March 2010 Minutes - Annual Meeting

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					                 Wisconsin Park and Recreation Association
                                   Park Section Meeting Minutes
                                          Annual Meeting
                                    March 25, 2010 – 5:00 PM
                                         Chula Vista Hotel

I.      Call To Order
L. Buck called the meeting to order at 5:19 PM
II.     Roll Call
Attending:      Larry Buck, Dave Mehls,, Vince Maas, Tom Flick, Duane Grimm, Melissa Lipska, Tony
                Dobson, Guy Smith, Kelly Valentino, Ray Maurer, Bryan Spencer

Excused:       Duane Hofstetter, Kathy Gruentzel, Matt Amundson, George Pinney

III.   Review Minutes of 2/23/10
       A motion was made by K. Valentino to approve the minutes from February 23, 2010. A second
       was made by V. Maas. Carried.

       A motion was made by K. Valentino to approve the 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes. A second
       was made by V. Maas. Carried

IV.    Reports
       a. Chair report – L. Buck
       L. Buck said he would give a report later in the meeting regarding Manitowoc dropping out as the
       host for the 2011 Park Tour.

       b. Chair Elect report – D. Grimm
       D. Grimm gave the board a report regarding nominations for Park Section in 2011. Duane said
       we should get nominations for Chair Elect to Kathy Gruentzel or Guy Smith. D. Grimm said we
       will be looking to fill the Sec./Treasurer position, Chair Elect, Region I Rep, Region 2 Rep and
       the State Park Subsection position.

       c. Past Chair report – K. Valentino
       K. Valentino said that the Workshop was going smoothly and conference sessions are pretty
       much set. K. Valentino said that she will be setting up a moderator schedule very soon and
       bringing that to our next meeting.

       d. Secretary/Treasurer’s report – T. Dobson
       No Report

       e. Region 1 – Dave Mehls
       No Report

       f. Region 2 – Vince Maas
       No Report

       g. Region 3 – Matt Amundson
       No Report

       h. Region 4 – M. Lipska
       No Report
i. Rep at Large – T. Flick
No Report

j. Rep at Large – Guy Smith
G. Smith said that they would be submitting an article on Programming. Guy also talked about
partnerships with sports fields and how it may be cost effective during times of budget cuts. Guy
also mentioned that he is willing to moderate at the 2010 Conference.

k. State Park/DNR Subsection – Kathy Gruentzel
No Report

l. Committee Reports
Urban Forestry – B. Spencer
B. Spencer said that they met in March at the State Capital to talk with the Wisconsin State Reps.
regarding Urban Forestry grants and also funding for dealing with problems with the EAB.
Bryan said that things seemed to go well at this meeting. Tom Flick talked about an initiative the
Green Bay Packers are doing. Tom said that the Packers are giving trees to municipalities for
free to help make up for their carbon footprint due to the amount of flights they require. T. Flick
said this seemed to be a nice new initiative that was worth looking into.

Conference Committee – Tom
T. Flick said that the Conference Committee has finalized the River Cleanup. Tom said this
would take place on Tuesday from 1:00 – 4:00 with a maximum of 50 people. T. Flick said there
will be a $10 charge for this and there will be .2 CEU’s for participating. After the river cleanup
there will be a two-hour riverboat ride with dinner sponsored by the Great Lakes Academy. K.
Valentino said that the Great Lakes Academy is really pushing this to their alumni.

T. Flick said that the main Wednesday night social and Presidents Reception will be combined.
Tom said that Clowning Around would be a sponsor and providing us with numerous games and
activities. Tom said that co-chair Niki Wendt spent the day in La Crosse promoting this
conference to the student body in an attempt to get them to participate in this year’s conference.
Tom said we would also be using students to help with the socials. Tom said that Carrico
Aquatics would also be sponsoring this social.

T. Flick said that we have finalized our three speakers. Tom said that Sam Glenn would be our
Keynote speaker. C. Kowal would be our educational speaker and John Kennedy would be our
endnote speaker. Tom said that the conference committee was extremely focussed on our
education and speakers this year. Tom said we were able to have a great group of speakers due to
cost savings on our socials.

T. Flick said that we would be offering a special rate to La Crosse students offering them two
days for the price of one. Tom said this is an attempt to make the conference extremely affordable
for students and to get them to participate in the trade show and socials.

Grants Advisory Committee –
Some discussion took place regarding a letter written to Representative Spencer Black regarding
Stewardship Funding.

WPRA Report – Steve Thompson
S. Thompson said that nominations are need for the 2011 President-Elect, Region I and Region
III Representatives. All regional members are requested to submit nominations.

Steve said that nominations for the State Association awards and Elected Official award would be
taken through May 1st.
       Steve said that the WPRA Foundation would sponsor their annual Brewer’s Tailgate Party on
       Saturday, May 15th. Tickets are $28 and include the ticket to the game, a tailgate favor, and all
       the drinks you want. Register on the WPRA website.

       S. Thompson said that President Bill Lecker would still like the Regions to invite one local, state
       or federal legislator to one of their meetings to have the elected official discuss their views on
       park and recreation services, and to explain how they feel WPRA members can become better
       advocates in the legislative process.

       Steve mentioned that the WPRA Board endorsed the promotion of park and recreation agencies
       implementing services that would be beneficial to servicemen and servicewomen in their

       Lastly Steve said that the WPRA Board would be discussing the possible development of an
       Advocate Citizen & Friends membership category in the future.

VI.    Unfinished Business
       a. Approve 2009 Annual Meeting Minutes
       This was approved earlier in our meeting.

       b. 2010 Summer Park Tour Update - Dave
       D. Mehls said he added a tube ride down the St. Croix River to the pre-tour. Dave also said that
       all information and registration forms are on the WPRA website. Dave said that the Wednesday
       night Twins game in the luxury box is full and he was working to set up a tailgate party on
       Thursday. Dave said the tailgate party comes with some expense and he was currently looking an
       additional sponsor to help with this event. Dave said at this point he is just working on the details
       of the park tour. Everything is moving nicely. S. Thompson mentioned Bonestroo as a possible
       sponsor for the tailgate party.

       C. 2011 Spring Workshop Topics
       L. Buck said this is a topic that we need to open up for discussion. K. Valentino said that it would
       help to compile the survey results from the 2010 workshop. Some discussion took place regarding
       the list of past topics. T. Dobson said he would put this on our next agenda for more discussion.
       K. Valentino said our 2010 numbers are up from 2009.

       D. Approval of Park Section Rules of Order
       A motion was made by Ray Maurer to approve the Park Section Rules of Order. A second was
       made by V. Maas. Carried. Some discussion took place regarding the duties of the officers and
       who should be taking on various planning responsibilities for the section. The board decided to
       add this item on our next park section agenda for further discussion.

       E. Board Manual Approval
       V. Maas noted one change in the board manual. Vince said that he no longer works for in
       Oshkosh. T. Dobson said he would make that change. A motion to approve the board manual as
       amended was made by K. Valentino. A second was made by T. Flick. T. Dobson said he would
       send out clean documents of the rules of order and board manual along with the minutes from this
       meeting. K. Valentino said she would work on a moderator schedule for the next meeting as

VII.   New Business
       a. Moderator schedule for 2010 Fall Conference
       This was discussed earlier in meeting and will be added to our next agenda.
        b. 2010 Conference Speaker Info.
        Discussed earlier in meeting.

        c. 2010 Conference Park Section Sessions
        Also discussed earlier.

        d. 2011 Summer Park Tour Discussion – New Site Needed
        L. Buck said that a new site was needed for 2011. Larry said he has talked to Racine to see if
        they would be willing to step up and take on the 2011 Park Tour. Some discussion took place
        regarding the 2011 Summer Park Tour and beyond. T. Dobson said this would also be added to
        the next agenda.

VIII.   Other Business
        R. Maurer told the board to start looking for park section professional and young professional of
        the year nominations. V. Maas thanked Kelly Valentino and Ray Maurer for stepping up to lead
        the park section in 2010. Vince said they did a great job. The board agreed and thanked both
        Ray and Kelly for stepping up in 2010.

VIII.   Adjournment
        V. Maas made a motion to adjourn at 6:15 pm; second by G. Smith Carried.

Respectfully submitted,

Tony Dobson, Park Section Secretary