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                                     MAY, 2010

                      The Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee
                              Robert Sutton (Chairman)
                                    David Burnell
                                      Lisa Bryer
                                    Nancy Logan
                                     Kate Smith
                                     Julie Kallfelz
                                   Susan Plowden

                                Non-Voting Members
                          Bruce Keiser (Town Administrator)
                                Lambri Zerva (RIDOT)
                          Justin Jobin (Jamestown GIS Dept.)
             Bike Path Design Committee Overview

Jamestown Town Council Charge to the Committee

"The goal of the Jamestown Bike
Path Design Committee is to
facilitate the design and
construction of a designated bike
path from the west side of the
Jamestown Bridge to North Road
and extending into the village.
The on-island portion of the
proposed bike path was
approved by the Town Council in
2000 as a component of the
Conanicut Island Greenway Trail
System and funded by the Rhode
Island Department of
Transportation in 2002.

The Committee shall be
responsible for developing a
proposed bike path design plan
that promotes safety, protects
natural resources and is cost
efficient. The plan should also
identify options to construct the
path in phases to address
funding limitations and

A report to the Town Council
shall be due 180 days from the
commencement of the
Committees appointment."

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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Purpose and Need Statement October 2008

State and federal Department of Transportation regulations require that the Jamestown
Bike Path Committee adopt a formal purpose and need statement and submit that
Statement to the RIDOT. In addition to meeting this requirement the Statement will
refine the Charge provided by the Town Council and also help to define and focus the
committee’s efforts for the next six months.

Regional/Statewide Need

In 1992 the Rhode Island Department of Transportation completed the new Jamestown
Bridge and Route 138 reconstruction project. As a result of the reconstructed and
realignment, Route 138 became a limited access, four lane highway, restricting bicycles
and limiting automobile and truck access to and from Jamestown to two exits and
entrances at the Jamestown and Newport bridges. Although the Jamestown Bridge was
originally intended to provide and allow for bicycle travel, the necessary connections to
and from the limited access route 138, in both the Jamestown and North Kingstown,
have never been designed or constructed. At present there is no legal way for bicycle
travelers to enter Jamestown from either the west or the east and no way for a
Jamestown biker to leave the Island in either direction, on his/her bicycle.

Local Need

In Jamestown, approximately one-half of the 6000 resident population lives in
residential neighborhoods north of 138. However all of the public facilities; schools
library, town hall, post office, recreational ball fields, golf course, all of the retail shops;
market, hardware store, drugstore, restaurants, and all of the medical facilities are in
the village south of route 138.

The limited access route 138 also creates problems for bicyclist in Jamestown. As a
result of limiting access from the west to two exits, Helm Street and East Shore Road
much greater automobile and truck traffic was channeled onto North Road in both a
north and south direction. Whereas the old route 138 secondary highway provided
access to the Jamestown community from many different local road intersections the
limited access highway reduced those opportunities to two access points, North Road
and East Shore. Road. East Shore Road which is wider than North Road has
opportunities for safe shared road/bike path however there is no easy access to this
road coming from the west. Additionally the largest area of residential population in the
north end is Jamestown Shores and this neighborhood has no convenient access to East
Shore Road.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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                             Committee Findings

Jamestown Bridge and Tashtussuc Road

The Committee did not spend a great deal of time on this section of the bike path but
makes the following recommendations for the Department of Transportation to

       1. Provide proper informational shared use signage to motorists and allow
          experienced bikers to utilize the Jamestown Bridge.

       2. Bikers coming across the Bridge from the west would exit Rt.138 at
          Tashtussuc Road and utilize Tashtussuc Road to North Road. Tashtussuc
          Road would be properly signed as a “shared use” roadway.

       3. Bikers coming from the east would utilize the existing entrance ramp at
          North Road and proceed along Rt. 138 east across the Bridge. The road
          would be properly signed as a “shared use” roadway and the speed limit

Opening up the Jamestown Bridge to bicycle travel is a particularly important
connection. It would connect Jamestown riders to the bike way on Route 1A in North
Kingstown which by going south would also make available the South County Bike Path
where it intersects in Narragansett. Additionally it would make a connection from
Jamestown to the South County beaches and connect the beaches to Jamestown. Also
it would connect Jamestown to the north to the new train station being constructed in
Wickford creating a true intermodal connection.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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North Road

North Road, south from route 138, is a relatively narrow state maintained secondary
highway with very narrow shoulders, confining guard rails and significant drainage
ditches on both sides. The road narrows at the “Creek” area and cars, trucks busses
and bicycles must share a total area between guard rails of less than 29 feet.
Additionally, fishermen and Bait Shop parking further congest this very tight area and
the speed limit of 40 miles per hour probably aggravates the conflicts of the tightly
confined road area.

North Road north of route 138 is a town road and is even narrower however; relatively
wide unpaved shoulders and a speed limit of 25 miles per hour minimize some of the
mixed use impacts. Because of the limited access route 138, many service vehicles and
delivery vans utilize North Road as the principal access to all residential areas in the
north end of the island.

North Road (north)

Although the Committee did not spend a great deal of time on this section of North
Road we do make the following recommendations:

   1. The speed limit
      of 25 MPH be

   2. Signs be posted
      on North Road
      and the
      motorists that
      this is a
      “shared use”

   3. The paved shoulders of the road be improved to eliminate potholes and the
      deteriorated blacktop. Additionally, the Town should consider widening North
      Road to truly accommodate bicycles from the North Reservoir to Frigate Street.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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North Road (south)

The Jamestown Bike Path Committee looked at the very few options available for a
separated bike path on North Road south of Rt. 138. These options are limited because
of a relatively narrow road corridor and impacts on sensitive environmental areas and
protected farmlands on both sides of the existing corridor along its entire 3 mile length.
There is not a single foot of land that would not require expensive, time consuming
environmental permitting and the fact is that it is highly unlikely that state/federal
permits would be issued.

However, the Creek area of North
Road between the Water Plant and
West Wind Drive is in special need of
major repair regardless of any bike
travel. The road is narrow, boxed in
by guard rail and only a foot or so
above sea level. Storm conditions
usually flood this section and make
impassable the most heavily used
artery to the southern end of
Jamestown and the village center.
Additionally all of the major
overhead utilities electric, phone,
cable, follow this same right of way
and are in harms way during flooding
conditions. Most importantly the
main water line from the water plant
to the village is under this roadway.
Over the last couple of decades this
line has ruptured and been repaired
on several occasions. This main
water line is in need of replacement
in a structurally sound road bed. The Town Council should immediately recommend to
DOT that they initiate a construction design and construction plans for the major
renovation of this section of North Road. Additionally this redesigned section could
easily be designed and constructed to accommodate a legitimate bike and pedestrian
travel lane.

The Committee faced the difficult reality that for the immediate future, biking on North
Road should be for experienced bike riders who are not faint of heart. However, the
Committee recommends to RIDOT that the following relatively inexpensive
improvements could be made to North Road that would provide improvements for
experienced bikers:
         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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  1. The entirety of this section be signed to notify motorists that the road is a
     “shared use” roadway.

  2. Between Rt. 138 and the “Creek” the DOT widen the existing road shoulders as
     much as possible within the existing right-of-way. In some sections of North
     Road this could be as much as one to two feet in some areas and as few as a few
     inches in other
     areas but the
     overall impact
     would be to
     provide some
     additional room
     for experienced

  3. Presently the
     speed limit on
     North Road is 40
     MPH until it drops
     to 25 MPH at
     Arnold Ave. The
     recommends that
     the 25 MPH speed
     limit zone be
     expanded from its
     existing location of
     Arnold Ave to 1/2
     mile north, just
     north of the Water
     Treatment Facility.
     Expanding the 25
     MPH zone from
     Arnold Ave north
     to the Jamestown
     Water Plant would
     not significantly delay motorists and would provide additional safety to bikers,
     motorists, and pedestrians, in this congested area.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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Cross Island Bike Path Connection

For the past six months the Committee has been focusing on cross island connection
that minimizes the use of North Road. As we are all aware East Shore Road and Eldred
Avenue are much wider and have greater potential for shared use and excellent access
south to Town. Additionally, The Town of Jamestown presently owns a great deal of
land between North Road at the Reservoir, east to Eldred Avenue. Our
recommendations are that the bike path take advantage of this land ownership and
existing width of Eldred Avenue and East Shore Road.

   1. The bike path will be constructed entirely on Town property. It will start within
      the disturbed area of the spillway then head easterly past the south side of the
      reservoir dam, then continue within the right-of- way of the historical road east
      of the reservoir and onto the existing maintenance road on the Town property
      north of Eldred Avenue.

   2. The bike path will share the same right-of-way as the Water Department
      maintenance road and with the exception of the spillway bridge will be used as
      the only maintenance road accessing the reservoir and dam infrastructure

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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  3. Wherever possible bike path will be 10’ wide with 2’grass shoulders on both
     sides and have a blacktop surface. Blacktop surfaces provide the longest lasting
     surface are useable year around, handicap accessible, and have the greatest
     flexibility for use, keeping in mind the shared use of this infrastructure.

  4. No biological wetland will be altered and all improvements will be consistent
     with lessening the impacts of the existing maintenance road to the adjoining
     wetlands. The existing gateway and maintenance road within wetlands south of
     the reservoir and that section of the existing maintenance road east of the
     reservoir located within a seasonal intermittent stream bed will be restored.

  5. The bike path will be designed to maximize open space vistas and will “meander”
     through the field north of Eldred Avenue, however all of the road/bike path will
     be located on the existing mowed areas of the property (previously a cultivated
     farm field) and no disturbance of the landscape or soil below the 12” road base is
     anticipated on any of the right-of-way.

  6. The spillway bridge will be constructed consistent with bridge loading safe and
     acceptable for typical bike path use and will provide for small motorized
     maintenance vehicle use.

  7. A 5’high black vinyl chain link security fence will separate the maintenance
     road/bike path from the reservoir property to the north specifically along the
     foot of the dam the entire distance of the dam structure.

                         Spillway Improvements

              Fence &


         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
                                    Page | 8
  8. Some of the dam structure will be repaired and the public well infrastructure at
     the east end of the dam will be placed underground by Water Department staff.

  9. The maintenance road/bike path will be relocated to an existing historical
     roadway east of the reservoir. It will be designed to protect the large trees and
     tree canopy and will exist entirely within the two existing stonewalls that border
     the road on the north and south.

                               The Historical Ice Road

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
                                    Page | 9
  10. In the open field that borders Eldred Avenue the bike path /roadway will not be
      a straight line but will be designed to maximize the views across the landscape
      and will follow along existing contours to minimize construction impacts and to
      more easily meet design standards for handicap access.

               Meandering Path Through
             the Field North of Eldred Ave

  11. The existing paved and abandoned section of Eldred Avenue west of the 138
      access ramp will be removed and the majority of right-of-way returned to upland
      open space. A maintenance road for service to the electrical utilities along the
      northern side of the abandoned Eldred Avenue will remain.

  12. Crosswalks on Eldred Avenue will provide access to the soccer field and the
      south/east bound lane of Eldred Avenue and East Shore Road. Bikeway
      stenciling along Eldred and south on East Shore Road will be a part of this project

  13. The Public Works Director, Town Engineer and Public Works Department will
      have some responsibilities for the design and construction of the road/bike path
      but all work on the project will be on a time available basis as determined by the
      Town Administrator.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
                                   Page | 10
  14. The Town Engineer working with other staff will complete some necessary
      survey work that will provide solid technical information necessary for design
      and DEM permitting.

  15. Along this route automobile parking presently exists at both Taylor’s Point and
      the Soccer Field. This existing parking could easily accommodate any automobile
      parking generated by the bike path.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
                                   Page | 11
Jamestown, A Bicycle Friendly Community

The Jamestown Bike Path Committee mission was not only to provide a bike path design
for the Town Council but also to provide advocacy for the increased reliance on bicycles
for traveling within the Town. As advocates for biking as an alternative, sustainable
method of travel around Jamestown, we believe that the community also has a
responsibility to the residents to develop programs that promote the safe use of
bicycles in close proximity to automobiles, for both adults and children. Consistent with
that responsibility the Jamestown Bike Path Committee recommends the following:

   1. The Town Council and the School Committee continue to encourage and work
      with the “Safe Routes to School Program” and design and construct sidewalks
      and bike paths that allow school children and their parents, alternatives to
      automobile and bus travel to the two school buildings.

   2. The Town Administrator and the School Superintendent develop, support and
      administer programs that encourage school children to ride bikes and to do so in
      a safe manner.

Most importantly the Town Council should declare all of Jamestown “A Bicycle Friendly
Community” and should encourage and support through infrastructure improvements
the use of bicycles as an alternative means of travel throughout Jamestown by both
children and adults.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
                                   Page | 12

Although funding construction plans and the actual construction is not presently in the
critical path, the Bike Path Committee has not been oblivious to the need to secure a
funding source.

   1. At the outset of the project Representative Deb Ruggiero, the Town
      Administrator, Planner and the Committee Chair met with the Director of DOT
      about this project and discussed
      DOT’s interest and participation
                                           "Jamestown Bridge Bicycle / Pedestrian
      in this project and federal/state
                                           access, including North Main Rd, is
      funding possibilities. Both DOT
                                           included for future funding of $3.75 million
      and the Federal Highway              for construction in the 2009 - 2012
      Administration recognize the         Transportation Improvement Program
      need for financial assistance for    (TIP)" - Amended Feb, 10, 2010 RIDOT
      bike paths and have designated
      funding for that purpose.

   2. In order to insure Town compliance with state and federal funding requirements
      the Director assigned a DOT engineer to the Jamestown project and that
      engineer has been a regular attendee at our monthly meetings.

   3. The single biggest difficulty in funding a bike path is acquisition of the land which
      is both expensive and time consuming. In locating this segment of the bike path
      entirely on existing Town owned land we accelerate the design process and we
      insure that the only funding necessary is for actual construction.

   4. The DOT engineer representative has indicated to the Committee on several
      occasions that DOT likes to fund projects that are ready to go to construction
      and that have completed the permitting requirement and secured acquisition of
      the right of way.

   5. The Committee worked with the Town Administrator, Planner, and Public Works
      personnel this past winter and initiated the design and the necessary DEM

   6. With a certain amount of good fortune the Town will have a fundable
      project by mid/late 2010, consistent with DOT/FHWA funding requirements.

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
                                   Page | 13
Requested Council Action

1. Review and approve the Final Report of The Bike Path Design Committee.

2. Extend the Council's Charge to the Committee to include the preliminary design of
   the East Island Bike Path Connection, and to add the Public Works Director, Steve
   Goslee, and the Town Engineer, Mike Gray as members of the Bike Path Design

Appendix A:

Jamestown North Reservoir Dam, Bike Path Considerations - Pare Corporation

Steve Goslee, The Public Works Director, asked PARE Corporation, the consulting
engineers for the Town's Dam and Spillway Structures, to review the proposed bike path
project and provide design recommendations and considerations which are summarized
in Appendix A.

Appendix B

Map of Final Recommendations to Town Council, May 2010

         Jamestown Bike Path Design Committee - Final Report - April 2010
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