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					                             The Gibson Les Paul Classic is in addition
to be had featuring in Classic Custom and Classic Antique versions. This
guitar is a progressive version of the Gibson Les Paul. Its chief
features are a 60's fashion slim design neck and scorching ceramic
humbuckers create this an outstanding rock guitar.The body is made out of
premium grain mahogany with a hand carved maple top and a white binding
along the top edge. The pickguard is creme color. The styles this guitar
is offered in are Vintage Sunburst, Honey Burst, Wine Red, and Ebony
finishes. The hardware is nickel plated with the exception of it being
gold on the Ebony color guitar. The bridge is a tune-o-matic with a stud
tailpiece.The 24.75" degree length neck made of a single cut of mahogany
and has the 60's slim narrow taper profile for fast operation. The
fretboard is rosewood with 22 frets and mother of pearl trapezoidal
inlays. Around the fretboard is a single ply creme tinted binding. The
body and neck junction is on the 16th fret while the tuners are designed
like the kluson keystone tuners in green. The pickups and electronics
include two sizziling hot ceramic humbuckers with the standard Les Paul
wiring to the Two volume, two tone, and a three-way pickup selector. The
pickups are 500T for clear enhanced sounds and the treble pickup and a
496R being a rhythm which define the sound with higher highs. The control
knobs are gold tophat which are commonly found on LPs with natural,
sunburst, or else gold finishes. The three things that really stand out
on this guitar are its neck, pickups, and hardware,however the
performance and sound are what sets this guiatr apart from all the
rest.The 60's slim fashion neck is found to remain extra popular by
players. It was introduced close to the inauguration of 1960 replacing
the rounder '59 neck profile. On the young les pauls the neck profiles
were boat v like shaped. In 1940 or later the rounder '59 profile was
introduced and stayed around until 1960. The then in 1960 the slimmer and
faster style neck was used,this neck is characterized by being flatter
and progressively becoming thicker while you move down the neck.The
pickups are blistering hot ceramic type with a 496R within the neck place
and a 500T inside the bridge position. Both of these pickups utilize
ceramic magnets and are wax sealed. The 500T is the highest output
existing from Gibson. This is a remarkable pickup in support of extra
aggressive music. The 496R has been designed to perform well with the
500T. It doesn't contain quite the output but works well with rhythm,
lead, and alternative playing styles. These pickups comprise 2 wire
conductors The nickel plated hardware is somewhat of a through back while
nickel plating was phased out in 1965 and replaced with chrome plating.
Chrome finishes allow better wear and survive longer than that of nickel
but nickle has a silky feel. There are still a quantity of guitars that
utilize nickel plated parts especially the historic versions.

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