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									      Flushing Lodge #298
         LEO Program
      Leadership Qualities
         April 21st, 2005

      “What all great leaders have in

In an effort to make good men better
Some Great Leaders
       Thomas Jefferson                        Abraham Lincoln

 Jefferson (1743-1826), born in         Born in the backwoods of Kentucky
 Goochland, Virginia, was a             in 1809, Lincoln (1809-1865) worked
 philosopher, architect, statesman,     as a rail splitter, boatman,
 and third president of the United      postmaster, surveyor, storekeeper,
 States. He also served as governor     lawyer, state legislator, and
 of Virginia, minister to France,       congressman before gaining
 secretary of state, and vice           national attention during debates for
 president. Jefferson is best known     election to the US Senate. When he
 for being the primary author of the    was elected the 16th US President,
 Declaration of Independence, and       seven states had already seceded
 for the Louisiana purchase, which      from the Union, to be followed by
 doubled the size of the country. He    four more. He guided the US
 spent his years after the presidency   through five years of traumatic civil
 establishing the University of         war and issued the Emancipation
 Virginia.                              Proclamation to outlaw slavery in
                                        the United States. His Gettysburg
                                        Address, written on the train ride to
                                        the battlefield, is still considered a
       Benjamin Franklin                       Dwight D. Eisenhower

Franklin (1706-1790), born in              Eisenhower (1890-1969) was born in
Boston, Massachusetts, was an              Denison, Texas. He graduated from
American author, printer, inventor,        West Point in 1915, became a
scientist, publisher, printer, and         captain during World War I, and
diplomat. He was truly a man of            served under General Douglas
many talents. Franklin was known           MacArthur in the 1930's. After US
for his wit and humor, much of which       entry into World War II he was
was published in Poor Richard's            selected as commander of US
Almanac, and for his proof that            forces in Europe, and led invasions
lightning was a form of electricity by     of North Africa and Italy. He planned
experimenting with a kite in a             and led the Allied invasion of
thunderstorm. He played a pivotal          Europe. After the war he succeeded
role in the revolutionary and              General George C. Marshall as
formative years of the United States.      Army Chief of Staff, then retired to
He helped draft the Declaration of         become president of Columbia
Independence in 1776, represented          University. In 1951 he returned to
the US in France during the war, and       service as supreme commander of
was involved in negotiating the            NATO, and in 1952 'Ike' ran for
peace with Britain in 1781. He was a       election and became the 34th US
stabilizing figure at the Constitutional   President.
Convention in 1787. Franklin
founded the world's first public fire
department, the first public lending
library, and what later became the
University of Pennsylvania.
    Winston Churchill                     Dale Carnegie

Sir Winston Leonard Spencer         Carnegie (1888-1955), born in
Churchill (1874-1965), was an       Maryville, Missouri, started out
author, orator, statesman,          as a traveling salesman. He
member of Parliament, cabinet       began teaching public speaking
secretary, and the British Prime    at a New York YMCA in 1912.
Minister who lead England           His book Art of Public
through the trying years of         Speaking was published in
World War II. His inspirational     1915. He became a well known
speaking held his country           public speaker, and a pioneer in
together through the 'blitz' of     personality development,
German bombardment, while           eventually teaching private
his negotiating skills held         courses and creating a chain of
together the shaky alliance         schools. He is perhaps best
between the US and Russia.          known for his 1936 book "How
After the war, he coined the        to Win Friends and Influence
phrase 'iron curtain' to describe   People", which has sold over
Soviet control of eastern           10 million copies in 30
Europe. Churchill was knighted      languages.
for his service and awarded the
Nobel Prize for Literature in
1953 for his book "The Second
World War."
   George Washington                     Harry S. Truman

Washington (1732-1799), born        Truman (1884-1972), born in
in Westmoreland County,             Lamar, Missouri, was a captain
Virginia, was commander in          in World War I, a judge, a
Chief of American forces during     senator, vice president, and,
five harsh years of the             following the death of Franklin
Revolutionary War, and at times     Roosevelt, the 33rd US
held his troops together with       president. He was known for his
little more than his own            strong basic values, his no-
willpower. After the war he         nonsense attitude, and his plain
played a vital roll in presiding    speaking. While Truman
over the Constitutional             received rough treatment from
Convention of 1787, and was         his critics while in office, he is
elected the first US president in   one of the most admired past
1789.                               presidents. Among his
                                    accomplishments were bringing
                                    the second World War to a swift
                                    conclusion, helping to establish
                                    NATO and the UN, and
                                    implementing the Marshall Plan
                                    for economic recovery in
                                    Europe after the war.
Norman Vincent Peale            John Wooden

A Methodist minister,        Considered the greatest
Peal, born in Bowersville,   coach in the history of US
Ohio, made effective use     college basketball,
of radio, television, and    Wooden was also an All-
newspapers to promote        American as a basketball
his ideas and philosophy     player at Purdue in
- perhaps best described     1930,31, and 32.
in his best known book -     Becoming head coach at
The Power of Positive        UCLA in 1948, his teams
Thinking                     went on to set records for
                             the longest winning
                             streak and most
                             championships (10) in
                             NCAA history.
    Vince Lombardi                     Theodore Roosevelt

Vincent Thomas Lombardi              Soldier, explorer,
(1913-1970), born in New             conservationist, writer, New
York City, exemplified the           York Governor, and 26th US
drive and determination he           President, Roosevelt (1858-
instilled in his players. He         1919) was at the same time
played college and                   a realist and a romanticist.
professional football and            extended the powers of the
coached at the high school,          US presidency, and
college, and professional            established what later
level. Under his leadership          became the National Park
the Green Bay Packers won            system. He received the
five national championships          Nobel Peace Prize in 1906
in US professional football in       for mediating an end to the
the 1960's, dominating the           Russo-Japanese war and
sport.                               promoting construction of
                                     the Panama Canal.

All of these leaders were born to fairly common folks
Quotes from some great leaders
 Footprints on the sands of time
  are not made by sitting down.
      ~ unknown
 The difference between
  a successful person and others
  is not a lack of strength,
  not a lack of knowledge,
  but rather a lack of will.
       ~ Vince Lombardi
 You can make more friends in two months by
  becoming interested in other people than you
  can in two years by trying to get other people
  interested in you.
       ~ Dale Carnegie
 The secret of success is consistency of
     ~ Benjamin Disraeli
 When angry, count ten before you speak; if very
  angry, one hundred.
      ~ Thomas Jefferson
 The quality of a person's life is in direct
  proportion to their commitment to excellence,
  regardless of their chosen field of endeavor
      ~ Vince Lombardi
 Failure is only the opportunity to begin again
  more intelligently.
      ~ Henry Ford
 You cannot shake hands with a clenched fist.
 A leader who does not hesitate before he
  sends his nation into battle is not fit to be a
       ~ Golda Meir
 In any moment of decision the best thing you
  can do is the right thing, the next best thing is
  the wrong thing, and the worst thing you can
  do is nothing.
       ~ Theodore Roosevelt
 We must have strong minds, ready to accept
  facts as they are.
       ~ Harry S. Truman
 Your enthusiasm will be infectious, stimulating
  and attractive to others. They will love you for it.
  They will go for you and with you.
 Plan your work for today and every day, then
  work your plan.
      ~ Norman Vincent Peale
 Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain,
  and most fools do.
      ~ Benjamin Franklin
 Leadership is the art of getting someone else to
  do something you want done because he wants
  to do it.
      ~ Dwight Eisenhower
 Be more concerned with your character than
  with your reputation. Your character is what you
  really are while your reputation is merely what
  others think you are.
       ~ John Wooden
 Associate yourself with men of good quality if
  you esteem your own reputation, for 'tis better
  to be alone than in bad company.
       ~ George Washington
 The price of greatness is responsibility.
 The greatest lesson in life is to know that even
  fools are right sometimes
       ~ Winston Churchill
I’ve been asked to speak to you tonight about leadership
and some of the skills that you may need to be a good
Many years ago I wrote a paper for a graduate class on
leadership. During my research for that paper I ran
across many quotes of what leadership is. I can’t help
remembering one in particular. “Leadership is the unique
ability to have people follow “ I always think about this
When you break down those traits of people who lead;
you’ll come up with many consistencies. These traits are
the obvious answer to the question of why people follow.
As we go over these traits, think of those people that you
look to follow and you will more than likely see the reason
1. Positive attitude
2. Organization skills
3. Confidence
4. Persuasiveness with the ability to
5. Perseverance

I’d like to take few minutes to highlight a
     little about each of these traits.

   We hear so much about attitude, good,
    bad or indifferent. Pessimist’s vs. optimists
   Is the glass half empty or half full?
    In all we do, how we look at our situations
    will be the first impression of feasibility. If
    your beat before you start you will never

Planning is the key to success, no one here
plans to fail, but many of us fail to plan.
Planning and Organization are where you
foresee pitfalls and work out possibilities before
they happen. Hindsight vs. foresight =
planning, the difference between the two are
poor planning (hindsight) = what could’ve been.
Good planning (foresight) = what will be. All
great leaders have this trait, whether they are
coaches, politicians, CEO’s or Presiding

High Self-esteem (Big Key) You must like
  who you are!!! Without this you’ll never
  have belief in your abilities. With belief
  in your abilities, or what you have
  learned and how you use it in
  application, you’ll have confidence to
  make the tough decisions, be them
  popular or not.
        Persuasiveness /
     When we talk to business & industry we
find that their biggest complaint with new
workers are their communication skills.
Speaking in public is an act that can be learned;
persuasiveness is the next stage of that art.
The ability to have people believe in what you
say & sometimes even change their minds to
follow your lead is one of the biggest keys in
good leadership.
     Ronald Reagan & Bill Clinton, no matter
what you feel about them, are both examples of
great public speakers, how else would they
have been elected to the office’s they held.

The ability to KEEP ON, sometimes even in the
  face of adversity. All things in life will not be
  easy; in fact failure is more prevalent than
  success. Great leaders have failed many times
  more than they have succeeded. This
  illustrates one underlying theme. They DID
  NOT QUIT. Failure is a good way to take our
  mistakes and turn them into successes, failure
  refines our organizational skills and gives us a
  data base of information for our next venture.
  Remember it’s always better to try and fail than
  not to try at all.
     I would like to urge you to remember that in
all walks of life, all professions known, these
traits will help you be the best you can possibly
be. Some folks are leader’s by name & some
are leaders by deeds, both carry the title---but
not all possess the skills. That’s what makes
the difference between the good ones and the
bad ones.
Masonic Leadership
What is Leadership?
     Lodge Leadership

The ability to motivate people to do
  what you ask!

Who are those leaders?
Lodge Leadership

   People like you and me who
   when asked will take charge
   and motivate people to do more
   than they think they can
Lodge Leadership

   Why do people or plans fail?

   What we have here is a failure to
Lodge Leadership

      A good leader:
     1. Listens
     2. Reacts
     3. Follows through
     4. Provides Direction
     5. Leads Courageously
     6. Fosters Team Work
     7. Coaches & Develops
Communication Factor
Communicate Appropriately
Speak Effectively
Listen to Others
Prepare Written Communication
Lodge Leadership
“When You’re the Master”
     Form committees with an
     active chairman and have
     them give reports back to the
     Lodge. The members need
     to know what is going on in
     their Lodge and offer support
Lodge Leadership

     When planning your year,
     you should remember what
     your role as Master should
     be; to attract, retain, and
     motivate your members to
     return to Lodge, participate
     and promote membership
Lodge Leadership
     If we are going to attract and
     keep the new member we must
     listen to what their concerns are
     and respond to make Lodge
     meetings an enjoyable and
     rewarding experience for all.
     You and your officers need to
     work and develop the new
     leaders in your Lodge if we are
     going to be successful in the
Lodge Leadership

     No such thing as bad luck,
     just poor planning
Lodge Leadership

When planing for the future remember the
   words of General George S. Patton
“ A good plan executed right now is far
   better than a perfect plan executed next

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