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Discover the magical
Whitsunday Islands
The Whitsundays
    The Islands
    The Whitsundays consist of 74 islands
    located in the middle of the World Heritage                                                                 Langford Reef
    Listed Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. These
    islands are pristine, with 66 in their natural
    state. The area is well protected for future
    generations through programs such as the
                                                                           - Fring ing Reefs / Snorkel Areas
    Ecotourism Certification, administered by
                                                                           - Typical Anchorages for Reef Cruise (Whits
    Ecotourism Australia.                                                                                              unday Magic)
                                                                           - Typical Anchorages for Island Cruise (All
    Sailing                                          Townsville                 Blue Pearl Bay
                                                                                                   Island Mantaray
    Since 1985 we have been providing                Airlie Beach                                         Bay              Outer
    Whitsunday Sailing Tours. Guests can choose             Mackay               Langford Reef                             Reef
    between Maxi Sail, Adventure Sail, Tall             Rockhampton
    Ships or Deluxe Sail and Cruise. Whether               Fraser Island
                                                                                    Hook Island
    travelling independently, as a couple, or                 Brisbane                                               Border Island
    with a group we have a tour option available.
    Our experienced crew take the worry out of                                              Nara Inlet
                                                                           Daydream                                 Tongue Bay
    sailing around the islands and reefs. With all                         Island              Whitsunday
    Marine and Park Permits, we will take you                                                  Island                       Whitehaven
    to the best locations planned around the                  Abel Point                                                    Beach
    prevailing wind and tides. There are many
    smooth water stops nestled around the                              Airlie
                                                                       Beach      Shute          South
    islands, so overnight anchorages are pleasant             Proserpine          Harbour        Molle
    for sleeping and offer spectacular scenery!                                                  Island
                                                             Whitsunday Coast
                                                             Airport                                        Hamilton Island
    Typical Tour                                                                                            (Airport)
    During a typical 2 or 3 day tour, along with
    the Sailing, there will be time to:
    > Snorkel coral reefs teeming with marine life
    > Visit stunning sand and coral Beaches
    > Go for Guided Island Bush Walks
    > Meet our dive boat ‘Tornado’

    If you want to participate in the sailing, you
    can help hoist the sails, trim the sails, or
    take the helm.

    Our crew will freshly prepare all meals,
    breakfast, morning tea, lunches, pre-dinner
    snacks and hot dinners. Feedback sheets
    completed by guests generally rate meals at
    10/10 for all tours.

                                   Whitehaven Be

                                                                      Hill Inlet

                                                                                                                                         Tongue Bay

                                                                      Cruise Index
                                                                      Maxi Sailing                                                     page 3/4
                                                                      Great Fun, Larger Social Groups, Yachts 22 to 24 metres,
                                                                      Open Plan Accommodation, Dorm Style or Open Doubles.

                                                                      Adventure Sailing                                                page 5/6
   Open Share                            Open Double                  Smaller Group Experiences, more time to unwind. Open Plan
                                                                      Accommodation, Dorm Style or Open Doubles.

                                                                      Tall Ship Sailing                                                   page 7
                                                                      Leisurely Paced Sailing, Tall Ship Fun, casual, more comfortable
                                                                      accommodation, multi share, double or twin cabins. Air Cond.

                                                                      Deluxe Sail / Cruise                                                page 8
      Multi Share Cabin                  Private Double
                                                                      Spoil yourself, go in style. Cabins with private en-suites,
                                                                      Air Conditioning, Higher quality meals and services.
Maxi Sailing
                                    Adventure Sailing
                                                                      Race Experience                                                     page 9
                                                                      Join us for a once in a lifetime sailing experience, such as
                                                                      Hamilton Island Race Week.

                                                                      Sail Training                                                      page 10
                                                                      Learn to Sail to Yachtmaster Training Courses, beginners to professional.

Tall Ship Sailing                    Deluxe Sailing
                                                                      Private Charters                                               page 11/12

                                                                      Scuba Diving                                                       page 13

                                                                      Sail & Accomm Packages                                             page 14

                             Explore Whitsunday Group
                  s          Since 1985 Southern Cross Adventures
Sout h                       has provided high action sailing for
                                                                                                    Providing Sailing Education and Development
                             18 to 35s and the young at heart.
                             Accommodation is open plan with double                                 since 1992. Accredited by International
      Sailing                or single beds and shared bathroom.                                    Yachting, courses range from Introductory
                                                                                                    Sailing to Yachtmaster Ocean.
                                                                                                    The Whitsunday’s… Learn to sail in paradise!
                             Australian Tall Ship Cruises
                             provides leisurely paced sailing                                       Sailing the Whitsundays since 1994, Prosail
                             for all. Accommodation is air-                                         provides high action Sailing for the 18 to 35s
                             conditioned. Private cabins are                                        aboard Maxi Yachts and deluxe sail options
                             available on some boats.                                               for the more discerning guest.

Maxi Sailing
    Fun and Adventure
    Maxi Sailing is great fun and high on adventure. Maxi’s are large yachts over 22 metres
    in length, their sheer size and power makes for a memorable sailing experience.

    Group sizes 22 to 29 guests, meet other like minded travellers. This is a Social
    Experience and don’t be surprised if there’s a bit of a party in the evening.

    2 Day 1 Night
    With daily departures
    2 Day 1 Night, short on time, however still see Whitehaven
    and Snorkel Coral Reefs.

    2 Day 2 Night
    With daily departures
    2 Day 2 Nights, enjoy the extra night away and see a little more.

    Typical Day Menu
    •   Breakfast, Cereal, Fruit, Tea/Coffee
    •   Morning Tea, Cake, Biscuits Tea/ Coffee
    •   Lunch, BBQ with Salads and Breads
    •   Afternoon Snack, Nachos or Cheese Platter
    •   Dinner, Chicken with Rice, special sauce and Salad              Typical Maxi Floor Plan                             Ope n Plan
                                                                                                                      Acc om mo dat ion

                                                                                                                      Sout h
                                                                Siska                                                                     res

                                                                2 Day 1 Night Cruises
                                                                23 Metres, 22 Guests 3 Crew                                            0
                                                                                                                 14     4
                                                                Departs 8:30am Odd Days                                             CABIN

                                                                Siska’s impressive race record includes winning the Sydney to
                                                                Hobart Race as well as circumnavigating the world twice. Features
                                                                good headroom with a large comfortable guest lounge & dining
                                                                area. Roll out shade awning on deck.

    2 Day 1 Night Cruises
    22.5 Metres, 22 Guests 3 Crew                            14     3      1
    Departs 8:30am Even Days                                             CABIN

    Hammer is an Australian Yachting Legend. Hammer was designed by
    Kel Steinman and throughout her racing career competed in many
    blue water events. Best known for 5 consecutive placings in the
    Sydney to Hobart.
Maximum Fun                                                                                         Daily
                                                           Sout h
Boomerang                                                               Adventu

2 Day 2 Night Cruises
24 Metres, 28 Guests 3 Crew                             10    10                  0
Departs 2:00pm Sun, Wed, Fri                                                CABIN

Raced under the name Ondine VII & achieved great success,
including 1st place in World Maxi Series Races. Boomerang was
built in Italy and was still racing in NZ until 2001. Boomerang has
deck space galore, large cockpit with grinder winch towers, roll
out shade awning. Downstairs is large, light and airy.

                                                                                                                   Sout h
                                                         British Defender                                                       Adventu

                                                         2 Day 2 Night Cruises
                                                         24 Metres, 28 Guests 3 Crew                          16     6              0
                                                         Departs 2:00pm Tue, Thur, Sat                                           CABIN

                                                         Sailed by the British Armed Services during the 1989/90 Around
                                                         the World Race. British Defender is a high tech. Maxi that allows for
                                                         high action sailing. The yacht was named by The Duke of Edinburgh
                                                         on the Thames. Roll out shade awning on deck. Downstairs is
                                                         comfortable, light and airy.

2 Day 2 Night Cruises
23 Metres, 25 Guests 3 Crew                             15      5                 0
Departs 2:00pm Mon, Wed, Sat                                                CABIN

Broomstick was built in South Africa to win the Cape Town to Rio Race.
From there she went on to compete in many famous events including
the Sydney to Hobart. Broomstick finished racing in 2000 and in 2001
was converted for charter tours. Be aware, the racing spirit remains.

                                                          2 Day 2 Night Cruises
                                                          24 Metres, 29 Guests 3 Crew                         13     6              2
                                                          Departs 2:00pm Tue, Thur, Sun                                          CABIN

                                                          Condor is one of the most famous maxi’s in history, winning races
                                                          all over the world, such as the Sydney to Hobart, Fastnet, Bermuda
                                                          Cup, Antigua Race Week. Downstairs, Condor has space galore and
                                                          there are two private cabins which can be booked for a little extra.

Adventure Sailing

           Sail, Snorkel,
              Dive... Explore
          Adventure Sailing offers an awesome sailing experience
          on yachts from 15 to 20 metres.

          These 3 day 2 night tours offer:
          • More Time to Unwind
          • Smaller Groups, generally offer more
            intimate experience
          • More time at each location
          • Snorkel 2 or more island reefs
          • Local transfer from Airlie Beach to marina and return


          Typical floorplan for Adventure Sailing Yacht.
          Accommodation is open plan with single and double bunks.

Small Groups                                                                              Daily
                                                                Sout h
Ron of Argyll                                                                       res

3 Day 2 Night Cruises
15 Metres, 12 Guests 2 Crew                                 6     3              0
Departs 9:30am Wed & Sun                                                      CABIN

Classic Sailing aboard Ron of Argyll which is a two masted ketch, built in
Scotland in 1928. These boats were renowned for their excellent speed
and handling characteristics. Ron of Argyll takes 12 guests on a traditional
Whitsunday sailing experience. On deck large roll out awning for shade.
Downstairs has the old world warmth of a classic timber finish.

                                                                Sout h
Ragamuffin II                                                                Adventu

3 Day 2 Night Cruises
16 Metres, 13 Guests 2 Crew                                 9     2              0
Departs 9:30am Mon & Thur                                                     CABIN

This ex-racing yacht was designed for the Admiral’s Cup by Australia’s
famous America’s Cup Yacht Designer, Ben Lexcen. The yacht has a
comfortable interior with a welcoming warmth & feel created by rich
timber finishes. With a maximum of 13 guests, Ragamuffin II is perfect
for guests seeking a smaller group experience.

                                                                Sout h
Southern Cross                                                                      res
3 Day 2 Night Cruises
20 Metres, 14 Guests 2 Crew                                 8     2              1
Departs 9:30am Tues & Fri                                                     CABIN

Australia’s 4th challenger for the America’s Cup. Winner of the America’s
Cup Challenger Series, racing at Newport Rhode Island in the USA. If you
are after an exciting sailing experience with a smaller group of 14, then
Southern Cross is perfect. Southern Cross has a permanent shaded cockpit.

3 Day 2 Night Cruises
18 Metres, 15 Guests 2 Crew                                 6     4              2
Departs 9:30am Wed & Sat                                                      CABIN

This ex-racing yacht was designed by Famous Australian designer and
yachtsman Iain Murray. Eureka is a Sydney 60, which is a fast and modern
race yacht with comfortable appointments. With a maximum of 15 guests,
Eureka is perfect for guests seeking a smaller group experience. Eureka, has
two private double/twin cabins which can be booked for a little extra.
Tall Ship

            Solway Lass
            3 or 6 Night Cruises
            28 Metres, 32 Guests 6 Crew
            Departs 7:30pm Sat or Tue
            With an overall length of 127ft, (28m) and 100ft on deck,
            Solway Lass is the largest Tall Ship sailing the Whitsunday
            Islands. Built in Holland in 1902 of German Blue Steel,
            major works keep this world renowned Tall Ship in beautiful
            condition. In 1999 eleven new guest cabins were built for
            Whitsunday Island Cruises.

            Amazing History:
            1st registered in Hamburg, carried cargo between Europe,
            Nordic & UK; served in both World Wars; sailed Fiji during
            the 1970s; Sydney’s Tall Ship for the 1980/90s, involved
            in the 1st Fleet re-enactment celebrating 200 years of
            settlement. Whitsunday cruises are casual and offer a Tall
            Ship experience from a bygone era.

            •   11 Air Conditioned Guest Cabins
            •   Double, Twin, 4 or 6 Share available
            •   Male/Female Bathrooms
            •   Enclosed Bar and Lounge Area
            •   Deck Space Galore with Bow Net
            •   Large Shaded Mid Deck Area
            •   Snorkelling Gear and Instruction
            •   Tarzan Rope Swing
            •   Services of Captain and crew
            •   Local transfer from Airlie Beach to Marina and return

                               Cabin Floor Plan

                                           Deluxe Cruise

Whitsunday Magic
3 or 6 Night Cruises
34 Metres, 32 Guests 8 Crew
Departs 4:00pm Fri - Reef Cruise
Departs 4:00pm Mon - Island Cruise
Whitsunday Magic, a Deluxe Mediterranean style 3 masted
Schooner is the largest vessel sailing the Whitsunday’s and
Outer Barrier Reef. Relax and revive on a 3 night cruise
including the Outer Reef or a 3 night cruise sailing around
the Islands. Combine both itineraries for a 6 day 6 night Reef
and Island Cruise departing Friday’s. Hamilton Island airport
transfers can be arranged. Please request at time of booking.

• 15 Guest Cabins, Double, Twin, 4 Share or Double Suites
• Each cabin has a small bathroom, A/C, port hole,
  and a 240V AC Power Point
• 2 x 11.2sqm Double Suites offer a higher level of appointment
  and a larger en-suite bathroom
• A/C dining room and bar with well stocked cellar
• Shaded (7m x 8m) back deck area with tables / chairs
• Large 6m x 12m upper sunbathing / observation deck
• Glass bottom boat for coral viewing excursions
• On-board Dive Crew, Introductory or Certified Diving
• Services of Captain, Purser and Crew, Chef Prepared Meals
• Local transfer from Airlie Beach to Marina and return

                 Deck Floor Plan

                                                                  Do ub le Su ite

                Cabin Floor Plan

Racing Experience

    Hamilton Island Race Week
    Runs in August each year
    19th to 27th of August in 2011
    Join us for this very special event which only comes around once a year.
    We’ve all done it, watched in awe as those powerful maxi yachts racing across the oceans…
    stop wondering and make the dream a reality, in the relative calm of the Whitsunday’s!
    Join us aboard one of our famous Maxi Yachts, living on board the yacht berthed in
    Hamilton Island Marina, enjoying the festival atmosphere by night, and joining in the
    racing of this world class event by day.
    • 9 Nights live aboard the yacht
    • 9 Breakfasts and Lunches
    • Race Week Entry Fees
    • All Marine Park Charges
    • $1999
    These yachts can be privately chartered for
    Corporate Events or for a group of friends.
    Speak to your agent,
    regarding other regatta’s
    which are available on
    our schedule.

    This is a great gift idea
    for someone special!

Sail Training
   Learn To Sail In Paradise
  The Whitsunday Marine Academy is International
  Yachtmaster Training (IYT) approved.
  IYT is for recreational and commercial qualification
  and is recognised in 26 countries.

  Along with completing the Sail Training theory
  and practice on board, the itinerary includes time
  to explore the Magnificent Whitsundays islands,
  swimming, snorkelling, beach visits. All courses come
  with Course Notes and Certificates.

   Intro Sail Course
  3 Day 2 Nights
  Fun practical way to introduce participants to the overall running
  of a yacht, including safety, regulations and manoeuvres.

   Sail Learn to Earn
  23 Days
  International Yachtmaster Training (IYT)
  Designed for the Working Holiday Visitor and those seeking a career in Marine Tourism. 23 Day Course includes, 6 Day 5
  International Crew Certificate (IYT), 12 nights as extra crew on our Maxi Adventures, 6 Nights Accommodation in Airlie
  Beach, 17 Days of Meals, Crew Uniforms, Tuition, Notes, Log Book and Certificate. After completion of Course a meeting will
  be arranged with our Human Resource Manager. Successful candidates may be employed.

   International Crew Cert.                                                                                    Other Training Courses
                                                                                                              • Inshore Skipper
  6 Day 5 Nights
                                                                                                              • Bareboat Skipper,
  Provides the skills to be an active crew member on a yacht.                                                 • Yachtmaster Courses covering Coastal and Ocean
  Covers, Nautical Knowledge, Seamanship, Boat Handling,                                                        Passages are also available.
  Engineering, Weather, Passage Planning and Navigation.

SAIL TRAINING COURSES                                   Departs                    Returns                               1 April 2010 - 31 March 2011
          Course                 Duration      Time      Monday Thursday          Time / Day               Ticket                          Local                  Total
Intro Sailing Course             3d / 2n      9:30am         b           b       4:30pm Day 3                715                            60                     775
International Crew Cert.         6d / 5n      9:30am         b                   4:30pm Day 6               1320                            60                    1380
Bareboat Skipper **              6d / 5n      9:30am         b                   4:30pm Day 6               1699                            60                    1759
Sail Learn to Earn (IYT Cert.)   23 Days      9:30am         b                          —                   2399                            60                    2459
VHF Marine Radio Cert.             Add to any 6 day or longer course. Performed on yacht.                    175                            —                       —
Yachtmaster Courses                          Contact us for details and prerequisites                    Ticket Price collected when booking. Local Fees paid on Check-in.

                                            ** Guests for the Bareboat Skipper Certification must have Prerequisite VHF Marine Radio Certification.
 Private Charters
     Tailor Your Experience
     Vessels are available for Private Charter and we can tailor
     tours for groups as small as a couple up to 200 guests.
     Day Charters or Extended Charters for Education Groups,
     Weddings, Conferences or Birthdays.

     We can provide Day or Extended Wedding Services. Solway Lass, is
     popular for Saturday weddings, being available from 8:00am until
     4:30pm on Saturdays.

     We can tailor wedding charters for extended periods, take
     Whitsunday Magic for up to 32 guests, departing Friday afternoon,
     getting married on-board or at Whitehaven Beach on Saturday
     afternoon, before spending another 2 nights cruising the
     Whitsunday’s with Family and Friends.

     Birthdays &
     Themed events
     Do you have a big event coming up,
     maybe a 50th birthday, or a wedding
     anniversary, or do you have a group
     of friends that you would like to
     bring together for a re-union! We
     can assist arrange a special Private
     Charter for your event aboard any
     of our vessels, from an evening
     dinner cruise to a 6 day extended
     cruise of the Whitsundays.

     Educational Groups
     We supply services across our fleet depending on numbers
     of guests and requirements. We have vast experience with
     this market, with everything from Duke of Edinburgh award
     development programs to Scout Group excursions, to Research
     charters on the Great Barrier Reef for University Groups.

                                                   Private Charters
Deluxe Charters
Whitsunday Magic is available for up to 32 guests, with 15 air
conditioned guest cabins all with ensuite. Including Crew,
Gourmet Meals, priced from $25,000 for 3 day and 3 nights.

Moderate Charters
Eureka II our state of the art Sydney 60 Yacht is available for
up to 15 guests. Includes Crew and Meals from $6800 for 3
days and 2 nights.

Budget Charters
Our Adventure and Maxi Sailing Yachts which feature in
this brochure, for 12 to 29 guests, complete with Crew and
Meals from $5400 for 3 days and 2 nights.

Corporate Charters
The opportunities are endless….
Having a Conference or Business Meeting in the Whitsunday’s. We can supply Maxi Yachts for Team Building Events for up to 180
guests for Day Breakout sessions. We can also supply mothership arrangements for meals aboard Solway Lass or Whitsunday Magic.

How about a small group conference for 12 to 15 delegates, or up to 30 with partners, Whitsunday Magic with Dining Room
doubling up as meeting venue could be the change in scenery your group is looking for.

 Day Sailing Activities
     For those who are seriously short on time, or would like to add another adventure
     to their Explore Whitsundays Sailing Experience.
     Camira                                                           Seaflight
     Day Sail the Whitsunday Islands                                  Day Cruise to Knuckle Reef
     Includes Snorkelling, Swimming, Whitehaven Beach,                Includes Snorkelling, Swimming, Glass Bottom Boat,
     BBQ Lunch and Drinks, and local courtesy transfers.              Buffet Lunch, and local courtesy transfers.
     Adults - $165 Children $85                                       Adults - $199 Children $95
     Departs Daily 8:00am, returns 5:45pm                             Departs Daily 8:30am, returns 5:45pm

 Scuba Diving
     Introductory or Certified Diving
     Tornado, our Dive Vessel departs Airlie Beach and meets up with our
     yachts around the islands at the best Snorkel and Dive Locations.

     Guests have the option to complete Introductory or Certified Dives. For
     Introductory Dives, guests will be guided with a qualified instructor and
     enjoy a Dive experience which will last 25 to 35 minutes.

     Whitsunday Magic has on-board scuba dive services.

                                                        Package Ideas
Ideas To Get You Started
We have put together a selection of packages from 3 to 7 nights for the Budget Conscious to Deluxe Markets.
Accommodation choices from Backpackers to 4+ Star Hotel or Apartments.

Quick Sail & Stay
3 Nights – 2 Day 1 Night Maxi Sail plus 2 nights in Airlie Beach - Starts Daily.

Maxi Sail & Stay
4 Nights – 2 Day 2 Night Maxi Sail plus 2 nights in Airlie Beach - Starts Daily.

Adventure Sail & Stay
4 Nights – 3 Day 2 Night Adventure Sail plus 2 nights in Airlie Beach - Starts Daily.

Tall Ship Sail & Stay
5 Nights – 3 Day 3 Night on Solway Lass plus 2 nights in Airlie Beach - Starts * Fri, Sat, * Mon, Tues.

Deluxe Cruise & Stay
5 Nights – 3 Day 3 Nights on Whitsunday Magic, plus 2 nights in Airlie Beach - Starts * Thur, Fri, * Sun, Mon.

Deluxe Cruise & Daydream Island
5 or 6 Nights – 3 Day 3 Nights on Whitsunday Magic, 2 or 3 nights at Daydream Island Resort - Starts Airlie Beach Mon or Fri on
the cruise. Includes a Ferry from Daydream Island Resort to Hamilton Island Airport or Proserpine Airport at end of services.

Sailing & Fraser Island
6 Nights - Maxi Sail and Stay, 2 day 2 night Maxi Sailing, 1 night in Airlie, plus 3 day 2 night Fraser Island Camping trip
and 1 night in Hervey Bay - Starts Airlie Daily.

7 Nights - Deluxe Sail and Fraser, 3 night Whitsunday Magic cruise, 1 night in Airlie, plus 3 day 2 night Kingfisher Bay
Resort Adventure pack and 1 night in Hervey Bay.

Your Local Agent can provide the latest prices for these packages
* Package start day based on 1 Nights accommodation before and 1 night after the Cruise.

Local Accommodation
Airlie Beach offers accommodation options from
Backpackers to Caravan Parks, 3 and 4 star hotels
to Resorts and Luxury Apartments. It’s a great
place to extend your Sailing Experience....
                                                                    Airlie Beach Hotel          Water’s Edge Apartments

Beaches Backpackers Airlie Waterfront Backpackers                   YHA Airlie Beach              Daydream Island Resort
Travel toisthe Whitsundays
Airlie Beach located in North Queensland, 1150km’s north of Brisbane and 630km’s south of Cairns.
Airports - Whitsunday Coast Airport at Proserpine [PPP]. 30 minute shuttle or taxi transfer to Airlie Beach.
           Hamilton Island Airport [HTI]. Transfer via ferry to the mainland and Shuttle to Airlie Beach.
Express Coach - Services are available to Airlie Beach. Oz Experience also stops in Airlie Beach.
Queensland Rail - Services to Proserpine from Brisbane or Cairns, with Bus or Taxi transfer to Airlie Beach.

       to Pack
Whatare asked to pack in a soft bag. We suggest: Swimmers, Sarong, Beach Towel, Sunscreen, Sunglasses, Jacket
or Sweater, Hat, Camera (& batteries), Sandals/Joggers/Thongs, Toiletries and your favourite music CD’s or iPods.

Tour Inclusionsmeals (includes special diets), snorkel gear and instruction, wet suit, linen. Tours of 3 days and
Captain and Crew, all
2 nights or longer also include local courtesy transfers to/from Airlie Beach to Marina.

Reservations, Confirmations, Check-in We are open 7:30am to 8:00pm. 4 The Esplanade Airlie Beach.
All Guests are asked to check-in for a briefing & to pick-up boarding passes at Shop 1,
 Valid: 1 Apr 2010 - 31 Mar 2011 $AUD Per Person
 Ticket Price collected at time of booking. Local Fee payable on Check-in.                                                                           1 Apr 2010 - 31 Mar 2011
MAXI SAILING 18 to 35s & young at heart                                                                Departs                          Return       Ticket   Local    Total
  Duration           Boat               Accom Type                                 Time       Mo     Tu We Th        Fr      Sa   Su   Time/Day      Price     Fees    Price
                            Siska                Multi Share or Open Dbl          8:30am                Odd Days of Month              4:30pm / 2     299       40      339
                          Hammer                 Multi Share or Open Dbl          8:30am                Even Days of Month             4:30pm / 2     299       40      339
                        Boomerang                Multi Share or Open Dbl          2:00pm                   x           x          x     11am / 3      359       50      409
                      British Defender           Multi Share or Open Dbl          2:00pm              x          x           x          11am / 3      359       50      409
     2d2n               Broomstick               Multi Share or Open Dbl          2:00pm        x          x                 x          11am / 3      359       50      409
                                                 Multi Share or Open Dbl          2:00pm              x          x                x     11am / 3      359       50      409
                                                       Private Dbl                2:00pm              x          x                x     11am / 3      479       50      529
ADVENTURE SAILING 18 to 35s & young at heart                                                            Departs                         Return       Ticket   Local    Total
   Duration            Boat                 Accom Type                             Time       Mo     Tu We Th        Fr      Sa   Su   Time/Day       Price    Fees    Price
                   Ragamuffin II       Multi Share or Open Dbl                    9:30am       x                x                      4:30pm / 3     439      60       499
                   Ron of Argyll       Multi Share or Open Dbl                    9:30am                   x                      x    4:30pm / 3     439      60       499
      3d2n        Southern Cross       Multi Share or Open Dbl                    9:30am              x               x                4:30pm / 3     439      60       499
                                       Multi Share or Open Dbl                    9:30am                   x                 x         4:30pm / 3     439      60       499
                                              Private Dbl                         9:30am                   x                 x         4:30pm / 3     599      60       659
TALL SHIP SAILING - Adventure for all ages                                                              Departs                          Return      Ticket   Local    Total
   Duration            Boat                 Accom Type                             Time       Mo     Tu We Th        Fr      Sa   Su   Time/Day      Price     Fees    Price
                                          Multi Share Cabin                       7:30pm              x                       x        4pm / Tu,Fr    489      60       549
      3d3n          Solway Lass
                                           Dbl/Twin Cabin                         7:30pm              x                       x                       529      60       589
                                          Multi Share Cabin                       7:30pm                                      x         4pm / Fr      899      60       959
  6d6n (2x3n)       Solway Lass
                                           Dbl/Twin Cabin                         7:30pm                                      x                       949      60      1009
DELUXE CRUISING                                                                                        Departs                          Return       Ticket   Local    Total
   Duration            Boat                 Accom Type                             Time       Mo     Tu We Th        Fr      Sa   Su   Time/Day      Price     Fees    Price
                                          Multi Share Cabin                       4:00pm                             x                 1pm / Mon     719       60       779
                                           Dbl/Twin Cabin                         4:00pm                             x                               789       60       849
  3d3n REEF      Whitsunday Magic
                                             Double Suite                         4:00pm                             x                               1069      60      1129
                                          Sole Use Dbl Cabin                      4:00pm                             x                               1169      60      1229
                                          Multi Share Cabin                       4:00pm        x                                      1pm / Thur    679       60       739
                                           Dbl/Twin Cabin                         4:00pm        x                                                    749       60       809
 3d3n ISLAND Whitsunday Magic
                                             Double Suite                         4:00pm        x                                                    1019      60      1079
                                          Sole Use Dbl Cabin                      4:00pm        x                                                    1129      60      1189
                                          Multi Share Cabin                       4:00pm                              x                1pm / Thur    1279      60      1339
                                           Dbl/Twin Cabin                         4:00pm                              x                              1479      60      1539
 6d6n REEF+IS Whitsunday Magic
                                             Double Suite                         4:00pm                              x                              1879      60      1939
                                          Sole Use Dbl Cabin                      4:00pm                              x                              2129      60      2189
 Sail Training Courses - Refer to Table and Prices on Page 10
Ticket Price is collected by Agents. Local Fees are paid on Check-in at Shop 1, 4 The Esplanade Airlie Beach.
                                                                                                                  Trade Website: www.explorewhitsundays.com
                                                                                                                  Email: res@explorewhitsundays.com
   Prices in $Aud per person & may increase at any time. Departures are from Airlie Beach.                        Ph: 1800 355 377 Australian Tall Ship Cruises
   Local fees cover Marine Park EMC, Nat Park Fees, Fuel Levies, Booking Fees, Wet Suit Hire,                     Ph: 1800 675 790 Southern Cross Sailing
   Administration and GST. HAMILTON ISLAND AIRPORT transfers - At time of booking Whitsunday
   Magic, please advise Hamilton Island pick-up or drop-off (Additional Cost). Transfers are via Ferry            Ph: 1800 810 116 Prosail + Marine Academy
   and schedules are aligned with most flights. Cancellations between booking & 14 days before travel
   will result in loss of deposit; between 13 days to 72 hours 50% of ticket price loss applies, less than        From Overseas
   72 hours before departure 100% charges apply. We recommend travel insurance to protect against                 Ph: +617 4946 4999
   loss of valuables, illness, or late cancellations. Sailing and snorkelling can be dangerous activities &
                                                                                                                  Fax: + 61 7 4946 4722

   while crew take every effort to ensure guest safety, we cannot be held responsible for the action of
   guests, beyond our control. Whitsunday Magic guests are offered optional Introductory or Certified
   Dives onboard. All other vessels meet with our Dive Boat Tornado and diving is extra (may not
   be available on windy days). We reserve the right to change vessels to a similar standard or alter           To Book See Your Local Agent
   tours for guest comfort/safety. Alcohol is BYO for Maxi and Adventure Sailing yachts. Solway Lass
   and Whitsunday Magic are licenced and offer bar services. Ron of Argyll is not Eco Certified at time
   of printing.

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