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Michael McKinlay – Sytel Champion for Outbound Regulation Compliance


									                          Michael McKinlay –
                          Sytel Champion for
                          Outbound Regulation
                          & Compliance
In the late 1990’s, automated outbound dialing and the productivity gains it brought were on the
brink of being outlawed.

In the face of an uncertain future, near hysteria and knee jerk reactions, Sytel CEO Michael McKinlay
emerged as the voice of reason, without which there may have been no automated dialing allowed
today. He became the leading industry representative to stand up and defend not only the rights of
the industry to use productivity-boosting technology, but also the rights of the consumer not to be

The table below shows a timeline of many of the activities Michael undertook both to guide the
regulators and to educate the industry.

Date         Action         Title                    Description
Nov 1995     Magazine       Buck Rogers and          Considering to what extent dialers can cope
             article        Dialing Under            with high levels of ‘no answers’
Jul 1996     Magazine       Redirecting to           Guidance on the various methods of
             article        Outbound/                outbound dialing, highlighting the problem of
                            Outward Bound            abandoned calls
                                                     Published in Asia Pacific Call Center News and
                                                     Call Centre Europe
Sep 1996     Magazine       Outbound: Making         Looking at ‘opt in’ versus ‘opt out’
             article        the Right Calls          telemarketing, precursors to the DNC (US) list
                                                     and TPS (UK)
Apr 1997     Magazine       Predictive Dialing –     Introduction to existing UK rules on predictive
             article        Rules that Matter        dialer behaviour.
                                                     Published in Voice+ and Teleprofessional
Jul 1998     Personal                                Sat on the advisory committee of the US DMA
Jan 1999     Magazine       Predictive Dialing – A   Comment on US DMA guidelines (pub. Jan
             article        Shockwave from the       1999) for predictive dialers
                            US                       Published in Call Center Management
Apr 1999     Magazine       New Guidelines for       Review of US DMA rules
             article        Predictive Dialer Use    Published in Call Center Solutions
May 1999     Magazine       Unpredictable? What      Outlining an approach to responsible dialing
             article        the future holds for     for the UK market
                            diallers                 Published in Connect
                                                                                          Version 1.1
May 1999   Press                                   Sytel announces that its predictive dialer will
           release                                 be sold worldwide compliant out-of-the-box
                                                   with US DMA guidelines
Jul 1999   Personal                                Speaker at Call Centres Africa, on moves by
           appearance                              DMAs toward standards for predictive dialers
Aug 1999   Magazine       Predictive Dialling: a   Assessing the impact of US DMA guidelines on
           article        Storm Blows in from      the UK market
                          the US                   Published in Customer Contact Solutions
Dec 1999   Personal                                Speaker at Call Center Japan conference, on
           appearance                              the move toward self-regulation
Mar 2000 – Email          Outbound Focus           Email newsletter to 3000 outbound
Jul 2003   newsletter                              professionals on outbound issues, including
           & web site                              dialer rules and compliance
Oct 2000   Magazine       Outbound Survives        Outlining an approach to responsible dialing
           article        California Nightmare,    for the UK market, following the attempt by
                          but Wins Few Friends     legislators in California to effectively ban
                                                   predictive dialing
                                                   Published in Customer Contact Solutions
Dec 2000   Magazine       Sytel Dares to be        On Sytel as compliant vendor
           article        Different – Dubbed       Published in CC News
                          ‘Moral Marketer’
Aug 2001   Magazine       New Codes of             Reviewing US and UK guidelines
           article        Practice to Pull         Published in Customer Interface Europe
                          Outbound Into Line
Aug 2001   Magazine       Outbound’s Steamy        Excerpted version of above article
           article        Situation                Published in Customer Interface
Jun 2002   Response in                             Appearance by invitation as the dialer industry
           person                                  representative at the FTC hearings in
May 2002   Response to                             Comments by Sytel to the California Public
           govt.                                   Utilities Commission (CPUC) on their draft
           consultation                            decision on the use of predictive dialers
Jul 2002   Press                                   Sytel announces its compliance with the new
           release                                 predictive dialing rules determined by the
Jan 2003   Response to                             Response from Sytel to the CPUC on their
           govt.                                   Workshop Report on the use of predictive
           consultation                            dialers
Jan 2003   Response to                             Response to a call for consultation from the
           govt.                                   Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on
           consultation                            proposed rules for predictive dialers
Feb 2003   Magazine       Meeting the              Advice on purchasing a predictive dialer that
           article        Legislative Challenge    complies with the Federal Trade Commission
                          to Predictive Dialing    (FTC) rules (pub. Jan 2003)
                                                   Published in DM News
Feb 2004   White          The Elimination of       Calls for vigilance to combat the negative
           paper          Silent Calls             impact of silent calls
Apr 2004    White          Predictive Dialing in    Looking at the current situation in the UK
            paper          the UK                   regarding rules for predictive dialers
Oct 2005    Published                               On self regulation in the outbound industry
            letter                                  Published in Marketing Direct
Mar 2006    White                                   Sytel’s public compliance statement in
            paper                                   response to Ofcom’s regulations for predictive
Dec 2006    Magazine       What to Look for         Contribution to article, looking at the
            article        When Buying              challenge of dialler performance under
                           Predictive Diallers      compliance
Jan 2007    Response to                             Submission to the Telecom Regulatory
            govt.                                   Authority of India (TRAI) on the use of
            consultation                            outbound technology in India
Sep 2007    Response to                             A paper for consideration at the FTC
            govt.                                   Collections Workshop on the use of dialers
            consultation                            and messaging systems in the US collections
Oct 2007    Published                               Letter correcting misconceptions on achieving
            letter                                  dialer performance under compliance
                                                    Published in Call Centre Focus (CCF)
Feb 2008    Response to                             Response to a call for consultation from the
            govt.                                   UK regulator, Ofcom, on the revision of its
            consultation                            rules for predictive dialers
Apr 2008    Magazine       Dialling up Trouble?     Contribution to a UK article on the responsible
            article                                 use of predictive dialling technology
                                                    Published in Call Centre Focus (CCF)
Jul 2008    White          The Challenge Posed      Looking at what compliance means for users
            paper          for Predictive Dialing   and how dialer selection has changed in a
                           in a Compliant Age       compliant age
Apr 2009    White                                   Sytel’s public compliance statement in
            paper                                   response to Ofcom’s revised regulations for
                                                    predictive dialers
Jul 2009    White          Establishing an          Guidance for telecom regulators on predictive
            paper          Orderly Outbound         dialing technology, and the rules currently in
                           Marketplace              force around the world
May 2010    Webinar/                                Discussion on the impact of the proposed
            online                                  increase by Ofcom in maximum fines for non-
            discussion                              compliance with regulations
                                                    Hosted by Call Centre Helper

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