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Slide 1 - Naturally detoxifying your body from 5 Major Enemies


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									Immunotec is different from all
 other Nutritional Supplement
    The Immunotec Difference
• Strong Corporate Leadership experienced in
  Research, Development, and Network

• Financially secure from our start in 1996.

• Based on research and sound science

• Ongoing investment in R & D to stay “cutting
    The Immunotec Difference
• Proprietary line of dietary supplements &
  cosmetic products

• Patented technologies based
  on research and sound science

• Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP)
  certified manufacturing facilities
Immunotec products are based
   on sound research and
     science…not fads
 It all started with:

Immune Support
•   Good diet, good food
•   Sleep well
•   Exercise
•   Stress management
•   Lifestyle
•   Natural source of GSH Precursor for the
    maintenance of a strong immune system.
Glutathione and the Immune System
 “Without glutathione, our immune system
 could not function. As glutathione levels
 drop, our ability to fight off disease also
 declines.”                      Dr. Gustavo Bounous

The most important antioxidant
known to man is not in a fruit, it’s
not in a vegetable, it’s not in a pill…

  Over 80,000 published scientific articles
       Glutathione Benefits
• Naturally increases your energy level
• Cleanses your body at the cellular level
• Strengthens your immune system
• Improves your physical performance
• Protects you from environmental pollution
• Slows down the aging process
Glutathione Losses
•   Aging (over 10 % per decade)
•   Pollution, toxins
•   Drugs, Cigarettes, Alcohol
•   Infection
•   Stress
•   Poor diet
•   Trauma, injury, burns
•   Radiation, sunlight
    We ALL lose glutathione regularly!
      Low vs. High Glutathione
• Low Glutathione levels
  – LOW immune response

• Low Glutathione associated with numerous

• High Glutathione levels
  – Lower susceptibility to disease amongst healthy people

• Raising Glutathione levels
  – Maintenance of a strong immune system
  – Quicker recovery
Raising Glutathione

• Glutathione cannot be raised by eating

• Glutathione is made within your cells!

• Must supply your cells with Precursors
    (Precursors = building blocks)
• Approved by Health Canada
• Patented Protein Supplement

• Immunotec’s “Flagship” product

• Result of over 30 years of research
    Immunocal Credibility
•   Multiple International patents
•   Over 30 published medical articles
•   Pharmacist’s Red book
•   Physicians’ Desk Reference (PDR)
•   Safety, quality & efficacy approved by
    Health Canada (NPN #)
    Immunocal Credibility
• Immunocal has been through rigorous
  research and scientific testing:
   Proven to raise muscular performance by over
   Passed Athletic Banned
    Substance screening.
   Clinically proven to raise glutathione levels in
    Immunocal and the FDA
• Immunotec made the decision in 1996 to sell
  Immunocal as a nutraceutical rather than a
  • Allows for sale as a safe Dietary Supplement
    source for building glutathione.
  • Allows for Immunocal to be sold in Network
  • Allows for a significantly lower price to consumers
    thereby offering Immunocal’s benefits to more
  • Immunotec has gone way beyond the minimum
    requirements from the FDA for a Dietary
    Immunocal Difference
• Immunocal is the ONLY Dietary
  supplement scientifically PROVEN to
  consistently raise glutathione levels and
  thereby enhance the human immune
Immunocal PLATINUM
   Immunocal PLATINUM
  All the benefits of Immunocal
  plus is specifically designed to
  counter aging degeneration process

• CMP (Cytokine Modulating Proteins)
   – Naturally lowers inflammation

• RMF (Redox Modulating Formula)
   – Reduce acidity in body
   – Prevents Calcium loss
Give your body a fighting chance!
Immunotec Products
     Enhancing Lives
         Health and Nutrition
• Vitamin and Mineral Supplement With Chlorella
• Omega-3 with Turmeric
• Pure Milk Calcium
       Vitamin and Mineral
• Chlorella, the Blue-Green Algae
• Contains trace elements
• Contains essential amino acids for
  effective absorption
    Omega-3 with Turmeric
•Vital to human health
•Thousands of research articles
•Difficult to obtain enough in American diet
•Equivalent to 4 oz. of Salmon
•Dangers of eating too much fish
 (high mercury levels)
    Omega-3 with Turmeric
•Long history in Chinese and Indian
•Similar to benefits of Curry.
•Potent antioxidant properties
•Studied for anti-inflammatory effects
•Also protects Omega-3 from
 breaking down
          Pure Milk Calcium
•Calcium derived from MILK !
•Our very first source of calcium
•250 mg of elemental Calcium per tablet
•Other milk minerals
•The way NATURE intended
•Balanced mineral profile (similar to the
 mineral profile from milk)
•With Vitamin D to improve absorption
                  Pure Milk Calcium

Pure Milk Calcium is the solution to balanced bone health
           Mineral         Bone         Pure Milk     Calcium *
                                        Calcium       Citrate
           Calcium         25%          24%            21%
           Phosphat e      38%          40%              0%
           Magnesium       0.37%        1.4%             0%
           Potassium       0.7%         0.8%             0%
           Zinc            0.005%       0.003%           0%
           Copper          0.0005%      0.0004%          0%

  Note Calcium Citrate is a synthetic source of calcium commonly
         Well-Being Products
•   Prycena Weight Loss
•   Tart Montmorency Cherry Concentrate
•   Magistral
•   Xtra Sharp
   Prycena weight loss system
•Three part system:
  •Prycena Chocolate Supreme Shake
    •Protein/Calcium/Fiber drink
  •Prycena Thermal Action
    •Metabolic Enhancer
  •PNT 200
    •Anti-Stress Formula
   Prycena weight loss system
• Whey Protein System
  – Contains ALL essential amino acids
  – 20 grams of HIGHEST Biological Value protein
  – Fat-burning and Anti-Satiety agents in Thermal Action

• Milk Calcium /Mineral Complex in Prycena
  – Dairy calcium BEST for weight-loss and satiety
  – 20 grams of HIGHEST Biological Value protein
          Prycena Thermal Action
• Green Tea
  – Powerful antioxidant to help fat metabolism

• Chromium Picolinate
  – Special mineral to metabolize fats and carbohydrates
  – Helps maintain healthy blood sugar levels

• Guarana
  – South American herb to give you
    energy and reduce appetite
                PNT 200
• Reduces:
  – Stress
  – Nervous tension
  – Insomnia

• Lowers stress hormones (Cortisol)
Prycena weight loss system

  In conjunction with a reasonable
   diet and exercise WILL make
          you lose weight!
               Tart Montmorency
               Cherry Concentrate
•100% pure Montmorency cherries
    •And MORE!

•   Freshly harvested
                             •    NO preservative
•   Filtered
                             •    NO additives
•   Flash pasteurized
                             •    NO food coloring
•   Cold filled
                             •    NO added sugar
         Cherry Concentrate
• Benefits
  – Improve sleep
  – Fight jetlag
  – Late night or shift-work
  – Support joint health
  – Support heart health
  – High in antioxidants
Cherry Concentrate
•Proprietary blend of 5 natural substances:
  •Saw Palmetto berry liquid
  •Muira Puama
  •Prostate Health
  •Sexual health & vitality
                  Xtra Sharp
•A unique blend of 21 herbs and
minerals including:
•A healthy choice:
  •No sugar or refined caffeine
  •No “crash” after a few hours
        Xtra Sharp Benefits!
• Avoid the sugar and purified caffeine of
  most energy drinks!
• More energy!
• Relieves fatigue
• Promotes endurance
• Enhances performance
• Mental alertness
         Beauty and Body
• Skin Perfecting Cream
• Immunotec Toothpaste
Immunotec Products
     Enhancing Lives
Realizing Dreams
          The New Economy

   Popularity of      Immunotec       Popularity and
proactive wellness   successfully        growth of
  and nutritional      addresses     Direct Sales and
   supplements       both trends    Network Marketing
Network Marketing is a
   popular option
          • Anyone can afford to
            start a network
            marketing business
            – Minimal start-up costs
            – Can be built alongside
              your current profession
            – Great income potential
          Deciding on a Company
   Look for four key factors:
    1.   Marketplace Demand
    2.   Consumable Products
    3.   Timing and Trends
    4.   Ability to Leverage Your

*Source: Dr. Charles King, professor of business practices from University of
     1. Marketplace Demand
Baby-Boomers: The Trend-setting Generation!
     2. Consumable Products
• Everyday use equals repeat sales and
• Established customers continue to
3. Timing and Trends
        • Health, wellness…the
          way we look and feel has
          never been more
        • People are looking for
          alternative ways to
          achieve financial security
        • People want to choose
          how to spend their time
4. Ability to Leverage Your Time
• Help enough people get what they want and you
  will get everything you want

• Building a team helps create the security and
  flexibility people are looking for today
     The Immunotec Difference
     Enhancing Lives & Realizing Dreams
• Proven Products based on sound science and
  research that really work!
• No fads, only proven products!
• Consistent Growth since 1996.
• Expanding from Canada into the U.S.
• Investing in both R&D and Business Tools for
    The Immunotec Difference
  Enhancing Lives & Realizing Dreams

• Distributor Success Stories
           The Immunotec Difference
       Enhancing Lives & Realizing Dreams
• Distributors
  – Full-time or Part-time
  – Create the income you desire
       •   Low Start up costs
       •   Competitive compensation plan
       •   Unlimited earning potential
       •   Network of successful Distributors
  –   Be a part of our expansion into the U.S.
  –   Trips, awards, recognition
  –   National and regional training
  –   Healthy lifestyle
       The Immunotec Difference
  Enhancing Lives and Realizing Dreams
The Immunotec Success System

1. Take the Products
2. Choose your Inventory
3. Talk to People
4. Use the Support Tools
5. Reach out Every Day
6. Commit to Personal Development
    The Immunotec Difference
   Enhancing Lives & Realizing Dreams

Are you currently realizing your financial and
  personal dreams ?

You CAN with Immunotec!
You can create the lifestyle of
your dreams with Immunotec
  What are YOUR dreams and

Are you on track to achieve them?
   The Immunotec Difference
   Enhancing Lives & Realizing Dreams

• We are in the right industry
• We are the right company
• We have the right product

      We invite you to join us today
                Starting Your Business
•    Immunocal Action Pack $495 + Basic Dist. Kit $29.95
•    $800 Retail value, 40% discount

•    Immunocal Platinum Action Pack $595 + Basic Dist. Kit $29.95
•    $975 + Retail value, 40%+ discount

• Best value to get started with Immunotec!
• You’ll have the inventory you need to start offering products to others
  right away.
• Venture level Distributors earn 3 levels deep in the compensation plan.
            Starting Your Business
• $175 + Basic Dist. Kit $29.95
• $290 Retail value, 40% discount

Smart Investor
• $99 + Basic Dist Kit $29.95
• $210 Retail value, 53% discount
• 3 step process
   – Select Inventory
   – Sign up for auto-ship subscription
   – Start earning an income
    Smart Investor 3 steps to Venture
1. Purchase the Smart Investor Pack
      $29.95 Basic Distributor Kit with business supplies &
      $99.00 Investor Smart Pack #1 or #2
              Smart Pack #1 – 55% off Retail Price!
              1 Immunocal Platinum
              1 Xtra Sharp X5
              1 Cherry Concentrate

              Smart Pack #2 – 53% off Retail Price!
              1 Immunocal Platinum
              1 Daily Essentials Pack

•   You are awarded 720 points and the rank of Investor!
   Smart Investor 3 steps to Venture
2. Set up your product auto-ship subscription
  Select any combination of products totaling a minimum of 400 points!

  Example 1: 1 Box of Immunocal Platinum                            = 250 points
             1 Bottle of Cherry Concentrate                         = 80 points
             1 Bottle of Xtra Sharp Fruit Flavor                    = 80 points
                                      Total                         = 410 PV

  Example 2: 1 Box of Immunocal Platinum                            = 250 points
             1 Box of Daily Essentials Pack                         = 150 points
                                      Total                         = 400 PV
  (Each product we offer carries a compensation plan point value)
         Smart Investor 3 steps to Venture
3. Begin to earn an income!
•      Invite 3 others to join your business in any one month, using the
       Smart Investor plan and you promote to the Venture level.

•      Participate in the Fast Start program which provides additional
       compensation to our new Distributors.

•      Begin earning commissions on your team.

•      You’re on your way to realizing your dream!

Be sure to check your Distributor Business Kit for information regarding the Immunotec Compensation Plan.

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