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									Komen Aspen
Grant Applicant Workshop

Tracey Samdahl

Aspen Affiliate
       •   Name
       •   Organization
       •   Type of breast health/cancer service your organization provides and to
           whom (i.e. individuals living with breast cancer in Pitkin, Garfield and Eagle)
•Grantmaking Vision and Mission
•Request for Proposal

Aspen Affiliate
        A World Without Breast Cancer

        The Susan G. Komen for the Cure promise is
        to save lives and end breast cancer forever by
        empowering people, ensuring quality care for
        all and energizing science to find the cures.

Aspen Affiliate
     The Komen Aspen Affiliate- Did you know?

Granted over $4 million in the last 20 years

     75% of our dollars raised come from the Aspen Race for the Cure and
     Aspen/ Snowmass Ride for the Cure

     1991 – Affiliate established
     1992 - First Race for the Cure
     2003 – First Ride for the Cure

     All Affiliates adhere to a 25% expense to revenue ratio
     The Better Business Bureau recommends expense ratio of 35%

     Aspen Affiliate
            The Komen Aspen Affiliate Activities

   Raising breast cancer awareness and promoting the importance of
   early detection.

Policy and Advocacy
    Systems change
    Leverage dollars

   Not an endowed Foundation
   Only one program area

  Aspen Affiliate
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Advocacy Alliance is a new, sister organization that
 will enable us to expand our reach into health policy and heighten awareness of
   breast cancer in Washington, D.C., and in state capitals across the country.

 Komen Champions for the Cure are national and local efforts aimed at advancing
    federal legislative priorities and advocating for state and local level change.

                  The three key issue areas are: Breast Cancer Research,
                        Early Detection and Access to Quality Care.

  To be a part of the National policy conversation sign up to be a Champion for the
                      Cure at

Aspen Affiliate
Grantmaking Vision and Mission

Susan G. Komen for the Cure seeks to ensure that all people, regardless of race,
income, geographic location, or insurance status, have access to screening, and if
diagnosed, to quality, effective treatment and treatment support services.

The Aspen Affiliate supports this on a local level by funding an array of breast health
and cancer services that together create seamless systems of care for underinsured
and uninsured individuals in our tri-county service area.

Aspen Affiliate
            Breast Health and Breast Cancer Continuum of Care

         Education &


                                 BC not

Aspen Affiliate
Types of Grants

Community Grants
Education and Screening

Accepted throughout the year
Technical Assistance Grants
Small Grants

Aspen Affiliate
    Education Grants

The Affiliate will consider funding as follows:
•     Evidence-based programs are defined as those that have been implemented,
      evaluated and found to be effective in promoting behavioral change or empowering
      individuals to make good breast health decisions.
        Cancer Control P.L.A.N.E.T. (
        The Guide to Community Prevention Services (
•     Emerging programs are defined as those that are likely to be effective in promoting
      behavioral change or empowering individuals to make good breast health decisions but
      have not yet been evaluated.
        We will entertain applications for emerging education programs that target specific
         underserved community i.e. rural, GLBT community, and communities of color.
•     All requests for funding for education projects should include specific evaluation
      methods that measure effectiveness (for example, number of women who report
      accessing screening services within one month of participating in an educational

Aspen Affiliate
Screening Grants

             All Screening Projects MUST screen women for Women’s
            Wellness Connection (WWC) first

             Komen funding should be used as a last resort

             It can be a disservice to the patient to not screen them for
               WWC, as not doing so limits their access to government-
            funded treatment services

             Screening applicants must adequately explain how they will
            appropriately screen women for WWC and Komen program

             Screening applicants must submit a letter from WWC

Aspen Affiliate
Funding Priorities

     THE CONTINUUM OF CARE. Suggestions: describe partnerships, how you will
     ensure if a woman is screened she will be able to obtain diagnostics, etc.

Aspen Affiliate
Requirements for 2011-2012

           Medicare Rates
           Letter from Women’s Wellness Connection for screening          applicants
           Do not submit supporting documentation other than what is listed in
           Education projects: resources listed
           Purpose of grant: a), e), and (scoring rubric reflects changes)
           Allow professional fees

Aspen Affiliate
Insurance Requirements

•    Grantee agrees to maintain the following insurance during the term of this Grant
•    (i) commercial general liability insurance with combined limits of not less than
     $1,000,000 per occurrence and $2,000,000 in the aggregate for bodily injury,
     including death, and property damage;
•    (ii) excess/umbrella insurance, excess to the insurance set forth in (i) above,
     with a limit of not less than $5,000,000. Grantee shall name Komen Affiliate as
     an additional insured under its commercial general liability insurance policy
     solely with respect to the Breast Cancer Project and any additional policies and
     riders entered into by Grantee in connection with the Breast Cancer Project.

Aspen Affiliate
Funds may not be used for the following purposes:

             Medical or scientific research (costs associated with program
              evaluation are allowed)

             Media projects (film, radio, web sites, public service
              announcements, etc.)

             Scholarships or fellowships

             Construction or renovation of facilities

             Political campaigns or lobbying

Aspen Affiliate
Using Data and Statistics

             Leave out national-level breast cancer stats

             Use local and organizational data to bolster your application,
              define the need for your project, and support your approach to
              providing services

             Always include citations

Aspen Affiliate
Organizational Capacity and Fit

             Help reviewers understand how this project fits within your
              organization’s mission

             Be sure your project is not duplicative and addresses an unmet

             Be sure you describe your organization’s capacity to successfully
              implement the project

             Be sure to describe your efforts towards collaboration around
              the continuum of care in your geographic region

Aspen Affiliate
Goals and Objectives

             Be concise - pick only one to three goals

             Follow the general format shown in the Grant Guidelines

             The goals and objectives should be realistic and measurable

Aspen Affiliate

           Your application must include a clear plan for evaluating the success and
      effectiveness of your project

          Your organization should be sure it has the capacity and     resources to
      evaluate the project as described within the application

Aspen Affiliate
Project Plan Table

          We strongly encourage you use the project plan table in the Grant

Aspen Affiliate
Budget - Keys to success

       Follow the format in the Grant Guidelines

       Follow information regarding equipment, indirect costs, etc.

       Follow the directions for the budget justification

       Budget should be calculated at Medicare rates

Aspen Affiliate
Important Dates

Application Deadline             December 1, 2010 at 5pm

Award Notification      By March 31, 2011

Grant Cycle                      April 1, 2011 - March 31, 2012

Annual Meeting                   April 2011
Grant Awards Luncheon

Aspen Affiliate
Submission Process

             Submit 1 hard copy by mail and 1 electronically
             Required Information
              • Summary Information
              • Program Description
              • Budget
              • Supporting Documentation

Aspen Affiliate
Selection Criteria

                     SCORING RUBRIC!

Aspen Affiliate
              Deadline: December 1, 2010 at 5pm

Aspen Affiliate

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