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					Christmas 2008

                         The     PULSE
                         The QuarTerly NewsleTTer of AMNioN CRiSiS PREgNANCY CENTER

 Thanks to all
 who helped us
 celebrate!                Blessed by God’s Gifts
 PAge 3

  Changing Hearts...
    Saving Lives
                           These names are representative of the babies, their mothers, fathers, grandpar-
     BRYN MAWR             ents, and all who were helped at Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Centers this year.
   944 Haverford Road
  Bryn Mawr, PA 19010
    610-525-7671 Fax

   2251 Garrett Road
 Upper Darby, PA 19026
     610-622-9957                                                                      iNSiDE THiS iSSUE
   610-622-9964 Fax
                                                                                       a Time of Transition ............... 2
 645 E. Baltimore Pike                                                                 Banquet in Brief ..................... 3
 Kennett Sq, PA 19348                                                                  relationship education .........4-5
     610-444-7172                                                                      wish list ................................ 6
   610-444-9256 Fax
                                                                                       Changed lives ....................... 6                                                                    Development update ............. 7                                                                     sohl sunday ........................ 8
                                                                                       how you Can help ................ 8
    DIReCTOR’S Desk
    A TiME oF TRANSiTioN                                             a concentration in Counseling. She is currently a candi-
                                                                     date for a Doctor of Ministry degree in Urban Studies at
    by Joan E. Boydell
                                                                     Westminster. Patty has passion for working with women,
                                                                     internationals, and the urban poor. She has extensive
    Because of your friendship and support of Amnion, I
                                                                     leadership and group facilitation experience and is a con-
    want to share with you a significant transition. After
                                                                     fident manager. She is a visionary planner, able to drive
    more than nineteen years as Amnion’s Senior Executive
                                                                     organizational goals to accomplish a compelling mission,
    Director, I am retiring. I believe this is God’s timing for me
                                                                     and to mobilize staff and volunteer teams.
    personally as well as for Amnion’s growth in the future.
    I will continue to expand my work with Care Net and its
                                                                     Patty is a wife, mother, and grandmother with a deep and
    eleven hundred member centers, serving as a trainer and
                                                                     abiding love for Christ and His Kingdom. Her grace, gen-
    mentor to pregnancy centers wherever needed, including
                                                                     tle manner, and keen intelligence will enhance the min-
                                                                                                     istry and propel Amnion
                                                                                                           into the future, for
    Think back to the
                                                                                                           the glory of God!
    exciting swimming
                                                                                                          Please welcome her
    relays of the Summer
    Olympics. The 4x100
    meter relay race was
                                                                                                         Thank you for all the
    the event that would
                                                                                                         financial and prayer
    boost Michael Phelps
                                                                                                         support you have
    to his eighth gold
                                                                                                        given me over the
    medal, an Olympic
                                                                                                        years. There is a say-
    record. Before that
                                                                                                        ing that “people give
    could happen, two
                                                                                                       to people.” We tend
    other     swimmers
                                                                                                       to identify ministries
    had to part the
                                                                                                       with their leaders, and
    water, so to speak,
                                                                                                      my face and voice have
    and give their best
                                                                                                      become deeply con-
    efforts first. Their names are not
                                                                                                      nected with the identity
    as widely recognized, but their contributions were essen-
                                                                     of Amnion. It is my hope that your faithful support of the
    tial. Michael did an amazing job slicing through the
                                                                     mission of Amnion will not lag in the future.
    water, but the job was not done. Someone else had to
    come behind him. It was Jason Lezak who clinched that
                                                                     Amnion has been a mighty influence in my husband
    race and secured the gold. His record setting split of
                                                                     Bruce’s and my life for almost twenty years. We are both
    46.06 seconds will go down among the greatest swims of
                                                                     deeply grateful for the opportunity to serve in such a vital
    all time.
                                                                     ministry. I thank God for His kindness to us. Please
                                                                     pray for Patty Comber and everyone at Amnion as we go
    Amnion is going for the gold too! With humility and com-
                                                                     through this transition.
    passion, it is our desire to give our very best to accom-
    plish Amnion’s mission. It is my delight to introduce
                                                                     I would be delighted to hear from you at any time, and can
    to you Amnion’s leader for the next important lap. The
                                                                     always be reached through email at
    Board of Directors searched diligently, and found a gem
                                                                     Thank you, and may the Lord bless you abundantly!
    in Patty Comber. Patty comes to Amnion after eighteen
    years as the Associate Dean of Students of Westminster           Pictured Above: Outgoing Senior Director Joan Boydell
    Theological Seminary. She holds a Bachelor of Science            welcomes Patty Comer, Amnion’s new leader
    degree in Education from Southern Illinois University
    and a Masters of Divinity degree from Westminster with

A Night to RememBeR
Thanks to all who helped us celebrate
twenty-five years of faithful service!                                   BANQUeT IN
Amnion’s 25th Anniversary Banquet and Auction was
a festive celebration with 420 guests in attendance at
the Drexelbrook Conference Center on Friday evening,
October 24, 2008. Highlights of the evening included
presentation of a Distinguished Community Partner
Award to the Upper Darby School District in honor of
their faithful support of Amnion’s Relationship Education
program received by William Magee, Health and Physical
Education teacher. Amnion recognized and honored             Former employee Trish DiFilippo and current staff Tina
Crossroads Community Church with a Distinguished             Mooney, Toni Davis, and Ryan King shared their person-
Church Partner Award presented to Dr. Tim Witmer and         al journeys with Amnion and with the Lord. The guests
Pastor David VanMeerbeke. Crossroads not only part-          enjoyed inspiring insights into why Amnion is much
nered with Amnion to facilitate the opening of our Upper     more than a job. Working at Amnion enables each staff
Darby center but their commitment has gone far beyond        member “to continue to work out their salvation” while
in dedicated and regular financial support, volunteer help   leading others along the paths of righteousness.
and board service.
                                                             Concluding Joan’s last inspiring and motivating message
Joan Boydell, our Senior Director, publicly announced her    as Senior Director at an Amnion banquet, she announced
retirement from Amnion after 19 years of service. Much       her successor as Patty Comber who will lead Amnion
to Joan’s surprise Cheryl Bittner, our Board Secretary,      Crisis Pregnancy Centers into the next phase of ministry.
honored Joan with a beautiful matching crystal necklace      This memorable event raised $160,000 in one-time gifts
and earrings. Jane Winn, with the help of Joan’s two         and pledges. We are very grateful for the generous finan-
granddaughters, presented Joan with a custom-made            cial support and warm encouragement we received from
quilt of Amnion Walk for Life T-shirts.                      everyone in attendance.

                                                                                NEWS FRoM >

    JASON’S Story
    A Relationship Education team member
    reflects on three years with Amnion.

    I first saw Amnion’s Relationship Education (RE) pre-
    sentation in college. The concepts blew me away and
    I instantly found myself interested in the program. In
    the months following, the then-director of the RE team,
    Melissa Allison Brown, trained me as a volunteer for the
    program. Not only did she train me to present my story,
    but she had much to do in personally helping me mature.
    Even a saying as simple as “think before you act”—some-
    thing I’d heard many times before—transitioned from an
    idea to daily practice with Melissa’s guidance.

    The first time I ever presented for Amnion, I only spoke
    for about five minutes. My story was simple but powerful:
    I was a man who was also a virgin, and proud to say I was
    waiting until I was married to have sex. I thought that was
    the only thing I had to offer to the program. However,
    having grown in these past three years while working at       Instead, if I were to protect all my petals—not pass them
    Amnion I now have so much more to share.                      out to any girl but learn self-control, and how to treat a
                                                                  girl right—I could show my wife that I’d been thinking
    One of the concepts I’ve always loved to present is what      of her even before I knew her. That with every decision
    it means to be a real man and a future husband. Using         I’d made, I had considered how it would affect her. The
    a rose as a visual aid, I’d explain to the students that it   whole rose would express that I’d been loving her even
    was for my future wife. The rose represented my heart         before I knew her name. When I met her, I could ask her
    and my character. For a long time I had no idea who my        to trust me to be a real man and she would see proof that
    wife would be, but the rose was for her nonetheless. I        I am trying to build my character for me and for her.
    asked the students: what would happen if I gave a petal
    to each girl I came across just because that’s the thing to   This illustration came to life recently. Not only have
    do? Giving one to this girl because that’s what makes me      I found the one that I will give all my petals to, but it
    the man, that girl because she’s cute, or even this other     brought me great joy to share that special day with
    girl because I think I’m in love? By the time I reached my    Melissa and Toni and the rest of the Amnion family. God
    wife, all I’d have left is a stem.                            has blessed me with an environment where I can learn,
                                                                  grow, and be encouraged to continue to pursue what it
                                                                  means to be a real man.

                                                                  Pictured Above: Amnion’s Jason Figueroa with his new wife Brittney.

>< Relationship Education
    What We’re ABOUT
    This innovative program reinforces self-
    worth and real-life relationship skills.

    Amnion’s Relationship Education (RE) Program is deliv-
    ered by a diverse group of young adults. Our approach is
    both realistic and optimistic. We want to communicate
    the truth about sex to the next generation. Students,
    teachers and parents are responding positively across the
    board to our empowering and informative classroom pre-
    sentations. In the 2007-08 school year more than 17,000
    students were challenged with the message of abstinence.
    The RE staff also provides afterschool programs where
                                                                      “Thank you for coming to Penncrest HS.
    students can continue the conversations about purity
    and integrity that are begun in the classroom. Facebook,           I am a 9th grader at PHS. I agree with
    YouTube, and MySpace are being used to reinforce these            everything that was taught to us during
    concepts.                                                          the presentation. Many of my friends
                                                                       enjoyed it too! Thanks again!” - Brigid

        2008-09                                E.M Stanton Middle School         E.T Richardson Middle School
                                               Phoenixville High School          Phoenxville Middle School
        liST oF SCHoolS                        Avon Grove Charter School         Liedy Middle School
                                               Agnes Irwin                       Great Valley High School
        Potter Thomas Middle School            Clymer Middle School              Radnor High School
        Turner Middle School                   Kennett Middle School             Villa Maria High School
        Collegium Charter School               Nebinger Middle School            Delaware County Christian School
        Upper Darby High School                Audenried High School             Penncrest High School
        Beverly Hills Middle School            Norristown High School            Interboro High School
        Drexel Hill Middle School              North Brandywine Middle School    West Chester University
        Upper Darby High School                Scott Middle School               Haverford College
        Feltonville Middle School              Marple Newtown High School        Eastern University
        McDaniel Middle School                 Perkiomen Vally Middle School
        Phoenixville High School               Perkiomen Valley High School
        Constitution High School
        Kensington High School
        Morton McMichael Middle School

                                             CHANgeD Lives
    AMNioN’S WiSH liST
                                             oPEN DooRS, oPEN HEARTS
    Volunteer Needs:                         by Megan Thompson
    •	 Office Assistance:                    My mind was racing as I tried to figure out how to
    We are looking for anyone in high        help her. Before I knew what I was saying, I offered
    school or above with an eye for detail   to go with her to Amnion, a crisis pregnancy center
    to help with mailings, data entry, and   that I’d recently worked with my youth group to help
    other administrative work.               open in Upper Darby. She flashed ultrasound pic-
                                             tures under her desk as she told me that she already
    •	 Material Assistance:                  had three abortions and was freaking out because the
    We need volunteers who will sort and     doctor told her that if she had another one, she prob-
    organize baby clothes, supplies, and     ably would never be able to have a baby. It was our
    equipment.                               first week of high school, we were only 14, we didn’t
                                             even know each other and she was asking me for
    •	 Handyman/woman Assistance:            help. Scared and uncertain we went to Amnion the
    We are in need of handy volunteers       next week. Amnion immediately and enthusiastically
    who will clean and/or paint.             opened their doors and hearts to us.

                                             Every week, for the rest of the school year, my nana
    Client Needs:
                                             picked the two of us up from school to go to counsel-
                                             ing at Amnion. I learned a lot during those counseling
    •	 New or gently used single and
                                             sessions, about boys, about babies, about life, about
    double strollers, cribs with all the
                                             God, about unconditional love. My regular visits to
    hardware, new crib mattresses, pack
                                             Amnion that year inspired me to do more, so I began
    n’ plays, clothes up to size 2T, and
                                             to volunteer regularly and by my senior year I took on
    new infant car seats, diapers (espe-
                                             an internship at Amnion. Upon graduating, I left for
    cially sizes 3 and above), wipes, and    Boston to go to college, closing the chapter in my life
    unexpired and unopened formula.          that was so defined by Amnion. Or so I thought.

    •	 Gently used maternity clothes         During college, my roommate became pregnant, and
                                             while there was no Amnion in Boston, I remembered
    office Needs:                            those open doors that offered so much hope and those
                                             open hearts that loved so unconditionally. Through
    •	   20” TV with DVD player              the impact that Amnion had on my life and by God’s
    •	   A couch                             grace, I found courage and strength and did my very
    •	   New curtains                        best to offer that same hope and same unconditional
    •	   Three 3-drawer file cabinets        love to my roommate. Once again, although unknow-
                                             ingly, Amnion helped to save another life.
    If you feel led to help with one or
    more of these needs, please contact
    our Office Manager Joy Peirce at
    610-525-1557 or jpeirce@amnion.              UPCoMiNg PACE DATES
    org. Thank you for your support!

                                                 Amnion’s Bryn Mawr and Kennett Square centers
                                                 will be hosting free PACE (Post-Abortion Counseling
                                                 & Education) support groups in January. Please
                                                 call Jane Winn or Tina Mooney/Bryn Mawr (610-
                                                 525-1557) or Holly Favino/Kennett Square (610-
                                                 444-7172) for dates and to register.

Development UPDATe
Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Centers are wholly dependent                 In this age of “less is more,” you might consider a gift to
upon the generosity of individuals and organizations that            Amnion to honor someone’s memory, birthday, or even
believe in our work and ministry. We are humbled to                  to celebrate our Savior’s birth at Christmas.
receive your financial contributions, and we always strive
to be trustworthy stewards of your gifts.                            Also, Amnion recently received a check for $46.40 from
                                                                     Good Search. This check represents approximately 4,640
THANKS To oUR RECENT DoNoRS                                          internet searches conducted through on
                                                                     behalf of Amnion. Please consider making GoodSearch.
In October, a gift was made in memory of Nicholas and                com your default search engine for Internet searching
mary Carmen Valenzano.                                               and shopping.

Many thanks to Home Insured Inc. for installing a new                iRA RolloVER REiNSTATED
door in our Bryn Mawr center; to Shane Daniels for
extending a professional discount to Amnion for record-              Taxpayers 70 1/2 or older are permitted to make tax-free
ing and editing the Relationship Education video clips;              charitable contributions to Amnion from their IRA and
and to The Law Offices of Charles W. Proctor III                     Roth IRA accounts, up to $100,000. Please call Karen
for providing a beautiful conference table and six chairs            Hess, Director of Development (610-525-1557) for addi-
for our administrative office.                                       tional information about this opportunity.

             The PULSE is a newsletter published quarterly by Amnion Crisis Pregnancy Center.
      BoARD oF DiRECToRS                    Irene Taraborrelli                        Michelle Alexandrowicz
                                            Bookkeeper                                Relationship Educator
      Stacy Skinner, President
      Jim Hall, Vice President              BRYN MAWR CENTER                          KENNETT SQUARE CENTER
      Cheryl Bittner, Secretary
      George Daly, Treasurer                Jane K. Winn, MSS, LSW                    Holly Favino, MA
      Bob Bennett                           Center Director                           Center Director & Counselor
      Doug Hayes
      Jack Matsinger                        Tina Mooney, MA                           Emily Cross
      Dotti McKinley                        Counselor                                 Client Advocate

      ADMiNiSTRATioN                        Vincent Calloway, MSS, LSW, CEAP          UPPER DARBY CENTER
      Joan E. Boydell, MA, LPC                                                        Irene N. Jensen, MA
      Senior Director                       RElATioNSHiP ED. TEAM                     Center Director & Post Abortion
                                                                                      Program Coordinator
      Patricia H. Comber, MDiv              Toni Davis
      Executive Director                    Director of Relationship Ed.              Cristine Clark, MA
      Karen Hess, MSE                       Jason Figueroa
      Director of Development               Relationship Educator                     Debbie Matsinger, RN, BSN
                                                                                      Nurse Manager
      Linda Sywulak                         Jaron Johnson
      Development Associate                 Relationship Educator                     Gretchen Schwartzman, RN, BSN
                                                                                      Childbirth Educator
      Joy Peirce                            Ryan King
      Office Manager                        Relationship Educator

           Amnion’s official registration and financial information may be obtained from the PA Department
           of State by calling toll-free (within PA) 800-732-0999. Registration does not imply endorsement.

                                                                                             U.S. POSTAGE PAID
                                                                                             WAYNE, PA
                                                                                             PERMIT NUMBER 11

944 Haverford Road | Bryn Mawr, PA 19010

The     PULSE
                       DoNATE               rg
                      w ww.Suppo

                                                    Amnion needs your help to bring our
       SANCTiTY                                     life-affirming resources to the clients of
       oF HUMAN liFE                                the Greater Philadelphia area!
       On January 18, 2009 we commem-
                                                    $25: Educational materials
       orate the annual celebration of Sanctity     $40: One-month supply of pregnancy test kits
       of Human Life Sunday. Many of the
       churches who support Amnion rec-
                                                    $50: Six-month supply of STI tests
       ognize this important anniversary with       $250: One Relationship Education presentation
       a special sermon and promotion of
       Amnion’s services. If you would like to
                                                    $1,000: Counseling throughout a pregnancy
       have an Amnion speaker at your 1/18          $1,700: 10-week PACE group for 5 women
       service, participate in “Make Change
       for Life” (Baby Bottle) Campaign, have
                                                    $11,700: Sustain the Kennett Square center for 1 mo.
       a diaper/wipes drive, and/or have            $18,800: Sustain the Bryn Mawr center for 1 mo.
       bulletin inserts, please contact Linda       $19,200: Sustain the Upper Darby Center for 1 mo.
       Sywulak as soon as possible at lin- or 610-525-1557.              $17,100: Sustain the Relationship Ed. program for 1 mo.

                                                    PlEASE BE AS gENERoUS AS PoSSiBlE!

                                                  25 years and beyond!25

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