to inappropriate subjects is NOT
  If any of the above listed guidelines are not followed, the contestant or group
   will be immediately disqualified.
  You will be contacted by the end of March if you are selected as a finalist in
   the talent show.
 For questions about the talent show, contact:
 Art Yasso by email:
 (615) 904-3780
                         Deadline for Registering
                          Friday, March 18, 2011

                              NO EXCEPTIONS

Contact Person’s Name

Participant(s) Name


Contact Phone Number

Contact E-Mail

Name of the Act

Name of Song(s) (If Needed)

Description of the Act


                         5   4   3       2       1       Total

  Stage Presence

Engages Audience





         GOLD SEAL CHAPTER AWARD OF MERIT                                     appendix O

The Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit is awarded to Future Business Leaders of America chapters that
have actively participated in projects and programs identified with the goals of FBLA. Up to 15 percent
of the state’s local chapters may receive this award at the National Leadership Conference. (Chapter
Certificate of Recognition and ribbons for all delegates attending the National Leadership Conference).
Chapter officers and members should make the Gold Seal Chapter Award of Merit one of the primary
goals of their local chapter. The award period is from the beginning of the previous FBLA or BPA state
conference until the beginning of the current FBLA conference.
Active local chapter applications must be submitted for evaluation prior to the state leadership
conference. All chapters recognized at the state conference will be nominated by the state chair and be
on record in the national center as having paid dues by March 1 of the current school year in order to
be recognized at the national conference.

The local chapter adviser must complete the entry form and certify that the chapters listed have met
their state’s Gold Seal Award of Merit criteria. (Submit documentation)

Chapter: _________________________________________Chapter No. ____________________

Address: _____________________________________________________________________

City, State, Zip Code _______________________________Adviser: _______________________

Required Activity
   Entered the Local Chapter Annual Business Report in state competition The item      Yes or N0
   MUST BE completed to be considered for this award. Chapters that do not submit
   the Local Chapter Annual Business Report for the state competitive event will be
   Paid initial state and national dues by October 20.                                 Yes or No

   Suggested Additional Activities                                                     Max Pts          Points
   Conducted projects or programs identified with the goals of FBLA-PBL (Include in        10X_____=
   Annual Report) (10 points per activity) itemize promotional activities
   Recruited professional members (5 points each)                                          5X_____=
   Sent officers and adviser(s) to Camp Clements                                                   10
   Sent representatives to the State Fall Leadership Conference                                    10
   Sent representatives to the National Fall Leadership Conference                                 10
   Sent representatives to the National Leadership Conference                                      20
   Sent representatives to the Tennessee Regional Leadership Conference                            20
   Sent representatives to the Tennessee State Leadership Conference                               20
   Participated in the Business Achievement Awards Program (5 points per level, per        5X_____=
   participant) Attach list with member name and level, Ex. Future Award, etc..
   Promoted FBLA during National Career and Technical Education Week, National             10X_____=
   Business Education Week, FBLA Emphasis Week, and American Enterprise
   Week. Include in Annual Report (10 points per activity) itemize promotional
   Had Officer(s) serving on the Regional Executive Committee                                      5
   Suggested Additional Activities                                                              Max Points           Points
   Had Officer(s) serving on the State Executive Committee                                                  10
   Run a candidate for regional/state office                                                                 5
   Conducted activities related to the current State Projects, i.e. Governor’s Books                10X_____=
   from Birth Foundation, Other Literacy Project(s), Increasing Membership (10 points
   Encourage other schools to organize FBLA middle school and high school                           10X_____=
   chapters through reactivated or recruited of new FBLA chapters. Attach list
   school(s) contacted. (10 points for each chapter)
   Served as a mentor to local chapters Document assistance given. (Ex. E-mail or                   10X_____=
   written paragraph description of each activity) (10 points for each chapter you have
   Participated in state and national March of Dimes project) Itemize activity and                   20X ____=
   accomplishments (20 points each)
   Other service activities, such as working with the Ronald Mc Donald House Coke                   10X_____=
   Tabs, Tennessee Organ Donors Organization (10 pts each)
   Have a Local Business Advisory Council and/or an affiliation with Chamber of                     10X_____=
   Commerce, other business affiliations (10 points for one)
   Involvement of business and professional men and women in chapter activities,                      5X_____=
   such as workshop presenters, speakers, tour guides, etc. (5 points for each
   Plan visits to business and industry (5 points each)                                               5X_____=
   Conducted financial development projects, if allowed by school administration (5                   5X_____=
   points each)
   Invited businesspersons and other professionals to become involved in chapter                      3X_____=
   activities attach documentation (3 point per activity)
   Promoted FBLA-PBL. attach promotional materials (10 pts for each one)                            10X_____=
   Conducted a public relations program in the school and community. attach                         10X_____=
   documentation (10 points for each activity)
   Sent news items for the FBLA regional/state newsletters with newspaper other                       5X_____=
   newspaper clippings and reports of radio/TV coverage attach copy(s) or description
   if radio or TV coverage (5 points each)
   Nominated a Businessperson of the Year                                                                    5
   Nominated and Outstanding Local Adviser                                                                   5
   Nominated a Who’s Who Candidate                                                                           5
   Submit an Outstanding Chapter application to National. Attach copy                               10X_____=
   Donated baskets for Silent Auction (5 point each, 20 points maximum)                               5X_____=
   Entered State Leadership Conference T-shirt, Pin, and Program Cover Events (5                      5X_____=
   points per event)
   Contributed to the Jared Bryant Scholarship Fund                                                         10
   Contributed to the Bill Radcliff Scholarship                                                             10

Upon receipt of nominations, the state office records will be audited for adherence to the regulations.
Please note:      All entries meeting the required guidelines will be recognized at the state level. The 15% that will be
                  forwarded to the national office will be based on the chapters with the high score. All chapter forwarded to
                  the national office are recognized if all the required criteria is met.
ADVISER OF THE YEAR                                                          APPENDIX P
     This award honors an FBLA Adviser who has made outstanding contributions to the
     association at the local, state and/or national levels.


     State Eligibility: Chapters may nominate one adviser for the Tennessee FBLA Adviser
     of the Year for recognition at the State Leadership Conference.

    The participant must have an active chapter with local, state, and national dues
     paid by the Regional Leadership Conference.
    A previous winner at the state/national level should not enter this event.


   Each candidate must complete an application for Tennessee FBLA Adviser of the Year
   The application will be turned in by the predetermine date prior to the state conference.


   Criteria used for selection of the nominee will follow that outlined on the Rating Sheet.
   Tennessee FBLA's Adviser of the Year will be recognized at the National Leadership
   Selection of winner will be made at the State Leadership Conference.

     A panel of judges will select the winner based on the applications. All judges' decisions are


     The Adviser of the Year will be recognized at the State Leadership conference and at the
     National conference.

Nomination Form                                                    Check One:

                                                                       ML FBLA
Receipt Deadline:               March 18, 2011

      The adviser named below has made outstanding contributions to the association at the local,
      state and national levels and is our state’s selection for the Outstanding Local Adviser

Nominator Signature
                                                               Date                        School

Adviser Name:



      FBLA would like to send a letter recognizing the adviser’s selection to his/her school. Please
      provide us with the contact information for the direct supervisor or institutional head as



      Does the adviser plan to attend the SLC?           Yes           No
      Names of outstanding local advisers will be recognized at the SLC. To be included, this form
      must be received by the deadline indicated above.
                               Application For
                           Local Adviser of the Year

Name of                                                   M       F        Date:


Total Years of Participation

List all activities associated with FBLA and/or BPA to include number of State and National
Conferences attended, state and national officers, etc:

                                                  Signature of Local President
BUSINESSPERSON OF THE YEAR                                                    APPENDIX Q
       This event recognizes outstanding business leaders from the private business sector
       throughout the state who have contributed to the success of Tennessee Future
       Business Leaders of America on the local level.


       State Eligibility: Each chapter may enter one (1) person in Local Chapter Businessperson
       of the Year event at the Regional Leadership Conference. The nominees must be members
       of the private business sector.


1.   The nominees must be a member of the business community. Persons who are full-time
     employees of educational institutions or departments of education shall not be nominated for
     the award; such nominees will be disqualified.
2.   Nominees must not have been state winner to this event at a previous FBLA State Leadership
3.   The entry form must be completed by the local chapter and received with each nominee's
     biographical sketch form by the designated date.


Criteria for selection of nominees at the local level should include:
     1. Years of participation in FBLA (BPA) activities
     2. Promotion of FBLA (BPA) through presentations and seminars
     3. Contribution to chapter projects and activities
     4. Financial assistance to local and/or state chapter(s)


       All nominees will receive a certificate of recognition at the State Leadership Conference.

       The winner of the Businessperson of the year will be Tennessee's representative on the
       National Level.
                  FBLA Regional/State— Businessperson of the Year


Complete and/or attach the information requested below.
  1.   Summary (no more than one page) of the nominee’s specific chapter involvement.
  2.   Nominee’s resume.
  3.   This form, with the two attachments above, must be submitted at the registration

                                     Nominates the following for Business Person of the





      Business Phone

     Will this person be attending the RLC?                               Yes          No

     If regional winner, will this person be attending the SLC?           Yes          No

     If YES, would he/she be interested in judging an event?              Yes          No

               OR presenting a workshop?                                  Yes          No

     If YES, give an event preference or workshop topic, if

     Name of person submitting nomination who may be contacted for more information.

                          Name                                    Daytime Phone #
CANNED TAB VERIFICATION                                                      APPENDIX R
                                     FBLA CANNED TAB VERIFICATION FORM

       All FBLA chapters in Tennessee have been asked to donate gallon containers of canned
       tabs to the Ronald McDonald House. The three schools that collect the greatest number of
       gallons of canned tabs from the ending of one state conference to the beginning of the next
       state conference will be recognized as a winner at the most recent State conference. There
       are two choices on how these canned tabs can be delivered to Ronald McDonald House for
       can tab credit for State Conference can tab competition:

(1) bring all gallon containers of canned tabs to the State Conference
(2) pre-deliver all gallon containers of canned tabs to a Ronald McDonald House
        (This form must be completed and turned in at State Conference to receive State credit for
        competitive events purposes).

       Can tabs delivered to Tennessee Ronald McDonald Houses located in


       School Name

       Number of Gallons of Canned Tabs Delivered

       Signature of Ronald McDonald House Official

       Date: ________________________________
MARCH OF DIMES WALK                     APPENDIX S

   walk for babies

    Tuesday, April 5th, 3-4:30 p.m.
    Meet outside at the back entrance to convention
     center - in front of Staybridge Hotel
    wear your state conference shirt
    $1 donation requested

       Does your chapter have
       the cutest baby picture?

      Choose the best baby picture from your chapter members
      Decorate a bottle no larger than twelve inches tall and three
       inches wide and include the picture
      No identifying information may be on the bottle
      All money collected will go to the March of Dimes
      The winning chapter will receive a certificate

Please Note: All baby bottles will be available for pick up from the
conference headquarters after the closing session.

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