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edinburgh napier university

 the city                                                        teaching programme
 Edinburgh is the capital of Scotland and one of Britain's       Lessons are Monday to Friday, either 3 hours (in centres
 most beautiful cities. The city is divided by Princes Street    where lessons begin on a Monday) or 3 hours 20 mins (in
 into the Old Town, around the castle, and the New               centres where lessons begin on any other day). This is to
 Town, with its impressive Georgian buildings from the           ensure that students who only have nine days of lessons
 18th century. Besides the famous castle there are royal         still get 30 hours’ tuition over the two weeks. There is a
 palaces and other historic monuments to visit; the famous       20-min break during the teaching session, and a zig-zag
 Royal Mile also offers excellent shopping.                      timetable is usually operated, so some lessons will take
                                                                 place in the afternoon. Students are given a coursebook
 the college                                                     which is theirs to keep, and this provides the framework
 Students will be taught at the Merchiston Campus of             for the course.
 Napier University, a 20-minute walk or 5-minute bus ride
 from the accommodation. After lessons, students will            As our main aim is to develop confidence and fluency the
 have hot lunch at Merchiston and then take a public bus         lessons are a combination of communicative activities,
 back to the city centre for their afternoon 'Discover           vocabulary development, pronunciation work, language
 Edinburgh' programme. All students will be provided             games, role plays and project work. At LSC we are also
 with a weekly Travel Card.                                      very keen to interest students in Britain's rich history and
                                                                 culture, so additional information relating to the
 facilities                                                      destinations on the excursion programme is also given
 Facilities on the campus include Student Union bar/disco        whenever possible. While students are given course
 area, auditorium for film nights, theatre studio for            material they are not provided with writing materials. All
 dance/drama and shows, coffee bars, outdoor barbecue            students are tested on arrival and placed in the class level
 area and outdoor sports areas for all-day use.                  that is most suitable for them, and their progress is
                                                                 monitored throughout the course. The maximum class
 accommodation                                                   size is sixteen.
 Students will stay at Fountainbridge Halls, which are part
 of the Napier University student accommodation, a short
 bus ride from the campus and the city centre. The flats
 sleep four, five, or six people in single rooms with wash
 basins, and each flat has its own kitchen/common areas
 and communal shower facilities. Students can walk or
 take a bus to Merchiston where they will have breakfast,
 lunch and dinner. A range of shops and a bank are just a
 5-minute walk from the accommodation. A 40 Euro
 damage deposit per student is payable on arrival at the

                                                                t 0161 998 5409 f 0161 998 4651 w www.lsc.ac e info@lsc.ac
edinburgh centre details

 general information                                              transport information
 Full Name: Napier University                                     Nearest Public Transport: Buses run right past the centre
 Full Postal Address: Merchiston Campus, Colinton Road,           Frequency of Service: Every 5 minutes
 Edinburgh                                                        Average Cost: A weekly bus pass is included in the package
 Website: www.napier.ac.uk
 Distance from town centre: A 15-minute walk
 Distance from: Edinburgh Airport: 20 km
                                                                  local amenities
                                                                  Nearest Bank: 5-min walk.
                    Glasgow Airport: 90 km
                                                                  Nearest Shops: 5-min walk.
                                                                  Nearest Post Office: 5-min walk.
 General description: Single rooms with wash basin,
 wardrobe and study desk. Rooms arranged into flats of 4, 5 or
 6 bedrooms with shared shower/toilets and kitchen/common
 room facilities
 Name of LSC accommodation: Fountainbridge
 Total beds on site: 300
 Disabled access: No
 Ratio of showers/baths: 1 per flat
 Ratio of toilets: 2 per flat
 Towels provided: No
 Room cleaning: Once per week
 Lockable bedrooms: Yes
 Common Rooms: Each flat has its own kitchen/common
 Dining hall capacity: 200
 Telephones: Not in rooms
 Laundry Facilities: Yes
 Safe available for leaders: Yes

 teaching & social facilities
 Zig-zag timetable: Yes
 Internet Available: No

 sports facilities
 Indoor Sports: Provided in the University’s excellent sports
 centre. Suitable for all types of indoor sports
 Outdoor Sports: Outdoor sports can be played in one of
 the city’s parks
 Tennis courts: No

                                                                 t 0161 998 5409 f 0161 998 4651 w www.lsc.ac e info@lsc.ac

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