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					                             Content management system is a maintenance
tool for non-technical administrators. It facilitates content creation,
content control, editing, and many essential web maintenance functions
and also used to maintain a large, dynamic collection of Web pages. There
are many reasons to use content management system; the very first reason
is you can easily update the content of your website without having
knowledge of HTML. Changes to websites need to be made quickly, but many
designers can not do the work on time as they are busy with some other
works also. But with CMS you can do everything by yourself like updating
or adding a new content to your website, fix tiny errors etc. Also you do
not need to be waiting for your designer or programmer to doing such
small things. So you can save your time and money also. This is another
reason why we use CMS in our business. Changing the appearance or design
a website is very difficult especially if they have many Web Pages but
with the help of content management system you can easily change the
appearance or design of a website or sections of the website just by
choosing a new template. Some other reasons to use this system are,
nowadays many CMS software is online or web based which can be used by
multiple users. That means many users can use this system and update
anything and also you can access it from anywhere at any time. You just
need an internet connection and your laptop to use such system. There are
many systems that are available on the market. Easy content management
system is simple to use and easily understand by the people and also you
can work well with these systems. This system is basically stores your
website content in a database and also keeps the design of the website
separate from the content. The information is only accessible via the CMS
thereby providing better protection for your website content from many
standard website attacks. Good content management systems allow non-
technical users add and edit the content of a website without need to
know any HTML or web design knowledge. CMS also provides many plugging
and extensions that allow for a seemingly endless combination of
perfection. They have many features which are use in the website
development. The main use of using CMS is it make easier to optimize your
search engine results. That indicates your website can be visit by many
visitors and page rank of your website in Google results are also
increases. This system helps you to modify and add or delete pages in
such a way so that when the new pages are added, deleted or moved the
page navigation menu links are automatically adjusted on the pages of
your website. Content management system is user friendly and very cost
effective. It allows you to use inexpensive or free software and helps
you to save lots of money. So these are some of the reasons to use
content management system.

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