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									What is the best acne medicine? This may be one of the most frequently asked questions by teenagers and women in their twenties. Click Here For Clear For Life Best Deal Now! Acne is a skin disorder that occurs most commonly among teenagers. It consists of various kinds of blemishes, mainly on the face, upper chest, and back. Acne is not a serious threat to the life of a youngster, but it can be seriously disfiguring at a time of life when most young people are sensitive about their appearance. Some teenagers find severe acne so distressing that they develop emotional problems. Aside from washing the skin frequently and thoroughly to remove the oils and to clear the plugged oil glands, one way to control acne is to find the right skin product. Fortunately, there are many medicines and lotions to cure acne. Some of them are synthetically-made chemicals and some are naturally-found plants or herbs. The important thing here is to avoid damaging medications and to stop floating from one cure to another. It is also important to remember that what may be an effective product for other people you know, may not necessarily be effective for you. Each person has a different skin type. Knowing your skin type makes it much easier to find the best acne medicine for you. There are five major skin types. Normal, healthy skin is the type that isn’t too dry or oily, has small pores, and is clear and smooth. Dry skin lacks moisture and is flaky. Oily skin looks very sticky and has larger pores. Combination skin type is when the T zone (areas covering the forehead, nose, and chin) is oily and the cheeks and skin under the eyes are dry. Sensitive skin is the type that is easily irritated and is prone to allergies. Knowing how acne develops and how our skin responds to chemicals and to environmental changes is essential. This is the real key to effective acne control.

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