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					                    JAYAPRAKASH AMBALLA
             [PeopleSoft 8.1 Technology Certified Consultant]

Phone: 804-484-9645

     Total 11 years of Industry experience
     Over 7 years experience in PeopleSoft implementation and customization
      of Human Resources, Benefits and Payroll, Manager Self service, Employee
      Self service, eRecruit, ePerformance modules using PeopleSoft HRMS, People
      Tools, SQR, and Peoplecode.
     Experience on PeopleSoft Versions 7.5, 8.0, 8.16, 8.3, 8.8
     Strong knowledge and experience in developing and customizing Peoplesoft
      applications using Application Designer, Object Security, Application Engine,
      PS/Query, Application Messaging, Component Interfaces, Utilities (SQL Trace
      and PeopleCode trace), Import Manager, Process Scheduler, Process Monitor
     Experience in designing and developing conversion programs, inbound and
      out-bound interfaces, and report programs using SQR.
     Extensively worked with SQR, Crystal Reports, and COBOL in creation and
      generation of organizational decision making reports.
     Excellent skills in Customization of PeopleSoft Human Resource Management
      Systems, data conversion from legacy or previous versions of PeopleSoft
      and extensively involved in FIT/GAP Analysis.
     Extensively involved in customizing ‘Vanilla’ version of PeopleSoft. Using
      Application Designer to modify existing records, panels (pages) and Menus
      using PeopleTools
     Extensive Technical knowledge and experience on PeopleSoft Human
      resources, Self service, Benefits, Payroll, Pension Admin, Time and Labor and
      contracts module.
     Knowledge of Java 1.2, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Applets, HTML, and JavaScript
      and Application Servers like Web Logic, & Java Web Server.
     Proficient in integrated project development with MS-SQL Server, Oracle
      RDBMS, Developer 2000 and database design using ERD and normalization.
     Six years of experience in Control Systems, PLC programming and DCS in
      process control Industry.
     Knowledge of C, C++ and UNIX Internals.
Programming Languages              : C, C++, Java1.2, SQL
ERP                                : Peoplesoft HRMS 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 8.3, 8.8
                                   HR, Benefits, Time and Labor, Benefits Admin,
People Tools                       : PeopleTools 8.42.14, 8.18Application Designer,
                                   Application Messaging, Data Mover, Mass
                                   Change, Tree Manager, Query Manager,
                                   Application Engine, Process Scheduler

Reporting tools                    : SQR 6.0, Crystal, psNvision

Operating Systems                  : Windows 98/NT/2000, Unix, MVS, Linux 7.2,
                                   Solaris 8.0, MS-DOS
Internet Technologies              : HTML, JavaScript, JSP, Servlets, EJB,
                                   JWS 2.0, WebLogic 5.0, Tuxedo Web server
Databases & Connectivity           : Oracle 8.0, SQL Server 6.5, DB2, MS-Access,
                                   JDBC, ODBC


Client: Capital One, Richmond, VA                        July 2003 to till date
PeopleSoft technical Analyst/ Developer

ePerformance Phase 1, 2 & 3
Role/ Responsibilities
      Worked as Technical designer in Design and development of 360Feedback,
       Performance Appraisals, Development Check In, Closeout, eCompensation
       Integration, and batch email notification.
      Was Involved in design and development of Custom Left Navigation which
       hides the PeopleSoft delivered portal navigation and builds custom left
       navigation based on the module and the user currently logged in.
      The Design of 360 Feedback included ability for all associates and managers
       to request feedback on themselves or their direct reports, from anyone in the
       company and be able to view feedback summary over a period of time.
      Built new custom components, pages, Records for 360 Feedback module, to
       initiate a new Feedback requests, and group the requests by relation ship to
       the feedback provider. This allowed the requestor to select different
       competencies per separate group.
      Built new components to provide unsolicited feedback, view feedback
       requests status those are due to you or feedback requests for which you are
       the provider.
      Customized the delivered APPR tables and added new fields to differentiate
       between document types, provide ability to copy feedback to associate,
       recognize relationship type, etc.
      Setup new audit tables for ePerformance system.
      Made changes to provide the ability to the manager to Co-manager transfer
       an associate’s appraisal to any other manager, and transfer it back.
      Involved in design and development of configuration page for ePerformance
       batch email notification, custom functions for various processes to insert
       email notification rows.
      Involved in design and development of eCompensation integration process
       and built new Application Engine to write Overall Rating to Employee review
      Extensively worked on       Performance    tuning   and   issue   resolution    of
       360Feedback modules.
      Designed and developed custom Performance Improvement plan and Conduct
       memo modules within ePerformance.
      Customized the approval process for ePerformance Appraisal and Performance
       Improvement plan and Conduct memo modules.
      Built custom configuration pages for users to be able to add items that are
       used ePerformance documents.
      Configured Template definitions which were used in the creation of custom
       ePerformance   documents/modules.     Customized    Application   package
       PeopleCode and created new Application Package People Code for creation of
       Feedback, development check-in, Performance Improvement plan and
       Conduct documents.
      Built new Application Engine program to dynamically update Performance
       documents with the new manager, when ever there was a manager change,
       cancel documents for terminated associates, mark email batch notifications as
       complete for terminated associates, etc.
      Built new Application Engine program to update a custom table with all
       associates who have not worked for at least 90 days in a performance year.
      Developed new custom components, pages, records for ePerformance Admin
       to be able view and approve Performance Improvement plan and Conduct
       memo documents, view Admin transferred documents, view declined
      Customized PeopleSoft security, and updated permission list to provide
       access to the new components created, and created new Security Roles and
       Permission list.
      Written data mover scripts to migrate Text Catalog changes, custom
       configuration to other data bases.
      Created new Component Interface to dynamically add roles to the new users
       and delete roles for any user that are removed.
      Was involved in completed life cycle implementation and followed the Agile
       practice of implementation for Phase 3 cycle.

eRecruit Module in PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 is collaborative self service application
which is used by Recruiters, and Managers to Post new Job openings to the
PeopleSoft portal, and external website. Capital One Employees and external
Applicants can search for Job openings that match their criteria and apply for Jobs,
by creating their Application and post their Resume. Recruiters can search for
Applicants, arrange for Interviews, and continue on Hire process. The delivered
application was customized to implement the Client’s Business requirements.
Role/ Responsibilities
      Worked as Techno-Functional Analyst in customization of eRecruit Module and
       was involved in Full Life cycle implementation.
      Was Involved in customization of Requisition Management, Job Applicant, Job
       Search, Applicant Search modules.
      Have customized Requisition management module, where Managers and
       Recruiters can create Job Requisitions. Customized pages to include new
       fields and PeopleCode on Various components, and Records.
      Customized    Job   Application   components   for   Recruiters    and   external
      Customized PeopleCode to trigger Workflow to send email notification to
      Customized Job Search pages to include new search criteria fields, and
       modified Job Search PeopleCode (Search Engine).
      Modified Job basket PeopleCode to limit external Applicants to apply for only
       Five Job Openings at a time.
      Modified delivered (fixed errors) Applicant Search App Engine, and worked
       with App DBA to Install Verity filter Patch, which is used to create Indexes of
       Applicant Word document resumes.
      Customized Job Agent Application Engine process, and also fixed bugs as
      Customized Component Interface to Link Applicants to Job Requisition.
      Customized Extract Posting Information PSJob Process.
      Applied patches to Resolve issues relating to Duplicate Application registration
       Id’s and Applicant Id’s getting assigned to different Applicants.
      Have written Data mover scripts to migrate Configuration data of eRecruit
       from Development, to Test and Production Environments.
      Built new custom component for Interview             Evaluation.   Updated   the
       permission list to provide access to Recruiters.
      Have provided Technical support during system testing, Integration testing
       and after Go-Live.
      Provided support during Regression testing and resolved issues relation to
       Patches and bundles that were applied and impacted other modules.

Manager Self Service Module in PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8 is collaborative self service
application which is used by Managers to perform Status Changes, transfers,
promotion, salary change, reporting changes, etc of employees reporting them. The
delivered application was customized to implement the Company’s Business
Role/ Responsibilities
      Worked as Techno-Functional Analyst in Design and development of Manager
       Self Service Module and was involved in Full Life cycle implementation.
      Was Involved in Design of Promotion, Salary Change, Termination
       transactions, and Term App Engine Batch process. Interacted with Business
       Analyst and Functional leads for Functional clarifications.
      Designed and developed Workflow which involves email notifications and
      Involved in development and customization of Promotion, shift Differential
       change, Salary Change, Reporting change transactions.
      Have written custom Component interface PeopleCode to update the
       Additional Pay, Employee review, Job and Compensation components and
       Records with the transaction changes.
      Written PeopleCode to get Payroll information from Pay Calendar for Lump
       sum pay.
      Developed and configured Approval Rule sets, used as rules for Workflow
       which is sent to Manager’s Manager and Compensation teams for approval.
      Created custom Work list items and customized PeopleCode for two levels of
      Customized PeopleCode for Work list items to be synchronized to Portal
       through App messaging and update Work list status.
      Was involved in Performance tuning of SQL objects that were used in
       Approval Rule sets, and transactions like Promotion, Termination, etc.
      Have provided Technical support during system testing, Integration testing
       and after Go-Live.
Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS 8.8, PeopleTools 8.42.14, Oracle 8.1.7,
Windows XP

Client: Peoplesoft Inc. Pleasanton, CA                 April 2002 to June 2003
PeopleSoft technical Analyst

This project called 3D project is a pilot project for PeopleSoft Inc. on HRMS,
Financials and Distribution. The project involved customization in SQR, Performance
Tuning, Development Request and applying of updates and fixes.
Role/ Responsibilities
      Involved in development of Project Management Plan and system requirement
       specification and Design Process documentation.
      Done Analysis for Updates and fixes, and SQR reports and written the
       technical design document.
      Have applied update and fixes on PeopleSoft HRMS and Finance production
       databases, and checked for prerequisites from PeopleSoft customer
      Using Application Designer copied the patch files into PeopleSoft demo
       database. Ran an Upgrade compare with copy of the Production database to
       check for impact analysis.
      Recreated views and altered tables wherever necessary.
      Done Customization and issue resolution of UAR services it_cas13 and UAR
       Non-services it_cas01 SQR report’s in Contracts and Billing module and done
       performance tuning of report.
      Some of the major changes in the above SQR reports are currency conversion
       changes for option GL BU currency to rewrite logic to always use amount_bse,
       for option USD currency calculate contract line amount in GL base currency.
      Worked on the following development requests in contracts module, namely
       and Peoplecode changes.
      In the development request PDR_RE_5CWQPK added internal notes link to
       parent child inquiry page using Peoplecode.
      In the development request PDR_RE_5CXM7L contracts edits – deferred
       revenue page some of the Peoplecode changes made are not to allow
       deferred revenue accounting to be entered which is less than accounting
       distribution effective date.
      Written new Benefit Deduction Retro SQR Process it_bns01 in Benefits
       Administration module from scratch to calculate and report Benefit
       Deductions if new Hire Employee, or Rehire or existing Employee making
       changes as a result of Family status change and Refund Amount of previous
       election if any.
      Written Technical Design Documents for all above SQR reports and
       Peoplecode development requests and updates and fixes.
Environment: Windows 2000/NT, PeopleSoft HRMS 8.15, PeopleSoft Finance
8.16, Oracle 8.0, UDB DB2, WebLogic Server, SQR 6

AIG, NJ                                               April 2001 till March 2002
Peoplesoft Techno-Functional Developer                        Upgrade Project

PeopleSoft Account Product maintains employees payroll, Projects, benefits, Health
care, AP, AR, Billing, ePro, T&L, GL, eBenefits, ePay etc., Peoplesoft HRMS system
generates and maintains pay slips for all the employees globally.



      Upgraded from PeopleSoft 7.5 HRMS to 8sp1
      Involved in complete upgrade of PeopleSoft HRMS (HR, Benefits & Payroll)
       from 7.5 to 8.3
      Involved in the Development, Upgrade and testing of all the HR/Benefits,
       Payroll, Time & Labor interfaces as a key team player of the interface team.
      Successful in creating, upgrading and generating custom HR, Payroll, Time &
       Labor SQRs and SQC for the HRMS upgrade project.
      Used Application Designer and PeopleTools to create new objects in PS
       version 8.0, such as projects, menus, pages and components for the various
       custom processes.
      Worked on applying the patches and Tax updates and moving data from
       demo to Development and production region using Data mover.
      Worked on People Tools 8.18/SQR, Customizations/UNIX shell scripts,
       Development of pages, App Engine Unit testing, UAT Testing and Stress
      Developed Interfaces Payroll/Time & Labor with Projects. Time
       periods, Scheduling, Process, Time reporting codes, Setting up Shifts,
       Customized payable Time, Time approval via worklist, Financial and
       Analytical Interfaces.
      Worked on Reporting Time, Managing Time, Integrating with payroll
       applications, Customized Time & Labor Reports like Generating a Time Card,
       Scheduled Hours, Payable Status and Worklist Generation for Time Approval
      Set up PeopleSoft HRMS Collaborative Self Service Applications like eBenefits,
       eCompensation, ePay, eProfile & eRecruit.

      Configured ePay panels to assist employees to view their pay check details,
       gross and net amount, deductions, direct deposit, 3 rd party pay inquiry,
       volunteer deductions, W2 reissue and W4 withholding tax information.

      Configured eCompensation to enable employees to review or verify their
       compensation history online and they can view their entire history of Cash
       and non-cash compensation, such as base salary, bonuses, hourly rates,
       details of stock option, direct deposit and retirement contributions.

    Customized various components of eBenefits modules. Setup control tables,
     workflow, security, and text entry as needed.
    Involved in identifying the functionality of benefits review, enrollment,
     dependent/beneficiary updates and life events and the interaction
     between eBenefits and the Base Benefits.

Benefits & Pension
 Designed specifications for pension payroll payments made out of external
   system and uploaded payment data into PS.
 Involved in defining details for pension plan of different types, managing pension
   adjustment factors and setting up the data in Pension Plan Tables.
 Worked on annual benefits enrollment project. This project includes design and
   coding of various programs that are related to annual enrollment. The programs
   includes Annual Enrollment/Termination Reports, IVR Outbound Interface,
   Pension System Feed, Age based Reports, HMOs eligibility listings, Time and
   Labor, Ad hoc requests etc.
 Wrote conversion SQR programs to transfer existing HR, Benefits and Payroll,
   Pension, FSA Admin, Stock Admin, Planning Compensation and Time and Labor
   data from legacy system to PeopleSoft application database tables.

      Created and integrated standard and specialized reports for the Payroll and
       Human Resources departments.
      Identified Human Resource department requirements by studying functions;
       conducting business needs analysis, conferring with management and users.
      Working on App. Messaging for Integration between the HRMS and Financial
       modules and with External Applications.
      Designed and developed customized panels for human resources and base
       benefits administration.
      Serve on Peoplesoft HRMS Payroll/Benefits/Pension team for functional
       testing, troubleshooting and end user support.
      Debug Benefit Admin errors and help clean up the eligibility and event rules.
      Worked on Data conversion and Data migration solutions using Data mover.
      Developed and customized Reports SQL/SQRs, PS/Query and Crystal reports
       as per business requirements and Pages using App. Designer, PeopleCode and
       App. Engine programs for background processing.
      Worked on App. Messaging for Integration between the HRMS and Financial
       modules and with External Applications.
      Provided Production Support on call (24/7) in Resolving issues during batch
      Resolved the issues and the problems that have come up while application
       and tools upgrade Configuration of servers.
      Coordinated with the Testing Team and Development Team in preparing the
       Test Plan, Test Cases, Test environment for functionality and performance.

Application Messaging

      Worked on the Application Messaging, Create Message Channels and Nodes.
       Setting up nodes in gateway administrator.
      Created dedicated Application Messaging servers for message channels and
       configuring Messaging Services.
      Setting up Routing rules for Message channel and assigned a routing direction
       (Publish or Subscribe from)
      Trouble shooting unsuccessful Application Messages.
      Developed and customized peoplecode to subscribe published Messages.

       Environment: PeopleSoft HRMS Application 8.3, PS Tools 8.18,
       Application Messaging, Payroll, Benefits, ePay, eCompensation,
       Oracle 8i on Windows NT and Solaris.

Bisma Technologies, Inc. CA                             Jan 2000 till March 2001
Peoplesoft Developer

Role/ Responsibilities

      Setting up Foundation tables. Hiring Employees-Personal, Employment &
       Job data Customizing HR Reports (Absence History, Mailing labels,
       Emergency Contacts etc.)
      Developed Current Employee Listing, Temporary part time/Temporary full
       time employee listing, Benefit eligibility report, Termination listing

      Developed and customized Panels, Records, Menus, sub-records and
       secondary panels using App. Designer and People code. Created run control
       panels for all the SQR’s for scheduling them on Process Scheduler to generate
       Customized reports and flat files. Data conversion from legacy to People Soft
       records, Used Data Mover to update the data among the People soft
       application tables. Responsible for generating the Standard Reports in various
       forms by using SQR, PS Query and Crystal reports and scheduling these
       reports in Process Scheduler. Involved in Fit/Gap analysis and System
       Requirements analysis and in Preparation of the Specification documentation.
       Worked on SQL trace and People Code Trace for Debugging the SQRs and
       People Code.
        Environment: People Soft HRMS 7.5, PeopleTools, Benefits, Payroll,
        Oracle7.x/8.x, Apache, SQR, PS Query & Crystal Reports on Windows
        NT and Solaris

SagarSoft Ltd, Hyderabad, India                           Sep 1998 – Dec 1999
PeopleSoft Developer

This project was taken up as part of implementing an Enterprise Wide Solution for
the company. The scope involved fit-gap analysis, localization and customization.
The implementation was carried out sequentially at Corporate and two plant

Localization involved.
Implementing statutory requirements for various Indian Rules and Regulation for
Company and Labor Laws related to Human Resource Management and not available
in the People Soft System, We have created fresh new modules to incorporate these
rules and regulation. These modules includes setup and transaction screens. For this
we have design complete module from scratch i.e. Records, Page, component and
menu with various validation check, and business logic implemented wherever
required. Few of these modules are
       Provident Fund
       Employee State Insurance
       Labor Welfare

Customization involved
       Implementing Leave Process (add – on)
       Modifying Recruitment Process.

       Involved in the complete life cycle of PeopleSoft HRMS. The modules include
        Human Resources, Payroll and Benefits.
       Identifying the requirements and mapping the requirements into the
        application, determining the degree of fit and resolving to fill the gap.
       Identifying each key business process in the company using diagrams to
        describe them at a high level. Preparing the structure document for the
       The Major objective of the project was to ensure the specification of the
        information requirements and setting up of appropriate database so as to
        maintain the company's benefit plan.
       This project included Designing Benefit Information, Benefits plans,
        customized Benefit programs with the Benefit / Deduction program Table.
       Group Adopted Benefit program for health plans like ESI and other benefits
        provided by the company such as Loans, Provident Fund. Established rate and
        calculation rules. Maintenance and establishing rules regarding coverage
        codes and Report generation for Benefit Deduction program using SQR.
       Extensively used application designer to modify existing tables and create
        some new tables to suffice the application needs, created many panels and
        modified the existing menu to reflect the customized database and panels
        using application designer, and controlling the program flow with PeopleCode.
       Developed several reports using SQR and PS/QUERY and submitted processes
        to the Process Scheduler to run daily tasks at a specific time to run process
        recursively at a specific interval.
       Customized Pre provided SQR Reports to the user's requirement. Generated
        many printer Specific reports.

Environment: Windows NT Server, Pentium Workstation, People Soft HRMS Ver 7.5,
MS SQL Server Ver 6.5, SQR 4

Vasavadatta Cement                                       Jan. 1993 to Aug 1998
Instrumentation Engineer

 Worked as section manager for Cement mill and packing sections and responsible
   for preventive and breakdown Maintenance as per ISO 9002 quality procedures.
   Good in PLC programming using Siemen’s step 5 language and Distributed
    control systems.
   Written PLC programmes, and all necessary PB’s, FB’s, DB’s, GB’s and have done
    the interlocking and integration with existing cement plant, for new equipments
    and drives added in Silo feeding and extraction system.
   Good in trouble shooting of breakdowns in AC and DC drives, weigh feeder
   Done analysis and coding for Equipment Service modules of ERP package.
   Performed testing and implementation of the ERP modules.
   Performed erection and commissioning of Cement Mill and packing plant
    expansion Unit.
   Installed Siemens DCS system, variable speed drives, control valves, etc and all
    instrumentation for the section.

Premier Paging & Telecom Pvt. Ltd.                       July 1992 to Dec 1992
Management Trainee

Prepared of documents for getting license from Government, project estimates,
placement of orders etc.