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					                                              Nutrient Losses from Food Processing
   Just about all food preparation methods reduce the amount of nutrients in the food; especially those that expose foods to
    high levels of heat, light, or oxygen. Below is a chart on important vitamins and minerals that are loss during the drying,
                                               cooking, draining and reheating of food!
   Nutrients can also be “washed out” of
                                                                                                    Dry      Cook       Cook+Drain Reheat
foods by fluids. For example, when boiling a
  potato a lot of the potato’s B and C vitamins                 Vitamins:       Vitamin A           50%       25%            35%             10%
  end up in the boiling water. These nutrients                                  Vitamin C           80%       50%            75%             50%
 can still be utilized if the liquid is consumed                                  Folate            50%       70%            75%             30%
 (made into a soup for example) but if thrown                                  Vitamin B12          0%        45%            50%             45%
 away the nutrients are lost! This nutrient loss                               Vitamin B6           10%       50%            65%             45%
  can also occur when your broil, roast, or fry
                                                                                  Niacin            10%       40%            55%              5%
       in oil and drain off the drippings.
                                                                                 Thiamin            30%       55%            70%             40%
 **This loss is the reason why more is lost                                     Riboflavin          10%       25%            45%              5%
when draining the food (as seen in the chart).                  Minerals:        Calcium            0%        20%            25%              0%
 RAW FOODS: This nutrient loss can encourage you to eat                            Iron             0%        35%            40%              0%
  more raw foods. However cooking is beneficial in killing                      Potassium           0%        30%            70%              0%
harmful microorganisms on our food. Make sure poultry and                          Zinc             0%        25%            25%              0%
ground meats are cooked through thoroughly and wash the
     surface of all fruits and vegetables before eating!
                                                                     ***There are also nutrient losses while freezing however the only significant
                                                                                           loss is a 30% loss of Vitamin C.

                                                                           1. SELECT LEANER MEATS: Fat will be less likely
                                                                              to drip on hot coals producing smoke. A
                                                                              good rule of thumb is leaner cuts are
 GRILLING: Even though grilling is a healthy                                  labeled “loin” or “round.”
 alternative to cooking food it can also propose a                         2. MARINATE: Marinade can form a protective
 health risk. Cancer causing agents can form when
                                                                              barrier for the meat juices that prevent the
                                                                              formation of these bad agents.
 meat is directly exposed to the flame or very high
                                                                           3. LOWER TEMPERATURES: Staying away from
 temperatures. They can also form in the smoke
                                                                              very high temperature also reduces
 that is produced from the fat dripping off the meat
 onto the hot coals.                                                       4. PREVENT FLARE-UPS: Turn meats frequently
                                                                              and avoid flames from the grill.
                                                                           5. DON’T OVERCOOK: Burnt edges on meat are
       Here are some tips to reduce the                                       a sign of higher levels of these cancer
    content of these cancer causing agents!                                   causing agents. However, it is still very
                                                                              important to not undercook meats to prevent
                                                                              food borne illness! Use a meat thermometer
   Allison Maurer RD, MS, CSSD, CSCS                                          to ensure doneness!
   Sports Dietitian                                                                                                      SELF Nutrition Data

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