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									                  Integration Module
              Auto Insurance Quote Search

Author(s) Beth Nicholas          School District Champion Local

Suggested Grade(s): 11 & 12

Subject: Fundamentals of Banking & Insurance

Introduction: This Integration Module will be used to give students experience with
using the Internet as a tool for personal economic/budget research.

Ohio Technology Standards:

Standard                     Indicator
Standard 1 Nature of              Benchmark A: 4. Predict how profit incentive and the market
Technology                         economy influence technological development.
                                  Benchmark C: 2. Cite examples of how technological
                                   innovation has resulted when ideas, knowledge or skills have
                                   been shared within, or among, other technologies.
                                  Benchmark C: 3. Illustrate the relationship of technological
                                   progress to the advancement of science, mathematics and
                                   other fields.

Standard 2 Technology and         Benchmark A: 1. Assess technology systems, resources and
Society Interaction                services relative to responsible usage of technology.
                                  Benchmark A: 3. Compare and evaluate the advantages and
                                   disadvantages of widespread use and reliance on technology
                                   in the workplace and in society as a whole.
                                  Benchmark A: 4. Analyze the causes, consequences and
                                   possible solutions to problems in a persistent, contemporary
                                   and emerging world (e.g., health, security, resource allocation,
                                   economic development or environmental quality).
Standard 3 Technology for         Benchmark A: 3. Make informed choices among technology
Productivity Applications          systems, resources and services.
Standard 4 Technology and         Benchmark B: 1. Archive communication products in
Communication Applications         appropriate electronic forms (e.g., store electronic publications
                                   so that they may be accessed when needed).
                                  Benchmark C: 2. Integrate online communication capabilities
                                   to make inquiries do research and disseminate results (e.g.,
                                   group writing projects, college searches, career information
Standard 5 Technology and        Benchmark B: 2. Identify, evaluate information and select
Information Literacy              relevant and pertinent information found in each source.
                                 Benchmark B: 4. Analyze information and synthesize into a
                                  communicated product.
                                 Benchmark B: 6. Critique and revise the information product.
                                 Benchmark B: 7. Review the research process for efficiency
                                  and effectiveness.
                                 Benchmark C: 3. Develop a systematic approach to judge the
                                  value of the retrieved Web information.
                                 Benchmark D: 1. Modify a search through the use of different
                                  key words and other techniques specific to an electronic
                                  resource (e.g., online database, Web-based index).
                                 Benchmark D: 2. Integrate online subscription resources and
                                  other electronic media to meet needs for research and
                                  communication on a routine basis.
                                 Benchmark D: 3. Differentiate coverage of electronic resources
                                  to select information need.

Description:      Students will research auto insurance companies, request quotes on-line from
                  at least 2 insurance carriers, and complete a writing assignment detailing the
Differentiated     Allowing for multiple right answers
support for all    Attention to real world experiences
learners:          Flexible pacing
                   Hands-on project/activity
                   Problem-based learning
Materials &       Internet connection
Assessment:       Writing assignment
Benchmarks:        Standard 1,Benchmark C: Examine the synergy between and among
                      technologies and other fields of study when solving technological
                   Standard 2, Benchmark A: Interpret and practice responsible citizenship
                      relative to technology.
                   Standard 3, Benchmark A: Integrate conceptual knowledge of technology
                      systems in determining practical applications for learning and technical
                      problem solving.
                   Standard 4, Benchmark B: Create, publish and present information,
                      utilizing formats appropriate to the content and audience.
                   Standard 4, Benchmark C: Identify communication needs, select
                      appropriate telecommunication tools and design collaborative interactive
                         projects and activities to communicate with others, incorporating emerging
                        Standard 5, Benchmark B: Apply a research process model to conduct
                         research and meet information needs.
                        Standard 5, Benchmark C: Formulate advanced search strategies,
                         demonstrating an understanding of the strengths and limitations of the
                         Internet, and evaluate the quality and appropriate use of Internet
                        Standard 5, Benchmark D: Evaluate choices of electronic resources and
                         determine their strengths and limitations.

Classroom Management:                    Be prepared for students’ frustration levels to rise as they navigate
insurance company websites. This lesson may take 2 days (45 min periods) to complete. Some websites
will require an e-mail account to send quotes to. I used my school account. Some students may want to
use their home accounts.

Key Vocabulary:              Premium, Insurer, Insured, Liability, Comprehensive, Collision, Deductible


A.M. Best Company
Fitch Investor's Service
Moody's Investor Service
Standard & Poor

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