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Synergy Seeds Catalog 2007

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									Welcome to Synergy Seeds

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Botanical Herbs
                                          Welcome to Synergy Seed Exchange, the educational and marketing wing of our small family
Cereal Grains                             farm. For 16 years our work has focussed on Heirloom seed preservation & production,
                                          ranking in the top dozen of all North American seed companies for unique and rare varieties
                                          (1). Discover a world of diversity while perusing our Seed List pages, and a wide range of Eco-
Gormet Lettuces                           gardening resources in our Growing and Seed Saving webpages. Enjoy the photos of our
                                          seeds, plants and work throughout the website and honor us with your feedback. And please
Green Vegetables                          keep us working to conserve and develop our open-pollinated and public domain seeds by
                                          sending us an ORDER for seeds today. We now accept PAYPAL- the secure online payment
Herbal Edibles-                           method- see Ordering Info for details. Your satisfaction and enjoyment is our goal and we
Annual                                    pledge to provide the same personal service that has kept us in the forefront of organic food &
                                          farming for over 30 years.
Herbal Edibles-
                                          Gardening provides sustenance and inspiration through a direct connection with nature. From
                                          an intimate 'square yard' growing bed or containers to an acre or much more your experience is
                                          unique to your local ecosystem, your food preferences and the seeds with which you begin.
Hulless Barley                            Our hand-crafted Heirloom Seeds along with Seed Saving and Growing information will
                                          empower you to achieve greater proficiency and freedom in the garden while conserving
Legumes                                   resources and precious time. You can save seeds for future use and develop superior qualities
                                          of flavor, resistance and performance as generations of gardeners have always done. Together
Oil and Seed Crops                        we will make the world a healthier place by focussing upon our food and the soil under our
Root Crops
                                          Our journey beyond organic to ecological sustainability requires common sense, awareness of
                                          our roots and perseverance in our daily actions. Supplanting the bells and whistles of industrial
                                          technology with an appreciation for biodiversity must be more than just a hobby if we want
                                          future generations to be able to enjoy the commons of air, water, sunlight and other essentials
                                          which humans previously have taken for granted. The garden- coupled with the kitchen- plays
                                          an essential role in refreshing our humanity, our culture and our health...
                                          Here's to you and yours! George Stevens

                                          (1) Garden Seed Inventory 6th Edition, Seed Savers Exchange

                                          Please visit our website for more descriptions, photos, history,
                                          growing methods and essential Seedsaver

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Botanical Herbs
                                                                         HULLESS BARLEY
Cereal Grains
                                                     Although botanically indistinct from typical barley these thresh out clean and
Gormet Lettuces                                      possess the same advantages over wheat, namely lower water and fertility
                                                     requirments and adaptation to steeper slopes. We have recorded yields of up to 1/4
Green Vegetables                                     lb per well-spaced plant so don't crowd them. We offer the most extensive variety
                                                     selection available for what we consider the premier sustainable cereal grain crop.
                                                     We'll be offering more varieties and additional descriptors as our research into this
Herbal Edibles-Annual
                                                     crop continues.
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,SHEBA, B
Herbal Edibles-perennial                             BARLEY-HULLESS,POPPING, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,LOMPOC, B
Hulless Barley                                       BARLEY-HULLESS,BLACK MxB94-36, RARE.,B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,EASY THRESH, B
Legumes                                              BARLEY-HULLESS,ETHIOPIAN, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,SANGATSUGA, Japan.,B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,VOLGA, B
Oil and Seed Crops
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,VOLGA + BAKU, (MIX) B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,BAKU, B
Root Crops                                           BARLEY-HULLESS,THUAL, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,EXCELSIOR, Purplish grain., B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,DOLMA, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,ARABIAN BLUE, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,CLAUSON, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,KAMAMUGI, Japan.,B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,PURPLE, Deeply colored., B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,SWEDISH, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,CHULGA, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS,TIBETAN, B
                                                     BARLEY-HULLESS, Variety mix of the dozen top-yielding cultivars in our
                                                     inventory: 5$/.25 lb or $15/lb. (Single named varieties $20/lb.)

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Botanicals Synergy Seeds

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Botanical Herbs

Cereal Grains                                       BOTANICAL HERBS
                                                    We grow a variety of historic species for home use and appreciate their
Gormet Lettuces                                     contribution as border plantings along pathways or fences and as companions
                                                    for various vegetable crops.
Green Vegetables                                    We also carefully 'Wildcraft'(WC) certain species as noted.
                                                    AGRIMONY,(Agrimonia eupatoria), Astringent for shade. Rosaceae. Perennial has barbed seeds
                                                    which cling to passersby... beware.
Herbal Edibles-Annual
                                                    ALFALFA, (Medicago sativa) 'Nitro' cultivar. (see under Legumes)
                                                    BALLOON FLOWER, FUJI BLUE (Platycodon grandiflora), China. Perennial. Easily grown,
Herbal Edibles-perennial                            OK in containers. Kids love to watch every day as blossoms unfurl & inflate (balloon). Widely
Hulless Barley                                      BORAGE, (Borago officinalis), see under Herbal Edibles- Annual
                                                    BUTTERFLY WEED, (Asclepias tuberosa)'Pleurisy Root',Midwest Native. Brilliant orange
Legumes                                             flowers attract beneficials. Pods open same as milkweed.
                                                    Second year roots are dug and easily divided., B
                                                    CATNIP, (Nepeta cataria), Essential for felines and home remedies.
Oil and Seed Crops
                                                    CATNIP, LEMON (Nepeta cataria var. citriodora), Fragrant cousin grows robustly sweetly
                                                    scenting the garden., B
Root Crops                                          CENTAURY, (Centaurium erythrea), subs for Yellow Gentian, now depleted by overharvest in
                                                    Europe. Tiny pink flowers & slender leaves., B
                                                    CHAMOMILE, GERMAN (Matricaria recutita), Annual. Fun & easily grown. Often self sows
                                                    over many generations tolerating poor soil and drought. A must for young children., B
                                                    CHASTE TREE, (Vitex agnus-castus), Perennial shrub with showy foliage and flowers with
                                                    distinctive fragrance. Ripe berries are a special female tonic. An easy & distinctive garden
                                                    specimen., B
                                                    CHASTE TREE, (Vitex cannabina)Yellow Vitex, Chinese Medicinal., B
                                                    CINQUEFOIL, (Potentilla recta), Rosaceae. Perennial. Border for part shade has stellar yellow
                                                    blossoms. Roots yield astringent tea- (tannins) for fast relief of 'hikers revenge'., B
                                                    CLOVER, MAMMOTH RED (Trifolium pratense), Hardy Perennial. Pink blossoms make
                                                    delightful sun tea in Spring. Essential soil building cover crop and excellent compost tea. Best
                                                    clover species for acid soils. Quality shade dried blossoms fetch a great price.
                                                    CLOVER, GIANTS HEAD (T.macrocephalum), Biennial. Native of Trinity River and Hoopa
                                                    Valley. Huge fls (to 2x4") of red, white & green sprawling to 6'across. RARE. Clovers of
                                                    gourmet quality were once food for people here.,
                                                    ELECAMPANE, (Inula helenium), Once found use in kitchen gardens as well as medicine chest.
                                                    Grown for 2-3 year roots and divisions which propagate easily. Tall majestic yellow flower &
                                                    robust spear-like leaves. Perennial.
                                                    EVENING PRIMROSE, CHINESE (Oenothera sp.) Biennial. Strong bloomer takes up excess
                                                    magnesium in soil bioremediation. Easy to grow & attracts beneficial insects of all kinds. Root
                                                    historically eaten as a vegetable in Europe and elsewhere. Seed oil is a source of Omega III.
                                                    RARE from Chinese collection.
                                                    HEMP AGRIMONY, (Eupatorium cannabinum), Tall Perennial with large fluffy pink blossoms
                                                    and 'blow-away' seeds. Distinctive foliage from cousin 'Joe Pye Weed'., B
                                                    HYSSOP, (Hyssopus officinalis), Biblical Herb with fragrant purple flowers.
                                                    Companion for fruit trees is easily grown & hardy., B
                                                    LAVENDER, SPANISH (L.stoechas), Free flowering showy violet petals and classic fragrance.
                                                    Useful in floral arranging. Widely adaptable and most
                                                    productive lavender for the home garden., B

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Botanicals Synergy Seeds

                                                    LAVENDER, ENGLISH (L.angustifolia), Preferred by many for herbal and medicinal use., B
                                                    LICORICE MINT, (Agastache foeniculum), Lavender spikes are pungently scented and
                                                    attractive to pollinators. Great tea! ,B
                                                    MARSHMALLOW, (Althea officinalis), Ancient healing herb has edible long roots- dug, sliced
                                                    & dried 2d or 3d season from seed. Easily to grow from divisions. Perennial has downy foliage
                                                    & creamy fls., B
                                                    MILKWEED, (Asclepias speciosa) Native NorCal species

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Cereal Grains Synergy Seeds

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Botanical Herbs

Cereal Grains
                                                                  CEREAL GRAINS
Gormet Lettuces                          OATS,CAYUSE, High-yielding cultivar in demand for medicinal use as green oats in
                                         milk for teas or tinctures (nervine tonic)., B
Green Vegetables                         OATS,STORM KING, Heirloom reported to resist lodging. ,B
                                         OATS-HULLESS, JAMES, Heirloom from Seedsavers.
Herbal Edibles-                          OATS-HULLESS, NUPRIMA, French cultivar performed well in trials., B
                                         OATS-HULLESS, SOUTH DAKOTA 72, Heirloom from Seedsavers.
                                         OATS-HULLESS, TORCH RIVER, RARE from KUSA Ancient Grain Society., B
                                         SPELT,Common (T.spelta), Stalwart with stiff straw and blocky armored kernels to 6
Herbal Edibles-                          ft requiring vernalization here (sow before winter solstice- otherwise flowering may
perennial                                be delayed until the following spring). Excellent cover crop or soil stabiliser and
                                         ornamental. ,B
Hulless Barley                           SPELT,Utrecht Blue (T.macha), Spring sown cousin of spelt (doesn't requier
                                         vernalization) with ornamental long-awned blackish heads and the easiest to thresh
Legumes                                  seed of its type. ,B
                                         EMMER,Turanicum, Golden cousin of the above, similar in many respects but more
                                         difficult to thresh out cleanly.,B
Oil and Seed Crops                       EMMER,RUSSIAN WHITE, Pearly white cousin of the above. RARE
                                         WHEAT ,EINKORN 'Stone Age' (T.monococcum), Spring-sown antiquity is hard to
Root Crops                               thresh but highly ornamental with surprisingly high yields of seed packed into slender
                                         awned blonde seedheads.
                                         WHEAT,BAART, Australian heirloom is very productive.,B
                                         WHEAT,CHENGDU, Chinese cultivar is high yielding threshes easy.,B
                                         WHEAT,KAMUT, aka 'Polish' wheat this is the largest longest kernels and sports
                                         beautiful long black awns on 6ft stalks for Spring-Summer production. Promoted by
                                         the Quinn family farm, it has been reported to be well received by some with allergies
                                         to wheat products., B
                                         WHEAT,LAVRAS, Reddish gold semi-awned highly ornamental heads and good
                                         Spring yields.,B
                                         WHEAT,SONORAN WHITE, Fast growing and high yielding cultivar -requires
                                         vernalization here- with medium awns.,B
                                         WHEAT,VAVILOV, Gnarly somewhat awned heads are somewhat difficult to thresh
                                         and thus bird resistant. A primitive form appreciated by and named for the great
                                         Russian botanist. RARE, B
                                         WHEAT,GLOBE (T.sphaerococcum), Diminuitive but highly ornamental with
                                         slender seedheads and round kernels. RARE landrace from Asia made available
                                         courtesy of the KUSA Ancient Grain Society., B

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Cereal Grains Synergy Seeds

                                         TRITICALE,Wheat-Rye cross, aka 'Silvertip' is moderately difficult to thresh out
                                         cleanly but heavy yielding and is highly ornamental (and durable) bleaching to
                                         silvery blonde. Exceptionally hardy.,B
                                         BARLEY,BERE,Historic RARE cultivar from the Shetland Islands was prized in
                                         local brewing traditions. Described by William Woys Weaver in his landmark book:
                                         Heirloom Vegetable Gardening.,B
                                         BARLEY,PESSL, Rare Scandinavian heirloom preserved by Minnesota seedsavers
                                         nurturing their cultural heritage. ,B

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Botanical Herbs

Cerial Grains

Gormet Lettuces
                                                               GOURMET LETTUCE
Green Vegetables
Herbal Edibles-Annual

Herbal Edibles-                             View photos of many of these products as a pdf file, click your right button, click save
perennial                                   target as and enter.(ie explorer. In Firefox, click the right button, then, click save link as.
                                            Both browsers will ask you to save to a prefered directory (usually somewhere in my
Hulless Barley
                                            LETTUCE: ROMAINE,BALLON,aka 'Ivery's Nonesuch'. French Heirloom prized for early
Legumes                                     Spring midi-heads. With deep green color romaines are a nutritional standout.RARE,B
                                            LETTUCE: ROMAINE,DIAMOND GEM,Improved 'Little Gem' COS type for intensive
Oil and Seed Crops                          production. Space closely for maximum yield
                                            LETTUCE: ROMAINE,SAINT BLAISE,Gourmet selection for medium-large heads of
Root Crops                                  finest quality. Summer production. RARE-France.,B
                                            LETTUCE: ROMAINE,WINTER DENSITY, aka 'Craquerelle du Midi'.Cool season
                                            variety excels both Spring and Fall with butter-like tenderness.
                                            LETTUCE: ROMAINE,TROUT's BACK,aka 'Forellenschluss'. Hardy with red-speckled
                                            crinkly large upright heads. One of the most unusual varieties: an historic Austrian
                                            Heirloom. ,B
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,BRONZE ARROWHEAD,Red oak type Heirloom given to us for trial
                                            by Seedsavers Exchange is truly a gem for cutting. AAS Bronze '47.,B
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,CRACOVIENSIS,Uniquely twisting purple-spotted Heirloom. RARE .
                                            This is a distinct type of lettuce known as celtuce' for cuttings of tender shoots so don't
                                            panic if you think it is starting to bolt- just cut all the baby leaves and shoots as fast as you
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,DEER TONGUE, aka 'Matchless'- Historic variety is distinguished &
                                            widely adaptable. In summer heat these power on up with distinctive form.,B
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,DELLA CATALOGNA ,Wild'oak' or 'dandelion' type a rare provincial
                                            specialty. You may assume it to be a chicory due to rampant growth, but it is a true lettuce
                                            and performs well both in high heat and tropical areas such as Hawaii , where we hear raves
                                            from eager growers.RARE,B
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,LOLLO BIONDO,Ultra frilly selection- almost like a spiky escarole
                                            with small crispy hearts which are surprisingly dense at maturity.RARE,B
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,RED SAILS, Iridescent &Frilly this 1985 AAS Winner shrugs off
                                            summer heat despite its incredibly delicate gourmet texture.
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,RED SALADBOWL,Cold-hardy 'cutting'variety is very productive. The
                                            workhorse of our salad mix production year-round... outstanding in winter!,B

file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Mike/My%20Documents/georgesite/Downloaded/gormet.html (1 of 4) [1/25/2008 3:50:31 PM]

                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,ROSSA D'AMERIQUE,Heirloom Redleaf also known as Rossa di
                                            Trento or Drunken Woman Fringe-headed lettuce. Truly the finest redleaf cultivar we have
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,SALADBOWL Green,We value this for its incredible bolt resistance,
                                            light color and appealing texture and hi-production cutting for gourmet salad mix.,B
                                            LETTUCE: LEAF,VALERIA,Varied texture & color from this gourmet quality red leaf
                                            which throws a number of off-types in each batch of seed we have grown, each with the
                                            potential to become a new variety with good selection!
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,BAQUIEU,Heirloom from Terre de Semences- FRANCE- is compact
                                            and bolt resistant and gorgeous with red tinged finely crinkled texture.,B
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,CHICON de BATAVIA,Heirloom from Terre de Semences- FRANCE-
                                            Robust bronze-tinged open-heading cultivar is one of the most productive in hot weather. ,B
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,CHICON de CHARENTES,Heirloom from Terre de Semences-
                                            FRANCE- Open-heading lustrous green leaves in summer heat.,B
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,LaBRILLANTE, Incredibly bright green lightly folded tender leaves
                                            even in summer heat! The deer spotted this from way up the ridge.RARE,B
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,REINE DE GLACES,'Ice Queen 'has deeply notched crispy leaf &
                                            heart for perfect crisp heads or fine-toothed cutting leaves in early Spring!
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,ROUGE de GRENOBLOIS,Historic French Heirloom. Dazzling color
                                            and excellent bolt resistance and cold-hardiness.,B
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,SIERRA,Most bolt-resistant for summer with bronze-tinged wavy
                                            leaves has become one of the most widely planted varieties we offer B
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,SOISSONS,Heirloom- France. Largest red-tinged heads & gourmet
                                            taste are impressive and highly bolt-resistant. Rare from Terre de Semences. B
                                            LETTUCE: CRISP,VICTORIA ,A shiny green upright broad-leaf with excellent bolt-
                                            resistance and large crisp heads. We've had amazing results with this Rare cultivar in
                                            California's intense summer heat, producing the largest butter sweet heads of all we offer.,B
                                            LETTUCE: BUTTER,BRONZE MIGNONETTE,Traditional French heading selection is
                                            compact for space-intensive plantings and reliable bolt-resistance.,B
                                            LETTUCE: BUTTER,CARMONA,Lustrous full red heads are tender and flavorful. Sports
                                            occasional off-types with potential for home garden breeders.RARE,B
                                            LETTUCE: BUTTER,KINEMONTPAS, Heirloom prized for bolt-resistance & compact
                                            heading with light green, glossy leaves exuding tenderness. French translation: 'does not
                                            LETTUCE: BUTTER,SPECKLED BIBB 'Sanguine d'Ameliore' Historic upright cutting
                                            type with distinctive pattern of pastel speckles over smooth light green leaves.,B
                                            LETTUCE: BUTTER,TOM THUMB,Mini heads with distinctive shape and attractive light
                                            green color may surprise you with bolt resistance and well-blanched interior leaves.,B

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Green Vegetables Synergy Seeds
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Botanical Herbs
                                                                  GREEN VEGETABLES
Cerial Grains

Gormet Lettuces                           AMARANTH,VLETA ,Greek Heirloom for high production. Gourmet quality light green leaf &
                                          stems cut (grain use too) for hi-nutrition superfood from bushy 4-5ft self-sowing plant. A staple of
                                          Greek cuisine for the traditional steamed greens known as 'Horta'.,B
Green Vegetables
                                          CHARD,BIETINA - Petite dark green leaves for smaller gardens. RARE from Seedsavers this
                                          cultivar may present unique breeding opportunities for home gardeners.
Herbal Edibles-                           CHARD,BRIGHT LIGHTS ,AAS Winner is a mix of the most vibrant colors for a beautiful range
Annual                                    of eating throughout the seasons. ,B
                                          CHARD,5 COLOR SILVERBEET,This is the heirloom genepool mix still maintained by
Herbal Edibles-                           Seedsavers in Australia with a greater range of subtle color shades than Bright Lights. Very hardy
perennial                                 year round producer.,B
                                          SPINACH,GIANT NOBEL,Chard-size Heirloom. Resistant to bolting in summer. Sugar sweet
                                          stems and nutritious leaves all year round and easily self-sows as needed. Reliable producer.,B
Hulless Barley
                                          SPINACH,NOBEL EXPs,Due to its resemblance to beets & chard and the correspondingly large
                                          seeds we have allowed some natural outcrossing to occur. Experimental breeding lines.,B
Legumes                                   ARUGULA,'Rocket Salad', naturalizes easily for year round greens with a pungent nutty flavor and
                                          creamy white edible flowers. One of the fastest and easiest salads to grow anytime. ,B
Oil and Seed Crops                        BROCCOLI,PURPLE SPROUTING,Full size rustic overwintering variety needs wide spacing and
                                          long season. Some plants may persist thru the following summer or longer providing an extended
Root Crops                                harvest of the deeply colored tasty- but small-buds. ,B
                                          BROCCOLI RAAB ,'SPRING RAAB',Early spring crop of flowering greens essential in
                                          Continental cuisine is the most productive early crop from seed with several cuttings possible and
Vine Crops
                                          volunteers if allowed to set seed.
                                          Cut entire stalk before buds are open and it will come again.,B
                                          CHINESE CABBAGE,CHOI SUM,'Flowering Bok Choy'.Summer grown for masses of budding
                                          flower stalks- continuously cut- comparable to broccoli but much easier to grow (like Broccoli raab
                                          above). Traditional- CHINA . Easilyself-sows like other brassicas. ,B
                                          CHINESE CABBAGE,TATSOI,'Rosette Green' Traditional compact open heading dark green
                                          'spoon' leaves prized for baby salads and Chinese cuisine. Well timed late spring sowings may do
                                          well all summe,B
                                          CHICORY,SUGARLOAF,Heirloom 'Pain de Sucre' for loose leaves (Spring) or crispy heads (Fall-
                                          Winter). The easiest and least bitter chicory for home gardeners. ,B
                                          CRESS,CURLY,Hot spicy greens for the earliest salads of Spring. 15 days to harvest make this
                                          indispensable. Self sows readily.,B
                                          CRESS,NIGERIAN,Rare taller selection from special seed collection,B
                                          CRESS,RISHAD, Iraqui Heirloom. RARE. Another varietal with very delicate leaves from special
                                          seed collection.,B
                                          CRESS ,TURKISH, RARE Heirloom from special seed collection.,B
                                          CRESS,UPLAND aka BROADLEAF,(Barbarea verna) Deep green leaves resembling watercress
                                          in appearance and flavor. Most adaptable and productive of all... robust for winter and self-sows
                                          KALE,LACINATO, 'Dinosaur' or Tuscan Heirloom. Very popular and winter hardy for its dark
                                          green strap shaped & savoy/ puckered leaves. Strong stalks can rise above winter snows,B
                                          KALE,RED RUSSIAN, Heirloom smooth-leafed variety may be the best where aphids threaten
                                          your cole crops: no place for them to hide! All season producer has long been a staple of baby salad

file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Mike/My%20Documents/georgesite/Downloaded/green.html (1 of 4) [1/25/2008 3:50:38 PM]
Green Vegetables Synergy Seeds

                                          mix growers.
                                          KALE,RUSSIAN FRILLS,Bred by Tim Peters and given to us by enthusiastic Seedsavers this very
                                          uniform selection from Red Russian has delightfully curly leaves and holds up well in cold
                                          weather. Cut and come again quality ,B
                                          KALE,'Wild Garden Mix',These are newly grown out mix selections from the original mix by
                                          Frank Morton. Features a variety of different leaf types and statures- several survivors stand after a
                                          record hot, dry summer and record cold winter here.,B
                                          KARATE CABBAGE,(Brassica carinata), Ethiopia RARE. Reportedly used as a breeding line for
                                          hybridized brassicas this species has distinctive flowers.
                                          MIZUNA,Japanese Salad Mustard,Mildest flavored tender lacy leaves enjoyed practically year
                                          round. Universally popular salad mix. Very cold tolerant bouncing back after snowmelt to provide
                                          mid-winter salads!,B
                                          MUSTARD,OSAKA PURPLE, Universally popular in gourmet salad mix- especially baby size-
                                          and essential when some pungency is desired- increasing with maturity. ,B
                                          NAPA CABBAGE,MICHILI,Traditional spear-shaped Chinese cabbage with delicately curled leaf.
                                          Best sown in summer for fall-winter and used for delicious kim chee' or raw sauerkraut ,B
                                          NAPA CABBAGE,LETTUCY Type',Gene Pool Mix incorporates a dozen variations of the
                                          original some with red-purple shades or choi-like heads and generally savoyed leaves.,B
                                          RED ORACH,'Mountain Spinach',(Atriplex hortensis) Now a standard feature of gourmet salad
                                          mix with velvety broad leaves and subtle color variation depending upon the season. Tall slender
                                          cut-and-come-again plant intercrops easily and self-sows readily... transplants ok.,B


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Herbal Edibles-Annual

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Botanical Herbs

Cereal Grains
                                      HERBAL EDIBLES-ANNUAL
                                    AJOWAN, (Carum copticum), Ayurvedic aromatic herb similar to caraway and easily
Gormet Lettuces                     grown like parsley.
                                    AMARANTH,BAYAM,RARE Asian cultivar with light green velvety leaf. Compact
Green Vegetables                    & very slow to bolt. Absence of nutritional deficiencies has been attributed to
                                    amaranth consumption in specific cultures. (Scroll down to lambsquarter for more
Herbal Edibles-                     info),B
Annual                              AMARANTH,VLETA,Greek heirloom was feared to be approaching extinction due to
                                    widespread use of herbicides according to our source- Theodore Theodoropoulos of
                                    Oakland CA. For the national dish of steamed greens known as 'horta' this is essential.,
Herbal Edibles-
perennial                           AMARANTH,CHOWLAI BAHAJI, aka 'Horsetooth'(A.lividus) Rare! Bush form...
                                    India. Distinct species with bushy habit. Described byWill Weaver in
Hulless Barley                      Heirloom Vegetable Gardening. ,B
                                    BASIL, GENOVESE,Universal favorite for Pesto and other seasonings. More
Legumes                             compact than other basils delivering full flavor even in limited space.,B
                                    BASIL,CINNAMON 'Mexican Spice',Red stemmed with fragrant purple flowers. One
Oil and Seed                        of the hardiest and most drought tolerant of garden basils.
                                    BASIL,HOLY (Ocimum sanctum) aka 'Tulsi' as the woody stems are employed to
                                    fashion ceremonial beads. Hardiest basil: known to regularly self sow even in short
                                    season areas.,B
Root Crops                          BASIL,PERSIAN LEMON 'Citriodora',Tall & robust with delightful aromatic quality.
                                    RARE heirloom of the Middle East suited to a wide range of uses.,B
                                    BASIL,THAI,Distinctive foliage and compact form with tantalizing fragrance. Well
                                    suited to small gardens and diverse uses. Optimize location to minimize splattering of
                                    soil from overhead irrigation.,B
                                    BORAGE,(Borago officinalis),Sky-blue flowers are delightfully sweet for garnishing
                                    salads or plucked from the garden. Very easy to grow- prefers part shade in hot
                                    climates- and self sows abundantly but is controllable. A good bee attractant and soil
                                    improving cover crop. Hairy leaves and stems deter deer.
                                    CELERY,BRYDON'S PRIZE RED,Heirloom cutting celery. Can be enjoyed year-
                                    round in part shade in hot climates or under cover. Rare
                                    CELERY,GOLDEN SELF-BLANCHING, Cutting celery with distinctive golden
                                    yellow foliage and fine flavor. Robust reseeder: our best crops result from volunteers
                                    in sync with local climate conditions.
                                    CELOSIA TRIGYNA, 'Silver Spinach',RARE and delicate cultivar from Australia is
                                    related to amaranth-lambsquarter-quinoa.,LQ
                                    CHERVIL,BRUSSELS WINTER,Licorice flavored greens resemble parsley- grown

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Herbal Edibles-Annual

                                    fall-winter in mild climates. Slow & low growing- easiest in a pot or raised bed-
                                    otherwise good weed control is essential.
                                    CILANTRO,COMMON,Our hardiest strain for fall and winter growing. ,B
                                    CILANTRO,SANTOH 'Slow-bolt',Select cultivar for Spring-Summer use. ,B
                                    CURLY SALAD MALLOW, (Malva crispa),Tonic with mild flavor also has
                                    beneficial root exudations for soil bioremediation. Distinct from common mallow
                                    'cheeseweed' with tender ruffly leaf.
                                    DILL,BOUQUET,Salad quality herb for delicate aroma and texture make this the
                                    choice for fresh use. Flowers attract beneficial insects as do all the umbelliferae: carrot/
                                    chervil/fennel/parsley/parsnip etc.
                                    DILL,LONG ISLAND MAMMOTH,Robust flowering seedcrop for hi-yield of seed
                                    and tops for pickling. Prolific bloomer for beneficial insect attraction.,B
                                    EPASOTE,(Chenopodium ambrosioides),aka 'Mexican Tea' this is widely known as
                                    the most anti-flatulent ingredient (digestive aid) for bean cuisine (together with sage
                                    and savory) Historically used for expelling parasites. Caution: highly allelopathic and
                                    volunteers readily in hot dry climates so keep cut back!,B
                                    INDIAN GREENS,(Chenopodium murale),Slender with heavy seedset of up to 8oz
                                    per well-spaced plant. SW Desert Native variety to 6'Tall.,B
                                    LAMBSQUARTER:Magenta,(Chenopodium giganteum),European Heirloom now
                                    popular in gourmet saladmix baby size or as hi-nutrition potherb (see 'horta'). Very
                                    slow to flower so cuttings can be made all summer. Also a traditional edible seed
                                    closely related to quinoa, with the advantage of resistance to wet weather. Seedheads
                                    are late maturing: thrash out quickly after frost and rain and dry under cover. Like
                                    quinoa & amaranth magnesium accumulation helps in balancing hi-mag western soils
                                    but watch for prolific volunteers! ,B
                                    MELOHKEYA,(Corchorus olitorius), JUTE aka 'Jews Mallow'is a distant relative of
                                    hemp which is prized in Egyptian and Indian cuisine for its mucilaginous texture.
                                    (Pods also eaten immature like okra). Charmingly unique foliage and flowers! Grow
                                    like basil but taller.,B
                                    MINERS LETTUCE ,(Montia or Claytonia perfoliata), CA Native & Gold Rush
                                    heirloom grows broadly in shady moist rich soils & Self-sows readily.
                                    MUSTARD SEED,Culinary White,Hi-yield of spicy oilseed for grinding. Heavy
                                    bloom useful for bee forage, makes good green manure & hi-yield.,B
                                    ORACH-RED,'Mountain Spinach',(Atriplex hortensis) Now a standard feature of
                                    gourmet salad mix with velvety broad leaves and subtle color variation depending
                                    upon the season. Tall slender cut-and-come-again plant intercrops easily and self-sows
                                    readily... transplants ok.,B
                                    PARSLEY,CURLED 'Apple Lodge Mix',Most cold-tolerant type for all weather and
                                    intensive spacings, with interesting genetic variation. ,B
                                    PURSLANE,Golden French (Portulaca oleracea sativa),Vegetable source of Omega 3.
                                    A gourmet 'weed' from Saladmix to Mexican fare with ancient Mediterranean roots in
                                    Crete & Greece. Dynamic uses! ,B
                                    PURSLANE,Golden Giant Selection, from robust crosses of the Golden French with
                                    the common portulaca in our fields.,B
                                    RED MAIDS,(Calandrinia ciliata),Attractive kin to Miner's Lettuce carpets orchard
                                    alleys with pink blossoms. Once a staple Native California 'pinole' seedcrop. Easy,
                                    drought tolerant & self-sows.

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Herbal Edibles-Annual

                                    SHISO,RED,(Perilla frutescens), 'Beefsteak plant' Traditional JAPAN for pickling and
                                    food coloring.
                                    SHUNGIKU,(Garland chrysanthemum), 'Chopsuey green'CHINA. Easy! Tops used
                                    sparingly in salads & garnishes of Daisy-like flowers in three distinct patterns. ,B
                                    SUMMER SAVORY ,(Satureja hortensis),Aromatic herb is quintessential companion
                                    for bean dishes. Best direct sown mid-Spring.,B
                                    SUMMER SAVORY,MIDGET Selection,New cultivar needs more selection work to
                                    become useful for the intensive gardening.
                                    VIETNAMESE BALM,(Elsholtzia ciliata),RARE culinary Rau kinh gio'i is a seed
                                    propagated aromatic of the mint family. Tender aka 'Rau mong toi'
                                    WAKATAY,(Tagetes minuta),Bolivian native Marigold species used like cilantro and
                                    as nematode inhibiting intercrop for potatoes etc.,B


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Herbal Edibles-Perennial

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Botanical Herbs                            HERBAL EDIBLES-PERENNIAL
Cereal Grains
                                          BEETBERRY,(Chenopodium capitatum),Truly unique midwest species has hi-nutrition
Gormet Lettuces                           edible leaves (like others in the genus Chenopodium) and- after flowering- surprisingly
                                          abundant deep orange berries. Light shade tolerance benefits producers in arid western
Green Vegetables                          regions. Fun for kids!
                                          CARDOON,(Cynara cardunculus),A stately artichoke look-alike which can be invasive
Herbal Edibles-                           while also impenetrable for hedgerow use. (so keep seed production under control) Blanched
                                          peeled stems impart an artichoke flavor.Prolific & drought tolerant.,B
                                          CHIVES,(Allium schoenoprasum),Essential garden companion brings the mildest onion
                                          flavor (for kids!) to early salads and plump purple blossoms for garnish. Easily propagated
Herbal Edibles-                           by divisions and long-lived.
perennial                                 GARDEN SORREL,(Rumex acetosa),Spring tonic greens gathered before the flowering
                                          stage (all season if kept cut back in cooler areas). Indispensably superior to other sorrels for
Hulless Barley                            soups
                                          GARLIC CHIVES,(Allium tuberosum),Oriental staple for traditional cuisine is easy to grow.
Legumes                                   Prolific once established and spread by roots divisions. Ours is the fruit of seeds sown 15
                                          years ago!
                                          ERBASTELLA,(Plantago coronpus), Indispensable powerhouse of nutrition but the mildest
Oil and Seed Crops                        flavor of all plantain species. Ubiquitous in Europe: known as Minutina/ Estrellamar/ Corne
                                          de Cerf/ Star of the Earth etc.Wild along Northern California coastline. Surface sown: needs
Root Crops                                light.,B
                                          FENNEL,'Zefa Fino Finocchio',Finest Swiss cultivar selected for all uses: large tender bulbs
                                          for slicing and fine leaves for garnish and seeds for aromatic baking or medicinal use
                                          (antiseptic). Flowers attract beneficial insects but self-sows vigorously so control as needed.!,
                                          GARDEN SAGE,(Salvia officinalis),Aromatic companion for bean cuisine and medicinal
                                          uses. Ever-popular garden companion is long-lived and drought tolerant for border areas and
                                          pest repellency.
                                          GOOD KING HENRY,(Chenopodium bonus-henricus),Shade tolerant leafy green with hi-
                                          nutrition profile and flowering shoots historically used as an asparagus substitute (see
                                          Vilmorin's: The Vegetable Garden)., B
                                          PURPLE PLAINTAIN,(Plantago atropurpurea),Rare! Colorful salad.Plantains are dynamic
                                          accumulators of broad spectrum minerals. From special seed collection- Australia.,B
                                          SALAD BURNET,(Sanguisorba poterium), Traditional potherb cut primarily for salad
                                          greens- if grown in part shade and kept watered and cut back the tender greens taste
                                          somewhat like cucumber. Long-lived and potentially invasive if allowed to seed.
                                          SWEETROOT,(Osmorhiza sp), Native to Northern California in partly shaded forest
                                          openings. Leaves resemble parsley but milder in flavor while roots posess a pleasing aroma.
                                          Requires some cold treatment for germination.

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LEGUMES Synergy Seeds

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Botanical Herbs
Cereal Grains
                                                     ALFALFA,NITRO,Fast-growing cover crop variety of the traditional 'lucerne' is winter hardy
Gormet Lettuces                                      in warmer regions for long term soil building and use as medicinal tea. Excellent distraction
                                                     crop for deer and other predators where moisture is adequate. Rodale researchers identified
Green Vegetables                                     triacontanol in alfalfa as boosting crop yields, by applying fresh chopped foliage as low as
                                                     40lbs per acre (tilled into the soil). Higher application rates resulted in less increase:
Herbal Edibles-Annual                                BULL CLOVER,(Lotus sp.),Northern California native: bushy clumps of tricolor blossoms
                                                     (violet-cream-pink) grace mountain roadsides in late spring in Northern California bringing
Herbal Edibles-perennial                             big game out of hiding as forage begins to fade from heat and drought.,B
                                                     CLOVER,GIANT HEAD (T. macrocephalum),Native to Northern California which we found
Hulless Barley                                       in Hoopa Valley. Biennial makes sprawling bush with distinctive foliage and huge red-white-
                                                     green blossoms suitable for ornamental and cover crop use. RARE,B
Legumes                                              CLOVER,MAMMOTH RED (Trifolium pratense), Excellent soil building cover crop and
                                                     pasture especially good for acidic soil with abundant moisture. Medicinal tea with important
                                                     uses is made from its pink (not crimson!) blossoms which sell for top prices when properly
Oil and Seed Crops                                   shade dried. Tea doubles as compost stimulant and liquid fertilizer in solution with screened
                                                     compost and other botanicals (we also make good use of blackberry clippings which
Root Crops                                           bioaccumulate nitrogen.) Essential for every garden and gardener!
                                                     GARBANZO,BLACK KABULI, Large coal black seeds 1-2 per pod on vigorous bush plants.
                                                     Peasants in India make use of malic acid collected from garbanzo leaves- a deterrent to deer.
                                                     Plants are somewhat frost resistant for early spring sowings and possibly overwintering in
                                                     mildest valley climates.
                                                     GARBANZO,SHIMBRA ,RARE 'Desi' type (small seeded) on compact plants from FCGP.
                                                     GARBANZO,MOONLIGHT, Large white seeded Sacramento valley cv
                                                     FAVA BEAN,BANNER,Compact high yielder is a gourmet selection from the UK. Rapid
                                                     increase of seed with its concentrated set of pods & once-over harvest. Not to be confused
                                                     with the smaller horse bean or 'bell' bean often used for green manure.
                                                     GUAR,CLUSTER BEAN (Lotus tetragonobulus), Legume with distinctive spikey growth
                                                     habit and upright pods for long hot summer growing seasons. We've been working to extend
                                                     the range of this subtropical specialty which is essential to Indian cuisine.,LQ
                                                     LENTIL,DUPUYS French, small colorful seeds borne 2 per tiny pod on compact 12" vines.
                                                     Grown as winter crop in Cal. but you must keep wildlife at bay and cut promptly at maturity
                                                     for drying under cover. Delicious in soups or sprouted!, B
                                                     LENTIL,ETHIOPIAN,Large white angular seeds give rise to vigorous pea-like vines and
                                                     flowers. RARE cultivar for early spring sowing in our locale is worthy of experimentation:
                                                     highly recommended!,B
                                                     PEA,ARGENTEUM 'Silverleaf', RARE heirloom obtained thru Seedsavers sports glossy
                                                     foliage which seemed to defy heat and drought in our trial, leaving other varieties literally in
                                                     the dust.,LQ
                                                     PEA,CAPUCINER's SOUP,Stocky bush variety for high yield of large dry soup peas from
                                                     early sowings: traditional to northern European cuisine and cool moist climates.,B
                                                     PEA,DESIREE Purple,RARE cultivar from William Woys Weaver- author of
                                                     Heirloom Vegetable Gardening. A shell pea of merit with purple pods and alluring flowers.

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LEGUMES Synergy Seeds

                                                     PEA,DWARF GREY SUGAR, High-yielding and fairly self-supporting but slender plants for
                                                     a feast of edible podded peas and abundant seed production. Excellent!,B
                                                     PEA,MAMMOTH MELTING SUGAR,Vigorous but self-supporting vines bearing jumbo
                                                     sized edible pod 'snow peas' and plentiful biomass to replenish the soil.,B
                                                     PEA,OREGON SUGAR POD II,Dwarf compact early producer makes a fast start and offers
                                                     multiple disease resistance.
                                                     PEA,PESOL NEGRE, A treasure from Spain noted for heat and drought resistance producing
                                                     high yields of medium size dry peas. Some hardy autumn volunteers overwintered (unusual in
                                                     our locale) to provide our first meal of shell peas the following spring! RARE,B
                                                     PEA,PURPLE PASSION, Purple-seeded Seedsavers shell pea. RARE
                                                     PEA,RAISIN CAPUCINER, Heirloom selection of the classic Dutch soup pea with larger
                                                     even more wrinkly seeds we obtained from our friends at Peace Seeds.
                                                     PEA,RAMPICANTE MANGIATUTTO,Prolific climbing snow pea with jumbo pods almost
                                                     out of reach if adequate support is provided.
                                                     PEA,UMBELLATA, Vigorous bush shelling pea with exceptionally colorful flowers and
                                                     good seed production.RARE from Seedsavers.

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OIL & SEED CROPS Synergy Seeds

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Botanical Herbs
                                                                          OIL & SEED CROPS
Cereal Grains
                                                     CRAMBE ABYSSINICA,'Eurasian Oilseed', Closely related to brassicas such as
Gormet Lettuces                                      mustard but distinct with ornamental sprays of pearly round seedpods. (Eat young
                                                     greens like cress). Heat & drought tolerant., B
Green Vegetables                                     FLAX, FOSTER GOLD, Seed cultivar is short-statured for highest yield of edible/
                                                     medicinal seed and oil, NOT so much fiber.,B
                                                     FLAX, CASCADE, Hi-yielding fiber cultivar for the Pacific Northwest.
Herbal Edibles-Annual
                                                     FLAX, SAGINAW WHITE, Midwest fiber cv with pale colored flowers.,B
                                                     FLAX, STORMONT GOSSAMER Fiber culivar. RARE from Seedsavers.
Herbal Edibles-perennial                             FLAX, WILD (Linum angustifolium), An introduced weed in our region which
                                                     outproduces cultivated flax in biomass and seed production in fertile soils, with
Hulless Barley                                       outstanding benefits for wildlife food and habitat., B
                                                     JOB'S TEARS, (Coix lacryma-jobi), Known as 'Hato mugi' in Japan where it is
Legumes                                              considered medicinal and a paramount ingredient in rustic breads. Also the source of
                                                     traditional round grayish prayer beads often found in Hawaiian streambeds where it is
                                                     considered to be an invasive exotic. Resembling a miniature corn plant it is truly a
Oil and Seed Crops
                                                     delight in temperate gardens, rarely surviving winters in Zone 8 or colder.
                                                     NOOG, 'Niger Thistle' (Guizotia niger), INDIA Oilseed which has taken the birdseed
Root Crops                                           market in recent years. We saw no volunteers from a large seedcrop which was
                                                     furiously attacked by songbirds (to the benefit of nearby crops and hungry local
                                                     raptors). Bioremediation benefits notwithstanding, care should be taken that this
                                                     beautiful flower of the daisy family not become a weed in warmer climates.,B
                                                     RAPESEED, (Brassica napus ssp. oleifera), Isolated here for 15 years during which
                                                     time various locales have been polluted by transgenic 'canola' production, resulting in
                                                     large-scale crop and farm losses.
                                                     SAFFLOWER, (Carthamus tinctoria), Horticultural type is taller and branches
                                                     vigorously for floral/ ornamental use. Excellent intercrop to deter deer and other
                                                     predators with its prickly spines.,B
                                                     SESAME,GREEK GOLD, Rare from Peace Seeds this is among the earliest maturing
                                                     varities we have trialed for short season areas.,B
                                                     SESAME,TAN ANATOLIAN, Montane heirloom produces reliably here. Sesame
                                                     does not transplant so must be direct sown in warm soil, and it takes ~100 days to
                                                     mature, whence pods must be cut and dried under cover so the birds and rain cannot
                                                     spoil the crop.
                                                     SESAME,UCD Line31, Hi-production cultivar keeps blooming until frost so we'll try
                                                     pinching them back to hasten seed maturity next time. We note with interest the sales
                                                     of chopped sesame stalks (or grown as cover crop) as a remedy for soil-borne
                                                     TARAHUMARA CHIA, (Salvia tilliafolia), THE chia to grow in northern latitudes
                                                     (commercial chia has incompatible daylength requirement) up to south-central
                                                     Oregon. Aromatic textured leaves and slender spikes of blue blossoms akin to basil or
                                                     shiso. Prefers direct sowing.
                                                     WHITE MUSTARD, (Brassica hirta), Traditional source of the pungent condiment is
                                                     a distinct species of Brassica, so crossing with vegetable types (kale, mizuna, cress
                                                     etc) is generally not a problem.

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ROOT CROPS Synergy Seeds

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Botanical Herbs
                                                                                ROOT CROPS
Cereal Grains
                                           BEET,CHIOGGIA, Italy Spring-summer provincial specialty has brightly 'zoned' rings of
Gormet Lettuces                            white & red with mild gourmet flavor- any size! We have seen well-shaped roots in excess of
                                           2 lbs if given time. Greens are small & tender.,B
Green Vegetables                           CARROT,DANVERS 126,Renowned for its tolerance of gravelly soil this has been a
                                           standout in mountainous Northern California.,B
Herbal Edibles-                            CELERIAC,JOSE,A notable recent selection already commercially extinct. For largest roots
                                           start these early and transplant to wide spacing in moist highly fertile soil.,B
                                           CELERY (see Herbal Edibles)
                                           DAIKON RADISH,MIYASHIGE,Slender roots need space for high-yield. For the most
Herbal Edibles-                            exacting cuisine & best appearance it's the standard of quality.
perennial                                  DAIKON RADISH,SAKURAJIMA MAMMOTH, 'Cherry Island' Japan. Unique Heirloom
                                           from antiquity. Very large, firm smooth textured round roots with lush stalks & dark greens.
Hulless Barley                             Holds overwinter.OK in spring,too., B
                                           DAIKON RADISH,EASTEREGG CROSS, Genepool mix is a genetic treasure from
Legumes                                    Shanghai 's street markets: for a variety of contrasting shapes colors and large sizes.,B
                                           DAIKON RADISH,TOKINASHIl,'All Seasons' Japanese Heirloom is prized for bolt
                                           resistant Spring planting and slender shape. The Natural Farmers best friend for soil
Oil and Seed Crops                         bioremediation as outlined by Masonobu Fukuoka.,B
                                           LEEK,GIANT CARENTAN,Very hardy winter leek for maximum size given ample space
Root Crops                                 and fertility. We started wit hBiodynamic seed from 7Seeds Farm.,B
                                           LEEK,KING RICHARD,Traditional slender summer-fall producer. Widely adapted &
                                           proven reliability. For the gourmet gardener!,B
                                           LEEK,TITAN, Rare Seedstock. Formerly grown by Orleans Organics, where we obtained
                                           the mother plants for our line of seed. Awesome: I could only carry six plants from the field
                                           at a time!Now commercially extinct so do save your seeds! B
                                           LEEK,KURRAT,(A.porrum var. Kurrat) Wild Iraqui species is slender cousin of
                                           domesticated leek. Reportedly from Biblical Egypt. W3. LQ
                                           ONION,EVERGREEN BUNCHING,Hardy White. Traditional variety is easily grown and
                                           reseeds freely if allowed. But we have a fondness for the white blossoms which are delicious
                                           in stir fry or raw in salads or in the garden.,B
                                           ONION,EB 'Select Dividers', Experimental breeding line selected from the above over 5
                                           generations. Small plantings can quickly be expanded from divisions or seeds. ,B
                                           PARSNIP,COBHAM IMPROVED 'Marrow',For heavy cropping of these fine flavored roots
                                           (best after frost) be sure to sow by mid Spring. Seeds need light so barely cover and keep
                                           RADISH,BLACK SPANISH,Heirloom with hi-yield of large roots- traditionally for winter
                                           storage- so plant late Spring or early Summer.
                                           RADISH,EASTER EGG,Pastel color mix is charming for children & favored by home
                                           gardeners for early Spring production.
                                           RADISH,SALAD ROSE,Long slender scarlet roots, very smooth and refined from baby size

file:///C|/Documents%20and%20Settings/Mike/My%20Documents/georgesite/Downloaded/root.html (1 of 4) [1/25/2008 3:51:06 PM]
ROOT CROPS Synergy Seeds

                                           on up. Not a daikon, can be successfully Spring planted
                                           RADISH,RATTAIL, Edible pods to 6" are distinctively long & wavy. RARE. Australia. LQ
                                           RUTABAGA,LAURENTIAN,Traditional cv for the huge sweet roots which grow like
                                           turnips with adequate space. Excellent raw/sliced or grated, pickled or 'krauted and easily
                                           stored overwinter.,B
                                           TURNIP,PURPLE TOP,One of the easiest and most nutritious crops with early production
                                           of tender greens, followed by baby thinnings & final harvest of adequately spaced roots.

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Ordering Information , Synergy Seeds

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Botanical Herbs

Cereal Grains                                       Thank you for your interest in Open Pollinated and Heirloom Seeds from Synergy Seed
                                                    Exchange! We hope to have our web list updated soon, meanwhile please Email directly for an
Gormet Lettuces                                     updated list. Thanks for joining our grassroots community of Seedsavers dedicated to the free
                                                    exchange of homegrown public domain seeds. We look forward to serving your seed needs!
Green Vegetables                                    Please make your variety choices (adding several substitutes) from the Seedlist. Price Per Pack is
                                                    $2. You may also request $5 'B' or bulk packs * (typically 5-10x regular size) subject to stock on
                                                    hand. Order Processing Charge is $3.00 add to Total. Minimum order $10. Foreign orders please
Herbal Edibles-Annual
                                                    add 20%. We can serve you best with direct Email confirmation of your request and availability
                                                    so please use the Email to contact us directly. Email addresses are kept completely confidential.
Herbal Edibles-perennial                            If you would like to pay via PAYPAL we will bill you for the correct total via PAYPAL Money
                                                    Request. Wnen you email us for confirmation we will assume this is your PAYPAL billing
Hulless Barley                                      address, and if you want to expedite the ordering process using paypal, your order will be there
                                                    much more quickly than orders made by regular mail. Of course, we are perfectly willing to use
Legumes                                             regular mail orders paid by check or money order so please send your list of seeds (with several
                                                    substitutes) name and address to:
Oil and Seed Crops

Root Crops

                                                    SYNERGY SEEDS p.o. box 415 Willow Creek CA.95573
                                                    GROW DIVERSITY FOR HEALTH AND BALANCE! CA ST G2 George Stevens (Feb 27,

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Feed Back from Impressed Individuals
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                                                            SEED" -ALAN KAPULER, PEACE SEEDS- Corvallis, OR
Cerial Grains
                                          "I THINK IT'S VERY IMPORTANT WORK YOU ARE DOING! PLEASE KEEP ME ON YOUR
                                          MAILING LIST..." -RENEE SHEPHERD, Renee's Seeds
Gormet Lettuces
                                          "I WAS VERY HAPPY WITH THE SEED YOU SENT. YOU KNOW SEED AND YOU KNOW
Green Vegetables                          QUALITY." RICHO CECH -HORIZON SEEDS Williams, OR

Herbal Edibles-                           Ecology Action Newsletter
                                          "THANKS FOR WRITING ME BACK SO QUICKLY. I'M VERY HAPPY THAT YOU DO HAVE
                                          SEEDS AVAILABLE AND THAT THEY'RE ONLY $5/1000. I'VE PAID $5/PKT BEFORE AND
Hulless Barley
                                          DIDN'T GET VERY MANY SEEDS... THANK YOU FOR BEING SO KIND AND PROVIDING
                                          ACCESS TO THESE SEEDS....Y.-AUSTIN,TX "I AM INTRIGUED WITH YOUR SELECTIONS
                                          HERE IN THE NORTHWEST. MY GOAL IS TO CREATE A SMALL HEIRLOOM NURSERY &
Oil and Seed Crops                        EDUCATIONAL GARDEN." -JA, Port Townsend, WA

                                          AND I CAN TELL YOUR HEARTS ARE IN THE CULTIVATION." AM-CA "WITH ADVICE
                                          SCHOOLS: THE CLIMATE IS RIGHT FOR SOME NEW FACTS ABOUT FARMING..." RW- Napa,

                                          THANK YOU FOR MAINTAINING AN INCREDIBLE SEED SELECTION!" -Ashland, OR

                                          "I'M REALLY ENJOYING EATING YUMMY GREENS FROM YOUR SEEDS EVERY DAY. I
                                          FEEL CONNECTED TO YOU AND YOUR GARDEN, THE PLANTS, THE EARTH, MYSELF.
                                          AT THE SCHOOL. WITH KIDS IN THE GARDEN I'M IN HEAVEN...THANK YOU FOR YOUR
                                          CONTINUING INSPIRATION." -STEPHEN REEVE, Fruition LLC, Maui,

                                          AND STUDYING THE SEEDS. I NEVER USED TO DO THIS...YOU ARE RIGHT: THE
                                          MOST IMPORTANT WORK.." PS-CA "

                                          ...I SUDDENLY REMEMBERED THAT I HAD THROWN SOME DAIKON SEED ALONG WITH

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Feed Back from Impressed Individuals

                                          PODS; I BROKE OPEN SOME OF THESE AND THE SEED LOOKED VIABLE...I FELT SO
                                          MUCH PURE JOY THAT THIS SIMPLE THING COULD REVEAL SO MUCH TO ME. YOUR
                                          SEED IS POWERFUL!" DV-CA "...YOUR EXAMPLE IS MORE IMPORTANT, PERHAPS, THAN
                                          YOU KNOW...AN IMMENSE HEALING NEEDS TO OCCUR, AND THAT MEANS A
                                          KLAMATH YOU CAN BE SURE YOU ARE AT THE CENTER OF EVERYTHING."Jesse Schwartz,
                                          Founder- Living Tree Community -Berkeley, CA

                                          "I'M SO THANKFUL YOU DIRECTED ME THIS WAY...I'VE NEVER EXPERIENCED SUCH AN
                                          YEAR. YOU PLANTED A SEED IN MY SPIRIT; A SEED OF HOPE AND CHANGE, A SEED OF
                                          EARTH, DIVERSITY & PRESERVATION OF THE GENE POOL IS IN MY CONSCIOUSNESS..." -
                                          Carlos Perez- Gila, NM (Seeds of Change farm

                                          ) "GEORGE IS ONE OF THE WORLD CLASS ORGANIC FARMERS!" -CHANT THOMAS, D.E.E.
                                          P. Environmental Education, OR Back to Home

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