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        Can you feasibly catch a home equity loan after building your own
house on 4 separate credit cards?It seems like not a soul will finance
the building of our new home. We own a great credit score (we sold our
first home and broke even). They said,"we don't DO building loans" not
that it was us. So I figure... Can you find a home equity loan if I don't
hold a mortgage? Absolutely, if you own a home and own good credit (FICO
&gt; 620). Hello my dear do not full prey to those hoodlums at they that
call them self money lender they are all scam , adjectives they want is
your money and you well... Can you folder bakruptcy on a home equity
loan?i have loan for mortgage and a home equity loan at a different
company, thinking about bankrupcy on ccards and the home equity loan is
that possible to wallet on it and not your house the first loan Not
without them taking your house. Usually people directory bankruptcy after
house being... Can you get hold of a home equity loan while contained by
a debt government program?I just entered a debt admin program to get
control over my credit card debt. I have done this seperate from my
husband. Only my credit is artificial. Just after I entered into the
program, my husband started showing interest in a... Can you get hold of
a loan short using home equity?I know as a homeowner you can get a loan
using your home equity, but if you do not want to do that, are there any
other ways of getting a loan. Based on your credit rating / FICO win, you
can get a loan basically for anything you would... Can you help yourself
to out a home equity loan on your current home to put a down salary on an
investment property?Just wondering if I put a considerable down payment
on a home and built more equity over a few years if it would be possible
to take a home equity loan out to put a down settlement on... Can you
lose your college grant by getting a home equity loan? No. You can't lose
college grant by getting a home equity loan, because the essence of home
equity loan is to for home improvement, not for coaching. Banks that
issue home equity loan all require the applicants to tell them what the
money will be used for,... Can you lose your home equity loan on one of
your houses if one of your houses go foreclosure?I have 2 houses and I
can't keep paying one so I'm trying to bring a home equity loan for 50k
on one so I can open my new business and if the other one doesn't rent
out I will own no... Can you own $50,000 worth of credit card debt and
still bring back a home equity loan? If you are a first time borrower of
a home equity loan it is imperative that you have a checklist of
essential questions that you inevitability to ask each and every lender.
The answers to these questions will provide a useful reference... Can you
procure a home equity loan even if you already get a second mortgage?My
credit is not good right now because I own a lot of medical bills that I
have to recompense off along with some other debts. But I do own a lot of
equity in my home. I want to know how can i get my... Can you recommend a
hill for my home equity loan (in the SF Bay Area)?Has anyone had any
particularly angelic experiences with Bay Area banks when getting a home
equity loan? Have you tried any of the "when bank compete, you win" type
of sites? They get you multiple quotes from banks doing business locally.
Here are a couple of... Can you rob out a home equity loan to repay stale
your house? Interesting question. Hypothetically, yes, you could. But I
have more question than answers here. If you took out a home equity loan
against your house, to pay off your current loan for your house, you hold
just traded one loan for another, which... Can you seize a home equity
loan for a home that requests rehab?The home is paid for and no liens are
against it. The home would not pass inspection at this time. I
inevitability 20K to make it livable again. Someone told me that the bank
would lend the the money on the adjectives equity of the... Can you still
apply Home Equity Loan even thoght your contained by the process of
foreclosure? no you can singular approach a private lender Source(s):
http://www.getmaxloan.com/equity-loan.ht… No. Any lender worth anything
will discover the foreclosure. When you are in foreclosure, the lender in
the 1st lien position is going to filch your home and all your... Can you
use a co-signer to bring back a home equity loan?I have equity in my
house, and it is a substantial amount, however, next to all other bills
and stuff, my credit has taken a trounced. I was wondering if anyone
knows whether a co-signer would be an preference to obtain the equity to
pay the other bills... Can you use a home equity loan for something
excluding a home?I need a loan &amp; some people have suggested I look
into this because of the lower interest rates, instead of using high
interest (not to mention EVIL) credit cards. But it's not for a home
&amp; I don't have satisfactory collateral for the amount I'd like to...
Can you use the money from your home equity loan to buy another house?Say
I remodel my house, end up with 30k surrounded by equity, and take out a
home equity loan for that amount. Can I turn around and use that 30k as a
down payment on another property? I'd assume so, explicitly if any lender
would touch someone... Car Loan vs. Home Equity Loan?I recenly got
approved for a home equity loan. I am purchasing a car. I can draw from
the home equity loan for 6.6% with upfront cost for the loan at $3900. (A
30 year loan which I plan to pay support MUCH sooner). I won't pay enough
interest to capture a tax... Chapter and home equity loans?If you have a
1st for 188k and a second for 137k, but the home is valued currently at
220k, can the 2nd be partialy changed to unsecured debt as part of the
repayment plan? I doubt it but why? Pay the money you owe in recent times
as it is and you will thank... Closing cost on a home equity loan?we are
refinancing on a 120,000 loan and they are charging 8,000 in closing
cost. does this sound outrageous? Yes, but everything have gone up in
price because of inflation. Closing costs on home equity loan??yea so
are there closing costs on a home equity loan? If I have crap credit is
near a place that could help me. We are talking badd credit. Basically I
want to pay off some debts and arrest up on some bills. Need about
$10,000. There may be... Combining 2 home equity loans - how to claim on
taxes.?I am considering combining 2 home equity loans. At the moment I
can claim the interest paid on 1 of the loans as it was for home
renovation, but not the other. I rent my house out, and requirement to
know if I will still be able to claim... Consolidated business debts next
to home equity loan. Are those payments business expenses for taxes?I
consolidated several credit card debts with a home equity line of credit
and construct payments through my business every month. By business is an
S-Corporation. I use my business checking account for these payments as
the initial consolidated debt was adjectives business debt. ... Continued
from previous question/home equity loans?The house I am planning on
buying already has equity in it. If I plan to get hold of a home equity
loan to pay off adjectives of my other bills besides the house payment,
can I ask my lender who approved me for the home loan to give me a home
equity loan at... Costs/Negatives to verbs house work from my business to
personal ownership to receive home equity loan?My business owns a home;
and I want to transfer that home to myslef, in my own cross. The home is
paid-off. This will allow me to take out a home-equity loan. Are there
costs/tax rammifications? Is near a negative I cannot currently... Could
a home equity loan be ample?My husband and I bought our first home for
$325,000. We are considering in the next 2 years doing some highest
upgrades, like: 1) converting the carport to a 1 car garage 2) count a
10x25 addition on the back of the house that would house a foreign master
bathroom, walk-in closet and... Could George Bush bring out a home equity
loan out on the White House?What do you think? No. He does not actually
own the home, he newly gets to live there as subdivision of the job of
president. Credit Card debt w/ glorious APR'S should i appropriate out a
home equity loan?Hey everyone, i have a question. I owe nearly 30-35k in
credit cad debt with dignified APR's(13.99%) . I want to consolidate my
Credit cards and get rid of them forever ( darn things!), I live in
California and own a house surrounded by Washington. I owe... Current on
first mortgage, second is home equity loan. Any difference within
foreclosure if belatedly on home equity? No. The property secures the
home equity loan, and if you don't make the payments, the lender will
foreclose. Source(s): Oregon Realtor Great post! I completely read your
question. Money is hard for a great deal of... Debt consolidation
loans,home equity loans?me and my wife just bought a house 7 months ago
and when we moved in we did not realize how much we needed to obtain the
house adequete with furniture etc. so now we hold ran up quite a few
credit cards and enjoy a 4000 furniture bill that we are barely getting
by... More Home Equity Loansquestions please visit : RefinanceFreeFAQ.com

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