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					                                                        LESSON PLAN: EASTERN CAPE

SCHOOL          :                                              Teacher :                                         Grade : 10
Duration        : 2 WEEKS (8 Hours)                             School Period     :                              Date : Week 1 & 2 (term 2)
Topic : Production Possibility Curves
Content : Production possibility curves, the position of the PPC, maximizing satisfaction from limited resources (choice and scarcity) indifference curves,
effects of inefficiencies.

Learning Outcomes & Assessment Standards :
LO 2 : The learner is able to demonstrate knowledge , understanding and appropriate skills in analysing the dynamics of markets.
AS 2 : Describe production possibility curves (reflecting on efficiencies), and explain how they reconcile choice and scarcity.
Critical outcomes
    1. Identify and solve9 problems and make decisions using critical and creative thinking
    2. Work with others as a team, group
    3. Organise and manage themselves effectively
    4. Collect, analyse, organise and critically evaluate
    5. Communicate effectively
    6. Use science and technology effectively and responsibility towards the environment and the health of others
    7. Demonstrate an understanding of the world
Development outcomes
    1. Reflect on, explore strategies to learn more effectively
    2. Participate as responsible citizens in the local, national and global communities
    3. Be culturally and aesthetically sensitive across range of social contexts
    4. Explore education and career opportunities
    5. Develop entrepreneurial opportunities

Integration within the subject :10. 2.3; 10. 4.4
Extended activity             : Learners are given Case Studies to analyse
Expanded opportunities        : Learners are given exercises in the form of class works where they will be

asked about PPC and the shifts in such curves
Teacher ’s reflections        :
Skills      : Graphical representation of PPC, description of PPC

Knowledge : understanding the circular flow
Values     : Appreciation of the role played by economists/producers to solve the problem of scarcity.
Teacher’s Actions                         Learners’ Activities                 Resources        Assessment   Date
                                                                                                Strategies   Completed
     Asks questions on Production and         Learners respond to the        Duster, chalk
      Factors of Production.                    questions asked as             board, chalk,    Baseline
                                                individuals and assisted       chart,           assessment
                                                where there is a need.         textbooks,
                                                                               pictures, koki
     Asks learners to brainstorm about        Learners are involved in a     pens,
      Consumers, Producers, Scarcity,           brainstorm exercise.           Chart
      Choice and Opportunity Cost.

     With the aid of a graph the              Pay attention, take notes,
      teacher illustrates the different         even ask questions for
      combinations of resources/use of          clarity and answer questions
      the factors of production showing         posed by the teacher.
         -potential output
          -gain & sacrifice

   Explains the PPC and its position:-      They participate actively by
       - shift/ movements                     listening attentively, draw
       - internal factors (e.g.               graphs demonstrating the
           technology, mechanical             shifts, answering questions.
           processes, employee
       - external factors

   Uses diagrams to explain                 Listen notes, ask and answer
    Relocation of curves (reversal of         questions
    the shifts).
   Engages the learners through             Discuss and answer
    discussion, graphical                     questions
    presentations, illustrations,
    question and answer on:-
    -Maximising satisfaction from
    limited resources (e.g.
    consumption, indifference curve,
    indifference map, budget line);
    -Production (productive, allocative
    and Pareto efficiency).

 Explains the Effects of                    Listen, take notes, ask and
  inefficiencies                              answer questions

 Gives the learners a short test            Write the short test


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