Enjoy Pushkar Fair with Camel Rides

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					Enjoy PUSHKAR FAIR with Camel Rides

 India is a land of diverse communities, states and cultures .Rajasthan is counted amongst
the biggest states of India. Every state has its own festivals and fairs. Rajasthan also has a
renowned fair which is called the Pushkar Fair world-wide. The Pushkar fair is also known as
the worlds’ largest camel fair. There are several reasons behind this fair being so popular.
There is a huge trade of camels that happens in this fair and that is why it is called the camel
fair. Though it is called the camel fair, the trade of other domestic animals like cows, dogs,
sheeps and goats also happen. The fair is held on the banks of the popular and sacred
Pushkar Lake. People take a holly dip in the lake and offers prayers before they start to enjoy
the fair.

The fair starts with a huge camel race. Now-a-days, the fair is not only famous for its history;
it is also famous for various contests held during these 5 days. These contests can be
anything from the Tallest camel to even a cricket match between the local Pushkar cricket
team and tourists. The competition in the Pushkar fair can also be like a bridle competition
and even a rooster fight as well. One can mesmerize self with the lovely music played by the
local musicians and musicians which come from through-out the state. There is another
competition happens regularly which is for the biggest Mustache. Mustache is considered to
be the person’s respect in India.

 Like all other fairs, the Pushkar fair also flaunts its shops of jewelry, clothes, fabrics,
eatables etc. Traditional and antique Handicrafts can also be found as well. Women do the
shopping at all these stalls on very economical price. There are a lot of exhibitions held
during the Pushkar fair. The camels are sold after a few tests like if they can bring along what
they have been told to and even after physical chek-up. People start preparing their camels
for the day when they are to be sold so that they can fetch good money by selling them. The
Pushkar fair also displays the togetherness, rich colors and vibrant life of the people of
Rajasthan. One can always buy toys for their kids as well. These toys can be anything from a
handmade toy to a high-tech toy.

We would like to mention that Pushkar is the only place in India with a temple dedicated to
Lord Brahma. The mythology says that the Pushkar Lake was formed when the Lotus flower
fell from the lord Brahma’s hands and found its way to this small town on Earth. Brahma later
chose the site as the sacred land to perform his yagna. It is believed that a holy dip in
Pushkar Lake and a visit to Lord Brahma’s Temple is a must for everyone and is also
believed to cure all ailments as well.

 Take away a lot of memories with you from this amazing Pushkar Fair Tour. The diversity of
people has made this fair a festival to celebrate.

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Description: India is a land of diverse communities, states and cultures .Rajasthan is counted amongst the biggest states of India. Every state has its own festivals and fairs.