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									                                                                                                                                JULY/AUGUST 2007
                                                                                                                     An internal collegewide bulletin published
                                                                                                                    by the Office of Public Affairs & Marketing

                                    President Named                                 Trustees Approve Budget to
                                    Among Most Powerful                             Promote Student Success and
                                        President Dr. Sarah Pappas                  Reward Employees
                                    was named among the 100 Most
                                    Powerful People in Sarasota Today               Subsequent State Revenue Shortfall Causes
                                    by Sarasota Magazine in its Summer              Review of Plans
                                    2007 edition. Compiling the list took               At its June 27 meeting, the MCC District Board of Trustees
                                    several months of research and dis-             passed a $40.6 million operating budget, up $2.7 million from
                                    cussions with community leaders,                last year’s budget of $37.9 million.
                                    according to the editors. The article               Buoyed by MCC’s steady growth and performance during a
                                    stated that the key element for what            period when many colleges have experienced declining enroll-
                                    makes someone powerful in the                   ment, trustees approved the administration’s proposals to provide
                                    results-oriented community is: “They            continuing support for student success initiatives and to recognize
                                    get things done.”                               employees’ contributions and added responsibilities. Eligible
                                        Calling Pappas a steady and                 employees received a 4.5 percent salary increase, effective with
                                    serious college president who                   the new fiscal year beginning July 1, and a one-time salary sup-
                                    serves on “powerhouse” state and                plement of $500 will be awarded in September for meeting
                                    local boards, editors said “she’s ele-          2006-07 enrollment targets.
                                    vated the profile and quality of our                Subsequent to the June board meeting, a shortfall in state
                                    largest institution of higher educa-            revenues proved to be more severe than anticipated, prompting
                                    tion, adding new programs, increas-
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                                                                                    Gov. Crist to order cuts of 4 to 10 percent in state agencies’
                                    ing enrollment while lowering class             budgets. Although community colleges are not considered state
                                    size, and investing $29 million in              agencies, a significant portion of colleges’ funds is from state
                                    facilities.”                                    revenues; thus, colleges are impacted by dramatic fluctuations
              Dr. Sarah Pappas
                                                                                    in revenues.
                                                MCC president continued on page 2                                                 MCC budget continued on page 2

 MCC Trains 20 Manufacturing Production Workers
      Twenty students ranging in age from 17 to over 50 recently completed
a free entry-level manufacturing production worker training program provided
by MCC at Lakewood Ranch. A member of a statewide consortium of
community colleges and workforce partners that received a Workforce Florida
Inc. grant to provide manufacturing education, training and certification,
MCC was the first among several community colleges in the state to
provide training.
      “Manufacturers told us they have a critical need for workers capable
of operating and maintaining high-tech manufacturing equipment. Our
partnerships with other colleges and area businesses enabled MCC to
respond rapidly, “explained Dr. Idelia Phillips, director, career and
                                                                                                                                                              File Photos

              technical education.
                           Local companies that sent employees for the training     (Left to right)
inside                    included Tropicana Products Inc., Bradenton, and         gram complet CC manufacturing productio
                                                                                   Duval, Dr. Idel s Joseph Wortman, Eric Ho n worker training pro-
                             Tervis Tumbler, Venice. Salaries for entry-level man- Sedr             ia Phillips and               he
                                                                                                                    Daisy Vulovich ngarten and LaToya
this issue                     ufacturing production workers are approximately
                                                                                        ick Fields                                 of MCC, and co
                                $30,000 per year.
Around the College 7
                                     Training for MCC’s 90-hour program was provided by technical specialists from
Pats on the Back            7     Tropicana. Students who completed the training are eligible to take a Manufacturing Skill Standards Council
Upcoming Events             7     (MSSC) Production Technician Certification Examination.
                                      A June 21 training completion ceremony featured speakers Peter Straw, executive director, Sarasota
Birthdays, Anniversaries,         Area Manufacturing Association (SAMA); Eric Roe, director, Florida Advanced Technological Education
Resignations & Appointments      Center for Manufacturing Education (FLATE) and principle investigator for the Employ Florida Banner Center;
can be found on the MCC
Intranet. Click the
                                and Don Gugliuzza, senior manager of organizational development, Tropicana.
“Intranet News” button            During the ceremony, Phillips thanked Daisy Vulovich, executive director, corporate and community
on the right.               development, for her assistance with the program and ceremony at MCC Lakewood Ranch.
     MCC president continued from page 1                                                MCC budget continued from page 1
        In her 11th year as MCC’s president, Pappas has served as                       In recent memos to College employees, President Pappas reit-
    president of the Florida Community College Activities Association               erated that “our valued MCC personnel” remain a priority at
    and on the Florida Humanities Council Board of Directors.                       MCC. In collaboration with the Vice Presidents’ Council, Pappas
        She’s also held positions on boards that include the Sarasota               announced precautionary steps to assure that the College contin-
    Economic Development Corporation, Greater Sarasota Chamber                      ues to operate in a prudent manner. As of July 25 and until fur-
    of Commerce, Florida High Tech Corridor Council, Manatee                        ther notice, all departments will postpone spending for capital
    County Economic Development Council, Suncoast Workforce                         and minor equipment and will identify 2 percent of current
    Development, Sarasota County Openly Plans for Excellence,                       expenses that can be cut. In addition, the Vice Presidents’ Council
    Florida Women’s Alliance, United Way, Bradenton Kiwanis Club                    will continue reviewing the impact of leaving vacant positions
    and The Civic League of Sarasota.                                               unfilled.
        Other honors include a University of South Florida President’s                  As MCC Extra is published, assessing the state revenue impact
    Distinguished Citizen Award, People of Vision Award form Prevent                on our College continues to be a dynamic situation. The Florida
    Blindness of Florida, Women of Excellence Award from Manatee                    Legislature will hold a revenue-estimating conference in August and
    Memorial Hospital Foundation; and being named a Woman of                        a special session is planned for September. College presidents and
    Light by the Women’s International Conference and among Who’s                   MCC administrators are monitoring the developments and will
    Who in Tampa Bay Business by the Tampa Bay Business Journal.                    inform employees if additional adjustments are necessary.
                                                                                    More Budget News
                                                                                         MCC’s tuition rates will remain at $69.69 per load hour for
                                                                                    in-state residents and $256.95 for nonresidents. “MCC continues
                                                                                    to represent tremendous value when compared to state universi-
       New Director of Enrollment Services                                          ties, private colleges and even community colleges in other
                                           Dr. Helen T. Meyer is the new            states,” noted Dr. Carol Probstfeld, vice president, business
                                      enrollment services director. She             and administrative services.
                                      is the former director of Eckerd
                                      College’s Sarasota Center for the                    Average Florida Resident Tuition Cost Per Term
                                      Program for Experienced Learners
                                      and has taught and been a coun-                                    2005-06           2006-07     University   Difference
                                      selor for high-risk and other students                                               2007-08
                                      at the community college level.
                                                                                         Rate             $66.11            $69.69      $114.64      $44.95
                                           With Eckerd’s Sarasota Center
                                      from its inception, Meyer oversaw                  Load Hrs            15                 15        15
File Photos

                                      its growth from 40 to 200 students
                                      and its relocation to a new facility.              Per Term        $991.65           $1,045.35   $1,719.60    $674.25
                                      The bachelor’s degree program for
                                      adults now boasts more than 700                        Source: Vice president’s office.
              Dr. Helen T. Meyer
                                      graduates. Meyer’s responsibilities               State Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) and Facility
                                      included staff supervision, evalua-           Enhancement Challenge Grant Program funds, which are sepa-
       tion of applicable experiential learning credits, recruiting, market-        rate from the general operating budget, will allow $1.7 million
       ing and community outreach.                                                  for the Music and Theatre Building construction; $1 million for
           “At MCC, I want to solidify what’s already being done to                 the MCC Lakewood Ranch Medical Technology and Simulation
       expand and streamline student services in order to promote                   Center planning; and $3.8 million for collegewide general
       student success. Meeting needs related to College growth,                    renovation and remodeling.
       particularly at MCC Lakewood Ranch, and outreach efforts                         The 2007-08 budget foresees a 7 percent increase in health
       will be issues requiring attention,” said Meyer.                             care insurance rates, a 15 percent increase in property and
           Before coming to Florida, Meyer taught and worked as                     casualty insurance rates and a 5 percent increase in utility costs.
       a counselor at Raritan Valley Community College, Somerville,
       N.J., and at Passaic County Community College, Paterson, N.J.
       While working as a graduate assistant at Montclair State
       University, Upper Montclair, N.J., she co-founded a Women                    New CEC Officers Announced
       Helping Women volunteer peer counseling program.
                                                                                        Doug Barnette is the new chair of the MCC Career
           Meyer is first vice president of Friends of Selby Public Library         Employees Council. Other elected officers are Sue Cooney,
       and a member of the Economic Development Corporation                         chair-elect; Alison Lynch, secretary; and Dianne Hessler, treas-
       (Sarasota); Sarasota Human Resources Association; Sarasota,                  urer. Building representatives include Suzanne Bechtol (building
       Manatee and Venice Area chambers of commerce; and                            3, 5, 6 and 8); Hessler (buildings 20, 22 and 23); Nichole
       Downtown Partnership (Sarasota). Meyer has an Ed.D. from                     Stablein (buildings 2, 19, 25, 27, 28 and 29); Kathy Mazion
       Rutgers University, New Brunswick, N.J., and is a National                   (buildings 9, 10, 11, 12, 14 and 17); Arlene Merriman (building
       Certified Counselor. She has master’s and bachelor’s degrees                 18 and Lakewood Ranch); Michelle Adams (building 1); Cecile
       from Montclair State University.                                             Lansquot (building 7; and Stacey Sharples (Venice). Alternates
                                                                                    are Jennifer Messmer, Mike McQueen, Heather Mills,
                                                                                    Katherine Mark and Diane McGrath.

                                                                               page 2
                                 John W. James Studio Theatre Saluted in                                                             Highlights of June Board of Trustees Meeting
                                 Final Performance                                                                                       Steve Harner, a Venice resident, was elected chairman and
                                      Cast and crew, the audience, special guests and alumni from                                    Beverly Beall, Bradenton, was elected vice chair from June 27
                                 the ‘70s and up raised glasses of sparkling cider in a salute to the                                through August 15, when trustees will hold their annual organiza-
                                 John W. James Studio Theatre and its namesake, retired Professor                                    tional meeting and elect officers for the coming year.
                                 John James, on Saturday, June 16. The performance of Monu-
                                 Mental, a series of short plays, marked the final performance in
                                 the 35-year-old theatre due to be dismantled in preparation for
                                 major remodeling of the building. Studio 84 Productions will move
                                 to the Film Annex in the Neel Performing Arts Center, building 11,
                                 at MCC Bradenton, while the Music and Theatre Building under-
                                 goes its badly needed transformation. Renovations are expected
                                 to be complete in time for the Fall 2008 term.
                                      James Thaggard, box office manager, led the toast and
                                 shared some history. Under James’ leadership, construction began

                                                                                                                                      File Photos

                                                                                                                                                                         File Photos
                                 on the black box studio theatre in 1972, when folding chairs on
                                 wooden risers were the only available seating. The Players of
                                 Sarasota donated 120 seats but only 84 fit in the theatre space
                                 and its original name became the Studio 84 Theatre. James over-
                                                                                                                                                    Steve Harner                       Beverly Beall
                                 saw major renovations in the mid-80s and early-90s and after
                                 his retirement in December 1998.                                                                        The June 27 interim elections were required by Gov. Charlie
                                      “Studio 84 was renamed the John W. James Studio Theatre in                                     Crist’s replacement in April of former board chair Rip DuPont
                                 honor of the professor’s transforming a hollow shell into a vital                                   and vice chair Steve Boone with new appointees Susan Miller
                                 studio theatre that has served us well,” said Thaggard.                                             Kelly, of Bradenton, and Christine Robinson, a Venice attorney.
                                      The seats will be donated to the Venice Little Theatre for a                                   Both of the new trustees attended the June meeting.
                                 new educational facility. Fifty alumni from around the country                                      (See story on page four.)
                                 were expected to help pack up the rest of the theatre belongings                                                        *           *                      *
                                 before the dismantling.                                                                                 Dr. Carol Probstfeld, vice president, business and administra-
                                      Thaggard quoted MCC alumnus and New York actor and                                             tive services, gave a presentation about the proposed 2007-08
                                 teacher Erik Andrews in a tribute to the John W. James Studio                                       budget. (See story on page one.)
                                 Theatre.                                                                                                                *           *                      *
                                                                                                                                          Peg Beck, director, human resources, summarized the annual
                                      “The studio theatre was a magical place for me. It sparked my                                  update of the Florida Educational Equity Act Report for 2006-07.
                                 imagination. It served as my inspiration in this all too beautiful art.                             Associate in arts completion rates for blacks and Hispanics have
                                 The memories of our work in the studio will always live on in my                                    improved. Strategies to close the gaps between those students
                                 soul. So, say a fond farewell to the old space, and trust that the                                  and white students include cross-functional teams; electronic
                                 new space will be equally inspiring for generations of future the-                                  resources such as an automated withdrawal process and early
                                 atre students,” said Andrews.                                                                       alert system; and classroom initiatives to identify and provide
                                      Guests attending the final performance included Dr. John                                       early assistance to students performing poorly. The College is in
                                 Rosen, vice president, academic affairs, and his wife, Paulette;                                    full compliance with Title IX requirements for male-female equity
                                 retired MCC Professor Bernice Pepke; theatre staff members                                          in athletics. Employment goals for women and blacks have been
                                 Kenneth Erickson, Dean Anthony and Craig Smith; and                                                 met, as have enrollment goals for first-time-in-college students.
                                 alumni Kali Blankenship, Page Erickson, Erin Erickson-                                              Student success rates in developmental mathematics classes,
                                 Saladino, John Greene, Molly Healy,                                                                 student retention and employee diversity are areas that will
                                 Cory Woomert, Darah                                                                                 continue to be areas of focus for meeting College goals.
                                 Royer Woomert, Jason
                                 Wilson, Jennifer Woll                                                                                                             SUMMARY
                                 and alumna and interli-                                                                             Challenges
                                 brary loan clerk                                                                                    •Gateway Math Classes •Employee Diversity
                                 Carolyn Zaput.                                                                                      •Retention

                                                                                                                                     Successes - 2006 Enrollment Goals

                                                                                                                                     •FTIC Increased 19%
                                                                                                        Photo Credit: Ken Eric

                                                                                                                                     •FTIC Increased Females, Blacks and Hispanics
                                                                                                                                     •Overall Enrollment Increased Percentage of Females, Blacks
                                                                                                                                      and Hispanics
                                                                                                                                     Completion Rates
                                                                                    (L to R) John James                              •Improved White/Black by 6.1%
                                                                                    and James Thaggard                               •Improved White/Hispanic by 3.2%
                                                                                                                                     Equity in Athletics
Photo Credit: Ken Erickson Jr.

                                                                                    Thaggard (center)                                •Full Compliance with Title IX
                                                                                    relates theatre history
                                                                                    as Monu-Mental cast                              2006 Employment Goals Exceeded in the following areas:
                                                                                    and crew prepare                                 •Executive/Administrative/Managerial — % Females and Blacks
                                                                                    to toast.                                        •Faculty — Total Faculty and Total Females
                                                                                                                                     •Continuing Contracts — Total Females Percentage
                                                                                                        page 3                                                           Board of trustees meeting continued on page 4
Board of trustees meeting continued from page 3
     David Wildes, director, facilities planning and management,             • Two separate funding requests (for $140,000 and $316,440)
received approval of a guaranteed maximum price (GMP) of                       in federal grant funds administered by the Manatee County Early
$4,120,563 for Tandem Construction’s remodeling of the old                     Learning Coalition would provide training, monitoring and
Music Building into a Music and Theatre Building at MCC                        follow-up services for child care providers in Manatee County.
Bradenton. The projected completion date is July 2008. While                 • MCC anticipates approval of $75,000 from the state of
construction is under way, the music department will move to the               Florida, which received federal funding from the Department
old Art Building (to be renamed the Music Annex). Construction                 of Homeland Security to support security infrastructures.
of the new Art and Design Building is expected to be complete                  MCC will use the funds to enhance its emergency notification
this summer.                                                                   system. A task force has been convened to develop a plan for
                   *                     *        *                            an enhanced rapid communications system to reach College
     Peg Lowery, executive director, Foundation for MCC, pre-                  faculty, staff and students.
sented recommendations from the Naming Committee for rooms
in the new Art and Design Building. Approved names include:
    • William G. Selby and Marie Selby Foyer;
    • Catherine Chung-Ray Gibbs Dark Room; and
    • Pam Stewart Lecture Room.                                                         MCC’s New Trustees
     Lowery said the Selby Foundation has been one of the most                              Gov. Charlie Crist appointed new MCC trustees Christine
loyal supporters of MCC, having contributed more than $1 mil-                           Robinson and Susan Miller Kelly. Each will serve a term that
lion for various projects. Annually, the Selby Foundation provides                      ends May 31, 2010.
$70,000 in scholarships. A gift of $300,000 this past year will                                                             Originally from North
help equip the new Art and Design Building.                                                                             Tonawanda, N.Y., Robinson earned
     MCC honor student Catherine Chung met local retiree Ray                                                            a bachelor’s degree from Niagara
Gibbs at MCC before his death in 2005. A volunteer in the pho-                                                          University before graduating from
tography department for 14 years, Gibbs often purchased film                                                            the University of Miami law school
and equipment for the program. To honor his memory and ensure                                                           and working as an assistant state
other students will learn photography in a state-of-the-art pro-                                                        attorney in the child support
gram, Chung and her husband, Filic, contributed money for                                                               enforcement unit in Miami. In 2001,
equipment.                                                                                                              Robinson moved to the Sarasota
                                                                                                                        area, where she served as assistant
     Senior MCC faculty member Pam Stewart founded and
                                                                                                                        state attorney in the criminal divi-
provided financial support for the College’s photography and
                                                                          File Photos

                                                                                                                        sion. Currently, she works as a pri-
art history programs as well as scholarship assistance to numer-
                                                                                                                        vate attorney. A former club presi-
ous students. She named the Foundation a beneficiary in her
                                                                                                                        dent of the Republican Party, she
retirement program.
                                                                                               Christine Robinson
                                                                                                                        also has served on Venice-
                   *                     *        *                                                                     Englewood Bar Association and
    Bradley Davis, director, resource development, presented                                                            MOMS Club of Venice North
seven grant proposals for the board’s review and approval.                                                              boards, and as a volunteer at the
   • MCC is seeking federal funds from the Florida Department                                                           Women’s Resource Center.
     of Education to expand its basic education and GED test                                Kelly moved from Washington,
     preparation programs in Manatee and Sarasota counties.                             D.C., to Bradenton at a young age
     If approved, a $156,724 request will allow providing                               and graduated from St. Stephen’s
     additional services to eligible adults at MCC Bradenton and                        Episcopal School, Bradenton. She
      Jobs Etc. for 140 students. A request for $42,500 is intend-                      received a bachelor’s degree from
     ed to serve 60 eligible Sarasota County students. Funds                            Furman University, Greenville, S.C.,
     would be used to expand hours at MCC Venice and open                               and a master’s in behavior disorders
     a new site at MCC’s Traffic Safety Institute in downtown                           and learning disabilities from the
     Sarasota.                                                                          University of South Florida, Tampa.
   • A total of $117,629 requested from the Florida Department                          She worked in public and private
     of Education will support the College Reach-Out Program                            school systems for 13 years before
                                                                                                                              File Photos

     (CROP) for low-income and educationally disadvantaged                              becoming a stay-at-home mom with
     students in grades 6 through 12 in some middle and high                            twin daughters and an educational
     schools in Manatee and Sarasota counties. MCC hopes to                             consultant. Currently, she is teaching
     serve as many as 260 students in the 2007-08 program.                              at St. Stephen’s Episcopal School.               Susan Miller Kelly
   • Continuation of Carl D. Perkins funding of $469,203 is                             Kelly has held positions on the
     requested from the Office of Workforce Education, Florida                          Sarasota Manatee Airport Authority,
     Department of Education, to support and strengthen career                          Manatee County Public Library
     and technical education programs, including associate in                           Foundation, Junior League of Manatee
     science and associate in applied science degree programs.                          County, St. Stephen’s Board of
     These federal funds are needed for staff support, marketing                        Trustees, Young Republicans Club and
     initiatives to recruit students, and educational software                          Manatee Republican Women’s Club.
     and equipment.

                                                                     page 4
                                                                                       MCC Lancers News

                                New Softball Coach Is Meredith Headings                                                                    Gibson Named Head Volleyball Coach
                                    Former Lancer and Bradenton resident Meredith Headings has                                                  Former assistant coach Lewis Gibson has been named head
                                been named head coach of the women’s softball team. Headings                                               coach of the women’s volleyball team. Gibson has worked with
                                                             was assistant coach of Lancers softball                                                                    MCC volleyball student-athletes since
                                                             last year and directed summer softball                                                                      August 2006. Also media services
                                                             camps this summer. She is employed as                                                                       coordinator, he previously worked as
                                                             clubhouse assistant manager for IMG                                                                         a technology specialist and has been
                                                             Academies. The MCC softball coaching                                                                        with MCC since November 2002.
                                                             position is a part-time, stipend position,                                                                      Formerly a professional
                                                             as are all MCC head coaching positions.                                                                     player/coach, Gibson and a partner
                                                                  Peter Boucher, athletic director, said

                                                                                                           Photo Credit: Joanne Campbell
                                                                                                                                                                         won the co-ed doubles (A) division
Photo Credit: Mace P. Thirtle

                                                             Headings already has worked well with                                                                       on a Pro Beach tour in 2003, and
                                                             many returning team players and her                                                                         his doubles team tied for 12th place
                                                             experience and love of the game will                                                                        in a 36-team professional tour in
                                                             keep future teams on a winning path.                                                                        1986. Gibson has been a
                                                                   “Meredith has expressed her desire                                                                    player/coach for numerous United
                                                             to have a positive impact on young                                                                          States Volleyball Association teams.
                                     Meredith Headings       lives and we know she’ll be a wonderful                                                Lewis Gibson             Gibson was named a U.S. Navy
                                                             addition to our athletic department,”                                                                      League Outstanding Recruit and
                                                             said Boucher.                                                                 graduated first out of his class of 800. While serving in the U.S.
                                    The MCC alumna captained the Lancer softball team in 2000                                              Navy, he was named Most Valuable Player in a 1989 Northern
                                and 2001. Credited with hitting the first home run out of the                                              Pacific (NORPAC) championship volleyball tournament in which
                                College’s home softball field in 2000, she was named Suncoast                                              his team came in second.
                                Conference Player of the Year in 2001. An academic as well as an                                                “Lewis Gibson enhances the depth of experience our
                                athletic star, Headings earned a bachelor’s degree in communica-                                           coaches display in our athletic department. He also is committed
                                tions from the University of South Carolina Aiken, where she was                                           to MCC’s student-athlete concept which drives us to produce
                                named to Verizon’s All-American Academic First Team in 2003.                                               academic as well as athletic winners,” said Dr. Don Bowman,
                                    “Meredith Headings has proven herself as a student-athlete and                                         vice president, student development and enrollment services.
                                a coach who places great value on academic as well as athletic                                                  A Bayshore High School graduate, Gibson is a Bradenton
                                success. She will be an inspiration to Lancer team members,” said                                          resident. While in the Navy, he earned a bachelor’s degree in
                                Dr. Donald Bowman, vice president, student development and                                                 liberal arts from the University of State of New York. He complet-
                                enrollment services.                                                                                       ed a program at Keiser College, Sarasota, in 2001 to become
                                    “As a former MCC student, and a Lancer, I understand the                                               a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.
                                passion people have for this softball program and I’ll do all I                                                 Gibson’s goals for the MCC team are to improve players’
                                can to make the College and community proud of our team’s                                                  fundamental skills and the team’s win-loss record, and to ensure
                                successes,” said Headings.                                                                                 that his players meet high academic standards.

                                Athletic Director Peter Boucher Resigns
                                    Athletic Director Peter Boucher has resigned to return to his alma mater and former employer, King Philip High School, in Wrentham,
                                Mass., to the newly created position of wellness coordinator for the district. Boucher said he could not refuse the twin draws of an
                                “irresistible” job offer and the opportunity to be closer to family.
                                                                  “I have bittersweet feelings about leaving MCC because people here are great and it was my dream to be
                                                              a college A.D.,” Boucher said, adding that the school contacted him and he did not seek to leave MCC.
                                                                   “This offer to develop a wellness curriculum for a premier district that I know and respect coincided with my
                                                              and my wife’s realization that we really want to raise our children near our families,” Boucher said.
                                                                  Wellness curriculum is a passion for Boucher, who is writing a book on the subject and hopes it will be
                                                              adopted nationwide.
                                                                   “In addition to infusing the classrooms and athletic departments with wellness curriculum, my new position
                                                              will allow me to return to teaching and coaching, and I’ve missed those activities,” Boucher said.
                                                                  Dr. Donald Bowman, vice president, student development and enrollment services, said, “Pete has accom-
     File Photos

                                                              plished a lot in his year with MCC, particularly with his Support our Sports initiative that led to increased atten-
                                                              dance at games and more awareness and appreciation of our student-athletes throughout the college and
                                        Peter Boucher
                                                                  Boucher will remain at MCC until the week of Aug. 20 and will be present to welcome student-athletes. The
                                                             College commenced a search immediately. The athletic director is responsible for administering and directing inter-
                                                           collegiate athletics programs, which include women’s softball and volleyball and men’s baseball and basketball.
                                    “The new A.D. will find an athletic department staff and supporters who eat and breathe Lancer gold and blue,” Boucher said.
                                                                                                       page 5
                                                       TSI Supervisor Named State Line Officer of Year                                   MCC Film Wins Awards at Independent
                                                                                          William “Bill” Chiaramonti,                    Film Festivals
                                                                                       office supervisor and information                     See Rock City, a 30-minute film by MCC faculty and students,
                                                                                       technology specialist with the Traffic            has won awards at independent film festivals in Washington and
                                                                                       Safety Institute (TSI), has been                  Michigan. The film was produced in a class taught by Doug
                                                                                       named Line Officer of the Year                    Osman, assistant professor, mass communications.
                                                                                       by the Florida Association of                         The MCC film was named Best Short Film at the Rainier
                                                                                       Community Corrections (FACC).                     Independent Film Festival held in Ashford Valley, Wash., May 4
                                                                                       He is the first person from the                   through 6, and Best College Film in the Flint Film Festival held in
                                                                                       DUI/Driver Improvement area to
                       Photo Credit: Mace P. Thirtle

                                                                                                                                         Mott Community College Regional Technical Center, Mich., May
                                                                                       receive the award, which was pre-                 17 through 20.
                                                                                       sented during a June 26 FACC
                                                                                       State Training Institute program at                   See Rock City debuted in November 2006 in the Cine-World
                                                                                       the Hyatt Sarasota. More than                     Film Festival at Burns Court Cinemas, Sarasota. It also was
                                                                                       300 people attended.                              screened in the Longbaugh Film Festival, Willamette Week, Ore.;
                                                                                                                                         the Sarasota Filmmaker’s Spotlight Shorts Program at the 9th
                                                                                            Patrick McCabe, director, TSI,               Annual Sarasota Film Festival; the Twin Rivers Multimedia Festival
                                                          William “Bill” Chiaramonti   nominated Chiaramonti for the                     in Ashville, N.C.; and the Long Island International Film Expo in
                                                                                       state award. McCabe said                          Bellmore, N.Y. The film has been accepted for screening in the
                                                       Chiaramonti is an invaluable employee with expertise in many                      Central Florida Film Festival in Kissimmee, Aug. 31 through Sept. 2.
                                                       areas. In three separate offices that serve more than 12,000
                                                       clients a year, Chiaramonti is credited with maintaining a calm,
                                                       intelligent and helpful attitude and taking time to make sure each                Dental Hygiene Graduates Pass Exams
                                                       client’s questions are answered. With MCC for 12 years,
                                                       Chiaramonti provides oversight to all driving improvement pro-                        One hundred percent of the 10-member 2007 graduating
                                                       gram operations and helps coordinate the DUI program. As IT                       class of the Dental Hygiene Program passed the Florida Dental
                                                       specialist, he also monitors various software programs and acts                   Hygiene Licensing Examination and the Dental Hygiene National
                                                       as troubleshooter. Chiaramonti is BrainBench certified in                         Board Examination. Graduates of MCC’s program have boasted
                                                       Microsoft Windows XP Pro.                                                         a 100 percent pass rate on the state and national examinations
                                                                                                                                         for all seven years of the program’s existence.
                                                           “The TSI staff always asks him the difficult questions. He is our
                                                       major resource when computers or software break down. He is
                                                       responsible, reliable and loyal,” said McCabe.

                                               Coca-Cola Foundation Awards MCC Student
                                               $1,000 Scholarship
                                                                                                                                     File Photos

                                                    MCC sophomore Sean Abene has been awarded a $1,000
                                               scholarship from the Coca-Cola Scholars Foundation. Abene, 23,
                                               is a Bradenton resident and a graduate of Bayshore High School.
                                                    The Foundation awards a total of 400 scholarships annually                                     Showing off their appropriately
                                                                                                                                                   decorated caps at commence-
                                               to students attending higher-education institutions granting two-                                   ment exercises held in May are
                                               year degrees. Academic success and community service are key                                        Dental Hygiene Program gradu-
                                               criteria for winning the scholarships.                                                              ates (left to right) Debbie Kirkey,
                                                                                                                                                   Jennifer Ross, Amy Bradley and Christina Tolomei.
                                                                                  A member of the Air Force
                                                                              National Guard, Abene has
                                                                              attended MCC classes since 2004,
                                                                              interrupting his studies at times
                                                                                                                                     MCC Bradenton Library Reroofed
                                                                              when called to active duty overseas,                       Reroofing of the MCC Bradenton Library began June 18,
                                                                              during Operation Iraqi Freedom                         requiring closure of a section of the parking lot immediately south
                                                                              and due to hurricanes. He is a                         of the library for construction supplies and dumpsters. It was antici-
                                                                              member of the Circle K community                       pated that the project would be complete around the end of July.
Photo Credit: Linda Harrington

                                                                              service club and was recently elect-
                                                                              ed president of the MCC Bradenton
                                                                              chapter of the Phi Theta Kappa
                                                                              international honor society. After
                                                                              earning his associate in arts
                                                                              degree, hopefully in December of
                                                                                                                                                   Photo Credit: Frank DiSantis

                                                                              this year, Abene plans to transfer to
                                                         Sean Abene           the University of South Florida and
                                                                              major in information technology.

                                                                                                                                page 6
                                                                                                                                                                                                  n the Bac
                                                                                                                                                                                              tso           k

                                                Ted Camp, professor,                                                                           Cindy Hunter, director, continuing
                                           art, returned to teaching this                                                                 and community education, gives pats
                                          summer after a Spring term                                                                      on the back to Roresu Chandler,
                                         sabbatical during which he                                                                       continuing education specialist, and
                                    built a home studio to house                                                                          Robin Bush, coordinator, Kids’ Summer
                               ceramics kilns and large equipment,                                                                        Spectrum, for their stamina and dedication
                             and produced large wall platters using                                                                       to increasing enrollment and making this
a number of new and experimental glazes. Camp’s works were                                                                                year’s summer program a success. Hunter also thanks
shown June 7 through July 12 in a two-man exhibition at the                                                                               Su Cooney, continuing education specialist, for helping increase
Symmetry Gallery in Sarasota Springs, N.Y.                                                                                                registration in various summer programs.
     Dr. Elizabeth Dowdy, professor, language and literature, has                                                                              Dr. Michael Mears, dean, mathematics, science, business and
been recognized in Who’s Who Among American Teachers and                                                                                  technology, gives Hunter a pat on the back for her enthusiasm and
Educators. She was nominated by a student. It is the second time                                                                          leadership in promoting the Governor’s Summer Grant Crime
she has been named in that publication.                                                                                                   Scene Investigation program for high school students. MCC was
     Debra Kelly, coordinator, GED, was elected co-chair of the                                                                           the only school in the state to receive a grant for the third year in a
Regional Training Council (RTC) in Region IV, which includes 15                                                                           row to host the program. Mears also gives Dr. Andy Swanson,
Southwest Florida counties. She will serve a one-year term. The                                                                           assistant professor, natural science, a pat on the back for serving
RTC is one of five statewide councils comprised of adult literacy                                                                         as investigator and recruiter, and for being the lead instructor.
education directors. It plans, coordinates and directs training for                                                                            The public affairs and marketing department wishes to thank
adult literacy instructional personnel and is funded by a Florida                                                                         Jan Riggs and other enrollment services staff, academic depart-
Department of Education grant.                                                                                                            ment secretaries, central services staff including Kevin Hollifield
     Joe Loccisano, manager, MCC Bradenton Fine Art Gallery,                                                                              and Rick Dotson, and all departments that distribute the College
and instructional assistant, art, also was included in the 11th                                                                           Catalog, for assisting with the quality assurance check of the
edition of Who’s Who Among American Teachers and Educators.                                                                               2007-08 Catalog.
He taught figure drawing in July at the Ringling College of Art and                                                                            Christal Riblet, executive assistant II, speaks for the president’s
Design’s Wildacres Artists Retreat in Little Switzerland. N.C., for                                                                       office in giving pats on the back to Dianne Hessler, customer
the seventh consecutive year.                                                                                                             service/permitting specialist, facilities planning and maintenance,
     MCC representatives who attended a conference for three                                                                              and Tim Hill II, advisor, student activities, for their assistance with
Florida Association of Community Colleges (FACC) commissions                                                                              a last-minute request for a podium to be placed
held May 31 through June 1 included Judy Born, librarian IV;                                                                              in the president’s dining room.
Meg Hawkins, librarian II; and Kathy Walker, director; Denise
Steverson, marketing production coordinator; and Linda
Harrington, public information specialist, public affairs and mar-
keting. Walker was one of two presenters in a June 1 session on                                                                                   Getting Your “Pat on the Back“ Published in Extra
crisis communications. Harrington, past chair of the Institutional                                                                                To get your Pat on the Back published: Be specific. Name the
Advancement Commission, participated in judging for the LeRoy                                                                                     person and the exact extra “above and beyond” service that
Collins Alumni Award.                                                                                                                             earned a “pat” from you.
     Joyce Valentine, adjunct instructor, music, was nominated for
a Best Music Direction award in Sarasota Magazine’s annual
theatre awards competition. She was nominated for two separate
Players of Sarasota productions, Miss Saigon and Nine.

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Bradenton, Venice, Lakewood Ranch                                                CIT, Lakewood Ranch                                    2 p.m., Thursdays, Through Aug. 30        Tickets $10. Save the Date
                                                                                                                                        Carter G. Woodson Multipurpose Room
District Board of Trustees Meeting                                               Fall 2007 Classes Begin                                Family Heritage House, Bradenton          Printcollection1
8:30 a.m., Aug. 15                                                               Aug. 20                                                                                          Closing Reception, 6:30 p.m., Sept. 27
Room 160, Bldg. 7, Bradenton                                                                                                                                                      Gallery Talk, Art-Historian Donn Roll
                                                                                                                                                                                  Fine Art Gallery, Bradenton
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                                                                                                                                       MCC is an equal access/equal opportunity institution.
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