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									A Day in the Life of a Rush
    University Doctor
  Of Audiology Student

      Stephanie Pesa
  3rd Year AuD Student
I am currently taking 4 classes and
attending approximately 16 hours
of clinic each week of the quarter.
The length of the class depends on
the number of credit hours of the
Each credit hour equals roughly one
hour of class time. For example, my
hearing conservation course is a 3
credit class that meets for 2 hours
and 50 minutes.
 I study (including homework,
reading and studying for exams/
quizzes) anywhere from 15 hours to
30 hours a week.
Being in a hospital setting, I have had
the opportunity to work with a very
diverse population of patients. It is
great experience as a student. I have
seen some unique pathologies in
audiology, which helps to set the Rush
program apart.
Currently, I am in clinic at least 16
hours a week. However, some weeks are
very busy with patients and I may be
in clinic longer. Every minute that I
spend with patients I learn more.
The clinicians are Rush faculty
members, so they are constantly
teaching us.
Currently, I live with my family in Westchester, a
western suburb, about 15 miles west of Chicago. Before
that, I lived at Center Court Garden Apartments, which
are right across the street from Rush University. I was
just a few minutes away from my apartment, and I
always walked to school. Now that I live in the suburbs,
my commute to school by car can take anywhere from
30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on traffic.
I love Chicago, because there is so much to do in the
city. I like to go to the museums, festivals, ride my
road bike on the Lake Shore Path, eat at the great
restaurants, and hang out with my friends at the
local bar and grills.
When I need to unwind, I ride my road bike. I have introduced
one of my fellow Rush AuD students to triathlons. Now, not
only do we study together, but we train for our Triathlons

After a long week of finals, we do find ways to unwind.
Going to school in Chicago provides plenty of places to catch a
bite and hang out.
Over winter break last year, I traveled with another
Rush AuD student to Buenos Aires, La Falda, and
Cordoba, in Argentina for a Medical Mission.
There we filled prescriptions and we performed otoscopy
and hearing screenings on patients.
It was an amazing experience.
This year I am the president of National Association of Future
Doctors of Audiology. The National Association of Future Doctors of
Audiology (NAFDA) is a non-profit professional student
organization dedicated to education, research, and networking in

NAFDA has become an important student organization in
Audiology, uniting audiology students from universities across the
nation. This year at Rush we are focusing on the advancement of
the awarnesss of Audiology throughout the community.
Thanks for checking out a
day in my life here at
Rush University.

If you have questions about
the AuD program be sure to
email me at …

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