Top Four Reasons to use an Independent Restoration Company for Mold Removal by anamaulida


									                             We recently reviewed a mold remediation
(professional removal and control) article that was written by a company
that ranked well in a major search engine search. To be fair it needs to
be stated that this company is a carpet cleaning company NOT a water
damage remediation company so they may have presented their misguided and
potentially tortious information in good faith with the purest intent;
unfortunately, however, the information they provided could make a bad
situation MUCH worse.The advice the carpet cleaning company suggested was
to open your windows in order to combat the mold.This advice is dead
wrong.Mold is a decomposer meaning that it's scientific function is to
break down waste material into its basic elements. As such, mold is
always in the air but its normal airborne concentration is negligible in
effect to most people. It is only when mold starts to congeal and grow
upon a host that the concentration becomes an issue. There are legally
binding and enforced control methods and procedures that MUST be adhered
to in order to stave off any liability any time a professional
remediation company handles mold and opening the window is NOT one. In
consideration of this grievous error, we present, the " Top Four Reasons
to use an Independent Restoration Company for Mold Removal".1. A less
qualified company can make serious errorsAs presented in the opening of
this document, the company in question, most likely, was presenting the
erroneous information in good faith. They may actually believe that their
advice is sound and they may employ their advice in the field which,
assumedly unwittingly, exacerbates and compounds the problem by, in this
case, spreading mold spores. Rather than professionally containing the
situation, as is professionally expected and legally required, opening
the window spreads mold spores throughout the area which can, easily, get
into the air conditioning system and infect the entire structure opposed
to a smaller contained area which is much easier to control and
remediate. This mistake can have grave effects on health and the eventual
remediation costs.2. A less qualified company may not have the correct
equipment or use their equipment effectivelyWithout professional
certification and continuing education a less qualified company may not
have made the necessary financial investment in professional equipment
for reasons as simple as they do not know they need the equipment. The
less qualified company may, for example, have a basic understanding of
the required process and make valiant efforts to employ their existing
infrastructure but such infrastructure may neglect a strategic filter
that effectively traps mold resulting in the less qualified company
unintentionally spreading mold.3. A less qualified company may
underestimate the situationWithout the proper equipment and education a
less qualified company can easily misstate the problem simply because
they cannot adequately assess the true scope of the issue. It is common
for a less qualified company to assess and "control" surface mold - mold
that is easy to see with the naked eye - because they lack wall
penetrating equipment, for example, and the expertise to use such
equipment. The lack of such equipment and expertise can result in a less
qualified company cleaning the tip of the iceberg but never seeing or
knowing the true depth of the iceberg. Such underestimation can easily
lead to future service calls for a much more severe problem.4. A less
qualified company may not adhere to current standardsUnless the less
qualified company takes it upon themselves to learn and maintain currency
with professional standards and legal requirements, the working knowledge
they have, is likely to be dated and could have a detrimental aggregate
effect. The professional water damage industry is constantly introducing
new and improved techniques and technology to assist the in-field
professional and is constantly being subjected to new and emerging
government regulations to maintain quality. Such advancements are likely
to be unknown to a less qualified company which could entail significant
issues down the road for the less qualified company and the property
owner.Using an Independent Restoration Company for Mold Removal protects
the interests of the structure owner. There is no guarantee that using an
less qualified company can save the structure owner any money but using
an Independent Restoration Company does guarantee that the job is done to
all industry and governmental standards as efficiently as possible with
the assurance that the Independent Restoration Company is using the
latest and greatest technology and techniques.Now you know.It's your
money.It's your choice.Choose WiselyChoose a customer focused,
independent emergency restoration company.

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