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        Are you thinking to change your website hosting provider and
planning to avail the services of another website hosting company? Before
doing so weigh and compare well the features of your former website host
plan as well as the new prospective website host. Switching from one web
host service to another is same as changing your residence from one home
to another and one need to be careful that he/she doesn’t forget to
take all accessories from the former residence. Prices should not be
considered as a matter to change a website host package but it is quality
that matters because the success of your website on the internet would
depend upon the service quality of the current web hosting plan. However
you have the right to change your website hosting provider if your
website doesn’t get sufficient disc space, un-metered bandwidth,
standard uptime guarantee or search engine optimization facility. If it
doesn’t provide genuine services according to the standard even after
charging expensive costs then it is reasonable to get on to a better and
reliable website host service. Â Basic steps to change a website hosting
service  Take a website data backup: This is the first and most
important step while you change your website hosting service provider.
Your website depends upon your data base so take a backup of your website
data and also modify it manually according to the needs of the control
panel and web host manager account. It should be noted that one kind of
website data may not work with different control panels of various web
host services   Explore features of new website host: Before you
entrust your personal or commercial website to a new web host carefully
explore its available features, get and manage a new DNS website server,
check whether your website address works online on the new web hosting
program you can do this by running a temporary website URL and then make
changes in the DNS server accordingly. Â Check your new domain name: Log
in into the control panel and check whether your new domain name service
is in compliance with your website services or not. Â Declare to your
clients and customers: It is a tradition or a well known formality to
declare about any website change to online customers so that they may not
misunderstand you or charge you with embezzlement of money that was paid
by them to enjoy your services. So inform your customers about changing
your website to a hosting plan as it may take some time to reset your
website on a new hosting plan. This would also save from losing
prospective customers who may come to your website at a time when you are
busy in resetting it into a new host plan. Â Shift backup data to new
host server: Decide a definite day for shifting your website data backup
to another website hosting plan. Before doing so place a note on the home
page of web page hosted by your previous host concerning about your
change of website host server. Before submitting website data on the new
host server modify it according to the needs of the new control panel.
First of all you can copy some introduction matter to the new host server
and test whether its web page is running on the new server or not. If the
server runs your test web page or introductory home page successfully
then start uploading all the important website data in different sections
on the new host server. Â Take a final checkup: After transferring all
website data to the new web host server change DNS which make take a day.
Then take a final check up of your website that has been accumulated in
the dedicated or shared server of your new website hosting provider  Â
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