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					     Welcome New NCOIC Members
           August 2, 2006

 American Red Cross
 Automated Integration, Inc.
 CAE, Inc.
 Emergency Interoperability Consortium (EIC)
 Gallium Software
 Open Geospatial Consortium
 PrismTech

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                  Network Centric Operations
                     Industry Consortium

             New Participant Orientation
                  August 2, 2006

V 20060426                                          2
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Consortium Vision and Mission
Responding to the Need

  Vision:

Industry working together with our customers to provide a network centric
environment where all classes of information systems interoperate by
integrating existing and emerging open standards into a common evolving
global framework that employs a common set of principles and processes.

 The Mission of the Consortium is to help accelerate the achievement
   of increased levels of interoperability within, and amongst, all levels
   of government of the United States and its allies involved in Joint,
   Interagency and Multinational (JIM) operations.

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Consortium Concept of Operations

 The primary objective of the Consortium is to better enable
   transformation through NCO by helping our government clients identify
   common existing and emerging open standards, processes and
   principles, together with their patterns of use and interoperability.

 The Consortium will achieve this objective:
    – Through the use of commercial and defense best practices, and
    – By leveraging other activities related to increasing interoperability in a
      network centric environment.

 The Consortium will also act as an advocate for transformation and
   network centricity and help increase their adoption throughout industry
   and governments alike.

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Consortium Value Proposition
Consortium Efforts Will…

 Increase interoperability within and among systems involved in
    Joint, Interagency and Multinational operations
   Lower development costs and increase commonality of design in
    future systems – tailored standards and best practices
   Improve force readiness through more rapid fielding of network
    centric systems – leverage technical “lessons learned”
   Reduce systems cost and sustainability through re-use and
    commonality – facilitate ease of integration, upgrade, and support
   Reduce Development Risk by Identifying the common
    components needed for the network centric environment – Develop
    them where none exist
   Improve Force Effectiveness through new, more focused
    development on domain specific capabilities for the Warfighter
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Value Dimensions

 Customers – Government and Commercial
 Member Companies
   –   Increased competitiveness
   –   Market scope
   –   Market capitalization
   –   Market orientation
   –   Co-specialization
   –   Employee attrition
 Individual
   – Learning
   – New knowledge
   – Skill affirmation

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   Global Participation

“I have two major goals:
         1. Make NATO transformation needs as transparent as possible to
         2. Stop wasting money on R&D that is ongoing in Europe and the
 The consortium can help me to achieve these goals. We need industry
    involvement. What you are doing is important and it has to be done. Let
    me know what I can do to help.”
       General Kujat, Chairman of the NATO Military Committee
“We can work together on the building blocks NATO needs to achieve
  network centric operations. There are several ways we can move
  forward to collaborate on technical activities.”
        Marshall Billingslea, Assistant Secretary General for Defense Investment
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  “Let Us Begin”

 The Consortium Is:
   – Focused: Our sole purpose is to partner with government to enable
     transformation through NCO.
   – Dedicated to outreach and education to make identified architectures, open
     standards, and best practices widely available to government & industry.
 Comprised of Members of the Production Chain:
   – Ultimately responsible for creating the NCO Solutions,
   – Uniquely capable of affecting true change in the production chain.
   – Highly Inclusive – Industry, Academia, Government.
 The Consortium Is Not:
   – A Replacement of or Competition to Government Forums,
   – Closed to Non-Traditional Industry Partners.

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Key to Consortium Success – The Customer
Advisory Council: “Customer In” Approach

   The Advisory Council represents government agencies and allied member
    countries in the identification and development of open, consensus-based
    approaches necessary to support transformation through NCO.

   Advisory Council Chair: Dr. Paul Kaminski, former DoD
    Undersecretary for Acquisition and Technology.

   The Advisory Council will:
     – Advise Consortium leadership on customer NCO/NCW issues, needs, requirements
       and direction
     – Provide thought leadership to the Consortium in developing innovative concepts and
       strategic direction
     – Encourage Consortium participation of NCO/NCW thought leaders, industry, and
       associated organizations
     – Encourage and leverage openness of communication at all levels of the consortium

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Advisory Council Members
     AC Chairman                                            Dr. Paul G. Kaminski
     Headquarters, Department of the Army          LTG Steven W. Boutelle, USA – CIO/G-6
     Joint Staff                                            VADM Nancy E. Brown, USN – J6 (Invited)
     UK MoD                                                 AVM Stuart D. Butler, RAF
     Australian Defence Organisation                        MAJGEN David H. Chalmers, ARA
     American Red Cross                                     Mr. Steve Cooper – CIO
     Defense Information Systems Agency            Lt Gen Charles E. Croom, Jr., USAF
     Office of the Secretary of Defense                     Dr. Vitalij Garber – OUSD (AT&L)
     German MoD                                             Mr. Uwe H. Giesecke
     NATO Allied Command - Transformation          Maj Gen Koen Gijbers, KNL (Invited)
     Office of the Secretary of Defense                     Ms. Priscilla E. Guthrie – OASD (NII)
     NATO Headquarters C3 Staff                             Maj Gen Georges D‟Hollander, BE AR
     Naval Network Warfare Command                          VADM James D. McArthur, Jr., USN
     US Air Force Academy                                   Gen James P. McCarthy, USAF (Ret.)
     Office of Director of National Intelligence   Maj Gen Dale Meyerrose, USAF (Ret.) – ADNI & CIO
     At large                                               Mr. Arthur L. Money
     Swedish MoD                                            Maj Gen Staffan Näsström, RSAF (Ret.)
     Office of the Secretary of the Air Force      Lt Gen Michael Peterson, USAF – CWI/CIO
     Federal Aviation Administration                        Mr. Mark T. Powell – CTO
     French MoD                                             BGen Blandine Vinson-Rouchon, DGA
     National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency       Mr. Steven P. Wallach
     NATO C3 Agency                                         Mr. Dag Wilhelmsen
     US Joint Forces Command                                LTG John R. Wood, USA

                                             Approved for Public Release                               11
     Affiliate Council

 Established as the “portal” for all non-member organizations
    who desire to work with or affiliate with the NCOIC
     – Affiliates enhance our ability to achieve our mission by
       providing access and resources to the NCOIC in carrying out
       our objectives
 Chaired by Dave Chesebrough, President, Association for
    Enterprise Integration (AFEI)
   Overall program manager for individual and/or collective
   Works with the Advisory Council to devise and execute
    integration strategies for affiliate organizations
   Ensures NCOIC and affiliate organization tasking is
    commensurate with overall technical and business roadmap

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  Consortium Membership Structure
  Tier One

Membership                     Voting Rights              Nomination               Eligible Leadership
                                                             Rights                    Positions

Tier 1                         Governance and Strategic   Executive Chair / Vice   Executive Council
Leadership Member.                 Documents                  Chair
                                                                                   Executive Chair / Vice Chair
Full participation in          Consortium Technical       Business Chair / Vice
      consortium governance        Deliverables                Chair               Business Council Chair / Vice
      and technical agendas.                                                            Chair
                               All Chair / Vice Chair     Technical Chair / Vice
                                    Nominations               Chair                Technical Council Chair / Vice
                               Executive Council
                                   Representatives                                 Functional Team / Working
                                                                                       Group Chairs

  Yearly Membership: $150,000 + pledge of 4 FTEs
                                           Approved for Public Release                                              13
 Consortium Membership Structure
 Tier Two

Membership                     Voting Rights              Nomination          Eligible Leadership
                                                          Rights              Positions

Tier 2                         Consortium Technical       Executive Chair /   Functional Team / Working
Participatory Member.          Deliverables               Vice Chair          Group Chairs

Full participation in          All Chair / Vice Chair     Business Chair /
Consortium technical           Nominations                Vice Chair
agenda, review of
governance deliverables,                                  Technical Chair /
nominate eligible members                                 Vice Chair
to all leadership positions,
opportunity to serve in
non-Executive leadership

Yearly Membership: $75,000 + pledge of 2 FTEs
                                             Approved for Public Release                                  14
Consortium Membership Structure

Membership                    Voting Rights          Nomination       Eligible Leadership
                                                        Rights            Positions

Tier 3                        None                   None             Functional Team / Working
Non-Voting Member.                                                        Group Chairs

Participate in Consortium
     Functional / Working
     Groups with
     opportunity to review
     governance, technical
     agendas, and
     technical deliverables

Yearly Membership: $1,000 - $25,000 + pledge of 1 FTE

                                        Approved for Public Release                               15
NCOIC Members – September 7, 2006
Total Members: 85                 Newest Members are in Blue

 Tier 1 Members (22)
    BAE Systems, Inc.                 General Dynamics                    Northrop Grumman
    Boeing                            Harris Corporation                  Raytheon
    Cisco Systems                     IBM                                 Rockwell Collins
    DataPath, Inc.                    Intel Corp.                         Saab
    Deloitte & Touche                 ITT                                 SAIC
    EADS                              L-3 Communications                  Sun Microsystems
    EFW                               Lockheed Martin                     Thales
    EMC

 Tier 2 Members (2)
  Alcatel Government Solutions
  Hewlett-Packard

                                           Approved for Public Release                          16
NCOIC Members – September 7, 2006
Total Members: 85               Newest Members are in Blue

 Tier 3 Members (61)
 The Aerospace Corporation           Finmeccanica                        Motorola
 AFEI                                Gallium Visual Systems Inc.         Objective Interface Systems, Inc.
 American Red Cross                  Honeywell                           Open Geospatial Consortium
 Argon ST                            INDRA                               OrderOne Networks
 ASELSAN                             Innerwall                           PrismTech
 Ball Solutions Group                Innovative Concepts, Inc            Real-Time Innovations, Inc
 BearingPoint                        Institute for Defense Analyses      Rheinmetall Defence Electronics
 CACI                                Instrumentointi Oy                  RUAG Electronics
 CAE Inc.                            Intelligent Automation, Inc.        Sikorsky Aircraft
 Camber Corporation                  International Data Links Society    Smiths Aerospace
 CB Technologies                     Interoperability Clearinghouse      Software Engineering Institute/CMU
 Ciena Government Solutions          Israel Aircraft Industries          SPARTA, Inc.
 COMCARE                             Johns Hopkins U. Applied Physics    SRI International
 Cryptek, Inc                         Lab                                 SteelCloud
 Cubic Defense Applications          Marconi Communications Federal      STM
 DCN                                                                      Systematic Software Engineering A/S
                                      Maritime Technology Centre R&D
 EDISOFT S.A.                         Institute
                                                                            Terma A/S
 EIC                                 METI
                                                                           Themis Computer
 Engenio Information Technologies    Microsoft
                                                                           University of Maryland, CSHCN
 Ericsson                            MITRE
                                                                           Wakelight Technologies, Inc
 Factiva                          
                                            Approved for Public Release
                                       Military Communication Institute
                                                                           Wind River Systems
Consortium Operations

                Executive Council                        Council


                                      Functional Teams Working Groups
                                     Functional Teams && Working Groups

                                        Business                  Affiliates

                                       Functional Teams Working Groups
                                     Functional Teams & & Working Groups       18
                 Approved for Public Release
Business Council

     Approved for Public Release   19
Our Constitution
Business Council and Teams

                                  BUSINESS COUNCIL
                              Chair: K Mowrey, Boeing
                      European Regional Coordinator: W Glagla, IBM
                                  STANDING TEAMS

    Chair: M. Lammers, EADS                                              Co-Chairs: B.Davis,CACI
                                                                              P.Allen, IBM
                           Affiliates                             Membership

                                                                           Chair: G. Carney, NCOIC
                Legal                                                    Export
             (prof comm)                                              Compliance
                                                                      (prof comm)

                     MarComm                                        Strategy &
    Chair: K. Gibbons, Cisco                                                   Chair: Open
                                        Events Strategy                     VC: W. Glagla, IBM

                                          Chair: Open
                                    Approved for Public Release
Technical Council

     Approved for Public Release   21
Technical Council Structure
24 July 2006
                                               TECHNICAL COUNCIL
 Chair: Sheryl Sizelove (Boeing) Vice Chair : Jan Wiberg (SAAB) Chair Emeritus: Mike Curtis (IBM)
        Executive Sponsors: J Osterholz (BAE Systems), M Van Schaik (Thales), Alan Murdoch (NGC)
                                       European Region Coordinator: Not Filled
  Customer Requirements                              Architectures and                        Education and Outreach
Chair: Steve Russell (L-3)                          Standards Analysis                      Chair: Al Nauda (Raytheon)
Vice: John Smith (HP)                        Chair: Mark Bowler (Boeing)                    Vice: Stephen Bahr (IBM)
Exec Sponsor: Claude Roche (EADS), TBD       Vice: Jacques Ariel Sirat (EADS)               Exec Sponsor: Terry Morgan (Cisco), Alan
Working Groups:                              Exec Sponsor: Mark Connelly (Sun),             Murdoch (NGC)
•Automation & Analysis Tools                 Nan Mattai (Rockwell Collins)
  • Mike Curtis (IBM)
                                                                                            Working Groups:
•Mission Thread Analysis                     Working Groups:                                •Outreach
  • TBD - Steve Russell (L-3) Acting         •Open Standards / Patterns                       • Stephen Bahr (IBM)
                                               • Joe Schlesselman (RTI), Lars Schylberg     •Education
                                                                                              • Ken Cureton (Boeing)
                                             •NCOIC Interop Framework (NIF)
                                               • Francois-Xavier Lebas (Thales)                Engineering Processes
                                             •NCO Analysis Tool (NCAT)                      Chair: Ken Cureton (Boeing)
                                               • Vish Dixit (Boeing), Abe Meilich (LM)      Vice: Walter Legrand (EADS)
                                             •Mobile Networks
                                                                                            Exec Sponsor: Val Gavito (L-3),
                                               • Bonnie Gorsic (Boeing), Paul Schweitzer
           Building Blocks                       (LM), Jonathan Nicholas (ITT)
                                                                                            Bob Collet (SAIC)
                                             •Services Information Interoperability         Working Groups:
 Chair: James Burke (Lockheed Martin)
                                               • John Yanosy (Rockwell), Hans Polzer (LM)   •Product/Process Assessment
 Vice: Harrison Miles (Intel)                                                                 • Luca Izzotti (Finmeccanica), Frederic
                                             •Information Assurance
 Exec Sponsor: Kevin Fiftal (Intel), TBD                                                        Autran (EADS)
                                               • Jim Ross (Boeing)                          •Lexicon Custodian
 • Application Enabling                      •Ground Stations                                 • Daniel Wengelin (SAAB)
  • Paul Delvey (Intel)                        • Fred Mervine (IBM) Public Release          •Modeling, Simulation, & Demos              22
                                                    Approved for
                                                                                              • Bruno Carron (EADS), Bob Marcus (SRI)
Our Technical Deliverables
 VERSION 0-20060210

Building Codes                              Support Products                       Liaison
  NCO Interoperability Framework (NIF)        Customer/Industry Initiative Database   Affiliates
       Patterns Of Usage                      Customer Document Reviews               Executive/
       Protocol Function Collectors (PFC)     Distance Learning Modules               Advisory
       Service-Based Model                                                            Council
       Service Components                                                             Business
  Mobility                                    Net-Centric Analysis Tool (NCAT)
                                                    Model Compliance Verification     Council
       Mobile Network Objectives (MNO)                                                Customer
                                              Systems Engineering
       Mobile Network Evaluations (MNE)                                               Outreach
                                              Process Handbook
  Information Assurance                       Modeling & Simulation
  Legacy System Integration                        Lab Survey
  System-Of-Systems Management                                                      Taskings
                                                   Integrated Demonstrations
  (Enterprise Service Management)                                                     Consulting
                                              Collaboration Methods
  Modeling & Simulation Standards             Reverse BAA Support                     Tasks
                                              Interoperability Analyses               Partnering
Building Blocks      BLACK = In Progress                                              Tasks
                                                    SCOPE Model & Ontology
                     BLUE = Planned                                                   “Killer
  CONOPS             GREEN = Future                Interoperability Root Causes
                                                   & Ontology                         Applications”
  Use Cases
  Product Categorization                           Net-Centric Tenets & Ontology      etc.
  Building Block Database                     Compliance Evaluation of Products
  Library of Shared M&S Objects               Culture Change/Transformation/Human Factors
                                   Approved for Public Release                                   23
                                        NCOIC: The Way Ahead
                             Chart Legend

                                        4Q06                     MOB: MNA v1

                                 3Q06                 MOB: MNE v2                                         Proof of     Blocks
                                                                  Modeling &                              Concept w/
                                                                  Simualtion                              W2COG
                          2Q06            MOB: MNE v1                                       Discussion
                                                           SII Tenets
                                 Service InterOp                                            w/ W2COG
                   1Q06          Models & Tenets
                                                 SII Models                                                NCO Product
                                                                    Cultivate Customer                     Repository
                                                                    Involvement             Database Framework
            4Q05     MOB: MNO v1 SII Inhibitors
                                  SII Scope            Product                  Use Cases
     3Q05                                              Categorization
                     NIF OA v1                                                                                               Support
                                           Vendor Advocacy                                   “Tribal
             NIF Comms v1
                                                                                             Knowledge”                      Products
                                 CONOPs                             Go-To Support            Capture
Technical                                      Net-centricity
                                                                                                          Culture Change /
 Council                                       Evaluation                Mature NCOIC                     Transformation /
                                                                         Organization                     Human Factors
Products                                       measures
                                                    Approved for Public Release                                                     24
Architectures & Standards Analysis Team
Description (Chair – Mark Bowler, Boeing)

 Charter
   – Work with customers to develop a secure interoperability framework that
     enables increasing degrees of network-centric operations.
 Key Activities:
   – Create an NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF) to define the applications,
     data and communications elements required to design and evaluate NCW
     systems with respect to interoperability
   – Create a Network Centric Analysis Tool (NCAT) to provide for a common basis
     to analyze architectures and initiatives
   – Review the various government initiatives with respect to NCO interoperability
   – Examine Mobility with regard to Interoperability needs and areas for
   – Review Open Standards and make usage recommendations relative to

                              Approved for Public Release                        25
Architecture & Standards Analysis Team
NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF) WG

  Charter
    – Develop the NCOIC Interoperability Framework (NIF), Operational
      Decompositions (ODs), and Protocol Functional Collections (PFCs)
    – The NIF provides a Systems Engineering framework for vendors
      developing components of the NCO environment to foster communications

  Key Activities
    – Describe and characterize the global NCO communications environment
      with a focus on overall communications interoperability
    – Characterize applications making use of communications technology
      described by customer initiatives using common terminology (ODs)
    – Specify collections of protocols and data models to be used to implement
      various communications functions (PFCs)
                             Approved for Public Release                         26
Architecture & Standards Analysis Team
Network Centric Analysis Tool (NCAT) WG

 Charter:
   – Create an assessment mechanism which provides a metric based
     approach to evaluating/measuring a system‟s, subsystem‟s, or
     component‟s “fitness” for operating in a net centric environment-that is
     extend the net ready check list.
 Key Activities:
   – Research and gather checklists and criteria to measure NCOW RM
   – Research other tools being used or developed by government or other
     agencies that may be incorporated into NCAT V2
   – Establish working relationship with OSJTF MOSA
   – Develop criteria, measures and weights to populate the NCAT
   – Customize MOSA/PART to become NCAT
   – Identify or develop a test case to evaluate the methodology and tool
                            Approved for Public Release                         27
Architecture & Standards Analysis Team
Mobility WG

Charter & summary of activities:
The primary activity of the Mobility Working Group (MBWG) is to review Mobility
problem space within a Network Centric Operation (NCO) and recommend possible
solutions to the NCOIC. The Mobility Networking Overview (MNO) document
defines the problem spaces that will be investigated. The follow on document,
Mobility Networking Evaluations (MNE), will capture the evaluations/solutions of the
problem spaces or identify technical gaps that require investigation/resolution
brought forward. The MBWG will generate two documents: The first scopes the
Mobility problem space (MNO) and the second recommends possible solutions
(MNE). The goal of the two volume set is to provide guidance for the development of
future Mobile Networks which are compliant with industry and government reference
models and architectures.

                               Approved for Public Release                             28
Architecture & Standards Analysis Team
Mobility WG

 Planned Activity (~6 Months)
    – MNO Document and ASA Red Team Review
    – MNE will be initialized and authors will begin development
 Future Activity (~1 Year)
    – MNE Document
    – Determine additional requirements and technologies, not identified in the initial
      MNO, that are important to NCOIC and our clients.

                                Approved for Public Release                           29
Architecture & Standards Analysis Team
Open Standards and Patterns WG

 Charter:
   – Define the Consortium‟s approach to the evaluation and recommendation of
     existing and emerging open standards, and patterns of use, relevant to
     achieving interoperability. Establish a process to consolidate and harmonize
     recommended open standards between working groups.
 Current Activities:
   – Consortium review & comment on Naval Open Architecture (completed) and
     FORCEnet Documentation
   – Definition of Consortium process for review and recommendation of Open
     Standards by NCOIC working groups
   – Development of a Open Standards taxonomy for Consortium use

                             Approved for Public Release                            30
Architecture & Standards Analysis Team
Services Information Interoperability WG

   Charter
     –   Identify and describe service and information interoperability patterns for
         enabling Net Centric operational scenarios while achieving the Net Centric
         data and service tenets.
     –   Coordinate with other working groups to minimize overlap, and to achieve
         consistency of scope, detail and concepts.

   Key Activities
     –   Develop an overall model that integrates Net Centric data and service
         tenets, intersections of the three DoDAF view types, archetypical
         operational use cases, and Net Centric System Capability attributes.
     –   Leverage this model in identifying, investigating, and describing
         architectural framework patterns comprising selected standards and
         functions to satisfy the operational requirements for enabling service and
         data interoperability for problem specific operational scenarios while
         achieving the Net Centric Data and Service Tenets.

                                Approved for Public Release                            31
Architecture & Standards Analysis Team
Information Assurance WG

 Charter
   – The NCOIC IAWG will Develop/Identify an IA framework that supports
     interoperability in a network centric environment that is aligned with
     other NCOIC framework efforts. It will identify industry standards that
     support IA in a network centric environment. The working group will
     identify the IA needs and issues of NCO customers and provide IA
     support to other NCOIC working groups
 Key Activities
   – Develop an NCO IA Framework in alignment with the NIF
   – Identify IA Standards and Best Practices (with the Open Standards
   – Coordinate Lab efforts in the area of IA (with the Engineering Process

                            Approved for Public Release                        32
Education & Outreach Team
Description (Chair – Al Nauda, Raytheon)

 Charter
   – Develop a program for education and outreach to promote the awareness,
     adoption and use of the NCO infrastructure interoperability “building codes”
     identified by the Consortium, and other‟s contributions to the NCO body of
     knowledge that further the transformation and operations domains.
 Key Activities
   – Develop and implement internal and external NCO curriculum, modules, and
     educational stakeholder coordination meetings
   – Develop collaborative relationship with the office of force transformation
   – Develop collaborative relationship with the world wide consortium for the grid

                              Approved for Public Release                             33
Building Blocks Team
Description (Chair – James Burke, Lockheed Martin)

 Charter
      Use the interoperability framework to identify the widest possible
      community of OTS (Off-The-Shelf) and other open standards-based
      building blocks.
 Key Activities
   – Creation of web-based OTS product database capability
   – Develop OTS database categories. (In close collaboration with Customer
     Deliverables team)
   – Develop OTS database category requirements.
   – Post OTS database categories and Solicit product nominations from the
     open market.
   – Evaluate & Accept product nominations.
   – Register accepted NCOIC Partners.
   – Post OTS database.
                           Approved for Public Release                        34
Engineering Processes Team
Description (Chair – Ken Cureton, Boeing)

 Charter:
   – To use identified open standards to promote effective collaborative
     engineering environments, uniform system engineering processes, and
     modeling / simulation / demonstration techniques and laboratories in order to
     test, validate and/or demonstrate increased levels of interoperability
 Key Activities:
   – Determine and publish recommended Consortium Systems Engineering
     Processes (including use of Tools, Process Models and Maturity, Modeling
     techniques, and Collaborative Environments for NCOIC Integration)
   – Survey potential for interconnection of Consortium members‟ simulation /
     demo labs
   – Survey potential for connection of Consortium members‟ simulation / demo
     labs with Government(s) Customers‟ labs
   – Develop and Implement plan, once approved, for initial demonstration of
     Consortium identified standards using interconnected labs
                              Approved for Public Release                            35
Customer Requirements Team
Description (Chair – Steve Russell, L-3 Communications
               Vice-Chair – John Smith, Hewlett-Packard
               Executive Sponsor – Claude Roche, EADS)

 Charter
     – Perform rigorous analysis of customer architectures, capability needs, and
       mandated standards to identify commonalities, synergies, conflicts, gaps, and
       areas for improvement.
     – Collection and tracking of key stakeholders and initiatives to identify areas of
       NCOIC focus.
 Key Activities:
     – Continuously update 14 Quick Look (QL)/Deep Dive (DD) projects:
         • Air-to-Air Combat with Link 16, US/UK OIF Coalition Ops, Stryker Brigade,
           FORCENet, C2 Constellation, FCS/LANDWARnet, DCGS Family of Systems,
           JBMC2, NECC (a.k.a. JC2), NATO NEC, GIG Architecture, NCOW RM/NCES, DoD
           Collaboration and Sense and Respond Logistics.
     – Develop NIF Operational Decompositions of requirements that can be
       horizontally integrated and mapped to NIF PFCs and Building Blocks
 Goal:
     – Use findings to inform our member companies and guide the work of our
       Integrated Project Teams and Working Groups.                                   36
                                  Approved for Public Release
Customer Requirements Team
Mission Thread Analysis WG

 Charter:
   – Research and understand Customer missions and identify gaps and
     opportunities for interoperability improvements and new capabilities or
     technology insertion.
 Key Activities:
   – On-going Quick Look and Deep Dive reports on specific projects from mission
     thread perspective.
   – Defining Well-Formed Requirements (WFR) – a standard set of requirement
     patterns [templates] for each of the NIF functional areas.
       • Directly link WFR to Building Blocks (i.e. Well-Specified Product collections) and
         Building Codes (e.g., the dimensions of a PFC)
   – Demonstrate how to navigate from a requirement to the associated building
     codes (for those who choose to make a solution) or to the associated building
     blocks (for those who choose to buy an Off The Shelf solution).
 Issues:
   – Chair and Vice Chair positions remain unfilled. More Project Leaders Needed.
   – Access to Mission Information. Most is FOUO or on “Members Only” websites
                             Approved for Public Release                        37
Customer Requirements Team
Automation & Analysis Tools WG
             (Chair - Mike Curtis, IBM)

 Charter:
   – Investigate and implement automated methods for collecting, organizing,
     storing, accessing, and analyzing Stakeholder and Initiative data for use by
     other NCOIC teams and members
 Key Activities:
   – Converting the Data Collection Workbook into an NCO Knowledgebase
     (database and web front-end at a minimum).
   – Augment the NCO Knowledgebase with automated collection of NCO relevant
     stakeholders and initiatives from the Internet, publications, other organizations
     (e.g., web crawlers, data miners, RSS feeds, etc.)
   – Analyzing the data in the NCO Knowledgebase to enable convergence of the
     many NCO stakeholders and initiatives.
 Issues:
   – Team is short of active participants.
   – Need hosting support forApproved for Public Release from ITS provider.
                               Relational Databases                                 38
Sense & Respond Logistics Mission IPT
Chair, Paul McGreevy, Bearing Point

   Charter
    – Provide the capability for all members (government and non-
      government) of the Global Logistics Community of Interest to
      collaborate at the highest possible levels.
   Key Activities
    –   Define all relevant operational scenarios needed to enable interoperability.
    –   Develop the Protocol Functional Collection for each Operations Scenario.
    –   Apply SCOPE, NIF, NCAT, Building Blocks to yield S&RL Building Codes.
    –   Measure performance with respect to collaborative SCOR model.

                                Approved for Public Release                            39
Technical Team Meeting Schedule

 Monthly Information Sharing Telecon:
   – 1st Wednesday of each month, 11:00 AM Eastern
   – US: 1-866-874-0872       Int: + 44(0) 1452 562 905
   –   Belgium -(0)24 006839       Sweden -(0)85 6618434
   – Participant code: 882768

 Architectures and Standards Analysis Functional Team
  Face-to-Face Meetings:
   – Generally every two months

 Other Functional Teams
   – Schedule Varies

                         Approved for Public Release       40
2006 Tech Team Meeting Schedule

 One U.S. hosted and one European hosted Technical Team
  meeting each quarter
   – All technical functional teams (FT) invited
   – One day for general Technical Team and FT interchange
   – Two or three days for breakout sessions (FTs & WGs)

 Schedule:
   –   April          Plenary
   –   May            US hosted (EMC, Boston)
   –   June           European hosted Tech Team (Thales, UK)
   –   August         Plenary
   –   Repeating sequence for remainder of the year…

 Additional FT and WG meetings as desired
                         Approved for Public Release           41
    Remaining Consortium Meeting Dates – 2006

   1-3 August
     – Plenary Meeting, Council Meetings        Hyatt, Reston, VA
   13-14 Sept
     – Technical Council Meetings               Paris, FR (EADS host)
   11-12 October
     – Technical Council Meetings               US West Coast (Lockheed host)
   28-30 November
     – Plenary Meeting, Council Meetings        San Diego, CA
   Mid-December
     – Technical Council Meetings               Rome, IT (Finmeccanica host)

                             Approved for Public Release                        42
Export Compliance

   Approved for Public Release   43
NCOIC Technical Team work

 Identify standards used in network centric operations
 „Operations‟ – military, civil, humanitarian
 Identify use cases, patterns of use
 Analyze the use of those standards
 Apply to identified use cases
 Conduct gap analyses, harmonization of various
    requirements, etc.
   Ultimate goal is an architectural reference model for
    stakeholder communities
                      Approved for Public Release           44
Which Government Agencies
Regulate Exports?
   AS – Minister for Defence                 IT – Ministry for Foreign Affairs
   DA – Ministry of Justice                  NL – Ministry of Economic
   FI - Ministry of Defense, Council          Affairs
    of State                                  PO – Ministry of Defense
   FR - Secretary General of                 SP – Ministry of Economy &
    National Defense, Commission               Taxes
    for the Study of Export of War            SW – Min of Foreign Affairs,
    Material (CIEEMG); Service des             Ministry of Defense
    Titres du Commerce Extérieur              SZ – Federal Office for Foreign
    (SETICE)                                   Economic Affairs
   GM – Federal Ministry for                 UK – Dept of Trade & Industry
                                              US – Dept of State; Dept of
   IS- Ministry of Defense (SIBAT)            Commerce

                            Approved for Public Release                            45
When does an export take place?

   Physical:
    – Shipment of
      hardware or data
    – Defense services
    – Handcarry
   Verbal

   Electronic

                  Approved for Public Release   46
Intangible Exports

Verbal:                                      Electronic:
   Plant visit                                    Fax
   Visit to overseas                              E-mail
    customer/plant                                 Internet
   Joint venture                                  Shared collaborative
   Meeting                                         space
   Trade show                                     Electronic media
   Presentation of paper                           (CDs, USB drives,
    at tech symposium                               PDAs)
   Phone call

                      Approved for Public Release                          47
Topics for Open Discussion

   Open Standards, and their patterns of use, technical merit, specification,
    or evaluation, provided such discussions are not centered on military
    applications, contracts, or programs. (Identifying WHAT)
   Technical/non-technical materials, information obtained from public
    domain or open source literature with unlimited distribution (provided
    such discussions are not centered on military applications, contracts, or
    programs). Includes, is not limited to, information from:
     –   Open websites
     –   Publications (open subscription), conferences/seminars available to public,
     –   General scientific information
     –   Governance and non-technical information, including but not limited to
         schedules, plans, working group processes, policies, and procedures (not
         related to manufacturing or production), roadmaps, statements-of-work, action
         items, status reports, budgets, meeting and conference call notes (if non-
         technical), and other similar items.

                                Approved for Public Release                              48
Restricted Topics (US-ITAR)

 Discussion on HOW open standards, patterns of use, etc., are
    applied to military programs
 Other information from public source, but discussed with regard to
    specific military application, programs, or contracts (US or foreign)
 Information sourced from a website, access to which is only
    possible with a Government sponsor
   Information on specific military applications and/or programs
   (From the US) FOUO information
   Classified data or information
   Manufacturing know-how

                           Approved for Public Release                      49
Violations and Penalties

    Varying levels of assessment among different
     national regulations
    All national regulations impose penalties
    Civil – administrative violations
    Criminal – intent to circumvent the law
     – More significant penalties
    In the US, as in other countries, penalties
     assessed in the millions of dollars/currency
     – Lost revenue due to suspension from Government
       contracting (US)

                      Approved for Public Release       50
Our Responsibilities

As a Consortium Member, you are responsible
   To abide by your country‟s export regulations
   To abide by your company‟s export regulations
   Know contact information for your company
    export compliance official
   Appropriately protect export controlled

                    Approved for Public Release     51
   Consortium Website

 Public Website –
   – Informative website that provides information on the Consortium to the public
   – Link to Members-Only Area
 Secure Members-Only Area –
   – Location for NCOIC‟s collaboration tools (hosted by Kavi Corp)
   – 3-step process for member access (once membership is approved)
       • Submit contact info. and business/technical preference
       • Certification Form submitted and processed (for ITAR/EAR)
       • User requests to join relevant groups (working groups, functional teams, councils)
   – Detailed instructions on this process will be sent once membership is
   – US Person and Global websites to protect Export-Controlled Data
       • Access controlled by individual Certification Form status
   – Assistance is available
                                 Approved for Public Release                                  52
How to find a place to participate

                  Approved for Public Release   53
An example Help Wanted Ad

               Approved for Public Release   54
    Consortium Plenary Dates
    Mark your calendar and register online

   December 12 – 14                          Brussels, Belgium
 2006 Plenary Schedule:
    –   Feb 28-Mar 2 Reston, VA
    –   April 25-28 Brussels
    –   Aug 1-3 Reston, VA
    –   Nov 28-30 San Diego, CA

 Register for attendance on the website

                              Approved for Public Release         55

   Get Involved
     – Use the Tier Level FTE Guidelines to determine the amount of resources
     – Assign your company‟s resources and have them join functional teams and working
       groups in their areas of interest/expertise via the Members website
     – Nominate your Business and Technical Coordinators
          • Participate in resource tracking process
     – Get access to the members-only website
          • Each functional team and working group site has:
               –   Charter
               –   Chair Name
               –   Past emails
               –   Current and past documents
               –   Weekly scheduled events (conf. calls)
          • Mentors from the Membership Team can help you (
          • Chairs of each team and group can help you
   Help us realize the Mission and Vision of the NCOIC!
     – This will be achieved thanks to your investment in this worthy endeavor
                                          Approved for Public Release                       56