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        Custom buttons are indeed one of the medium for communicating
information and advertising. When taken out of context, some buttons
leave us with mystery messages. We've seen many fancy and funky graphics
showing up in magazines, billboards and even on custom buttons since a
couple of years. These are Quick Response (QR) Codes. These have become
one of the latest marketing and advertising trends in the US. QR codes
are like bar codes with encoded information. By scanning the graphic with
any of the smart phones you can get linked to website or data like
virtual business card etc. Printing QR codes on custom buttons is
relatively low in cost for marketing and advertising. This is the reason
why small and emerging companies have recently been adding custom buttons
with QR code graphics on it.
These buttons are made in various dimensions as per the customer's order.
There are one inch (1"), one and a quarter inch (1.25"), one and a half
inch (1.5") and one and three quarters inch (1.75") buttons in general.Â
And there are various kinds of promotional and custom buttons available
such as custom buttons, custom magnetic buttons, custom zipper pulls,
custom mirror buttons, custom key chain buttons and custom button packs.
There will be a discounted price if the order is in bulk and the number
of buttons to be produced is very huge.
Custom buttons packaging comes in different ways i.e, the packaging
ranges from single button packing to six button packing lot. And it is
not mandatory that the custom buttons should be round in shape. But they
may be in any desired shape and size.
Custom buttons are made for every occasion. You name any occasion, they
are made. Few occasions to be named where custom buttons required are for
award ceremony, birthday parties, company anniversary, conventions, fund
raisers, political campaigns, reunion, sports, weddings even for
mourning, protest and many more occasions. A custom badge order with up
to ten thousand buttons would take from five to ten days.
Promotional magnetic buttons is a product which is a good displaying
tool. Promotional buttons are given for good fortune during trade show
and advertising events and use them as vital promoters of the event which
can make the whole event successful. Promotional logo buttons creates a
huge impact on the event and on target audience and are very eye
These buttons or badges can be bought in wholesale terms so that we can
avail optimum discounts. These promotional magnetic buttons allows anyone
who is not expert or have trivial marketing experience to do broadcasting
work. One should have lot of patience and diligence to get the job done
with perfection using promotional buttons.        <!--INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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