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					How to Download and Use the MARIE Machine Simulator

1. To use MARIE Machine Simulator, you need first install the Java virtual machine (JRE), which
could be downloaded at or

2. Download MARIE Machine Simulator ( at
and unzip it.

3. Run the file "MarieSim.jar" and you will see the simulator.

4. Click "File"---"Edit" on the simulator, then write or paste your codes on the editor and save it as
a .mas file.

5. Click "Assemmble"---"Assemmble current file" on the editor, if successful, the .mas file will be
assembled to a .mex file.

6. Click "Load" on simulator and load your .mex file. Then click RUN or STEP to watch your

7. You can refer to MarieGuide.doc in the zip file for more details.