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									   How The Equality-Air Works:
   The Equality-Air is a special recirculating fan with a patented method of collecting warm air
   beneath the ceiling or roof, and returning it to the floor through a narrow, columnar air path,
   even when located up to 40 feet above the floor! As soon as the air
   column reaches the floor, it gently spreads out along the floor, up the
   walls, and along the ceiling or roof, where it is collected and returned to
   the floor. This cycle is then repeated over and over, eventually equalizing
   the temperature within the space.

   Essentially the Equality-Air acts like a "dynamic" insulator. It is much like
   wrapping your building in a blanket of insulation, just by turning on a

   The Equality-Air works in perfect harmony with your present heating or cooling system,
   properly placed, it will not disrupt desired airflow patterns from supply or return air
   distribution equipment. Diffuser fans may be turned off, thus saving more energy dollars.

   Problem: 53 degree floor temperature in freezer and aisles, 75 degrees on the ceiling.
   Solution: Equality Air balanced temperature to 71 degrees on the floor, 73 degrees on the

   Why You Should Consider the Equality-Air:
          !   Save 30 to 100% on your heating bills.
          !   Save 25% on your air conditioning bills.
          !   Increase comfort levels for your customers and employees.
          !   Reduce equipment maintenance costs.

      The equality-air system has solved problems in • printing companies • automobile
      dealerships • churches • schools • super-markets • theaters • showrooms • lumber
      outlets • machine shops • manufacturing facilities • office buildings • retail outlets
                    • country clubs • small and large convention halls.
! Any building - Your Building - will benefit by having the Equality Air thermal recovery system!

                                Destratification Energy Savings Analysis by
                                   Dr. Byron Jones, Ph.D., P.E., AHSRAE.
                                       Kansas State University, 1980
                          1981, Revised 1984 Michigan Consolidated Gas Company

         Stratified air is a natural condition normally found in residential, commercial and industrial
         areas. During any season, heat rises up and through the ceiling while cold air remains on the
         floor. Therefore, there is usually a significant difference between the temperature at your
         celling and the temperature at your floor. You can measure this temperature differential by
         using common thermometers.

         Proper installation and use of an Air Destratifier generally reduces the temperature differential
         by 75% in most residential, commercial and industrial applications.
Standard Ceiling Fan Operation:
Wind chill factors sometimes as great as 8° prevent standard ceiling fans from delivering
maximum comfort and savings. A room 2500 square ft. will be drafty 100% of the time.
Ceiling fans were designed for use in the tropics and were not designed for heating and

A 2500 ft. room will have 1 square foot of down draft at room temperature. With 2499
square feet with no draft at all, 100% comfort and 30% minimal savings on cooling and
heating costs.

Operating Costs:
Based on 8¢ per KWH running at maximum speed, 24 hours per day, operational costs are
well under 25¢ per day. The specific electric charges per KWH used to calculate your bill are
available by calling your utility company.

Along with directly reducing fuel, energy savings in electricity also occur by reducing the "ON
TIME" electrical demand of your existing heating and cooling mechanical equipment. Since
heating & cooling equipment is not operating 30-40% of the time, this also reduces your
normal maintenance expenses incurred with your equipment.

                                      A Supermarket Problem Solver:

 Problems: • Cold Floors • Doors Sweating • Frosted Product • High Heating/Cooling Costs

                                       Equality Air - Problems solved!

 Typical store or warehouse area without the                       Typical store or warehouse area with the
 Equality Air System - cold on the floor & hot on                  Equality Air System - Temperature
 the ceiling. Wasted energy that you don’t                         equalized to within a few degrees floor to
 notice.                                                           ceiling.

New Equality Air units were installed at beginning
of construction to defrost the ground and dry up
the water. This put construction back on schedule.
The November gas bill was $600.00 for a 55,000 sq
ft building, which includes four bakery ovens.

Dear Walt,

Just a little note of 'warm thanks' for the wonderful job of installing the heaters in here at Avis
Ford/Discount car. Before your Recovery System, we froze all through the service department. We are
really shocked to see how different our job is now. We can take our coats off!!! On behalf of Avis Ford
Dealership, we express our appreciation on such a fine product.

Sincerely, Nancy @ Discount
*Equality Air was installed here.

May 23, 1994

Kinko's Copy Center
31980 Gratiot Ave.

Mr. Robert Morgan and Mr. Walter Peludat
Cooling and Heating Recovery Systems, Inc.

Dear Robert and Walt:

I want to thank you for introducing me to your
Equality-Air product. Since installation, I can attest to
the fact that our temperature comfort level has
improved 100%. Before, we had varying temperatures
depending on where you were standing. Your                     Red: is m onthly electric heat cost, 1993
Equality-Air made the temperature the same from                Blue: is m onthly electric heat cost,1994
floor to ceiling and from wall to wall. The energy
savings can only be described as incredible!

A three month study of our actual energy bills showed an incredible savings of $3,620.00.
This savings was done by comparing the prior year billing to current year billing, without
considering any temperature differences. This study shows us with a positive cash flow of
$2,278.60 after payment of your equipment $1,341.60.

Thank you again.
Brad Shigenaka, Manager.
                 Some of Our Satisfied Customers

Walgreens                        McDonalds

Burger King                      Super K-Mart

Kinko Copy Centers               Greenfield Museum

Meijers                          Wayne State University

Steelcase                        Amc Theatres

Henry Ford Museum                Stanley Products

Oakland University               Nino Salvaggio International Marketplace

Macomb County                    J & J Food Centers

Rochester Chop House             Jimmy’s Coney Island

Troy Cloog Landscape             Wellington Steak House

Strawberry Hill Produce Market   St. Perpetua Church

O*dells Chiropractic Center      St. Margaret Church

Sunnybrook Golf-bowl             Bethesda Pentecostal Church

Laser. Com                       St. Mary (Saginaw) Church

Sygnetics Personnel              Revival Tabernacle

Costello*s Hardware              J & M Reproductions

Martha Berry Nursing Home        Paula Wine Cellar

Phillip Charles Hair Salon       Saf-ti Manufacturing

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