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            CBS 2
9817773                                             CS231 – HCI                                                     Page 2

                                         USER GUIDE
OVERVIEW                                                               loaded shopping list so that it is
The brand new and innovative ScanMan                                   highlighted.
Deluxe device is designed specifically to speed                   3.   Then move the cursor sideways until
up the current delays that can exist while                             the „Add Item‟ button is highlighted.
shopping.                                                         4.   Pass the item‟s barcode past the front
                                                                       of the ScanMan Deluxe while
Current research shows that the most common                            depressing the trigger button on the
complaint about the entire shopping                                    underside of the handle.
experience is the delays encountered at the                       5.   The device will beep once to inform
checkout tills.                                                        you that your selection has been
                                                                       scanned, and the item description will
                                                                       appear in the central panel of the LCD
                                                                  6.   The entire process can now be
                                                                       repeated from step 1 for new items.

                                                           If you have accidentally scanned in an item
                                                           you did not mean to, or you have an item on
              SCANMAN DELUXE                               your pre-loaded shopping list you would like
                                                           to remove, all you need to do is follow the
                                                           steps listed below:
ScanMan Deluxe is the answer to all problems                   1. Use the scroll button to move to the
relating to checkout queues. The handy little                        item in the left panel of the LCD
device, which can clip to the handle of the                          screen until it is highlighted.
shopping trolley for easy one-handed access                    2. Use the scroll button to move to left
allows you to scan each item as you purchase                         or right until „Remove Item‟ is
it and simply pay the total at the end of your                       highlighted.
shopping trip.                                                 3. Depress the trigger firmly and the
                                                                     item will be removed from the list.
The easy-to-use LCD touch-sensitive screen
allows simple access to the multitude of                   Once you have completed your shopping the
features available with this tiny 8” x 5”                  ScanMan device needs to be replaced on the
shopping assistant. The innovative design of               corresponding base station and a receipt will
this device includes an easy-grip handle and               be printed. Once you have the receipt, proceed
robust trigger to outlast persistent and frequent          to the marked „ScanMan Checkout‟ desks.
use.                                                       Here a full receipt will be printed and you can
                                                           pay the cashier using all common methods of
Once the ScanMan has been found in the base                SHOPPING LIST GUIDELINES
station the system is made active. If a                    All shopping lists to be used with the ScanMan
shopping list has been previously created                  must be on a DOS-formatted diskette
according to the “Shopping List Guidelines”                containing a “SHOPPING.TXT” file in the root
section, it can be loaded onto the device now.             directory.

Once completed you can start to shop. Each                 This diskette must be placed in the drive of the
item that is placed in your trolley should first           base station and is loaded once the „Load‟
be scanned with the ScanMan. In order to scan              button on the base station is pressed.
items properly the following steps should be
     1. If the item to be scanned is not in                SMALL PRINT
                                                           The cashier reserves the right to rescan all items of
         your pre-loaded shopping list, skip to            shopping within the shopping trolley if they do not appear
         step 3.                                           to correspond to those listed on the receipt.
     2. Use the scroll button to move
         vertically up or down to the                      The first three times that the ScanMan is used all contents
                                                           will be rescanned at the checkout desk to ensure that the
         corresponding item on your pre-                   system has been working correctly and that there were no
                                                           problems with its use.
9817773                                            CS231 – HCI                                              Page 3

Detailed User Guide
This part of the user guide is designed to provide detailed information to you regarding the use and
functionality of the ScanMan Deluxe.

The device is located on the rack of base stations close to the entrance to the shop. You must have a
loyalty card in order to use the device and this should be inserted into the corresponding slot on the
base station. The base station then checks your loyalty card and will retain it until the device is
returned to the base station. This is a security precaution to guard against theft or destruction of the
device. Once the ScanMan has been activated by inserting a loyalty card, you can load a shopping list
onto the device. In order to do this the shopping list must be supplied in a file called „ SHOPPING.TXT‟
stored in the root directory of a floppy disk. This disk can then be inserted into the drive marked „Load
Shopping List‟ and as soon as the „Load‟ button on the base station is pressed, the shopping list will be
loaded onto the device. In order to complete this process, the device must be resting in the base

Once the shopping list is loaded, the device is ready to use. If a shopping list is not provided, the
device can still be used, but without a prepared shopping list shown in the left panel. It is normally
advisable to pick up the flyers that are distributed around the area of the base stations so that they can
be used as reference materials.

As you walk around the shop, you can place the ScanMan either in the plastic cradles provided on the
bar of the shopping trolley or side of the shopping basket, or it can be carried around by hand. If you
locate an item from the shopping list and decide to buy it, that item should be selected from the
shopping list panel on the display and the „Add Item‟ button should be pressed. This can be done in
one of two ways, either the touch-screen button „Add Item‟ can be pressed, or the 4-way directional
scroll pad can be used to highlight the „Add Item‟ button, and then the trigger can be pressed to add the
item. Once this has occurred, the item will flash up all its details in the central panel and a tick will be
placed next to it in the shopping list panel.

This process can be repeated for as many items as you need. There is a constant display of the total
cost of this shopping trip, providing a reference so that you do not overspend. Even if items are not in
the shopping list originally, they can be scanned in using the standard procedure and will be added to
the list.

If you realise that there is an item in the shopping list (scanned or not) that is not desired, then that item
can be removed from the list to deduct the amount from the total (only if scanned) and make the
shopping list smaller and easier to manage. In order to do this, all you need to do is to scroll to the item
in the shopping list (left panel) and either press the touch-screen „Remove Item‟ button, or use the 4-
way directional scroll pad to select the „Remove Item‟ button and press the trigger.

The device uses a wireless connection to the shop‟s information system so that you can be provided
with the most up-to-date item descriptions in the central panel. These descriptions are strictly up to the
discretion of the shop and can contain whatever information is entered in the shop database. The
connection also allows the days special offers and multibuys to be displayed in the special offer panel.
These are taken into consideration immediately when the item is scanned in and the total reflects this.
If you need to view the description of an item in the shopping list, the following steps should be used.
First you need to select the item from the shopping list (left panel) with the 4-way directional scroll pad
and then you can either press the touch-screen „Review‟ button or use the 4-way directional scroll pad
to highlight the „Review‟ button and press the trigger. This will then display the description of the item
selected, along with any special offers or multibuys that are relevant to the item.

If you find the display difficult to read because it is too dark, there is a backlight for the LCD screen.
Flicking the switch marked „Backlight‟ on the underside of the device can activate this.

Once shopping has been completed, the device should be returned to the same base station that it was
taken from (if in doubt check the number on the under side of the device) and your loyalty card will be
returned. A receipt will be printed and this, along with your shopping, should be taken over to the
checkout desk marked „ScanMan Checkout‟. The cashier will then accept payment for the goods and
may demand a rescan of the items in the trolley.
 9817773                                               CS231 – HCI                                           Page 4

 The next two pages provide examples of double-sided A5 sized flyers. Both have the same frontal
 design, portraying the device, however they have different reverse sides. The first flyer provides a
 detailed walkthrough of how to use the device to shop with. The second provides a description of the
 LCD touch-screen and what each button and area is used for. The flyers are to be provided next to the
 base stations, giving users the option of taking quick reference guides with them to help them
 understand and use the device.

    ScanMan                                          ADD
                                                                       ITEM               REVIEW

                                         SHOPPING LIST         CURRENT ITEM     ARRIVAL       CURRENT
                                        PEPPERONI PIZZA
                                                               COLGATE          TIME          TIME

                                        * CLGT PLATINUM        PLATINUM          10:52        11:34

                                        DUTCH ROUND LETTUCE    TOOTHPASTE       ITEMS      ITEMS
                                                                                IN LIST 12 LEFT       2
    QUICKSTART                          6 CHICKEN SATAY
                                                              SAVE               TOTAL COST
      GUIDE                                                          £3.99
                                        CEASAR SALAD          99P                £23.56

        Feature List

           Supports input of         Review button to                              9/10 for ease-of-use!
            typed shopping lists       check description                               - Shoppers Weekly
           Touch-screen input        4-way directional
           Detailed item              scroll button                                 5/5 for innovation!
            description               Multi-buy and                                   - Buyers Guide
           Permanent display          savings display
            of total cost             User-friendly layout

                1. Locate a ScanMan Deluxe
                   base station and insert your

                   loyalty card in the slot

                2. Load        your     prepared                     5. Proceed to the ScanMan
                   shopping list into the disk                          Checkout desk and pay for
                   slot on the base station and                         the goods that you have

                   load it into the device.                             scanned in.

                3. Start      your     shopping,                     4. Once your shopping is
                   scanning and adding to the                           finished return the ScanMan
                   list each item as you place it                       Deluxe to the base station
                   in the trolley.                                      and wait for your receipt.
 9817773                                                                            CS231 – HCI                                                Page 5

     ScanMan                                                                      ADD
                                                                                                      ITEM                REVIEW

                                                                      SHOPPING LIST          CURRENT ITEM       ARRIVAL          CURRENT
                                                                     PEPPERONI PIZZA
                                                                                             COLGATE            TIME             TIME

                                                                     * CLGT PLATINUM         PLATINUM            10:52           11:34

                                                                     DUTCH ROUND LETTUCE     TOOTHPASTE         ITEMS      ITEMS
                                                                                                                IN LIST 12 LEFT       2
          SCREEN                                                     6 CHICKEN SATAY
                                                                                            SAVE                 TOTAL COST
          MAPPING                                                                                   £3.99
                                                                     CEASAR SALAD           99P                  £23.56

        Feature List

           Supports input of                                   Review button to                                     9/10 for ease-of-use!
            typed shopping lists                                 check description                                      - Shoppers Weekly
           Touch-screen input                                  4-way directional
           Detailed item                                        scroll button                                        5/5 for innovation!
            description                                         Multi-buy and                                          - Buyers Guide
           Permanent display                                    savings display
            of total cost                                       User-friendly layout

    SCREEN                                            Use left/right directions of the 4-way directional scroll button
                                                   Select to add an          Select to remove an       Select to review the
ScanMan Deluxe

                                                   item to your list         item from your list       detailed description
                                                                                                       of a selected item

                                                                   ADD                     REMOVE                                Information
                 4-way directional scroll button
                 Use up/down directions of the

                                                                  ITEM                      ITEM
                                                       SHOPPING LIST            CURRENT ITEM        ARRIVAL       CURRENT
                                                      PEPPERONI PIZZA
                                                                                COLGATE             TIME          TIME           Number of
                                                      * CLGT PLATINUM           PLATINUM             10:52        11:34          items in
                                                                                                                                 shopping list
                                                      DUTCH ROUND LETTUCE       TOOTHPASTE          ITEMS      ITEMS
                                                                                                    IN LIST 12 LEFT       2
                                                      6 CHICKEN SATAY
                                                                                                                                 Number of
                                                                               SAVE                  TOTAL COST
                                                                                       £3.99                                     items from
                                                      CEASAR SALAD             99P                   £23.56                      shopping list
                                                                                              Price of                           remaining to
                                                                                              current item                       be scanned
     List of items in                                  Whether item has been
     the current                                       scanned in from
                                                                                        Multi-buy or         Total Cost of all
     shopping list,                                    shopping list yet
     scanned in or not                                                                  saving indicator     items scanned
9817773                                           CS231 – HCI                                             Page 6

The Users and Their Needs
The users were extremely important when designing the ScanMan device. There were a lot of different
user groups to take into account. Elderly people using the device would have a lot of problems with
the physical characteristics of it. For that reason the device has been made as light and small as is

There is a clip on the trolley so that the device can rest on the bar of the trolley. This allows both hands
to be free so that parents can control their children. This feature is also particularly useful for large
items of shopping which require more than one hand to lift into the trolley. This feature could also
assist those users who may become tired constantly holding the device. Problems such as RSI may be
easier to avoid with this feature as well due to the fact that the device must not continually be lifted in
the hand. The way the clip is designed enables products to be passed in front of the device while it is
clipped to the trolley, making it easier to scan items.

The device should make shopping a lot easier for disabled customers because devices can be scanned
as they are placed in the trolley, stopping the disabled customers from having to get items in and out of
the trolley repeatedly. The clip can also be transferred from the trolley bar to another similar position
such as the arm of a wheelchair. The touch screen should assist any customers who do not have
reliable control of their small motor skills.

Cognitive Issues
The design of the device is particularly easy to learn because all of the functions are made obvious on
the device. The text was made as large as was feasibly possible so that the use of a User Guide or
instructions was not necessary. For the three buttons at the top of the touch screen, obvious symbols
were used to indicate the function of the button. For example the button „Add Item‟ has an analogical
„+‟ symbol next to it to indicate that something could be added. This should prompt recognition of the
function via the conditioning that was received through mathematical teaching and make learning how
to use the buttons even easier.

One of the most important aspects of this device relating to memory is the shopping list functionality.
This provides the possibility for the user to not have to remember a shopping list. The list is contained
in the device (input prior to shopping via diskette) and can be added to or reduced during the shopping
trip. When an item is added to the list, it appears as all the other items do. However when an item is
removed from the list it is deleted so as not to provide any confusion to the user. If an item which is on
the list is scanned in, the item receives a check mark next to it to provide the user with an obvious
indication of which items are not only on the list, but actually scanned in and therefore in the trolley.
This is designed specifically to help those shoppers who have difficulty in remembering what they have
already picked up and to stop shoppers from leaving without items that they needed.

The standard form that learning to use the device should take is to begin with a basic A4 sheet User
Guide. This guide provides a brief introduction to the device and some of its functions, along with
providing brief instructions on how to add and scan an item as well as how to remove an item. There
will also be double-sided A5 flyers provided next to the base stations so the user has a small and
portable version of the User Guide. This will provide quick reference to any of its functionality. The
flyers come in two flavours; one is a slightly more detailed walkthrough than that described in the User
Guide. The other flyer is a „screen map‟. This provides information on what each area of the screen
does, what it lists, and how to use it. The learning is assisted by the re-scanning of all products for the
first three shopping trips that the device is used on. This allows a trained cashier to ensure that the
device has been used properly and that the correct parts of each item have been scanned. It also allows
a chance for the user to ask any questions that may have become apparent through use of the device.

The device was designed with the idea of maximising positive transfer when using it. In order to
achieve this only standard interface principles were used, and no additional and creative controls were
9817773                                           CS231 – HCI                                             Page 7

added. One reason for this was that the user base for a device such as this is extremely varied and
while innovative controlling methods may have improved performance and functionality, it would have
provided to steep a learning curve for certain segments of the user base.

Additional items were added to the device purely to provide relevant information to the user. For
example the area of the screen that displays the arrival and current times may be seen as useless to
many people. It does however provide the user with the current time, particularly useful because it
saves the user from having to put down the scanner in order to turn their arm and look at their watch.
The arrival time could also be useful because that clock is stopped as soon as the device is removed
from the base station and so provides a reliable indicator of how long the user has been shopping for.

Usability Issues
The most obvious example of mapping provided with the device is one of the A5 flyers mentioned in
the sections above. This provides and exact replica of an example screen with information regarding
the purpose and contents of that particular area of the screen. The touch-screen will assist in most
usability problems regarding mapping because it can be used rather than using the 4-way directional
scroll pad, which may seem fiddly to some inexperienced or unstable users. Providing both methods of
input is important though. The 4-way scroll pad enables the device to be used with one hand because
the thumb of that hand holding the device can be used to control the functions of the device.

Visibility is enhanced with the device by making the screen as clear as possible and not cluttering it
with irrelevant information. The text was all made as large as possible so that the text and buttons are
visible. Different sized borders were used to indicate splits of functionality. All images used on the
screen are as large and clear as possible to enhance comprehension of the screen layout. A backlight is
provided, which can be turned on with the flick of a switch on the underside of the device. This
provides extra clarity for those users who may be hard of sight or in case the shop is too dark. This has
been deliberately added to stop users from having to strain their eyesight while using the device.

A method of providing user feedback from the device is an obvious contrast when the user selects
either an item from the shopping list, or one of the touch screen buttons. The highlight colour is black
to provide the greatest contrast possible. This not only allows the user to select items easily, but also
provides vital and obvious feedback to show the user that something has happened. Aural feedback
was not used in the creation of this device because it could have proved extremely annoying to have
constant audio feedback when there were many devices operational in the shop.

Forgiveness in the device is not a major issue. The only area where a users action would require
forgiveness could be in the unintentional deleting of an item from the shopping list. This is not a large
problem however, since the item can always be re-scanned if it is already in the trolley. It was decided
that the option of providing a confirmation dialog box would provide too much hassle and consume too
much time to make it worth including. The design of the device is robust which ensures that damage
through accidental dropping or other forms of abuse of the device should not cause undue damage.

Consistency tends not to be much of an issue with devices as small as this, however all the operations
are as consistent as is possible, with only minor adaptation necessary to use the different set of controls.

The easiest way to evaluate the device is to use a random distribution of customers throughout the
course of a week and provide an incentive for them to use the device. The progress and success can
then be tracked and it can be seen how useful the device is in assisting the average shopper. Choosing
customers at random allows for a scattered distribution, providing most different types of user for a
reliable and exhaustive evaluation of the device.
9817773                                         CS231 – HCI                                         Page 8

                       DIAGRAMS OF THE DEVICE

                                    Top Down view of the device

                                  ADD                REMOVE
                                 ITEM                 ITEM                  REVIEW

                      SHOPPING LIST          CURRENT ITEM       ARRIVAL          CURRENT
                     PEPPERONI PIZZA
                                             COLGATE            TIME             TIME

                     * CLGT PLATINUM         PLATINUM               10:52        11:34

                     DUTCH ROUND LETTUCE     TOOTHPASTE         ITEMS      ITEMS
                                                                IN LIST 12 LEFT       2
                     6 CHICKEN SATAY
                                            SAVE                    TOTAL COST
                     CEASAR SALAD           99P    £3.99            £23.56

                                       Profile view of the device                          Scroll

           Reader                                              Select Trigger

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