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					Region 10 GOLD Activities in 2003
         & Plan for 2004

                  Tuptim Angkaew
                  April 16, 2004
                  Adelaide, Australia
IEEE Membership Grades
 2003 Report on Affinity Groups Affinity and statistics
 Strategic for promoting GOLD activities in Region 10
 Regional Activity plan for 2004
A few examples of recent GOLD
Activity in R10
Statistic about GOLD
                            Sect-   GOLD   Region GOLD
         Region             ions     AG         %
1      Northeast USA         22      8        36%
2       Eastern USA          20      4        20%
3     Southeastern USA       41      4        10%
4        Central USA         23      2         9%
5    Southwestern USA        24      8        33%
6       Western USA          34      10       29%
7          Canada            20      8        40%
     Europe, Middle East,
8          Africa            43      9        21%
9       Latin America        30      8        27%
10      Asia & Pacific       47      15       32%

           TOTAL            304      76       25%
Strategies and Plan in 2004
Strategies for promoting GOLD Activity in R10
for 2004
1. Encourage student branch leaders to
   continue their contribution to IEEE after
2. Encourage chapters to support GOLD
3. Regional support for international GOLD
   activities in R10.
4. Increasing publicity of successful GOLD
   activities and regional support of GOLD
Plan in 2004 for GOLD activity
1.   Special support program for GOLD AG
     which is formed by graduated IEEE
     student members. Project based program.
2.   Distinguish mentor program for GOLD AG
     partially supported by chapters. (Life guard
3.   Distinguish speaker program for GOLD AG
     partially supported by chapters.
4.   Biannually R10 AG leaders meeting.
5.   Electronic publicity
Action Plan for Promoting GOLD Affinity
Group Activity in R10 for 2004
STEP 1      MAY       Make contact with each Section
                      and elect a GOLD leader.
STEP 2      JUNE      Data Base and Forms.
STEP 3      JULY      Invite the potential members to
                      get involve in GOLD activities.
                      Start to fill out the forms
                      “Petition Affinity Group” and
                      “Quick Start Incentive Fund.”
STEP 4    AUGUST      Distribute the “Petition Affinity
                      Group” and “QSIF.”
                      Begin to advertise the efforts.
STEP 5   SEPTEMBER Prepare the GOLD activities
                   and functions.
Thank you for your attention
GOLD Affinity Group in 2003 (1)
                     GOLD Affinity
     Section           Group          Country
Australian Capital
    Territory            Yes         AUSTRALIA
New South Wales          Yes         AUSTRALIA
 South Australia         Yes         AUSTRALIA
North Queensland          No         AUSTRALIA
  Queensland              No         AUSTRALIA
    Victorian             No         AUSTRALIA
Western Australia         No         AUSTRALIA
GOLD Affinity Group in 2003 (2)
           Section           AG      Country
         Bangladesh          Yes   BANGLADESH
           Beijing           No      CHINA
         Hong Kong           Yes   HONG KONG
         Bangalore           Yes      INDIA
          Bombay             Yes      INDIA
          Calcutta           Yes      INDIA
           Kerala            Yes      INDIA
           Madras            Yes      INDIA
            Delhi            No       INDIA
           Gujarat           No       INDIA
   Hyderabad (Now forming)   No       INDIA
         Kharagpur           No       INDIA
        Uttar Pradesh        No       INDIA
GOLD Affinity Group in 2003 (3)
        Section     AG     Country
       Indonesia    No   INDONESIA
       Fukuoka      No     JAPAN
       Hiroshima    No     JAPAN
        Kansai      No     JAPAN
        Nagoya      No     JAPAN
       Sapporo      No     JAPAN
        Sendai      No     JAPAN
       Shikoku      No     JAPAN
        Tokyo       No     JAPAN
      Changwon      No     KOREA
       Daejeon      No     KOREA
        Kwanju      No     KOREA
         Seoul      No     KOREA
        Taegu       No     KOREA
GOLD Affinity Group in 2003 (4)
          Section           AG      Country
         Malaysia           Yes    MALAYSIA
    New Zealand North       Yes   NEW ZEALAND
    New Zealand South       No    NEW ZEALAND
         Karachi            Yes    PAKISTAN
          Lahore            Yes    PAKISTAN
        Islamabad           No     PAKISTAN
  Republic of Philippines   No    PHILIPPINES
        Singapore           Yes   SINGAPORE
          Tainan            No      TAIWAN
          Taipei            No      TAIWAN
  Thailand (Now Forming)    No     THAILAND
Progress of GOLD Affinity Group Activities
in 2003
     The number of GOLD Affinity Groups has been
     increased from 9 in 2002 to 15 in 2003. 6 Affinity
     Groups have been formed.
     Training session for GOLD activity has been
     conducted for Section Chairman in R10 Annual
     Meeting in Penang, Malaysia.
Some interesting challenge to GOLD

  Bring GOLD member back to student branch
  Develop GOLD distinguish lecturer program for
  student branch
     Topic can includes: life style, technology, laws, work
     experience after graduation, salary
Record of Number of Affinity Groups in each Region
for 2003-2004
Region      2003        2004
Region 1     8            8
Region 2     4            4
Region 3     4            4
Region 4     2            2
Region 5     8            8
Region 6     10           10
Region 7     6            8
Region 8     9            9
Region 9     9            8
Region 10    14           15 (17)

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