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									  MIAMI BEACH
                                         MBPD RETIREE


                                “Unity is strength for a better retirement”                        October 2009 Issue

                                Sam’s Corner - “A Collection of Disorganized Thoughts”

                           October 2009 is the year                  ladies, and in the fu-        from anyone and “tells it like
                           and month in which                                ture I promise        it is.” He does it in such a
                           “Mr.       Disorganized                           I’ll stop. I don’t    way though that I can’t help
                           Thoughts” turns the                               want to sound         but to “crack up” every time.
                           big five-oh. Yes, 50                              like a “sad
                           years old. To many of                             sack”, and I’ll       The party was well attended
                           you, I’m still a baby. I                          always       love     and fun. Again, as I’ve said
Inside the October         don’t disagree with                               women;         al-    before, I am not even going
                           that because I do act                             though         I’ll   to attempt to provide a list of
                           like a big (and I mean big!)        NEVER understand them!              the attendees, there were
                           baby on occasion, but that’s                                            just too many of them. Suffice
                           only in matters that have to        At Pete Bitume’s retirement         to say, it was a great group;
                           do with women and relation-         party Thursday night the 27th       lots of retirees, and lots of
Sam’s Corner       1-2 &   ships, which apparently I’m         of August, Ray Chambers             his former colleagues from
“A Collection of   4-5     just not good at these days.        dragged me from the outer           S.I.U., who loved his manage-
                           In addition, the Miami Beach        fringes of Finnegans on             rial style. Although I never
                           Police Department, which            Ocean Drive, host of 488            really saw Pete hurt anyone,
In The News…       3       practically raised me from the      retirement parties since 1907       since he is really a softy at
Announcements              time I was just barely out of       and forced me to say a few          heart, he always talked a
                           my teens, has ill prepared me       words in honor of my good           good game. One of his roll-
                           for the horrors of dealing          friend Pete. Of course, I was       call declarations was that if
                           with relationships.                 very shy at first, but once the     he ever caught anyone doing
Birthdays month of 3                                           words started to flow, it be-       this, or doing that, (and there
October                    They showed me how to in-           came easy. I spoke of how           were a lot of ways to screw
                           vestigate crimes, shoot a           Pete over the years has             up), God help them, he
                           handgun,      write     reports,    counseled me on how to              would “bury them.” Pete
Tour de Force      6       search criminals and prop-          cope with the job, and with         used                     that
Memorial Bike Ride         erty, testify in court, and a       life in general.                                             warn-
See pictures of            host of other things. But they                                          ing                      so
event!                     didn’t counsel me on the            Pete is one of those guys           often                    that
                           right things to say to women        who has had no formal train-        one                      day at
Annual Holiday     7       at the right time. Conse-           ing as a counselor, yet he has      roll                     call,
Party                      quently, I’ve always managed        a natural knack for giving          someone gave him a little
                           to put my foot in my mouth          solid advice. His advice has        beach bucket and shovel so
                           so many times, that I always        never been subtle. Pete is          he dig the hole himself.
                           keep dipping sauces in my           always direct and to the
Ads / Sponsors     8       pocket for a little flavor. Jeez,   point, just like his approach
                           I hate complaining about the        to his job. Pete takes no crap                  Continued on pg 2
 Page 2                                                                                 MBPD RETIREE NEWS

AA Collection of Disorganized Thoughts…..                                            Continued from pg 1

Join me in wishing Lt. Pete    respects to my parents,        Nathan’s headstone. I had    Names and faces flood my
Bitume a happy and             who were buried there. It      forgotten he was buried at   thoughts. Friends, family,
healthy retirement. That       had been too long. Ceme-       Lakeside. I also recalled    and co-workers laid to
includes the other recent      teries are not my favorite     the day I attended Don       rest in cemeteries in Dade
retirees such as Sam Bejar,    place to visit and the traf-   Kramer’s funeral and I       and Broward counties and
Barry Stamp, Ken Chap-         fic in Doral is always hor-    visited the office to find   beyond. John Koppin in
man, Ambrose Sims, and         rendous, but it had to be      out where he was buried.     south Dade, who, had he
Kevin Graham. No need          done.                                                       lived probably would have
to worry, if I missed any-                                                                 been Chief of Police. He
one, they’ll be mentioned      While I prefer to keep this                                 was one sharp guy. Steve
here next month. I didn’t      column light and humor-                                         Groves in Hollywood.
make it to Sam Bejar’s         ous, sometimes I am                                             Steven Bauer in North
retirement party and I         moved by certain things…                                        Miami. Steve Bauer
didn’t have the pleasure of    And sometimes I think we                                        (Mike Bauer’s brother)
working with him directly      all need a “reality check”.                                     and I went to the
that often, but every time     As I pulled into Lakeside, I                                     same DUI Breatha-
I saw him in the station,      quickly found the location                            A          lyzer school together.
we always shared a kind        of my parent’s graves in                         Collection      I recall what a joke-
word. We also shared a         the “Olive” section. It’s                     Of Disorganized ster he was, and how
really goofy pastime. Since    the section closest to 25th                     Thoughts…        he kept everyone “in
Sam and I have the same        Street, so it’s sort of                                          stitches” throughout
first name, he or I would      noisy. The smell of diesel                                       the entire forty hour
                                                                               By: Sam Gam
greet each other with          smoke hung in the air                                            school. My memories
“Sam”. One of us would         from so many trucks pass-                                       of Steve were too
then respond “Sam”; the        ing by also made it some-      The “Degania” section of short, but were very pow-
other would say “Sam”,         what uncomfortable, but I      the cemetery was only erful. When I put my mind
and so on and so forth.        was alive, so there was no     about a block and a half to it, I can remember
This exchange would con-       justification to complain.     away from where my par- many, many more people
tinue for no less than 5                                      ents and uncle were bur- who left this world way
minutes, until one or both     After placing a rock on        ied. It was there that I too soon. In fact, way too
disappeared in an elevator     the headstones, a Jewish       found     Don     Kramer’s many over the years.
or doorway. Two grown          tradition that I never         marker. Scott Rakow was
men with guns acting like      really took the time to        close by and I stopped by If there’s a point to all
goofy little kids. You gotta   investigate or understand,     his gravesite. As I walked this, I guess it would be
love it!                       I sat down under a nearby      back to my truck, I spot- that perhaps we all need
                               concrete gazebo to sort of     ted Buddy Walshon’s to evaluate ourselves once
Toward the end of August       meditate. It was also close    gravesite in a shady area, in a while and appreciate
I had some business to         to 95 degrees and very         down from Scott Rakow. what we have. Of course,
attend to in Coral Gables.     humid, so I needed to get      At least six people that I I’m better at giving advice
Later that afternoon, as I     out of the sun. Since it       knew were buried at than taking it. After my
traveled back to Sunrise       was a weekday, the place       Lakeside Memorial Park, visit to Lakeside however,
on the Palmetto Express-       was deserted, except for a     and there’s no doubt that I think it will be a bit
way, I saw the exit sign for   small gravesite service        there are more. In fact, it
25th Street ahead. I figured   taking place nearby. As I      was pointed out to me
it was time to turn off and    prepared to leave, it oc-      later that Laurie Wander             Continued on pg 4
head west to Lakeside          curred to me that I was        is buried there too.
Memorial Park and pay my       looking right at my Uncle
  “Unity is strength for a better retirement”                                            Page 3

                                       In The News...
    Vinny’s Breakfast                                              Jack and Amy Tighe
                                 However, there will be a
                                 breakfast on October 16th,   Congratulations to Jack and
                                 2009 at the 84 Diner.        Amy Tighe, who celebrated
                                                              their fifty-fifth (55) wedding an-
                                                              niversary at C.B. Smith Park in
                                                              Pembroke Pines. Jack and Amy
                                                              renewed their vows in front of
                                                              all their children,
 There was no breakfast in       Meeting time is 9:30 A.M. As great grandchil-
 September, Vinny took a                                      dren & friends.
                                 usual, all are welcome!

                    Funeral Service for Wallace Neumann, Sr.
 Wally Neumann’s dad, Wally      Noriega, Sgt. Alex Bello pated in running the escort.
 Sr. passed away in Septem-      (FOP President), Attorney Our thoughts and prayers go
 ber. His funeral was held on    Bob Switkes, Eileen Zeifman out to Wally and his family.
 the 17th of September. The      (for Howard).
 list of attendee’s is as fol-
 lows: Don DeLucca, Chief        We would like to thank the
 Chuck Press (Key Biscayne),     attendees for showing to pay
 Billy O'Neil, Pat Ryan, Cathy   their respects. In addition, we
 and John Tighe, Bernie          would like to thank the Mem-
 Winer, James Mazer, Mi-         bers of the Miami Beach P.D.
 chael Auch, Chief Carlos        Motor Squad who partici-

                             October Birthdays!
Gene Addis             Kenny Chapman             LeeAnn Gutierrez         John Quiros
Doug Bales             Tom Davis                 James Harris             Ellen Roelofs
Joe Basler             Norvel(Ray) Duncan        Robert Hundevadt         Tony Sammarco
Jeff Bernstein         Robert Frame              Jack Mackie              Andy Soto
Andy Caputo            Samuel Gam                John Moore               Loretta Wein
Richard Caracaus       Dennis Godbold            Romilio Perez            Tom Wilson
Mario Cappelletti      Shelly Goldstein          Tony Pizzo               Ed Young
John Clements          Mike Grant                Dick Procyk
 Page 4                                                                                        MBPD RETIREE NEWS

A Collection of Disorganized Thoughts…..                                              Continued from pg 2
easier to do that self-        them an almost childlike        my fingers over and over
evaluation. Looking down       rush. I make no apologies       again. The switch was
and seeing all those head-     for this. My readers know       broken. I was devastated.
stones was sort of the         exactly what I’m talking        I really wanted to get
eye-opener I needed.           about, although they            some siren time in before
                               probably wouldn’t admit         arriving on the call, which
I’ve been working part-        it themselves. Toward the       was going to be very soon
time as a North Bay Vil-       end of my “Beach” career,       since North Bay Village is
lage Officer for a couple      even as a Lieutenant, I         not very big.
of months now. They are        found myself doing this
short staffed, so I’m actu-    way too often. The mid-         So, I figured if I can’t use
ally getting quite a few       night shift was busy, and       the siren, I’ll toot the “air
hours. The mix of days,        after finishing my paper-       horn” feature on the
afternoons, and midnights      work, I would often go          steering wheel, and at
keeps things interesting.      out and help the guys           least get some satisfac-        “Actually, I am retired” – I
As in any police depart-       (and girls) by answering a      tion. When I pushed the         replied. The gentleman
ment, I work with some         few calls. Driving with         steering wheel, the siren       chuckled and said- “yeah,
interesting characters; and    lights and siren sort of        activated. I was delighted.     sure!” As he walked away,
for the most part, I am        became mundane. I wasn’t        Unfortunately, it got           I muttered under my
treated very well by most      getting the rush out of it      stuck. I couldn’t turn the      breath- “but I am, really!”
of them. I say “most” be-      that I once did. It was sort    siren off. I pulled over and
cause, as in every police      of sad, but I saw it as a       started banging frantically     Finally, as I write this col-
department, there are          sign that I was finally         on the steering wheel           umn, the weather is finally
some strange folks who         “maturing”.                     going from wail, to yelp,       beginning to cool off a bit.
are quite wary and suspi-                                      to hi-lo and then back to       The humidity is going
cious of newcomers. I          About a week ago, I (now        wail, and so on. Motorists      down along with the tem-
would suspect that a cou-      Officer Gam once again)         must have thought I was         perature, and the sky is
ple actually think I was       was driving around in my        suffering some sort of          clearing up. Fall is on the
planted there by the City      marked North Bay Village        break down, because they        way! Hopefully, those
Manager to watch their                                         slowed down and started         days of daily thunder-
comings and goings. Not                                        giving me some very             storms, 95 degree days,
so! Just trying to stay busy                                   strange looks. I finally got    and oppressive humidity
while making a few bucks.                                      the thing to shut off. I ar-    are behind us here in
Nothing wrong with that!                                       rived on my emergency           South Florida. My friends
                                                               call with sweat pouring off     in the north seem to al-
As I get older, I take com-                                    my face, looking a bit rat-     ready be enjoying a touch
fort in poking fun at my-                                      tled. So much for my at-        of real fall. Best of health
self. The last thing I want                                    tempts to relive my child-      and happiness to all, see
to do is take myself too                                       hood!                           you next month!
seriously. As a rookie on
the Beach, then for years      police car when I received      Later on, I sat at the Hess
afterwards, I always en-        a “3” call. Feeling that old   Gas Station to relax with
joyed running a “3”. Driv-     rush again, I turned on         a cup of coffee when I
ing somewhere with lights      the overhead blue lights.       was approached by an
and siren is one of those      Then I reached down to          older gentleman. “So offi-
things that cops publicly      click on the siren. The         cer, when do you plan on                 By: Sam Gam
refuse to admit gives          little knob spun around in      retiring?” – He asked.
 Page 5                                                                                      MBPD RETIREE NEWS

          The Santa Fe “Incident”!                        NEWSLETTER EXCLUSIVE!

My wife Patricia and I just    driving southbound on       thought was                       car and fled the
returned from our fourth       Santa Fe's six lane Cerillos“what”?! Luckily my wife is       area. Patricia, who was
trip to New Mexico. We         Street, which connects to I also a trained law enforce-       inside the Baja Taco Res-
just love the area, and had    -25 and Albuquerque,        ment person, and she took         taurant on the phone with
planned to purchase a          when we realized it was     immediate action. She             the Santa Fe Police Depart-
home in either Santa Fe or     noon. We knew that          screamed and ran behind           ment was very impressed
Albuquerque. Our trip          unless we ate soon, the     me into the Baja                  with my innovative law
plan was to fly into Albu-     French bakery calories      Taco. The scream and              enforcement tech-
querque on Sunday, Sep-        would begin to wear out     sudden movement were              niques. Indeed, for sev-
tember 20th, rent a car        and we might lose           combined into one fluid           eral days she continued to
and drive to Santa Fe via      weight! Frantically we      athletic event, which must        ask if my back or head still
the Turquoise trail. After a   looked through the guide    have surprised the "head"         hurt. She would then
three night stay at Hotel La   books and discovered that   as much as it did me, be-         laugh, to cheer me up. She
Fonda, located on the          a Cerillos Street fast food cause neither the head nor        is a wonderful help-mate.
Santa Fe Plaza; we planned     joint (Baja Taco) was rec-  the knife moved. At that
to return to Albuquerque       ommended.                   moment, in mid-green chile        Anyway, the Santa Fe PD
and spend three nights in a                                hamburger bite, I realized it     caught the bad guy within
B & B (La Casa De Sue-        Baja Taco, which serves      was just me and the bad           15 minutes. Very impres-
nos), located one block       great green chile hamburg- guy and the very long               sive! And he was still rub-
from Old Town. Our re-        ers and a variety of Mexi- knife. Thank God for all            bing his eye!! (I told you it
turn flight was booked for    can stuff, has no indoor     my years of training! I           was a good shot). Within
Saturday, September 26th.     seating. We ordered and screamed "Hey", and sub-               two hours of the “incident”
                              sat at the outdoor picnic    consciously realizing that        we were on our way
The first three days of the tables. We were the only was not enough to subdue                again. We arrived in Albu-
trip were fantastic. Santa    patrons. Patricia sat facing the felon, I threw my ham-        querque without further
Fe, which has a law requir- the Baja. I sat facing the     burger at him. It was a           incident. We spent the
ing all construction to be in street. It was a beautiful   good shot too. Hit him            remainder of our vacation
the abode style, is the sec- day. The sky was blue. The just below his left eye!             at a wonderful B & B in
ond largest art center        temperature was in the                                         Albuquerque, found several
(outside of NYC) in the       mid 60’s. I was half way     Following up on my burger         great restaurants and man-
country, and has dozens of through one of the great        attack, I leaped to my            aged to eat enough to en-
fine dining establish-        green Chile hamburgers       feet. Sort of...The picnic        sure we would not be re-
ments. We walked miles,       when ....suddenly a very     table, where I was seated,        quired to purchase smaller
took a 'historic buildings'   long knife and a head ap-    had the chairs bolted to          clothes for our return
tram ride, bought tons of     peared behind                the table. My leap sent me        trip. I have no idea if we
'art' and ate until we gained Patricia. The head (which flying backwards instead of          will be required to return
10 pounds!                    was Hispanic looking with a upward. As I picked myself         to New Mexico for the
                              shaved skull and                                  up, I        criminal proceed-
The "incident" occurred       thin mustache)                                    saw          ings. However, if NM is
when we were leaving          said in a mean                                    that the     anything like FL, the "head"
Santa Fe en route to Albu- voice "Give me                                       bad guy      will be suing me for green
querque, on Wednesday,        your f----in wal-                                 had          chile in the eye damages in
September 23rd. We had let".                                                    decided      the near future.
spent the morning in a                                                          to call it
French Bakery, visiting the                                                     a
local churches, and buying Being a trained                                      day. He        By: Casey Conwell
still more 'art' (aka refrig- law enforcement                                   ran to a
erator magnets). We were person, my first                                       nearby
 “Unity is strength for a better retirement”                                                        Page 6

                            Tour de Force Memorial Bike Ride
The Miami Beach Police Bicycle Team consisting of Sergio Campos, Rick Gullage,
Charlie London, Rick Lonergan, Oldy Ochoa, Bill Riley, Al Rivera, Bernie Ruder,
Manny Valdes, and Mayte Valdes joined more than 150 other Police Officers from
around the country in the Annual Tour de Force Memorial Bike Ride. The Tour de Force
Memorial Bike Ride is a 501c3 charity which raises funds for families of Police Officers
killed in the line of duty nationwide. This is the second year our Officers participated.

This annual 4 day ride started off this year in Boston on Sepember 11th and traveled
through Massachusetts, Connecticut, Long Island, ending at “Ground Zero” in New York
City. The event raised close to $250,000.00 which will go to the families of law enforce-
ment officers killed in the line of duty.

Congratulations to the participants of Tour de Force for their positive contributions!

       Miami Beach Team - Tour de Force Memorial Bike Ride                                General

                                                                                        On October 22nd,
                                                                                        2009 at 12 Noon,
                                                                                        a     General
                                                                                        Meeting will be
                                                                                        held     at       La
                                                                                        Brochette     Bistro
                                                                                        located    in     the
                                                                                        Embassy       Lakes
                                                                                        Plaza.         The
                                                                                        address is 2635 N.
                                                                                        Hiatus        Rd.,
                                                                                        Cooper City (On
                                                                                        Hiatus         Rd,
                                                  Alm                                   between      Stirling
                                                                                        Road         and
                                                                ere                     S h e r i d a n
                                                                                        Street).      The
                                                                                        cost is $15.00
                                                                                        per person. The
                                                                                        restaurant will
                                                                                        be closed to the
                                                                                        public, it will be
                                                                                        “all ours”. Hope
                                                                                        to    see      you
Bill Riley, Charlie London, Bernie Ruder, Rick Lonergan, Rick Gullage, Sergio Campos,   there!
                  Oldy Ochoa, Al Rivera, Manny Valdez & Maite Valdez.
 Page 7                                                                  MBPD RETIREE NEWS

                              MBPD RETIREE’S ASSOCIATION ANNUAL
                                        HOLIDAY PARTY

                                The news you’ve all been waiting for!

                         The annual holiday party will be held on December 5 th, 2009 in
                         Pembroke Pines at the WEST BROWARD HALL, 927 NW 178TH
                         Ave. The hours will be from 6:00 P.M. to 10:00 P.M. Cocktail
                         Hours will be from 6:00 P.M. to 7:00 P.M. The Price is a very rea-
     Our                 sonable; $30 per person.
Condolences to
Phil Klefeker on
the death of his
 wife, Patricia
                                                    The Menu
   and also                    Entrees              Side Dishes       All meals include:

Bastien (Ozzie)          CHICKEN MARSALA       GARLIC MASHED          GARDEN SALAD
 Kruidenier on
                         PRIME RIB                                    HOMEMADE DINNER
the death of his                               SAUTEED                ROLLS & BUTTER
                         PASTA PRIMAVERA       VEGETABLES
wife, Barbara.           with SHRIMP                                  SODA, BEER & WINE



Music will be provided by DJ Chris Mitchell, active patrol officer with the Miami Beach
Police Department.

   R.S.V.P. by NOVEMBER 21ST, 2009 & send your checks made out to the Miami
  Beach Police Retirees Association to Charlie Seraydar, 5701 SW 134th Avenue,
                     Southwest Ranches, Florida, 33330.

                   Come and Join Your Friends and Celebrate the Holidays!
         Support our sponsors and advertisers….

                                                                                       Buying or Refinancing?
      Basler’s Academy of Real Estate
                                                                                         Call Dean Adler
               1685 West 68th Street
                Suites 205, 206, 207                                                    (954)838-0084 or e-mail at
                Hialeah, FL 33014

                                                                   Also, visit Dean’s website full of businesses owned
Antoinette Basler Instructor- Permit Holder                          by Cops and Firefighters. “Do business with
                                                                                 someone you can trust!”
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                    Law Offices                                     Miami Beach Fraternal
                 Professional Association                              Order of Police
                 (Former City Attorney)                                    William Nichols Lodge No.8
           FREE INITIAL CONSULTATION TO                                                    999 Eleventh Street
                ALL MBPD RETIREES                                                        Miami Beach, FL 33139
   407 Lincoln Road, Suite 708- Miami Bch.,FL 33139                                     Telephone: 305.534.2775
        Dade (305)538-1686 Fax (305)538-7875
                                                                                            Fax: 305.534.5901
                                                                                         Beeper: 305.882.7496

        Rosen Switkes & Entin P.L.                                   Joan Donnelly Ochoa
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      The Fred Wooldridge you never knew                       When rookie South Beach
                  Read His book…                               Police Officer Katie Maguire
                                                               agreed to work undercover, the
                                                               exceptionally tall and attrac-        A Necessary End:
       “I’m Moving Back to Mars”                               tive woman had no idea what        A Katie Maguire novel
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