Gibson & Les Paul in Perfect Harmony by anamaulida


        Guitar legend Les Paul bought the solid body electric guitar to
the music world and re shaped the essence of rock and roll. The
pioneering recording techniques like studio multi tracking and the
electronic echo also came from this acclaimed musician.It was in 1934
that Les Paul constructed his 1st guitar pick up and in 1941 he had
created the prototype for the solid body electric guitar. Made from a 4'
wood board with strings, pickup and plug, Paul christened it the "Log".
It also incorporated a section of a railroad tie as the base and was
designed with two small decorative pieces on it to make it look more like
an acoustic guitar.He built his first recording studio in his L.A. garage
in 1945. It was here that he developed multi tracking, close miking and
echo delay recording techniques. His right elbow got broken in a motoring
accident in '48 and so he could continue to play guitar the surgeon set
his elbow at such an angle that he was still able to play. When the
Fender Telecaster was put on the market in 1950, electric guitars
suddenly became the must have musical instrument. It was at this time
that that Ted McCarty, the president of the Gibson Guitar company,
approached Les Paul to become a consultant. Initially the collaboration
between Gibson and Les Paul was conceived to develop 2 models by Les Paul
for Sale. These were the Goldtop and the Custom which boasted premium
hardware and a striking black finish. Faster than anticipated by McCarty
design innovations allowed for Gibson to make a long term series of
guitars by Les Paul for sale. Covering a range of price points the range
was developed to offer guitars for most skill levels, excluding the total
newbie guitar player.In the early fifties Paul had developed and made his
famous Recording Guitar which he put to use for his personal recording
and he withheld the rights for Gibson to use this particular design of
Les Paul for sale 'til 1971.Some of the most expensive, desired and
covetable guitars today are authentic Les Paul's from the fifties. It is
estimated that less than 2000 original examples survive. Were you to find
a Les Paul for sale, in excellent condition from say 1959 you could be
expected to have to hand over $200,000 - $750,000 US. Les Paul could be
found playing his own Les Paul guitar weekly on stage in New York up
until he died in August 2009. His guitar of choice was a 1972 Gibson
Recording guitar, much modified over the years with a 1 piece mahogany
body and different electronics.        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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