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How to create and Edit the mailing list


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        Are you the one who is new to the cPanel and finding on how to
work with the mailing list? Then we will guide you in learning to do with
the play list like from creating the mailing list to the editing of the
mailing list. So, let's see one by one how you can work with the mailing
lists. How to Create Mailing Lists First you need to login to the cPanel
and click on the Mailing Lists icon which is under the Mail category.Now
on the Mailing lists page, you need to click on the Add Mailing List
link.Next, you need to enter a name for your mailing list and a need to
enter the password in the appropriate fields. Make sure you confirm the
password on the next line.After this you need to choose the domain,
mailing list which will be used on from the list of options provided in
the drop-down menu.Now, lastly you need to click on the Create button and
this is it you have successfully created the mailing list.How to Edit
Mailing Lists Now, after creating the mailing list, you will be requiring
to edit the mailing list. Editing a mail list is easier than creating the
list, so let's check out how you can edit the mail list. Â First, you
will need to login to your cPanel account and then you need to click on
the Mailing List icon which is below the Mail category.Now, in the
Mailing List page, you will find that your mailing lists which can be
searched by using the handy search function. Once you find it, login to
the list which you have just created with the password assigned by you.
After entering the password it will open up a separate administrative
panel which allows you to change around with the settings and options.

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