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					                                    The Power of Simplicity

                          Next Generation Business Intelligence

Consumer Products, Retail / Wholesale and Distribution – January 2009
                              Representative Customer Case Studies
Representative Client Examples

                                       Customer                                     Solution
                      During 80 years of its existence, the   Demand Planning and Inventory Management
                       second largest manufacturer of             Manages its sales & supply chain to adapt to
                       men’s clothing in Europe has proved         ever changing consumer buying patterns.
Ahlers                 that it after implementing QlikView it
                                                                  Analyzed large volumes of data with response
Group                  can always react flexibly and quickly
                                                                   times of under one second.
Consumer Products      to the requirements of the time and of
                       the market.                                Provided platform for fast, flexible analyses
Retail & Wholesale                                                 that allows for and adapts to any ad-hoc
                                                                   inquiries to meet the unique information
                                                                   requirements of each department.
                                                                  Consolidated data from wide array of sources.

                      AFC is one of the largest farmer-         Improved margins and profitability in a wildly
                       owned, regionally based supply and        variable, seasonal business model:
Alabama                marketing agricultural cooperatives in       Deployed 12 QlikView applications, to 20
Farmers                the Southeastern United States.               users, across six functional areas, in a span of
Cooperative           Organized in 1936, AFC operates for           only 16 weeks.
                       the benefit of its 47 member                 Chief Financial Officer now monitors an
Consumer Products      associations, which include                   easy-to-view dashboard of 12+ KPI ratios,
Retail & Wholesale     approximately 90 retail locations.            all updated daily for real-time information and
                                                                     swift adjustment to seasonal fluctuations.
                                                                    Configured QlikView Server and Publisher.
Representative Client Examples

                         Customer                                         Solution
           Leading international fine art            Inventory and Supply Chain Management:
           publisher Art In Motion was able to            Enabled improved visibility into the supply
           optimize inventory levels to improve            chain which led to fact-based decision making
           profitability and eliminate the cost of
           raw material obsolescence.                     Resulted in a 50% reduction in inventory.
Art in
Motion                                                    Application delivered in 3 weeks.
                                                          Reduced merchandise orders from $14 million
                                                           to $7 million in 14 months without incurring
                                                           any shortages.

           Global manufacturer and retail            Inventory and Markdown Management:
           wholesaler Bernard Chaus, has                Track slow selling items daily resulting in
           reduced inventory turns and increased         competitive price and markdown planning
           sell through using QlikView.                  and execution.
Bernard                                                 Enable near-real time replenishment of high
Chaus                                                    turn items to fast selling stores and channels.
  Representative Client Examples

                                   Customer                                         Solution
                     Leading consumer products business,       Deployed QlikView to 200 super-users across four
                      primarily focused on fragranced           functional areas (sales, marketing, supply chain,
                      products and related accessories.         and finance). Incorporated dashboards, scorecards,
                      Strong relationship with Wal-Mart         analysis and reports into departmental toolkits.
                      among other food, drug and mass           98% reduction in inventory carrying costs.
Home                                                            Implemented sales application in 3-week period.
Scents               Division of Blyth, Inc. prior to being
                      sold to MVP Group International           Leveraged QlikView Server and Publisher (64-
Consumer Products
                      (Charleston, SC) in May 2007.             bit) to consolidate data from IBM System i
                                                                (AS/400) based Movex, BPCS ERP and Excel.

                     Global manufacturer and marketer of       Optimized demand forecasting & inventory
                      high quality simple meals, including      management models to support significant
                      soup, baked snacks, vegetable-based       increases in new products and SKUs.
                      beverages, and premium chocolate          Deployed QlikView to ~ 50 users across sales,
                      products.                                 supply chain and operations functions in NA.
Soup                 Headquartered in Camden, NJ,
                      company has achieved revenue in          • Leveraged QlikView Server to access and analyze
                      excess of $5 billion with 17,000           4,500 SKUs & data sets previously maintained in
Consumer Products
                      employees in NA.                           the MM/SCM systems and Excel.
                                                               • Improved inventory forecasting accuracy by >50%
  Client Examples

                           Customer                                        Solution
             • Based on the need for essential         • Using QlikViewServer (64-bit) & Publisher to
               business data across all of its brands,   support approximately 20 Million data records
               Dean Foods deployed QlikView to           used to report accurate Sales & A/R.
               40 users as an Executive Dashboard         • Increased A/R reporting frequency
               for Customer KPIs and A/R reporting.          from monthly to weekly, resulting in
Dean Foods
                                                             significant interest savings to company.
Grocery                                                   • Reduced time to access customer data from
                                                             2.5 days to real-time.
                                                          • Tracking key metrics and profitability with
                                                             functional and customer KPI dashboard.

              Food retailer EDEKA analyzes its       Minimize fraud losses through proactive
              cash register details against pre-       reporting and what-if analysis and increased
              defined business criteria, including     focus on risk management:
              cancellations, empty packages and          StoreMate loss prevention application, was
              personnel purchases, to identify            deployed in just 4 weeks to reduce fraud and
EDEKA         potential loss prevention / fraud           drive actions to minimize losses.
Grocery       activity and existing areas of risk.
                                                         Rollout has led to the company having the
                                                          statistical facts necessary to support corrective
                                                          action up to an including legal action.
  Representative Client Examples

                                   Customer                                         Solution
                      French sportswear brand and retailer     Optimize store-level stock turnover and overall
                      Eden Park uses QlikView to analyze        inventory management.
                      its store inventory in near real-            Resulted in a near immediate ROI.
                      time, allowing for stock balancing
                                                                   1 week to develop application.
                      and merchandise transfers between
 Eden Park
                      stores where required.
Retail & Wholesale


                      Leading electronic components            Increased visibility to current cash flow. Results
                      distributor in the pan-Asia region        include:
                      spanning 10 countries with more than         20% reduction in aged receivables
                      45 regional offices.
                                                                   15% decrease in inventory carrying costs,
                     • Headquartered in Singapore.                  improving overall cash flow.
 FE Global
 Electronics         • Achieved ~ $1 billion in revenue with       Currently analyzes inventory and accounts
                       750 employees.                               receivable data using QlikView application.
Retail & Wholesale
Distribution                                                       CEO stated that “using QlikView has put our
                                                                    company in a stronger cash position”.
Representative Client Examples

                                    Customer                                          Solution
                      Multinational company specializing       Deployed to 250 users across 4 functions in Italy.
                       in athletic footwear and accessories,    Gained the ability to create in-depth reports and
                       sporting goods and apparel.              multi-dimensional data queries.
                      Founded in 1911 by the brothers Fila
                                                                Introduced data quality standards to enable user-
FILA                   in Biella, Italy.
                                                                friendly, intuitive reports and analyses.

Manufacturer                                                   • Through QlikView Server, Fila Europe now has
                                                                 one common dashboard to ensure consistent cross-
Consumer Products                                                enterprise and supplier communications.

                      Manufactures and distributes Gas line   Increase Sales Revenue and Profitability:
                       of jeans and clothing.                   Analyzed market reaction—including clothing
                      Manufactures > 6 M pieces annually.      wearability and hot / slow seller trends.
                      Established in 1982 with a brand
                                                                Monitored sales and in-stock turnover at each store.
                       focus on young, hip consumers.
Grotto Gas                                                      Enabled documents to be shared between on-site
                      Headquartered in Chiuppano, Italy
                       with over 1,800 global employees.        and off-site users.
                      3,000 points of sale across 56           Gained the ability to track, analyze and ―drill into‖
Retail & Wholesale
                       countries.                               sales records without dimensional or hierarchical
 Representative Client Examples

                                  Customer                                       Solution
                    • Lifetime Brands is North America‘s    • Facilitated consolidated reporting for all company
                      leading designer, developer and         brands based on data from disparate enterprise
                      marketer of kitchenware, home           software systems.
                      decor and accessories.                • Enabled visibility into supply chain management
                    • The Company markets its products        and sales analysis.
                      under more than a dozen of the        • Deployed to 145 employees in less than 8 weeks.
                      industry‘s best-known brands,         • Garnered time and cost savings from elimination
                      including Farberware, Cuisinart,        of wait time for reports and forecasting.
Lifetime              Calvin Klein, CasaModa and            • Achieved single point of entry to disparate
                      Hoffritz.                               systems – collapsing 100 individual reports into a
Consumer Products
                    • Lifetime‘s products are distributed     single instance of QlikView.
                      through almost every major retailer
                      in the United States.                 • “With QlikView, we have the ability to aggregate
                                                              historical data from various enterprise software
                                                              systems with data from SAP systems. This has made
                                                              company information accessible to everyone and
                                                              enabled our users to develop consolidated reports
                                                              more efficiently.”
                                                              Clifford Siegel, SVP, Global Supply Chain
  Representative Client Examples

                                    Customer                                        Solution
                      Leading Swedish distributor of            Inventory Management and Call Center
                       building materials to professional and   Operational Excellence
                       private consumers.                          33% reduction in customer call center queues.
                      Home improvement store Optimera,
                                                                   €1.3 million reduction in inventory stock
 Optimera              analyzes customer satisfaction, sales          levels.
                       trends, inventory levels, and account
                                                               Generate rich insight into all the various factors
DIY / Home             receivables with QlikView.
                                                                that impact sales performance and profitability.
Improvement Retail
& Wholesale

                      Manufacturer of laminate flooring,        Demand Planning and Business Analysis:
                       based in North Carolina, with                 QlikView pulls data from various sources
                       estimated sales revenue of $400M.              including a data warehouse from Cognos,
                      Goal: To implement business                    which houses statistics from the Company‘s
                       intelligence software enabling the             Movex ERP and EDI from its distributors.
 Pergo                 ability to pull data from various
                                                                   Pergo recognized the ROI value of the sales
                       sources. Retail data and sales
CPG, Retail                                                         analysis information and quickly expanded
& Wholesale
                       analysis was then given to sales staff
                                                                    across functions (i.e. inventory, planning,
Distributor            so they could identify and react to
                                                                    logistics, finance, customer care & credit).
                       changes in consumer demand.
                                                                   Created /deployed Executive Dashboard
 Representative Client Examples

                                 Customer                                        Solution
                   • Robinsons Group is a leading retailer  Faster access to business critical information:
                     operating 18 upscale department            Analysts spend 50% less time aggregating
                     stores in Singapore and Malaysia.            and accessing data
                                                                The content of dashboard views and reports
                   • Since the introduction of QlikView,
                                                                  yield up to 80% more detailed information
                     Robinsons Group‘s decision makers
                                                                  than the prior paper-based reporting.
                     have faster access to more actionable
                     data leading to smarter, timelier      Supply Chain Agility - quickly able to respond to
                     business decisions.                     market condition and buyer preference
                                                                 Increased gross margin %, inventory turn,
                                                                  and profitability.
Upscale / Luxury                                                 Merchandise allocation and pricing, by
Department Store
                                                                  market geography, down to the store-level.
                                                               Track selling performance by category/item;
                                                                enabling shelf replenishment for strong sellers
                                                                & execution of exit strategies for slow movers.
                                                               Accurate and timely reporting has allowed
                                                                for proactive forecasting and replenishment to
                                                                minimize “out of stock” scenarios.
  Representative Client Examples

                                      Customer                                           Solution
                        The Roxcel Group is one of the            Order Management, Forecasting and Allocation
                         leading global retailers and              15-minute modification requests. Modification
                         wholesalers of paper products and         requests for dashboards, analysis and reports are
                         cartons.                                  mostly completed within 15 minutes
 Roxcel                 Sales volume of 1 million tons.
                                                                   Cash Flow Optimization essential to managing the
Retail                                                             international transit trade.
& Wholesale
Distributor                                                        Quickly deployed QlikView to roughly 40 users.
                                                                   Aggregate and free the large data volume
                                                                   previously locked in its internal ERP application.
                        SIBA AB is one of the Nordic              Increased store efficiency & reduced labor spend.
                         countries leading home electronics        Reduced required training investment due to
                         retailers, operating department stores    product ease of use:
                         in Sweden, Norway and Denmark;
                         departments for industrial trade in             “A brief introduction is all it takes to start to
 SIBA                    Stockholm, Gothenburg and                       work in QlikView. Easy to use and user
                         Copenhagen; and in 1998, launched               friendly – two of the main reasons we
Electronics Retailer     its web operations @               selectedQlikView. Every store manager
                                                                         across >50 stores has had just a 5-minute
                        The company has 650 co-workers
                                                                         tutorial over the phone to learn how to
                         with revenues around €350 million.
                                                                         analyze their own data in QlikView.‖ Hans
                                                                         Broström, Backoffice Manager, SIBA
 Representative Client Examples

                                  Customer                                          Solution
                    WH Smith is one of the UK‘s leading       Better manage SLAs:
                     retail groups, incorporating market-           Achieved an 18% improvement in “delivery-
                     leading companies in retail and news            to-promise (i.e. parcels delivered within the
                     distribution.                                   time stated to customers) rates; Improved from
WH Smith            Its online division, WH Smith Direct,           79% to >93%.
                     is the UK‘s leading multi-channel
                                                                    The ‗now – current state‘ is used as a key
                     retailer, offering a range of over 2.1
Specialty Retail                                                     measure for managing service level agreements
                     million products online including
                                                                     with their drop-ship suppliers.
                     every British book in print, plus
                     250,000 entertainment products.

                    Leading specialty home goods retailer     Minimize profit erosion from returns.
                    Williams-Sonoma was able to                     Recently stated in the annual report that
                    enforce a new 30-day return policy by            ―results associated with our catalog
                    bringing together purchase date and              optimization and returns, replacement and
                    product data from online and in store            damages initiatives drove better than expected
Williams-           sales in a dashboard to analyze return           savings for the quarter.‖
Sonoma              requests and approve them.
                                                               Delivery in shocking time. Implemented catalog /
Specialty Retail
                                                               call center operations analysis application in 9 days
                                                               - customer initially projected 120 days based on
                                                               traditional project rollouts.