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					The Bellport Chamber of Commerce
sponsors, participates and volunteers                                                            ADVOCACY
in many Bellport events.
Join the Bellport Chamber of Commerce                                                            NETWORKING
and together we can help each other
and our communities.                                                                             COMMUNITY AWARENESS
                                                                                                 INTERNET AWARENESS

                Egg Hunt
                    Easter Egg Hunt
                  APRIL 23RD • 12 NOON
                    BeLLPORt DOck            How can I become                                    Membership
                                               a member?                                         Has Its Benefits
                                                Call us and we’ll send you a New Member          With the
                                              Application Form in the mail OR go online at
                                      and on the left
                                                                                                 Bellport chamber
                                                 click “How To Join.” Once there, you can        of commerce
                                               “Apply Online Now” and submit your form.          Serving the Bellport, East Patchogue and
         Bellport Day Festival                                                                   Brookhaven Hamlet communities
                                                     What are the dues?
 JULY 30tH • 12-5PM • BeLLPORt LANe           Individual or Civic non-profit member: $110
                                                        Business Member: $150
                                           Corporate Member (30 employees or more): $195
                                          Dues are based on a calendar year (January-December)
                                                       and are prorated after July

                                                    Who and where can I
                                                    pay to join or renew?
                                              Members can either send a check payable to:
Halloween Parade & trick-or-treat event        THE BELLPORT CHAMBER OF COMMERCE
       OctOBeR 29tH • NOON                        PO BOX 246, BELLPORT, NY 11713
                                                          or pay online at
        BeLLPORt FIReHOUSe                 WWW.BeLLPORtcHAMBeR.cOM
                                                    Go to Member Area > Pay Dues

                    soup contest


 Breakfast with Santa, Holiday events,
    Soup contest & tree Lighting                  PO Box 246, Bellport NY 11713
 NOVeMBeR 27tH - DeceMBeR 18tH                           631-776-9268
Which business do you think a                                                                                                                  2011 OFFIceRS
new customer will choose?                                                                                                                            PReSIDeNt
Assuming two businesses offer the same products and                                                                                                Dianne Romano
services — will the new customer choose the one that                                                                                               BELLPORT JEWELERS
belongs to no civic or business organizations or the
one that belongs to the local chamber of commerce?                                                                                                 VIce PReSIDeNt
Membership is only open to reputable companies so just                                                                                                Chris Hane
by being a member will add credibility to your business.                                                                                             MVP Automotive
It shows you care about your community.
                                                                                                                                                     Linda Lentini
ADVOcAcY                                                      NetWORkING &                                                                      TRADITION TITLE AGENCY
One voice. That’s what you have as a small business owner.    PROFeSSIONAL DeVeLOPMeNt
The chamber helps protect your interests and livelihood.      The Bellport Chamber of Commerce hosts monthly dinner                                   tReASUReR
Together we can make a difference. Join today and be heard.   meetings at member restaurants with engaging speakers                                   Lynn Burnett
                                                              and provides opportunities to network with other                                    HSBC BANK BELLPORT
cOMMUNItY AWAReNeSS                                           business owners. The Bellport Chamber of Commerce
Promote your business by adding our logo to your web-         is also an active member in the Brookhaven Coalition                             SeRGeANt-At-ARMS
                site and correspondence. Membership           of Chambers (BCCC) and the Long Island Convention &                                 Peter Romano
                shows you care about your community.          Visitors Bureau bringing even more opportunities for                                 BELLPORT JEWELERS
                The Bellport chamber endorses coop            business networking.
                 advertising sections in the Long Island
                 Advance, South Shore Press, Newsday,
                 NY Times, Gateway Playhouse Playbills
                                                              BeLLPORt DIScOUNt cARD
                 and local radio and TV stations. Mem-        Local stores and busi-
                                                              nesses that are Bellport
                                                                                                                                 2011 BOARD OF DIRectORS
                  bers get reduced rates and opportu-
                  nities to share advertising costs. Each     Chamber of Commerce                                                MeMBeRSHIP                        eVeNtS/PUBLIcItY
                  year we publish the Guide to Bellport       members can partici-                                               Chris Searles                       Meredith Avino
handbook given out free to all residents and visitors.        pate in this benefit of                                          SEARLES GRAPHICS                    AVINO’S ITALIAN TABLE
                                                              membership.       Offer
                                                              whatever discount or                                               NetWORkING                Dave Schultzer
INteRNet AWAReNeSS                                                                                                         Past President, Ron Trotta BELLPORT COLD BEER & SODA
As a member you receive free business listings on our         offer you would like
                                                              to the general public. Discounts are updated                 STERLING BUSINESS SYSTEMS
website and calendar postings of your business events                                                                                                               ARt DIRectOR/
and promotions. Members are                                   January and June of each year. Currently we have over               Pat Whitlock                    MeDIA cONSULtANt
listed alphabetically as well as                              1,400 discount card holders.                                  CHOICE HOME MORTGAGE                     Terry Tuthill
by category to insure access to                                                                                                                                   LONG ISLAND ADVANCE
                                                              INItIAtIVeS                                                    BANkING/FINANce
your information. Our website                                                                                                  Joseph Schwan
                                                              Each year we raise money for two High School Scholar-                                             eVeNt PHOtOGRAPHeR
receives almost 15,000 hits
                                                              ships, donate to the Bellport Garden Club for their main                  CPA                         Susanne Gude
per month and is growing
                                                              street initiatives, sponsor a South Country Little League                                             GUDE PHOTOGRAPHY
daily. Each member receives
a FREE web page www.bellportchamber.                          team, and now with our Bellport Rewards and Bellport
com/name of your business. We now use Constant Contact        Gives Back program, we also raise funds for all our local
for efficient emailing to members and discount card holders   charities. New this year is our Discover Historic Bellport                          ADVISORY BOARD
of your business promotions.                                  multi media program targeting our existing customer                       Christopher Jay, Esquire – Legal Matters
                                                              base as well as new customers from all over the NY area.     Dorothy Terwilliger, Bellport Village Trustee – Bellport Village Liaison
                                                                                                                              Erna Cuenin, Old Purchase Properties – Goodwill Ambassador
                                                                                                                                  Gil Wolmart, Tell Someone Inc. – Bellport Day Festival
                                                                                                                                   Jim Avino, Avino’s Italian Table –Chamber Historian
                                                                  The village by the bay
                                                                                                                           Owen Durney, South Country School Board – School District Liaison

WWW.BeLLPORtcHAMBeR.cOM                                          BELLPORT

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