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					                             Guitarist Les Paul is a legend who's
importance to rock & roll as the inventor of the solid body electric
guitar can never be underestimated. The pioneering recording techniques
like studio multi tracking and the electronic echo also came from this
acclaimed musician.It was in 1934 that Les Paul constructed his 1st
guitar pick up and in 1941 he had created the prototype for the solid
body electric guitar. He called it "The Log", it comprised of a four foot
wooden board with strings, pick up and plug. Using a part of a railroad
tie for the base, Paul also added 2 embellished pieces to make it look
more like an acoustic guitar.He built his first recording studio in his
L.A. garage in 1945. It was here that he developed multi tracking, close
miking and echo delay recording techniques. A motor accident in 1948, in
which he broke his right elbow so badly, caused him to have it surgically
set at a special angle so he could still play his guitars.It was in 1950,
when the Fender Telecaster was first introduced to the musical market
that electric guitars became a national craze. In reaction to this Les
Paul was brought to Gibson Guitar by the president Ted McCarty as a
consultant.This collaboration between Gibson and Les Paul was initially
bought about to design 2 guitar models by Les Paul for sale. The regular
model, the Goldtop, and the Custom model, which boast superior hardware
and a stunning black finish. The series of guitars by Les Paul for sale
by Gibson grew quicker than McCarty had expected and they were able to
offer a long term series of electric guitar. Covering a range of price
points the range was developed to offer guitars for most skill levels,
excluding the total newbie guitar player.In the early fifties Paul had
developed and made his famous Recording Guitar which he put to use for
his personal recording and he withheld the rights for Gibson to use this
particular design of Les Paul for sale 'til 1971.Authentic Les Paul
guitars from the 50's are now some of the most coveted and collectible
guitars in the world. It is thought that fewer than two thousand original
examples have survived to the present day. If you were lucky enough to
find a 1959 Les Paul for sale in good condition you would expect to pay
between two to seven hundred thousand dollars.Until his death in August,
2009, Les Paul himself played his personal Les Paul Guitar onstage,
weekly, in New York City. Paul preferred his 1972 Gibson Recording model
guitar, with different electronics and a one piece mahogany body, which
he had modified heavily to his liking over the years.

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