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 How often do you advise clients to represent
  themselves when accused of wrongdoing?
     Why give yourself different advice?
                                                   G     eneral questions regarding attorney discipline should be directed to the Chief Dis-
                                                         ciplinary Counsel’s Office, toll-free (877) 953-5535 or (512) 453-5535. The Board of
                                                   Disciplinary Appeals may be reached at (512)475-1578. Information and copies of actu-
                                                   al orders are available at The State Commission on Judicial Conduct
                                                   may be contacted toll-free, (877) 228-5750 or (512) 463-5533. Please note that persons
                                                   disciplined by the Commission on Judicial Conduct are not necessarily licensed attorneys.
     OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE                      DISBARMENTS                                    uncontested divorce. Capuano never
                                                       On Sept. 27, David Lashford                filed the petition for divorce and took no
   11 years experience with the State Bar of       [#11966850], 59, of Texarkana, was dis-        action to advance the complainant’s case.
    Texas as Assistant and Deputy General          barred. An evidentiary panel of the Dis-       Capuano failed to keep the complainant
  Counsel as well as Acting General Counsel        trict 1 Grievance Committee found that         reasonably informed about the status of
                                                   in representing the complainant, Lash-         his case. Capuano was administratively
                                                   ford neglected the complainant’s matter        suspended during the representation.
      LIONE & LEE, P.C.                                                                           Capuano failed to furnish a written
         3921 STECK AVENUE                         and failed to adequately communicate
                                                   with the complainant and to respond to         response to the complaint as directed.
             SUITE A-119
                                                   the complainant’s grievance.                       Capuano violated Rules 1.01(b)(1),
         AUSTIN, TEXAS 78759
                                                       Lashford violated Rules 1.01(b)(1),        1.03(a), 1.15(d), and 8.04(a)(8) and
               (512) 346-8966                                                                     (a)(11). She was ordered to pay
                                                   1.03(a), and 8.04(a)(8). He was ordered to
  Representing Lawyers & Law Students Since 1991   pay $1,955.39 in attorney’s fees and costs.    $5,888.58 in attorney’s fees and expenses
                                                       Lashford had until Oct. 27 to file an      and $6,000 in restitution.
                                                       On Aug. 31, Monica Ann Capuano
                                                                                                      On Sept. 29, the Supreme Court of
    GRIEVANCE DEFENSE &                            [#00796302], 43, of Austin, was dis-
                                                                                                  Texas accepted the resignation, in lieu
                                                   barred. An evidentiary panel of the Dis-
     LEGAL MALPRACTICE                             trict 9 Grievance Committee found that
                                                                                                  of discipline, of Scott A. Scher
                                                                                                  [#17743500], 50, of Prosper. At the time
                                                   in the first matter, the complainant hired
                                                                                                  of Scher’s resignation, there were six
                                                   Capuano to represent her in an uncon-
                                                                                                  pending matters against him that allege
                                                   tested divorce. The complainant paid
                                                                                                  neglecting legal matters; failing to keep
 Hasley Scarano, L.L.P.                            Capuano $1,500. Capuano failed to file
 attorneys & counselors                                                                           clients reasonably informed, to respond
                                                   a petition with the court. Capuano failed
                                                                                                  to reasonable requests for information
                                                   to keep the complainant reasonably
   Jennifer A. Hasley                                                                             from clients, to put a contingent fee
                                                   informed about the status of her case.
  Board Certified, Civil Trial Law                                                                agreement in writing, to safekeep client
                                                   Capuano was administratively suspend-
     16 Years Trial Experience,                                                                   property, to return unearned fees and
                                                   ed from the practice of law during the
        over 8 years with the                                                                     client files upon termination of represen-
        State Bar of Texas as                      representation. Capuano failed to file a
                                                                                                  tation, and to respond to grievances;
   Assistant Disciplinary Counsel                  response to the complaint.
                                                                                                  engaging in conduct involving fraud,
                                                       In a second matter, the complainant
       Th e fi rm ’ s st at ew i d e                                                              dishonesty, deceit, or misrepresentation;
                                                   hired Capuano to send a cease and desist
        p ra ct i c e fo cu se s on                                                               violating a disciplinary judgment; and
            ci vi l l i t i g at i on ,            letter to a former business associate and
                                                                                                  practicing law while administratively
     a t to rn ey d i sc i p li ne a nd            for related representation as necessary.
         d i sa bi li ty l aw , a n d                                                             suspended.
                                                   The complainant later terminated the
     p ro fe ss i o na l li a b i li ty .                                                             Scher violated Rules 1.01(b)(1) and
                                                   representation and requested that
                                                                                                  (b)(2); 1.03(a); 1.04(d); 1.14(a);
                                                   Capuano return his file as well as any
   5252 Westchester, Suite 125                                                                    1.15(d); and 8.04(a)(3), (a)(7), (a)(8),
                                                   unearned fees, but Capuano failed to do
   Houston, Texas 77005                                                                           and (a)(11).
                                                   so. Capuano was administratively sus-
   P.O. Box 25371
   Houston, Texas 77265                            pended during the representation.
   713.667.6900                                    Capuano failed to furnish a written            SUSPENSIONS
   713.667.6904 FAX                                response to the complaint as directed.            On Sept. 2, Rodney E. Moton                          In a third matter, the complainant         [#24001432], 46, of Houston, accepted
                                                   hired Capuano to represent him in an           a one-year, fully probated suspension

850 Texas Bar Journal • November 2010                                                                           
effective Sept. 1. An evidentiary panel of    pay $1,275 in attorney’s fees and $4,200
the District 4 Grievance Committee            in restitution.
found that Moton neglected a client’s
legal matter.                                     On Aug. 19, Herlinda Rodriguez
    Moton violated Rule 1.01(b)(1). He        [#17146200], 63, of Bryan, accepted an
agreed to pay $544.80 in attorney’s fees      18-month, fully probated suspension
and costs.                                    effective Sept. 1. An evidentiary panel of
                                              the District 8 Grievance Committee
    On July 23, Robert M. Jones               found that Rodriguez failed to file an
[#10951000], 66, of Dallas, received a        answer on her client’s behalf and failed to
10-year, fully probated suspension effec-     appear at a hearing, which resulted in a
tive July 1. The 298th District Court         default judgment being entered against
found that Jones was hired by the com-        her client. Rodriguez further failed to
plainant to pursue claims on automobile       keep her client reasonably informed
dealer bonds. The complainant advanced        about the status of his case.
the funds for filing and service of process       Rodriguez violated Rules 1.01(b)(1),
fees on six matters. Jones failed to file     1.03(a), and 8.04(a)(1). She was ordered
lawsuits on the six matters and failed to     to pay $649.14 in attorney’s fees and
hold the funds advanced separate from         attend three hours of Law Practice Man-
his own property. The complainant also        agement continuing legal education
paid attorney’s fees for Jones to file a      courses.
motion to lift stay in bankruptcy court
on one of the matters. Jones failed to file       On Sept. 23, Paul W. Seabaugh
the motion to lift stay. Jones failed to      [#24010386], 42, of Waynesville, Mo.,
respond to requests for information           accepted a four-year, fully probated sus-
                                                                                            Will you REPRESENT YOURSELF?
regarding the status of the matters and to    pension beginning Sept. 1. An eviden-          Socrates did and how did that
requests to return the complainant’s files,   tiary panel of the District 4 Grievance               turn out for him?
unearned attorney’s fees, and the             Committee found that Seabaugh was
advanced funds.                               hired to represent his client regarding a                         GRIEVANCE
    Jones violated Rules 1.01(b)(1),          criminal matter. In representing his
1.03(a), 1.14(a), and 1.15(d). He was         client, Seabaugh frequently failed to
                                                                                                                  & L EGAL
ordered to pay $7,899.93 in attorney’s        carry out completely the obligations                             MALPRACTICE
fees and costs and $3,994 in restitution.     owed to the client. Seabaugh changed his                            DEFENSE
                                              telephone number and office address
   On Sept. 20, Karen Hensley                 without notice to the client. Upon ter-
Meinardus [#13909300], 63, of El              mination of representation, Seabaugh
Campo, accepted a one-year, fully pro-        failed to surrender papers and property
bated suspension effective Oct. 1. An         to which the client was entitled and to       BRUCE A. CAMPBELL
evidentiary panel of the District 5-C         refund advance payment of fees that had
Grievance Committee found that, in two        not been earned.                              OVER 25 YEARS EXPERIENCE IN
separate matters, Meinardus failed to             Seabaugh violated Rules 1.01(b)(2),        DISCIPLINARY MATTERS AND
                                                                                            LEGAL MALPRACTICE DEFENSE
keep her clients reasonably informed          1.15(d), and 8.04(a)(10). He agreed to
about the status of their legal matters, to   pay $500 in attorney’s fees and costs and           STATEWIDE PRACTICE
promptly comply with reasonable               $2,000 in restitution.
requests for information, and to refund                                                       CAMPBELL & CHADWICK, PC
an advance payment of fee that had not             On Aug. 18, Vivica Simmons                  4201 SPRING VALLEY RD.
been earned. In one of those matters,         [#24027983], 37, of Houston, received a                SUITE 1250
Meinardus failed to hold fees paid in         one-year, fully probated suspension                DALLAS, TX 75244
advance separate from Meinardus’ own          effective Sept. 5. The District 4-D Griev-         972-277-8585 (O)
property in a trust account.                  ance Committee found that in one mat-               972-277-8586 (F)
   Meinardus violated Rules 1.03(a),          ter,    Simmons       was     hired    for         INFO@CLLEGAL.COM
1.14(a), and 1.15(d). She was ordered to      representation in a family law matter,           CAMPBELLCHADWICK.COM                                                                         Vol. 73, No. 10 • Texas Bar Journal 851
but failed to file any documents on            Court of Harris County found that in            sent when he took money from a differ-
behalf of her client and failed to main-       representing a client, Nordt neglected the      ent person for representing the client.
tain communication with her client.            legal matter entrusted to him and failed           De Los Santos violated Rules 1.03(a)
Simmons further failed to respond to the       to promptly comply with the client’s rea-       and (b), 1.06(a) and (b)(1), and 1.08(e).
grievance.                                     sonable requests for information.               He was ordered to pay $4,500 in attor-
    In a second matter, Simmons was               Nordt violated Rules 1.01(b)(1) and          ney’s fees and expenses.
hired to recover money on behalf of her        1.03(a). He agreed to pay $560 in attor-
client, but she failed to perform any          ney’s fees and costs and $300 in restitution.       On Oct. 7, Jonathan E. Bruce
action on the client’s behalf and further                                                      [#00788960], 46, of Houston, accepted
failed to maintain communication with              On Oct. 5, Luis De Los Santos               a two-year, fully probated suspension
her client. Simmons also failed to             [#24054449], 33, of Eagle Pass, received        effective Nov. 1. An evidentiary panel of
respond to the grievance.                      a three-year, partially probated suspen-        the District 4 Grievance Committee
    Simmons violated Rules 1.01(b)(1),         sion effective Nov. 1, with the first two       found that Bruce was hired to represent
1.03(a), 1.15(d), and 8.04(a)(8). She was      months actively served and the remain-          his client regarding a civil matter. Bruce
ordered to pay $795 in attorney’s fees         der probated. The 365th District Court          neglected the client’s matter, failing to
and costs and $2,500 in restitution.           of Maverick County found that De Los            perform any work on the civil matter.
                                               Santos represented opposing parties in          Bruce failed to maintain communication
    On Sept. 28, Glen Allan Nordt              the same litigation, had a conflict of          with the client, refusing to return the
[#15076600], 55, of Houston, accepted          interest between existing clients, and          client’s calls and failing to respond to let-
a six-month, fully probated suspension         failed to keep his client reasonably            ters requesting status updates. During
effective Oct. 1. The 270th District           informed and to obtain the client’s con-        the representation, Bruce suffered from
                                                                                               an impairment, which affected Bruce’s
                                                                                               fitness as an attorney. Despite the
                                                                                               impairment, Bruce failed to withdraw
                                                                                               from representation of the client.

     NED BARNETT                                                                                   Bruce violated Rules 1.01(b)(1),
                                                                                               1.03(a), and 1.15(a)(2). He agreed to
                                                                                               pay $815.78 in attorney’s fees and costs.

                                                                                                  On Aug. 27, Billy John Merchant
                                                                                               [#24031597], 44, of Waco, received a
                                        CRIMINAL                                               10-year, partially probated suspension
                                                                                               effective Aug. 25, with the first five years

                                        DEFENSE                                                actively served and the remainder pro-
                                                                                               bated. An evidentiary panel of the Dis-
                                                                                               trict 8 Grievance Committee found that
                                                                                               in the first matter, the complainant hired
                                        Defending Texans Since 1994                            Merchant to transfer a parenting plan
                                                                                               from Pierce County, Wash., to Bell
                                                                                               County. The complainant paid Mer-
     Former Assistant United States Attorney                                                   chant $1,400 in advanced fees which
     Former Assistant District Attorney                                                        included filing fees. Merchant did not
     Founding Member of the National College of DUI Defense                                    deposit the complainant’s funds in a
     of Counsel Williams Kherkher Hart Boundas, LLP                                            trust or escrow account. Merchant failed
                                                                                               to take any meaningful action on the
                                                                                               complainant’s behalf. The complainant
     Law Offices of Ned Barnett                                                                attempted to contact Merchant regard-
     8441 Gulf Freeway, Suite 600 • Houston, Texas 77017                                       ing the status of her case and requested
     713-222-6767                                                                              that Merchant return documents that                                                                     the complainant provided to Merchant
                                                                                               relating to her case. Merchant failed to
      Board Certified in Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization               respond to the complainant’s requests for

852 Texas Bar Journal • November 2010                                                                          
information and failed to return the        with notice of the complaint but failed
complainant’s unearned fees or her file.    to furnish a response to the Office of
The panel further found that Merchant       Chief Disciplinary Counsel.
was served with notice of the complaint,       Merchant violated Rules 1.01(b)(1),
but failed to furnish a response to the     1.03(a), 1.14(a) and (c), 1.15(d),
Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel.       8.04(a)(3) and (a)(8). He was ordered to
   In a second matter, the complainant      pay $7,053 in attorney’s fees and expens-
hired Merchant to file suit regarding       es and $1,400 in restitution.
a medical negligence claim. Merchant
failed to file suit on the complainant’s
behalf, despite having assured the com-     REPRIMAND
plainant that he had filed the petition.       On Aug. 31, Stephen Whitson
The complainant attempted to contact        Mitchell [#14220900], 55, of Fort
Merchant regarding the status of her case   Worth, received a public reprimand. An
and requested that Merchant return doc-     evidentiary panel of the District 7-1
uments that the complainant provided        Grievance Committee found that
to Merchant relating to her case. Mer-      Mitchell made a false communication
chant failed to respond to the com-         about his qualifications.
plainant’s requests for information and        Mitchell violated rules 7.01(f ) and
failed to return her file. The panel fur-   7.02(a)(1). He was ordered to pay
ther found that Merchant was served         $1,025 in attorney’s fees. J

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