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									Pano Logic Overview

     June 13, 2011


    • About our company
    • The Pano Solution
        – Why change
        – Why Pano
        – Why now
    •   Architecture
    •   Usage models
    •   How do I get started?
    •   Q&A

2                               6/13/2011
    About Pano Logic, Inc.
• Based in Menlo Park, CA

• $19M raised from top-tier investors:
  Goldman Sachs, Foundation Capital &

• Experienced proven leadership team
     SUN, VMWare, XenSource, NetIQ, Microsoft, IBM,
     nVidia, Mercury, Network Physics, Peribit Networks,
     Wyse, International Network Services (INS), Cisco,
     National Semiconductor, 3Com, Disney, EFI, Sony

• Guiding Principles
     – Move all desktop software to the server
     – Deliver a complete solution with no barriers to start
     – Empower users with superior experience
3                                                              6/13/2011
Sampling of Pano Logic Customers
                      David Grant - CIO at Affinity Bank
                      “We are deploying Pano to help us more
                      easily and cost-effectively manage the
                      desktops at our branches, we've already
                      virtualized many of our desktops in the
                      branch offices, and we feel that Pano's
                      approach will allow us to provide more
                      security and control over our virtual
                      desktop environment.“

                      Jerry Chen - Senior Director of
                      Enterprise Desktops at VMware

                      "Pano's VDI solution is a great
                      complement to VMware Virtual Desktop
                      Infrastructure, enabling customers to
                      easily deploy desktops hosted on the
                      industry-leading VMware virtualization
                      Michael Rose - Associate research
                      analyst for Client Virtualization
                      Software at IDC
                      "While desktop PCs might be
                      inexpensive to acquire, the support cost
                      is not, the use of Pano's technology can
                      help organizations realize the benefits
                      associated with the use of virtual
                      desktop infrastructures by deploying
                      client devices that do not require
4                     software management."
    Reinventing Desktop Computing
• Seamlessly leveraging server virtualization, Pano’s
  zero client architecture moves all desktop software
  to the server, reducing TCO by 70%, and giving
  users a superior Windows experience
     – Eliminate all software management of the endpoint
     – Eliminate all security management of the endpoint
     – Enable end-users to fix problems without IT help

5                                              6/13/2011
Core Technology #1: Zero Client Endpoint

                 Drivers Run
                 Across the

                 “The Network
                  is the Bus”

6                               6/13/2011
    The Big Desktop Management Challenges

    Total Cost of Ownership               Security                   Business Agility

Patch & Configuration           Patching vulnerabilities        Globalization & Data Privacy

Problem Diagnosis &             Anti-malware                    Workspace efficiency

Break / Fix                     Compliance                      Business continuity & disaster

Power consumption &             Intellectual property leakage   Dynamic allocation of work
environmental factors                                           environment

Backup & recovery               Forensic reporting              Roaming access

                3 year TCO for a corporate PC is over $4500 (source: IDC)
7                                                                   6/13/2011
     Key Benefit: Reduce TCO by up to 70%

• “One Button” user self service
     – Secure session control

     – Empower users with simple reset option

     – Immediate problem correction

     – Role-based environments

• Personalizable & Customizable

• Access to new world of value for
  the end user

                New Paradigm: Self-Help Computing
 8                                              6/13/2011
Desktop Security from the Data Center

    Outside the Data Center                   Inside the Data Center

                    “No Data Just
                     Screen Bits”



9                                                     6/13/2011
      Pano Architecture
Zero Endpoint Management    Desktop Management                 Server Hosted Desktops

                                  Pano Manager
                              Desktop Management &
                                Connection Broker

                           Keyboard / Mouse / USB

                            Display / Images / USB

 10                                                             6/13/2011
     Usage Models for Virtual Desktops

      Pooled Collection   Cloned Collection   Custom Collection

11                                             6/13/2011
     Pano Management

• Easy Administration:
     – Web based access
     – Reads existing Active
       Directory & Group Policies
     – Integrates with Virtual
• Central Management:
     –   Desktop Pools
     –   User Sessions
     –   Zero Clients
     –   Policies
     –   User Access
• Ubiquitous Access:
     – Connects users to their
       computer from virtually

12                                  6/13/2011
     Key Pano Benefits

• Improves User Satisfaction & Productivity
      – Unique Windows Experience
      – Self-Help automated problem resolution
      – Computer “follows” users

• Reduces Operating Costs by up to 70%
      – Automate deployment and maintenance
      – Reduce power consumption
      – Substantially reduce Service Tickets

• Improves Data Security and Compliance
      – Faster updating and patching
      – No Software, No Program Counter
      – All data is stored centrally

13                                               6/13/2011
     Key Benefit: Reduce TCO by up to 70%

                                     Calculate your
                                       savings at:

14                             6/13/2011
     Key Benefit: Eco-Friendly

          The power savings being
       realized in the server room are
        a fraction of the potential for

15                                        6/13/2011
     How to Get Started
Seed your environment in these functional areas…

• PC Refresh
• New Employees
• Consultants
• Call Centers
• Conference Rooms
• Training Environments
• Working from Home
16                                            6/13/2011

Hands down the easiest way to start with desktop virtualization

• Complete & quick solution
     – All key components setup by one installer
     – Operational within 60 minutes
• Leverages existing investments
     – Integrates with existing systems
     – Runs on any existing Vi3 or ESX deployment
• Get Started Now for as little as $ 1,800
     – Includes 5 Pano’s plus all software maintenance
     – Web login for ubiquitous access
17                                              6/13/2011
What they are saying about Pano Logic

                One of the hot topics that everyone loves to talk about is the datacenter and server
                 virtualization, but the fact is, there are way more desktop machines out there than
                 there are servers. And in some cases, those desktops could be small, shiny silver
                                                                 boxes brought to you by Pano Logic.

“…a pretty simple way to deploy a virtual desktop environment
and would be a useful replacement for a full desktop PC….”

                               Pano Logic wants enterprises to "rethink the desktop.”…This week, Pano
                                          sculpted a new layer onto its vision and released version 2.0.

The updated software package will allow the Pano Logic device to support
dual displays and users to access a range of USB devices, such as PDAs and
cell phones. The device itself is a small box that connects a keyboard, mouse
and other components to an IP-based connection.

                          They’re offering another variation on the desktop virtualization theme - this
                        time based upon a clever, very small, inexpensive client hardware device and
                                                 software that creates and manages desktop images.

“…Pano has been spending its latest round of VC funding well… picking
up WAN, wireless, and improved USB support for its tiny, shiny VDI client.”
     Thank you

19               6/13/2011

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