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                       September 15, 2010

Brenda Heim, Chace Anderson, Jill Johnson, Gabe Lofton, Brenda Arrington,
Shelly Nelson, Kristin Tollison, Donna Marget, Bob Wittman, Susan Gaither,
LaDonna Hoy, Marcia Treno, Susan Sommerfeld, Charlene Barghini, Heidi Guetzkow,
Kathy Ernst, Katie Jackelen, Lauren Stufft, Nikita Suri, Diane Evans, Becky Halvorson,
Cindy Carlson, Judi Nelson, Janet Carlson, Linnéa Fonnest, Laurie Ahrens,
Terese Atkins, Katy Hemmah, Cheryl Lubinski, Kris Korsmo, Leah Hughes,
Margaret Rookey, and Carol Bergenstal
Brenda Heim called the meeting to order and led introductions for all in attendance.
    The May CICC minutes were approved, as written.

   Superintendent Chace Anderson led the discussion and provided an overview of
    the direction of the School District in the coming year.
   Dr. Anderson explained that 40% of the members of his 44-member Leadership
    Council are new to the district or new to their positions in the district this year.
   With the new team in place, the district is now better aligned for organizational
    excellence --- and is aligned both vertically and horizontally.
   Dr. Anderson shared the Strategy Map which helps describe Wayzata School
    District and the initiatives underway.
   This approach is based on the work of Rich Horwarth, author of Deep Dive: The
    Proven Method for Building Strategy, Focusing Your Resources and Taking
    Smart Action.
   Dr. Anderson shares the premise that great organizations set out to be leaders in
    one of the three value disciplines outlined by Horwarth.
   Leadership in Student Learning is the value discipline of highest priority for the
    Wayzata School District.
   Dr. Anderson introduced the newest members of his team and asked each for a
    brief overview of their roles:
                   Dr. Jill Johnson, Executive Director of Teaching and Learning
                        o Taking time to learn Wayzata's history and culture.
                        o All principals will report to Dr. Johnson
                        o Will focus on areas that have the strongest effect on the
                        o Essential that Wayzata be a learning organization, and
                              professional learning teams are a critical factor to ensure that
                              will be the case.

                          o It is essential to measure success, and Performance Matters (the
                            district's new assessment and data management system) will be
                            very helpful in that process.
                        o Principals will also be in the classrooms to monitor progress.
                   Ms. Shelly Nelson, Director of Curriculum and Instruction
                        o Ms. Nelson will be provide the leadership and direction for
                            curriculum and instruction, including professional development.
                        o The goal is to increase student achievement for all students.
                        o The district is getting better at data analysis and is working with
                            the technology department to enhance the evaluation experience.
                        o Social studies and science are the two subjects that are in the
                            cycle for curriculum review this year.
                   Dr. Gabe Lofton, Director of Academic Excellence and Equity
                        o Dr. Lofton's goal is to work to increase the achievement level of
                            all students and close the achievement gap.
                        o An Equity Plan has been developed and will be implemented
                            over the next 3 years.
                        o The Gifted and Talented programs in the district are under
                        o The Alternative Learning Center is also under review.
                   Dr. Brenda Arrington, Director of Research and Evaluation
                        o Dr. Arrington's expertise is data analysis.
                        o Her goal is for everyone in the district to look at data from the
                            same set of lenses and to have consistency in the interpretation
                            of that data.
                        o Performance Matters will enable to district to perform formative
                            and summative assessments of student achievement.
                        o Wayzata is the only district in the state to have Performance
                            Matters, and it will be a "game changer" in education.
                        o It is user-friendly, intuitive and will be an important tool to help
                            the district achieve its goal of personalized learning.

    A motion was made by Susan Sommerfeld and seconded by Kristin Tollison to
     nominate Becky Halvorson, Social Worker at WHS, and Judy Hanson, Chemical
     Health Coordinator, to fill the position (sharing the role) on the CICC Executive
     Committee that was vacated when Jessica Cardwell left the community.
    Brenda Heim asked three times for any additional nominations from the floor.
    Hearing none, Brenda called for a vote and the motion to elect Becky and Judy
     passed unanimously.

WHS - JamFest
   YES students Lauren Stufft and Nikita Suri explained that JamFest will take place
      on October 9 at WHS.
   This event is targeted to youth and adults and will include the appearance of
      popular band Quietdrive.

       Tickets are $10 and proceeds will go to support Fund a Need, the program
        organized by Club YES coordinator Mary Kay Williams to provide coats, clothes,
        supplies, etc., for WHS students who are in need.
Children's Dental Services
     Kristin Tollison reported that the first day of appointments on September 13th for
        Children's Dental Services (located at Wayzata Community Clinic) went well.
     Going forward, Children's Dental Services will provide dental care on the first
        Monday of each month, beginning on October 4, 2010.
     If the need grows, more days will be added into the schedule.
     Appointments are required. Call 612-746-1530 and ask for the Wayzata
        Community Clinic location.
     Children's Dental Services is also committed to provide emergency dental
        services within 24 to anyone in need, at a site somewhere in the metro area.
Interfaith Outreach & Community Partners
     LaDonna announced that IOCP has raised $5.32 million toward their goal of $5.5
        million and will close on the site of their new home (in the old Erickson's New
        Market at 101 and County Road 6, across from Oakwood Elementary) on
        September 30.
     The new building will provide opportunities for IOCP and its community
        partners to build capacity to serve families in our community.
     A re-sale shop, food shelf, space to accommodate social work interns from local
        colleges and universities, and multi-use space for learning opportunities will all be
     The annual IOCP Sleep Out this year will run from November 12 to December
     The kick-off for the Sleep Out will take place on Saturday, November 13 at
        Klapprich Field.
     The funds raised through the Sleep Out support the operations of IOCP, and the
        goal this year is $1.8 million.
     The need in our community is great, and IOCP must turn away 20 families a
Literacy Program
     Charlene Barghini explained that the Literacy Program will start again soon at all
        of the elementary schools in the Wayzata School District.
     This program pairs fragile leaders with adult volunteers who come to school
        weekly or semi-weekly to listen to students read.
     For more information contact Charlene at 763-745-5208 or
Backpack Buddies
     Marcia Treno shared that the Backpack Buddies is underway, thanks to help from
        YES students and other volunteers.
     This program provides healthy snacks and nutrition information to students (and
        their families) who receive Caring for Kids Initiative early childhood care and
        education scholarships.

      Contact CfKI Executive Director, Brenda Heim at (952) 288-2568 or if you would like to help.

Ridgedale YMCA
    Heidi Guetzkow announced that the Ridgedale YMCA will host a Pumpkin Party,
      open to the entire community, on October 30.
    Plans are also underway to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Ridgedale
      YMCA in November.
    Check out the Y's website for updates on these events:

CONECT Homework Clubs
   Kris Korsmo announced that Homework Clubs will begin again soon at all of the
    CONECT neighborhoods (multi-family housing communities in Plymouth).
   Contact Kris at for more information or to sig up.

The meeting was adjourned at 4:40 PM.

Respectfully submitted,
Carol Bergenstal

October 13, 2010
3:00 PM to 4:30 PM
Room A 413, Central Middle School


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