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Slide 1 - ADAA


                55 Wade Avenue
           Catonsville, Maryland 21228


Committed to providing access to a quality and effective
substance abuse prevention, intervention and treatment
      service system for the citizens of Maryland.
   ADAA is the Single State Agency
    responsible for planning, coordination and
    regulation of the statewide network of
    substance abuse prevention, intervention
    and treatment services.
   ADAA provides fiscal management and
    technical assistance to publicly-funded
   ADAA serves as a resource for information
    about new trends in services and provides a
    substance abuse resource directory.
   Technical assistance teams include members of
    ADAA’s four divisions who work closely with their
    assigned regions to provide assistance and

                    Regional Managers

   Central Region - Sue Jenkins

   Eastern Region - Bruce Meade

   Southern Region -Suzette Tucker

   Western Region - David Ennis
   Community Services Division (CSD) serves as a point
    of contact for developing and maintaining a
    comprehensive substance abuse prevention,
    intervention and treatment system.

    • The Justice Services Section (JSS) is
      responsible for coordinating functions related
      to compliance with Health General §8-505
      and §8-507.
   Information Services Division (ISD) collects, processes,
    and reports statistical data on all prevention and
    treatment programs in the State of Maryland.
   Quality Assurance Division (QAD) evaluates the
    effectiveness of the network of funded services.
   Management Services Division (MSD) provides fiscal
    services to the substance abuse prevention and
    treatment network through the award and monitoring
    of funds allocated for the provision of addiction services
    throughout Maryland.
   County Coordinators
    › Each of Maryland’s twenty-four jurisdictions has
      identified County Coordinators for addiction
      Treatment and Prevention.

   Local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Councils
    › Local jurisdictions are mandated by law to have a
      local Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council.
   Level 0.5 — Early Intervention
   Level I — Outpatient
   Level I.D — Outpatient Ambulatory Detox
   Level I OMT — Outpatient Opioid Maintenance Therapy
   Level I.OMT.D — Opioid Maintenance Detox
   Level II.1 — Intensive Outpatient
   Level III.1 — Clinically Managed Low Intensity Residential Treatment

   Level III.3 — Clinically Managed Medium Intensity Residential
   Level III.5 — Clinically Managed High Intensity Residential
   Level III.7 — Medically Monitored Intensive Inpatient Treatment
   Level III.7.D — Medically Monitored Intensive
   Office of Education and Training for Addiction Services
    (OETAS) Contact OETAS at 410-402-8585
     › Course Catalog and Special Training Events are on the
       ADAA Website
   SAMHSA National Treatment Facility Locator
   ADAA Treatment Resource Locator
   Maryland Community Services Locator
   Maryland State Drug and Alcohol Abuse Council
                              Office of the Director
                      Director – Thomas Cargiulo, Pharm.D.
               Deputy Director - Kathleen Rebbert-Franklin, LCSW-C
                      Medical Director - Peter Cohen, M.D.

Community Services                            Management Services
  Division Director - Eugenia Conolly          Division Director - Steve Bocian
  Justice Services Section Chief -             Grants Management Section Chief -
   Karen Yoke                                    Fran Givens

Information Services                          Quality Assurance
    Division Director - Lucinda Shupe          Division Director - Donald Hall
    MIS Section Chief - Vickie Kaneko          Compliance Section Chief - Ventura
    eGovernment/Publication Section             McLee
     Chief - Deborah Green                      Tobacco Retailer Compliance
    Computer Management Section                 Section Chief - Bonita Ciurca
     Chief -Chad Basham
    OETAS Director - Linda Oney

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