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									          Emergency Meeting of the ACMA Executive Committee At 10.00 a.m.on Saturday, 25th October 2008
                                           List of Members Joined the Meeting
Sl. No. Name                        Designation                           Company Name
 01)   Mr J S Chopra                    President                                       ACMA
                                        President                                       Delphi-TVS Diesel Systems Ltd

 02)   Mr Jayant Davar                  Vice President                                  ACMA
                                        Vice Chairman & Managing Director               Sandhar Technologies Ltd

 03)   Mr V K Mehta                     Past President                                  ACMA
                                        Chairman & Managing Director                    Clutch Auto Ltd

 04)   Mr A K Taneja                    Past President & Chairman- Eco. Affairs & WTO   ACMA
                                        President                                       Shriram Pistons & Rings Ltd

 05)   Mr K V Shetty                    Past President                                  ACMA
                                        Managing Director                               I P Rings

 06)   Mr Raghu Mody                    Past President                                  ACMA
                                        Chairman                                        Hindustan Composites Ltd

 07)   Mr Sanjay Labroo                 Immediate Past President                        ACMA
                                        Managing Director & CEO                         Asahi India Glass Ltd

 08)   Mr Srivats Ram                   Chairman (SR)                                   ACMA
                                        Managing Director                               Wheels India Ltd

 09)   Mr S P Kanwar                    Chairman (WR)                                   ACMA
                                        Chairman & Managing Director                    Bharat Gears Ltd

 10)   Mr K R Kavra                     Chairman - ER                                   ACMA
                                        Chief Executive                                 Special Engineering Services Ltd

 11)   Mr Killol Kamani                 Dy. Chairman - ER                               ACMA
                                        Executive Director                              Samarth Engineering Co.

 12)   Mr S Thiagarajan                 President                                       Harita Seating Systems Ltd

 13)   Mr Vijay Pusalkar                Chairman & Managing Director                    Indo Schottle Auto Parts Pvt Ltd

 14)   Mr S K Arya                      Chairman & Managing Director                    Jay Bharat Maruti Ltd

 15)   Mr S Ganesh                      Chairman & Managing Director                    Liners India Ltd

 16)   Mr Kirti Rathod                  Jt. Managing Director                           Luxite Industries Ltd

 17)   Mr N K Minda                     Managing Director                               Minda Industries Ltd

 18)   Mr F R Singhvi                   Jt. Managing Director                           Sansera Engg. Pvt. Ltd

 19)   Mr Umesh Talwar                  Vice Chairman & Managing Director               Talbros Automotive Components Ltd

 20)   Mr J Sridhar                     Whole Time Director                             Western Thomson (India) Ltd


 01)   Mr Vishnu Mathur                 Executive Director & Secretary                  ACMA
 02)   Mr V K Sankaran                  Senior Director & Regional Secretary            ACMA (WR)
 03)   Mrs Subhag Naqvi                 Director                                        ACMA
 04)   Mr Amit Mukherjee                Director                                        ACMA
 05)   Mr Ashwani Jotshi                Director                                        ACMA
 06)   Mr Niladri Mallick               Director                                        ACMA
 07)   Mr Rajiv Mandke                  Director                                        ACT
 08)   Mr Anil Kumar Unni               Director & Regional Secretary                   ACMA (SR)
 09)   Mr Arvind Kumar Gupta            Deputy Director                                 ACT
 10)   Mr Lokesh Raina                  Deputy Director & Regional Secretary            ACMA (NR)
 11)   Mr Paltu Sana                    Deputy Director                                 ACMA
 12)   Mrs Monica Sain Handa            Deputy Director                                 ACMA
 13)   Mrs Meenakshi Narayanan          Assistant Director                              ACMA
 14)   Ms Sumita Sharma                 Assistant Director                              ACMA
 15)   Ms Preeti Chandrasekhar D'Roza   Assistant Director                              ACMA(SR) - Karnataka & Hosur Office
 16)   Ms Yogita Satpathy               Executive Officer & Regional Secretary          ACMA (ER)

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