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                                        News Letter Issue 38 – May 2011 

  A word from the Managing Director of Inter‐Airlines Adel Bassili. 

 Sir Richard Branson headed for Australia to
   announce changes at Virgin Blue Group                                       Over 7,000 of our members are taking 
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Branson and Virgin Blue Group of Airlines CEO John Borghetti
will unveil the "new face'' of the group at Sydney Airport on

There have been unconfirmed reports the new name will be
Virgin Australia after a logo with that name filed by Branson's
Virgin Enterprises was discovered on the federal government's               

intellectual property website, IP Australia.
At the moment the airline has four brands - Virgin Blue, V
Australia, Pacific Blue and Polynesian Blue.

Branson indicated he has ambitious plans to give major                      

competitors such as Australia's flagship airline Qantas a run for
its money on several new routes, including several European
cities, at Virgin's 10th birthday party in Melbourne last                                                               


The airline will also launch a new domestic business class in
May, which will include a menu designed by celebrity chef Luke

Qantas also faces competition from fast expanding new carrier
Strategic Airlines, which wants to extend its network to more
Asian cities, Europe and the United States.                                                                             

It wants to use Phuket in Thailand, which it flies to from
Australia, as a base to offer flights with through codeshare
partnerships with other airlines.
The airline is expected to start flying to Hawaii later this year
before introducing flights to mainland USA.
                     By Angela Saurine “Herald Sun” 29 April 2011
                    DESTINATIONM OF THE MONTH – OMAN
Muscat, the capital city of Oman lies sparkling white, topped with golden minarets in the middle of a
maze of brown pleated mountains reaching down to the Arabian Sea. Described as "Arabia's jewel”,
this city is a blend of the old and the new. Muscat is green as green can be, and defies being
classified as part of a desert country. The roads are lined with well-manicured green lawns and trees.
During winter this is interspersed with a profusion of multi coloured flowers. The city has steadfastly
retained its old-world character. Old Muscat has a quaint charm about it with many forts, castles,
mosques and towers doting the landscape. Of particular note are Jalali and Mirani forts flanking Al
Alam Palace. The Corniche, with its promenade and Souqs (markets) is one of the highlights of the
city. The old Souq of Muttrah is an ideal spot for tourists to buy keepsakes and treasures. Greater
Muscat boasts high-rise business properties (but not too high), world-class highways, upscale
suburbs rooted in traditional Islamic architecture, elegant mosques, large green parks, archaeological
sites, museums and world-class hotels.
    It is no wonder that Muscat is increasingly becoming an attractive tourist
                destination among the world's travel going public.

Letter from a client of ours that just returned from Oman. She quoted

Dear Adel,

This is a description and my impression of Oman
The Essence of Arabia - The Sultanate of Oman
Get welcomed with a warm heart and open arms. A country which is more than 5000 years old. A
culture full of smiles. Adventure is in their blood.
Oman has a lot to offer. Experience unforgettable encounters, evening Dhow cruises, desert safari
tours, splash wadis, mountain trekking, mountain biking.
Escape to the Eden of Arabia or simply escape!
Oman is a land of legendary beauty with 1700km of pristine coastline. It’s a land of contrasts with
mountains and canyons, lush Oasis. It’s a land of natural beauty. Get offered the gift of frankincense
and myths. Omanis are proud of their history and were proud warriors. People of Divine faith with a
spirit if hospitality. It’s refreshing.
Experience the delicious standards of International cuisine and world's leading Hotels! Lively nights
and sunshine with warm pristine waters and loads of water sports to indulge in.
Enjoy the essence of Oman
Oman is as diverse as its people. A land full of craftsmen, fishermen, statesmen and dhow builders.
Dance to the rhythm of Omani drums. Shop at the old souks and visit the museums and forts.
Experience the fun and thrill of a desert.
If you are after sheer excitement and challenge, this is the place to be.
A promise of adventure written in stone!
Simply escape and be amazed by The Essence of Arabia- Oman


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                                                      Book By 31 May 2011 
    1- Round Trip From Sydney (07Nights):                                3- Round Trip From Sydney (12Nights):
       Sailing: December 4, 2011                                            Sailing: Nov 06, 2011
                January 18, 2012                                  Isle Of Pine, Mystery Island, Vila, Wala,
            Isle Of Pines, Noumea                                 Champagne Bay, Emerald Bay.
        Quad Share from $709.00p.p.                                              Quad Share from $990.00p.p.
        Twin Share $909.00p.p.                                                    Twin Share $1,390.00p.p.
 ===================================                              =======================================
    2- Round Trip From Sydney (09Nights):                                4- Round Trip From Sydney (10Nights):
       Sailing: Aug 10, 2011:                                                Sailing: Nov 27, 2011
                Sep 20, 2011                                       Fiordland National Park (Scenic Cruising),
 Noumea, Lifou, Isle of Pines, Emerald Bay                        Dunedin, Christchurch, Picton, Wellington
        Quad Share from $899.00p.p.                                              Quad Share from $990.00p.p.
         Twin Share $1,099.00p.p.                                               Twin Share $1,529.00p.p.

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                    Queen Mary 2                                                       Dawn Princess
 Cape Town To Sydney                      20 Nights                    Sydney To Melbourne                             2 Nights
           Departs Cape Town, 25 Jan 2012                              Departs Sydney, 12 Dec 2011
 HIGHTLIGHTS: Durban, Port Louis, Perth , Adelaide
 Inside $4,790pp.     Outside $6,380pp.       Balcony $7,340pp.        Inside $445pp.       Outside $585pp.       Balcony $745pp.

                    Queen Elizabeth                                                      Brilliance Of The Seas
 Cape San Francisco To Sydney              24 Nights                   Barcelona To Dubai                       23 Nights
            Departs Cape Town, 04 Feb 2012                             Departs Honolulu, 31 Oct 2011
 HIGHTLIGHTS: Honolulu, Port Denarau, Napier, Wellington               HIGHTLIGHTS: 2 nts Barcelona, Egypt, Jordan, 2 nts Dubai,
 Inside $5,850pp. Outside $6,630pp. Balcony $7,490pp.                  Monserrai Royal Basilica               From $3,595pp.
                     Queen Mary 2                                                         Radiance Of The Sea
 Sydney To Singapore                                  26 Nights        Sydney To New Zealand                  14 Nights
              Departs Sydney, Mar 07, 2012                             Departs Sydney , 04 Dec 2011
 HIGHTLIGHTS: Osaka, Nagasaki, Shanghai, Hong Kong                     HIGHTLIGHTS: Gratuities Included
 Inside $6,190pp. Outside $8,340pp.           Balcony $8,890pp.        Inside $1,980pp. Outside $2,350pp Balcony $2,950pp.

                                                    NEW For Bookings Call

                                   MS Dnieper Princess                  MS Dnieper Star MS General Vatutin

Cruise Kyiv-Sevastopol-Odessa and V.V
                                                               Kyiv-Sevastopol-Vilkovo-Odessa and V.V
                                                                               Kyiv-Sevastopol-Odessa-Tulcea (Romania) and V.V
                                                                                                                    AND MANY MORE….
         Fly With Thai Airways
  Including Return Economy Air Fare, Taxes, Transfers and Daily Breakfast
       KOH SAMUI - 8 NIGHTS FROM $1,755.00                             BANDARA RESORT & SPA
           Transfers and Daily Breakfast
          Set along a beautiful white sand beach.

         PHUKET - 8 NIGHTS FROM $1,720.00                                  CENTARA SAWADDI
           Transfers and Daily Breakfast
10 minute walk to the heart of the restaurant and shopping

               GREECE - FROM $2,450.00                                           GREEK ISLANDS

     Fly to Athens + 2 Greek Islands of your choice
 Accommodation From $49.00 p.p. Per Night/Twin-Double

          DUBAI + MUSCAT - FROM $2,850.00
            Transfers and Daily Breakfast
  4 Nights in Dubai +3 in Muscat +2 Tours of Your Choice

                       For All destinations within Thailand such as
              Bangkok, Chiang Mai, Koh Chang, Koh Samed, Krabi, Pattaya,
             Please e-mail or call. We shall be more than happy to quote you. 

      For Egypt Stopover Packages, Nile & Lake Nasr Cruises, Visits to Alexandria,
    Cairo, Aswan, Luxor, Assiut, Abu Simbel, Rosetta, Desert Safari, Red Sea, Diving.
            Please e-mail or call. We shall be more than happy to quote you. 

 For United Arab Emirates Stopover Packages including Hotels, Transfers, Day Trips, in
        Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah Including Arranging Transit and Tourist Visas
                          For Non Australian or EU Passports.
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 For Ukraine Stopover Packages including: Transfers, Hotels, Apartments, Rail Booking,
       Day Trips, Car Hire, Sport Activities such as Diving, Rafting, Hunting, etc…
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                 Air Passes, Car Hire, Cruises, Day and Extended Tours,
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                       Malaysia Airlines Released Its
                 Mega Fares, That’s not April Fool, that’s Real,
                            Book Early and Save
  Date Travel From
                          To          To             To             To              To
Adelaide – Brisbane –   London     Amsterdam      Frankfurt        Paris         Istanbul
 Melbourne - Sydney
16 AUG - 26 SEP 2011
09 OCT - 17 NOV 2011    $530.00     $660.00       $590.00        $630.00         $690.00
16 JAN - 20 JAN 2012

  Date Travel From         To                                                       To
                        Dammam          To           To             To
Adelaide – Brisbane –     Dubai    Los Angeles   Buenos Aires      Rome
                                                                                 Cape town
 Melbourne - Sydney      Jeddah                                                Johannesburg
16 AUG - 26 SEP 2011
09 OCT - 17 NOV 2011    $760.00     $450.00       $420.00        $680.00         $650.00
16 JAN - 20 JAN 2012

  Date Travel From        To          To             To             To              To
       Perth            London     Amsterdam      Frankfurt        Paris         Istanbul
16 AUG - 26 SEP 2011
09 OCT - 17 NOV 2011    $540.00     $680.00       $610.00        $660.00         $710.00
16 JAN - 20 JAN 2012

                           To                                                       To
  Date Travel From      Dammam          To           To             To
                                                                                 Cape town
       Perth              Dubai    Los Angeles   Buenos Aires      Rome
                         Jeddah                                                Johannesburg
16 AUG - 26 SEP 2011
09 OCT - 17 NOV 2011    $780.00     $440.00       $450.00        $700.00         $680.00
16 JAN - 20 JAN 2012
   -   Minimum Stay 10 Days & Maximum 3 Months.
   -   Children and Infants pay same as adult fare.
   -   Baggage Allowance 30 Kg. For travel to Dammam, Dubai, Jeddah ONLY.
   -   Dates Of Travel once ticketed Could Not be changed
   -   Once Ticket Issued No refunds if Cancel.
   -   Taxes ARE NOT Includes.
   -   Frequent Flyer Points are awarded.
   -   Fare MUST be Paid By May 16, 2011
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   Level 32, 1 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000                 Rymon Eisho        0431 390 342
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                                                              Local call 1300 737 221
            Member of                                         Office             02 9275 8777
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         Unbeatable International Air Fares             Unbeatable Packages Air Fares + Accommodation
         All Taxes are Correct as per May 01, 2011               All Taxes are correct as per May 01, 2011 
                            Economy      Business                                              Number  Of     From 
           Destination       Return       Return                                                  Nights       PP 
                             From         From        BALI  Includes Flights and Breakfast Daily    4         $785 
        Athens               $1,620       $4,800 
                                                      CORAL COAST FIJI and Transfers                8         $890 
        Auckland              $390         $740 
        Bali                  $750        $2,040 
                                                      FRANCE 9 Day Tour Daily Breakfast             8         $2,235 
        Bangkok               $890        $2,220 
        Beijing               $770        $3,000      GREAT BRITAIN 9 Days Tour – Daily 
        Delhi                $1,150       $3,100      Breakfast, Some Meals, Transfers.             8         $2,010 
        Fiji                  $470        $1,340      Highlights: London‐York‐Edinburgh etc… 
        Hawaii                $935        $3,830 
                                                      LOS ANGELES + Universal Studios               5         $2,025 
        Hong Kong            $1,100       $3,070 
        Kuala Lumpur          $900        $3,075 
                                                      SINGAPORE AND Return Transfer                 5         $1,310 
        Kyiv                 $1,590       $5,250 
        London                1,490       $4,700      TURKEY 15Days Tour Daily Breakfast & 
                                                                                                    14        $2,120 
        Los Angeles           $930        $4,700      Some Meals.  
        Manchester           $1,710       $5,370 
                                                      AUCKLAND with Daily Breakfast                 3         $580 
        Manila                $720        $2,690 
        Paris                $1,510       $4,720 
                                                      DUNEDIN with Daily Breakfast                  2         $625 
        Phuket               $1,005       $4,490 
        Rome                 $1,410       $4,390 
                                                      QUEENSTOWN WITH Daily Breakfast               3         $810 
        San Francisco        $1,070       $6,100 
        Shanghai             $1,045       $3,195 
                                                      ROTORUA with Return Transfers                 3         $625 
        Singapore             $895        $3,105 
        Vancouver            $1,550       $5,235 
                                                      WELLINGTON                                    3         $540 
        Vanuatu               $515        $1,765 

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                                                          George  Sywak          0412 965 384 
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