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									CIRCULAR NO.21                                     02.03.2010




                    BRAIN STORMING EXERCISE

      One of the subjects which came up for discussions in the recently
concluded Executive Committee meeting held at Panjim:Goa on 17th and
18th of February 2010, was the review of the organizational perspectives
in the backdrop of the Confederation getting prepared to celebrate its
silver jubilee year of the Foundation during the current year.      The
members acknowledged whole heartedly the success of the Bank Officers’
movement under the banner of the Confederation over the last 25 years.
The Confederation was the first umbrella organization which provided a
great impetus for the alround mobilization of members in different
sectors of Banking. The special attention given by the Confederation in
mobilization of members under the Private Sector Banks, the Regional
Rural Banks and also the co-operative Banks gave a tremendous
organizational strength and advancement for the Trade Union movement
in the banking industry.     The special emphasize was laid on the
mobilization of the members where the unions were yet to blossom in the
early 1980’s and 1990’s, so that the Confederation becomes a monolithic
organization representing the entire bank officers’ community under one
umbrella.   The Confederation almost became a house hold name
amongst the Bank Officers’ fraternity purely for its dedication and
commitment towards the common cause of the Nation as well as the
Trade Union movement.
2.    The Confederation when it held its foundation conference at New
Delhi on 6th October 1985, it had a great task ahead of it. While, it was
enthusiastically involved in the consolidation of the Bank Officers’
movement, the new challenges that swept the country in the form of
financial reforms gave a big challenge to the leadership of our movement
of not only consolidation of the Bank Officers’ movement but also
protecting the Banking sector from the clutches of the Private
Management. The Confederation was the first trade union to raise its
voice against the ill-advised moves of the Government in the name of
privatization of the Banking Industry through phased divestment and
also the encouragement to the new Private Sector banks as well as the
Foreign Banks. The new generation private sector banks mushroomed
and vanished within a period of one decade thus proving the prophecy of
the Confederation that they cannot survive on the basis of the
speculative business in the market.

3.    The Confederation also came in the way of the Government
strategy of handing over some of the Public Sector Banks in the name of
viability during the middle of 1990’s through sustained campaign against
these moves and also organisational struggles. These initiatives were
nipped in the bud due to the solidarity and unity displayed by the
Confederation along with other unions in the Banking Industry. The
members of the Executive Committee while deliberating over these issues
were of the unanimous view that there is a need to take a close look at
these developments in comparison with the current challenges and the
various moves of the Government and the other agencies concerned with
the banking in respect of trade unions. It is also necessary to rejenuvate
the organisational structure across the country to ensure the total
commitment and conviction of the rank and file across the country
towards the cause for which the Confederation was established.
4.    After detailed deliberations on the various points made by the
members, the Executive Committee decided to conduct a National
Convention for two day’s wherein the top leadership of all the affiliates
will participate in the deliberations and have an opportunity for review of
functioning of the Confederation and through a brain storming exercise
to   draw   road   map   for   development   of   cadre,   to   shoulder   the
organisational responsibility to carry the mantle in days to come.
Accordingly, the General Secretary and President have been authorised
to finalise the programme, and decide the date and venue to organise a
National Convention.

5.    All top leaders of the affiliates are therefore advised to be in
readiness to participate in the programme.

With greetings,

                                                   GENERAL SECRETARY

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