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									Suggested package name: All-in-one online marketing tool
The easy to use, Do-it-yourself answer to Internet marketing for small business

If you’re like most small and midsize businesses, you know that online marketing
can be complicated, technical and expensive to come by. However, without it, you’re
missing the best way to connect with prospects and customers.

Our All-in-One Web Marketing tool helps you drive traffic, communicate with
prospects and win new customers with easy-to-use online marketing tools and
training built specifically to help small and mid-sized businesses succeed online.

Complete access to our web marketing tool empowers you to take control of what
your web site can do for your business. By combining all the key elements needed
for business success online, our toolset helps you jump into online marketing –
without any expertise in search engine marketing or web site development.

Make sense of online marketing with our Do-It-Yourself program:

   -   Manage all of your business’ online marketing: Our Do-it-Yourself tool
       makes your online marketing simple to manage because you have access to
       all the key marketing tactics needed for successful Internet marketing.
   -   Design and create a successful website: Choose from our collection of
       professional web site templates and create and launch a new website quickly.
       If you already have an existing site you like – or need to transfer existing site
       pages into our tool – we can help. Update your web site, create new pages or
       delete existing ones as you see fit – no need to hire expensive consultants to
       make changes you want.
   -   Understand your website’s performance with performance reports:
       What are visitors doing on your website? What pages are they looking at?
       How long do they stay? Where are they coming from? Having access to this
       information will help you make improvements to your web site to drive even
       greater success.
   -   Optimize your website’s visibility online so that more of the right
       people find you: Increase your chances of being found by visitors who
       matter to you – visitors that could become customers. Kutenda optimizes your
       site for better placement in the search engines so you get found without having
       to employ an SEO expert.
   -   Drive targeted web traffic with search advertising: Using our toolset, you
       can build, pay for and manage search advertising campaigns without having
       to keep track of ads across different networks. Plus, you can connect your
       adds to custom landing pages you build yourself, so everything is trackable.
   -   Stay in touch with existing customers to drive more sales: Choose from
       any of our professional-looking email templates to easily create outreach
       campaigns that engage existing customers and prospects you have in your
       database. Expand your communication with them by creating campaign-
       specific landing pages and get them to interact with your business online in
       more ways than just your web site.
   -   Take advantage of Local Search opportunities: If you serve a local or
       regional market, being in the local search results in the search engines – and
       getting your search ads to show up in local results – is key. Our tool set has
       specific tools for local businesses to improve the results for your smaller
   -   Learn Internet marketing best practices for small and midsize
       businesses: Access tips and training that help you get the most out you’re
       your online marketing efforts.

Terms: month-to-month or annual contract
   - custom design
   - support packages to make improvement (blocks of time)
   - site transfer (integration)

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