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					Faculty: Veterinary Medicine                             Academic Year       2010-2011
Division of Clinical Sciences-Department of
Reproduction and Artificial Insemination
Code                 Name of the course                     Semester/Year        ECTS
DST 501              Reproduction, Artificial               Autumn/5             2
                     Insemination and Andrology
Course language      Turkish
Category             Required
Prerequisite         Not applicable
Course Webpage
Local Credit         Theoretical        Practical           Laboratory           Presentation Project/Field
2                    2                  8                   -                    -              -
Instructor(s)        Prof. Dr. Eşref DEMİRCİ                  (        Ext: 3885
                     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Seyfettin GÜR        (         Ext: 3884
                     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Tanzet BOZKURT (             Ext: 3895
                     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mustafa SÖNMEZ (                Ext: 3886
                     Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gaffari TÜRK         (               Ext: 3892
Assistant            Şeyma ÖZER

Content of the       Reproduction in female and male animals, reproductive biotechnology, andrology and
course               artificial insemination techniques in different animal species

                                                 Course Plan
Week Theoretical Subjects                                 Practical subjects
1    Introduction to reproduction, Anatomical             Showing of female reproductive tract in domestic
     structure of female reproductive system,             animals in abattoir
     examination of female reproductive tract
2    Anatomical structure of male reproductive         Showing of male reproductive tract in domestic
     system, examination of male reproductive tract    animals in abattoir
3       Reproductive hormones in females and males, Not applicable
        Hormonal mechanism of reproduction
4       Reproductive physiology (Oogenesis, Ovulation, Not applicable
        Spermatogenesis, Spermiation, Transport of
        gametes and fertilization)
5       Sexual cycles in female animals                   Showing of oestrus signs in domestic animals that
                                                          was brought to the reproduction clinic
6       Synchronization of oestrus, Practical methods     Application on domestic animals at Research and
        used in determination of oestrus                  Application Farm of Faculty
7       Embryo transfer, Advanced reproductive            Not applicable
        techniques, Production of sexed semen
8       Mid term                                          Mid term
9       Introduction to artificial insemination, semen    Not applicable
        and its contents, energy metabolism of
10      Semen collection techniques from domestic         Application on domestic animals and showing of
        animals, Examination and evaluation of            spermatological parameters in collected semen at
        semen                                             Research and Application Farm of Faculty
11      Postpartum stage, healing after parturition       Application on delivered domestic animals at
        and fertility parameters                          Research and Application Farm of Faculty
12      Dilution, handling and storage of semen           Showing of these processes in collected semen
                                                          from domestic animals in reproduction laboratory
13     Preparation for artificial insemination,           Showing of these processes in reproduction
       progeny test, examination of frozen-thawed         laboratory and clinic
       semen, preparation of artificial insemination
14     Artificial insemination techniques used in         Application on domestic animals that was brought
       domestic animals (cattle, horse, sheep, goat,      for artificial insemination to reproduction clinic
       dog, cat, pig and poultry)
15     Factors affecting the success of artificial        Different applications in domestic animals that
       insemination and enhancing applications for        was brought to the reproduction clinic
       its success

Text book(s)       1.      Text book of Reproduction, Artificial Insemination and Andrology in Domestic
                           Prof. Dr. Eşref DEMİRCİ

Reference books    1.     Hormones and Reproductive Physiology : Prof. Dr. Baki YILMAZ
                   2.     Artificial Insemination in Cattle: Prof. Dr. Kenan ÇOYAN
                   3.     Applied Artificial Insemination in Cattle: Prof. Dr. Ali DAŞKIN
                   4.     Reproductive Management in Cattle Enterprises: Prof. Dr. Ali DAŞKIN
                   5.     Applied Animal Reproduction: B.J. Fuguay
                   6.     Reproduction in Farm Animals: E.S.E. Hafez

Assessment                                                                    Number       Contribution to GPA
                   Mid term                                                   1            40
                   Pop-quiz                                                   -            -
                   Homework                                                   -            -
                   Projects                                                   -            -
                   Term project                                               -            -
                   Laboratory                                                 -            -
                   Others                                                     -            -
                   Final exam                                                 1            60
About assessment

Contribution of    Medical Sciences                                           100
the contents (%)   Engineering                                                -
                   General Sciences                                           -
                   Social sciences                                            -

Learning           Ability to make semen analysis and artificial insemination in different kind of animals
Goals              Introduction of reproductive system to students and given necessary theoretical and basic
                   knowledge to make semen analysis and artificial insemination in different kind of animals
Course Format      Visual presentation via projector

                          Relation between the learning and program outcomes
                               Outputs                                     1                   2             3
                                                                 Contribution : 1:None 2:Partially 3:Completely
Prepared by: Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gaffari TÜRK
Date of preparation: 16 May 2011

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