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INTRODUCTION TO e-LEARNING FOR THE                                             increase their comfort levels       training into a mini-helpdesk,
CONTACT CENTER                                                                 with a greater range of             where agents can search for
By Robert Koblovsky, CEO, Smart Telecom                                        products and services. This         specific information fairly
                                                                               can result in increased sales       quickly—even while on a call.
                                                                               in product areas that have
Introduction to e-Learning for the Contact Center Robert                       been seen as low performing.        The implementation of e-
Koblovsky, CEO Smart Telecom                                                                                       learning provides agents with
                                                                               E-learning is effective in          the ability to train anywhere,
One of the greatest growth areas for e-learning is the contact                 providing training to new hires,    anytime. Allowing agents to
center/helpdesk market, and with reason. The drive for improved                refresher training for existing     train during downtime or
customer service, reduction of costs and the use of contact centers            employees and upgrade               slower call volumes
as revenue-generating centers mean that easy, continuous access                training to build on the existing   maximizes their effectiveness
to training is necessary. Once the domain of only the larger                   knowledge base. Increased           and allows them to
organizations, e-learning technology is evolving to become more                and better customer service is      consolidate what they have
accessible to the small and medium-sized centers.                              an expected result and              learned through use and
                                                                               empowering agents through e-        practice. E-learning can be
The role of e-learning in the contact center                                   learning increases confidence,      delivered right to the agent’s
e-Learning is the use of information and communications                        which ultimately translates into    desktop, to their home or
technologies to create and maximize the learning environment and               better performance all around.      mobile laptop, making it a
experience. It is particularly effective in teaching skills, such as how                                           solid training option for those
to use a software product, because of its ability to have the learner          Features of today’s e-              contact centers with staff
practice the functions. Helpdesks also use e-learning to teach                 learning                            working from remote locations.
concepts, such as policies, procedures and regulatory issues                   Today’s e-learning technology
relevant to the market they serve or soft skills such as dealing with          has features that address the       The addition of simulation to
difficult customers.                                                           gaps left by other training         skills-based training allows the
                                                                               methods.                            agent to practice the required
What makes e-learning such a solid fit for contact centers and                                                     skill set before they deal with
helpdesks? It addresses some very specific issues and challenges               Just in time (JIT) capability       a real customer. Simulation in
of the contact center environment. Agent turnover, for example, is a           provides the contact center or      the learning environment is
matter that centers have learned to live with, accepting a churn rate          helpdesk agent with                 the fastest path to
as high as 30-40%. This attrition means training of new agents is              immediate access to                 competency, providing agents
constant. The leaner centers of today often cannot spare anyone to             information about product and       with the ability to work in a
sit down and train the new agents with classroom-style training. e-            services portfolios. It turns the   “safe” environment while
Learning enables the provision detailed tutorials and training, in an
interactive format. Some interesting studies by research analysts
also found a correlation between training and staff retention and that
the implementation of e-learning can reduce churn to under 15%.

Well-trained staff also handle calls more efficiently, reducing time
and costs for calls. E-learning as a training tool becomes of
particular interest in centers where up-selling and cross-selling is an
expected part of the agent’s role. It is typical for agents to promote
only the few products he/she is familiar with and herein lies the
limitation of traditional training methods. They take too much time for
a center to provide in-depth training on more than a few options.
The use of e-learning technology makes it possible for agents to

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emulating the tasks required in      and requires executive                  solution is simply focused on        and need to be evaluated. The
a “live” or “production mode”.       involvement and commitment to           the learning needs. (Video,          idea is to make the learning
                                     be successful. Content is not           multimedia or other lively           speak to the student in a
The availability of                  static nor is the evolution of          features are great, but they are     language the student readily
administration features enables      technology. As learning                 also expensive and may not           understands. For example, an
the contact center manager to        requirements change and                 help in better teaching the          inbound call center in the
track how the agents are doing       technologies mature the e-              subject matter.) They are also       automotive industry provides
in their training and allows the     learning environment will               more flexible in enabling change     access to Class “A” mechanics
manager to administer, test and      change to embrace new                   to content, increasing the life      for specialized support. They
report on training throughout        capabilities and processes.             span of the tutorials.               are generally male, older and
the contact center group.                                                                                         blue collar. CSRs that handle
                                     The challenge is that various           Creating e-learning courses          general enquiries are generally
                                     technologies encompassed by             In any e-learning environment        female, mid thirties with college
                                     e-learning are maturing at              content is king. The                 or university education. The way
The implementation of e-
                                     different rates. For example            effectiveness of an e-learning       information is presented and
                                     Learning Management Systems             program depends upon the             how each diverse group learns
Successful implementation of e-
                                     (LMS) are reasonably mature             creation of a learning               is different. In the first case
learning requires careful
                                     while Learning Content                  environment that facilitates and     there is a general technology
planning. Although it is easy to
                                     Management Systems (LCMS),              supports the target user’s ability   phobia and a certain “set in their
get caught up in the exciting,
                                     the new evolution, are still            to access relevant content,          ways” attitude. There is a
comprehensive features that
                                     emerging. Both of these enable          display the information in such a    resistant to change and doing
are available out there, the
                                     organizations to administer and         way that the user understand         things differently.
focus should be on the specific
                                     manage training. Large                  and allows for consolidation of
learning needs of the contact
                                     companies may have these in             learning, maximizing retention       Testing measures what the
center where it will be
                                     place already for other                 and recall.                          agents have learned and it is an
implemented. Start by defining
                                     departments and the training                                                 integral part of an e-learning
these needs, reviewing factors
                                     for contact centers will need to        Typically, training should be        tutorial. There are various
such as agent turnover, training
                                     comply with them. Fortunately,          modular. This allows for users       testing methodologies available
of new agents versus
                                     industry standards such as              to train anywhere, anytime           for consideration (true or false,
established agents, customer
                                     AICC and SCORM promote                  without the need to complete         essay, task based). The training
service requirements, corporate
                                     interoperability standards and          lengthy training modules. It also    manager can define the
policies and revenue goals.
                                     specifications for e-learning.          recognizes that learning is more     minimum competency levels
Take a look at existing training
                                                                             effective if presented in smaller    and track your agent progress.
materials and determine
                                     It is unlikely that any one             chunks. We have all                  Monitoring agent responses on
whether they can be adapted
                                     approach or tool (or set of             experienced the effect of            an on-going basis is necessary,
for e-learning or need to be
                                     tools) will address all of the e-       information overload when we         particularly for new courses. If a
updated. Identify what type of
                                     learning requirements of an             attempt to learn too much too        large number of people are
training best meets the needs
                                     entire organization; the                quickly.                             getting the same answer wrong,
and how frequently it will need
                                     development platform and                                                     either the question could be
to be updated. Look at timing
                                     approach used by corporate for          Positive feedback mechanisms         incorrect or the presentation of
and set short- and long-term
                                     general training may not be             implemented through out the          the material that speaks to that
objectives. Don’t forget to
                                     transportable to the needs of           training program re-enforce the      question may not be clear.
consider budgets and the
                                     the contact center.                     learning experience. It is
availability of other resources in                                                                                e-Learning adoption will
                                                                             unfortunate but true that few
the development of training. It                                                                                   continue to grow
                                     The good news is that the               organizations take the time to
is also a good idea to establish                                                                                  It is clear that more and more
                                     newer e-learning technologies           understand how their target
benchmarks which will provide                                                                                     contact centers and help desks
                                     are making it accessible to the         audience learns. Simple things
a before and after comparison                                                                                     will implement e-learning,
                                     small to medium-sized centers.          such as age and sex and affect
and measure ROI.                                                                                                  particularly as technology
                                     The upfront investment is more          how people learn and more
                                     manageable—particularly if the          complex human factors exist          makes it more accessible and
e-learning is strategic in nature

cost-friendly. Research and           but something extraordinary              employees could articulate a           developed a set of
understanding of the center’s         goes on in organizations that are        common theme of what great             measurements to monitor
training needs are essential to       able to sustain great service            service meant for them and their       service quality. Their goal is to
take the first steps towards          over time. With the help of an           customers.                             provide a seamless service
creating a plan. The importance       independent research firm, we                                                   experience for all customers
of good preparation and               uncovered the core                       2. Service-Focused Leaders             through every customer touch
execution, as always, cannot be       organizational competencies that         A recent study associated a key        point.
overstated.                           great service providers had in           driver of organizational change
                                      common.                                  to respected leaders modeling          Creating measures for each
There is no doubt that e-learning                                              the behaviors they ask of others.      interaction with clients has
provides tangible benefits and        From these, we have identified           If leaders want their employees        enabled them to ensure a
measurable results for the            five pillars to sustaining               to focus on service, they need to      consistently superior customer
contact center. The success of        exceptional service, that, taken         practice what they preach.             experience. Through monitoring
your e-learning initiatives will be   together, form the basis for                                                    these measurements and
dependant upon the degree of          Communico’s Five Pillars of a            Without examples to follow,            making continuous
effort and senior management          MAGIC Service Culture. By                employee morale and motivation         improvements, courtesy and
commitment to the task at hand.       evaluating how your organization         will suffer. However, if across the    customer satisfaction scores,
                                      measures up, you can determine           organization everyone from front       along with market share, are on
The importance of good                your ability to provide                  line associates to senior              the rise.
preparation and execution, as         exceptional service in the long          managers models great service,
always, cannot be overstated.         run.                                     you will achieve greater               4. Developmental Training and
                                                                               consistency in your service and        Coaching
                                      1. Shared Vision and Values              overall higher customer                Approaching training as a
                                                                                                                      process versus a one-time event
                                      Top service providers have a             satisfaction ratings.
                                      clear and concise customer                                                      is a key differentiator between
FIVE PILLARS OF                       service vision, outlined from both       3. Consistent Service Delivery         organizations that consistently
SUSTAINING SERVICE                    the customer’s and the                   and Measurement Organizations          deliver exceptional service and
By Jean Marie Johnson, VP,            associate’s point of view. A             that excel in service delivery do      those that do not. Quick-fix,
Communico Ltd.                        corporate wide service vision is         a great job of translating their       silver-bullet methods can, at
                                      the foundation for inspiring great       service vision into clear,             best, achieve short-term results.
Five Pillars of Sustaining                                                                                            Behavior follows mindset and
                                      customer service behaviors.              consistent, and integrated
Exceptional Service                                                                                                   attitude instilled by ongoing
                                      Executives at a financial services       standards. Establishing
                                      company have been able to do             measures for face-to-face,             training and development.
Have you ever wondered what
                                      just this. They developed a              phone, and e-interactions will
goes on behind the scenes of a                                                                                        Coaching must also accompany
                                      service vision that included the         help you monitor service quality
great service provider? How do                                                                                        training. Paying individual
                                      overarching direction and                and consistency.
they consistently provide service                                                                                     attention to what and how
that goes above and beyond            commitment for the organization.
                                      As they rolled the vision out,           Apply these measures to                employees are contributing to
customers’ expectations? What                                                                                         service, and coaching them to
                                      energy accelerated as each               interactions between each
makes it possible for some                                                                                            hone skills and abilities, will
                                      department engaged in a team             employee and customer. Then
organizations to deliver                                                                                              boost morale, confidence, and
                                      dialogue to explore the question,        monitor these measures on an
consistently exceptional service?                                                                                     service delivery.
                                      “What does this vision mean to           individual employee-by-
We at Communico have
                                      us?”                                     employee basis. You will find
dedicated ourselves to finding                                                                                        An information management
                                                                               that not all employees truly
the answers to these questions                                                                                        software and services company
                                      The answers were captured in a           understand the service vision,
for years, and we are pleased to                                                                                      implemented an integrated
                                      ‘rainbow’ of departmental vision         and this will hinder your ability to
share our findings with you.                                                                                          training and development
                                      statements, all inspired by the          provide consistent service.
                                      service vision. With this type of                                               process to raise the skill level of
Certainly, developing the skill                                                                                       their associates. They did not
                                      vision and support from the              One of the nation’s largest home
base of front-line, customer-                                                                                         just do training however, they
                                      management team, all of the              builders and providers of an
facing associates is essential,                                                                                       ensured that there was
                                                                               array of loan products has

continuous monitoring and            see how what they do (and           off-shore sites. The U.S. and        the study range from an
coaching linked with the             what everyone else does)            Canadian sites included in the       average of $20.1 million in the
training. Now the company            affects the customer                report all house significant         three most expensive North
receives letters on a daily          experience.                         concentrations of call center        American cities to a low of
basis from clients thanking
                                                                         investment and jobs. The off-        $14.2 million in the three least
them for the high level of           Creating the Service Culture
service provided.                    Apply these pillars at your         shore locations featured in the      expensive sites. In the off-
                                     organization and you will           analysis include major               shore operating cost
5. Constant Systemic                 foster exceptional customer         European call center hubs as         comparison, costs range from
Improvement and                      service. It will not be easy, and   well as low cost alternatives in     an average of $21.0 million to
Reinforcement The best of the        there are no quick fixes, but       the Caribbean, South and             a low of $4.3 million in the least
best service organizations are       the results you can achieve         Central America, India, Asia,        expensive three cities.
nimble. They have honed their        will be worth the effort not only
                                                                         Western and Eastern Europe,          Comparative Call Center
ability to course correct in the     to your customers and your
interest of their service vision.    employees, but to your              South Africa and in the Pacific.     Locations
Organizations must                   organization’s bottom line.         Costs include all major               Following is a listing of cities
continuously consider how                                                geographically-variable factors      included in the North American
systems and processes are            Jean Marie Johnson                  critical to the call center site     and Off-Shore BizCosts®
contributing to the service          Vice President                      selection process. Surveyed          Report.
experience along with how the        Communico Ltd.                      costs include labor, office rents,   New England Region:
service vision is being              203-226-7117                        telecommunications, electric         Portland, Maine
                                                                         power, taxes, heating and air        Boston, Massachusetts
In the best service cultures,        I                                   conditioning, corporate travel,      Springfield, Massachusetts
much work is done behind the                                             and amortization costs. Costs        Manchester/Nashua, New
scenes to address obstacles                                              are scaled to a 500 worker call      Hampshire
that may exist in human              THE COST OF OPERATING               center occupying 45,000              Hartford, Connecticut
resource practices, work flow,       A CALL CENTER IN NORTH              square feet of floor space.          Providence, Rhode Island
IT and so on.                        AMERICA AND OFF-SHORE               Annual telecommunications
Consider a cross-functional          DETAILED IN NEW                     costs in the analysis are based      Middle Atlantic Region:
team in Los Angeles that used
                                     BIZCOSTS.COM® REPORT                on an assumed monthly usage          Buffalo, New York
their newly-crafted service
vision as a reference point for      A recently completed                of 2.50 million minutes of           Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
reviewing every work hand-off        BizCosts® study compares the        billable 800 service.                Allentown/Bethlehem,
in light of its impact on the        cost of operating a call center     Total annual operating costs in      Pennsylvania
customer. Everybody could            in 102 U.S., Canadian, and

                                    Tune into a great career opportunity
                                                                                         Radcliff, Kentuky
                                                                                              Call Center
                                                                                          (270) 352-0711
                                         Nielsen                                                                  Dunedin, Florida
                                                                                                                       Call Center
                                         Media Research                                                            (727) 738-7100
Scranton/Wilkes Barre,                                                Region:                          and an optimum call center site
Pennsylvania                       West South Central Region:         Dublin, Ireland                  can be very substantial, often
Wilmington, Delaware               Oklahoma City, Oklahoma            Madrid, Spain                    running into millions of dollars
Dover, Delaware                    Dallas, Texas                      Copenhagen, Denmark              per year. Itemized factor-to-
                                   Austin, Texas                      Prague, Czech Republic           factor annual operating cost
South Atlantic Region:             Houston, Texas                     Warsaw, Poland                   comparisons in the BizCosts®
Richmond, Virginia                 San Antonio, Texas                 Bucharest, Romania               Report are detailed in the
Norfolk/Virginia Beach, Virginia   Shreveport, Louisiana              Talinn, Estonia                  following table.
Charlotte, North Carolina                                                                              BizCosts®: What It Costs To
                                                                                                       Operate A Biotech Facility in
Greenville, South Carolina         Mountain Region:                   Caribbean Region:
                                                                                                       the U.S. (1)
Atlanta, Georgia                   Phoenix, Arizona                   Kingston, Jamaica
Augusta, Georgia                   Tucson, Arizona                    Bridgetown, Barbados
                                   Las Vegas/Henderson,               Castries, St. Lucia              Additional Information and the
Florida Region:                    Nevada                             Port-of-Spain, Trinidad          Full BizCosts® Report
Jacksonville, Florida              Salt Lake City, Utah               Santo Domingo, Dominican         Additional information as well
Orlando, Florida                   Provo/Orem, Utah                   Republic                         as the complete and
Tampa/St. Petersburg, Florida      Boise, Idaho                       San Juan, Puerto Rico            downloadable BizCosts®
Ft. Myers, Florida                                                                                     Report are available for
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida            Pacific Region:                    Latin America Region:            purchase at the BizCosts®
Miami, Florida                     Seattle/Bellevue, Washington       Monterrey, Mexico                website:
                                   Spokane, Washington                Tijuana, Mexico
Mid South Region:                  Eugene/Springfield, Oregon         Campinas, Brazil
Louisville, Kentucky               San Jose, California               San Jose, Costa Rica
Memphis, Tennessee                 Los Angeles, California
                                                                                                       MYTHS ABOUT
                                                                      Panama City, Panama
Nashville, Tennessee               San Diego, California              Santiago, Chile                  CANADIAN CALL
Knoxville, Tennessee                                                                                   CENTERS EXPLORED
Birmingham, Alabama                Eastern Canada:                    Asia Region:                     IN SURVEY
Mobile Alabama                     Halifax, Nova Scotia               New Delhi/Gurgaon, India         Contributed by Elizabeth
                                   Moncton, New Brunswick             Bangalore, India                 Winter
East North Central Region:         Montreal, Quebec                   Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
                                                                                                       Myth #1. Most Call Centers are
Columbus, Ohio                     Ottawa, Ontario                    Manila, Philippines
Cincinnati, Ohio                   Toronto, Ontario                   Singapore City, Singapore        Many banks, credit card and
Indianapolis, Indiana              Cambridge/Kitchener/Waterloo       Taipei, Taiwan                   telephone companies have big
Chicago, Illinois                  , Ontario                                                           Customer Service operations,
Milwaukee, Wisconsin                                                  Pacific and South Africa         sometimes numbering
Madison, Wisconsin                 Western Canada:                    Region:                          thousands of staff. However,
                                   Vancouver, British Columbia        Capetown, South Africa           the median staff size of Call
                                                                                                       Centers in Canada is only 44
West North Central Region:         Edmonton, Alberta                  Johannesburg, South Africa
                                                                                                       full-time equivalents (FTEs).
Omaha, Nebraska                    Calgary, Alberta                   Sydney, Australia                HRDC reports that the CC
Des Moines, Iowa                   Regina, Saskatchewan               Melbourne, Australia             industry employs 1 in every 25
Cedar Rapids, Iowa                 Saskatoon, Saskatchewan            Auckland, New Zealand            working Canadians and that
Wichita, Kansas                    Winnipeg, Ontario                                                   89% of Call Centers in Canada
Kansas City, Missouri                                                 Operating cost differentials     have fewer than 50 employees.
St. Louis, Missouri                Western and Eastern Europe         between an acceptable location

Myth #2. Call Centers are          between the ages of 25 and             Answering the Service              With online appointment
open 24 hrs. a day.                34, and many have college              Dilemma                            scheduling call center agents
Only 25% of Call Centers stay      degrees, dispelling the myth                                              set up times that are
open 24 / 7 / 365. The             that young people who can’t                                               convenient for organizations
                                                                          By Gary A. Pudles
average open time for others       find ‘good’ jobs elsewhere are                                            and for callers. There is no
was 12 hours a day from            the main group who seek jobs                                              overlap; everyone is on the
                                                                          President and Chief Executive
Monday to Friday, and 3 hours      in Call Centers.                                                          same page.
                                                                          Officer, AnswerNet
per day on Saturdays,
Sundays and statutory              Some perceptions are true.                                                To help ensure these times are
                                                                          Call centers have long
holidays. This data may lead       Union activity is on the rise.                                            kept some schedulers can
                                                                          struggled with the ‘dilemma of
to the conclusion that             19% of Call Centers surveyed                                              send out reminder emails to
                                                                          service’. It is this: most
weekend calls may be               are union shops, and                                                      customers and staff or systems
                                                                          everyone prefers to reach live
outsourced to other Call           unionization rates have risen                                             can be tied to automated call
                                                                          agents without being put on
Centers.                           54% annually over the past 3                                              reminder systems. Supervisors
                                                                          hold. Yet few people want to
                                   years. In addition, staff                                                 and managers and other
                                                                          pay more for products and
Myth #3. Everyone is               turnover, often more than 20%                                             authorized staff can check and
                                                                          services, so that organizations
outsourcing, and everyone is       per year, is also still an                                                track appointments.
                                                                          can hire more staff to shorten
outsourcing to India.              industry issue.
Based on the 2005 survey, the                                                                                Changes and cancellations can
vast majority (71%) of Call        The above data is from CPA’s                                              be made easily. To enable
                                                                          Methods like music/messages
Centers in Canada do not           2005 3rd annual Canadian                                                  changes, give customers a
                                                                          on hold help retain callers. You
outsource customer service         Call Center Salary survey. The                                            special number to call or add
                                                                          can pitch your offerings or
calls at all. 10% route overflow   full survey report (44 pages)                                             an option on your auto
                                                                          suggest callers use your IVR or
/ weekend calls to another Call    can be purchased for $299+                                                attendant to reach an agent
                                                                          web self-service. Automated
Center within their                gst at CPA                                                who will make the adjustments.
                                                                          callback applications enable
organization, and the other        is the largest peer-to-peer Call
                                                                          customers to leave their
19% outsource to 3rd party         Center association in Canada.                                             Appointment-setting calls can
                                                                          numbers for staff to call in a
providers. Of that 19%, 73%        For more info, contact                                                    be brief. If callers have
                                                                          more ordered way.
outsource within Canada, and       Elizabeth Winter.                                                         contacted organizations before,
only 26% (that’s less than 5%                                                                                scheduling appointments gives
                                                                          Yet as fine as these techniques
of the total respondents)          The Contact Professionals                                                 preparation time to the staff
                                                                          are they have limitations. Most
outsource outside of Canada,       Alliance Inc.                                                             who will be handling them.
                                                                          do not supply definite
to India, the USA, Ireland,        #100- 2 Bloor Street West
                                                                          opportunities to speak with
England and the Philippines.       Toronto M4W 3E2                                                           Appointment applications
                                                                          service or sales professionals.
                                   Elizabeth Winter, Founder
                                                                          Automated callback does not
Myth #4. Most Call Center          (416) 410 4663 or (866) 465                                               Online appointment scheduling
                                                                          help if there are conflicts
workers are female and most        2233                                                      is a vital tool for
                                                                          between customers’ and
are first-time job holders.                                                                                  products/services that require
                                                                          agents’ availability; it is a
It’s true: approximately 65% of                                                                              installation. Agents sell
                                                                          nuisance to change later.
employees in Canadian Call                                                                                   customers, process their
Centers are female- that is                                                                                  applications and use the
                                                                          Online appointment scheduling,
until you hit what appears to                                                                                schedulers to set up the
                                                                          long used by telephone
be the glass ceiling. Men hold                                                                               dates/times. If customers need
                                                                          answering services supporting
more than half of the top jobs                                                                               service the help desk triages
                                                                          doctors, lawyers, contractors
(Directors, Managers).                                                                                       service calls to see if they can
                                                                          and service firms like realtors,
                                                                                                             fix problems over the phone. If
                                                                          can help overcome the service
In Canada, 47% of Customer                                                                                   not they schedule field repair
Service Reps (CSRs) are                                                                                      visits.

                                  making appointments with            remembers’ callers’ names and       with a telephone answering
Online appointment scheduling     staff. The request can be then      information; automated email        firm that has that capability and
is especially helpful when        processed by live agents.           reminders; and multiple             expertise to provide this service
marketing a product or service                                        appointments scheduling.            and software.
that requires a licensed          Appointment scheduling helps        The other choice is outsourcing     Either way you will find
professional to complete the      overcome outbound sales or          appointment scheduling.             appointment scheduling a
deal, such as insurance, real     billing call hassles. If the        Telephone answering services        worthwhile choice in the range
estate and securities. Call       agents detect or are told by        have these tools in place,          of services you provide to your
center agents pre-screen          called parties that this is not a   applied by experienced agents.      customers.
callers and then set up           great time to call, set up          By having such outsourcers
inbound or outbound               callback times. If customers or     handle appointments you free        I
appointments.                     prospects agree they are            up your call center agents to

                                  obliged to answer at the            process the more complex calls
Similarly call center agents      agreed time. If they don’t they     that require their knowledge
can make appointments for         can be struck from sales lists      and expertise. For example
sales professionals to call       or bucked up from curable           when your agent has pre-
prospects, or arrange audio or    accounts to collections.            qualified a customer they can       IEX Releases TotalView®
data conferences to demo                                              tell them: “I’m going to transfer   Workforce Management
products or services. Agents      In-house or outsourced              you to our receptionist agent       Version 3.9
can also book field sales staff   Online appointment scheduling       who will make the appointment
to visit customers’ homes or      software can be purchased,          for you”.
businesses.                       licensed or hosted. Among           If you already outsource your       São Paulo, Brazil &
                                  the features we look for in the     sales and service calls, ask
                                                                                                          Richardson, Texas: IEX
Consider deploying online         scheduling software we use:         your partners if they provide
appointment scheduling as a       customizable appointment            appointment scheduling. If they     Corporation, a Tekelec
queue-shortener. Offer on your    types and times; automated          do not have such capability,        company (Nasdaq: TKLC) and
auto-attendant the choice of      address books that                  you can suggest they partner
leading provider of workforce     agent’s already stressful job,”       number of our customers are         “The ASPCA Poison Control
management and optimization       added Lall. “The features             seeking hosted services as a        Center is committed to
tools for contact centers, and    available in TotalView 3.9            means to shorten time-to-           protecting and improving the
an Avaya Certified Business       improve multichannel                  market and remove the barriers      lives of animals through our
Partner, announced the            scheduling efficiency while           that they may be facing with        educational programs and
                                                                        internal deployment. This           research,” said Harold
general availability of version   offering empowerment tools to
                                                                                                            Trammel, Senior Director of IT
3.9 of the TotalView®             improve agent job                     relationship with CPT is just
                                                                                                            for the ASPCA Poison Control
Workforce Management              satisfaction.” I                      another example of the steps
                                                                                                            Center. “Our extensive medical
system. TotalView 3.9 offers                                            we’re taking to ensure that our
                                                                                                            records database includes over
skill block scheduling features                                         customers can enjoy the
                                                                                                            800,000 cases. Kaidara will be
that make it easier to manage     ENVOX WORLDWIDE ADDS                  benefits of Envox 6 regardless
                                                                                                            instrumental in providing our
multichannel contact types        CPT INTERNATIONAL AS A                of whether they are seeking a       staff with rapid access to this
and other back office work.          PARTNER TO DELIVER                 CPE or hosted solution.”            critical information to help save
The new version also              HOSTED VOICE SOLUTIONS                I                                   the lives of animals and further
heightens agent empowerment                                                                                 our efforts to educate the
with new time off management      Envox Worldwide, a leading                                                public regarding animal safety.”
and schedule preference           provider of voice solutions,          American Society for the
                                  announced that it has added           Prevention of Cruelty to            Kaidara’s flagship knowledge
                                  CPT International, a leading          Animals (ASPCA) Poison              management solution will be
                                                                        Control Center Selects              used to harvest and rapidly
“IEX is a market leader with a    provider of standards-based
                                                                        Kaidara to Improve Call             retrieve critical, proprietary
thorough understanding of its     voice application hosting
                                                                        Center Service for Animal           veterinary medical records and
customer’s workforce              services, as a partner,
                                                                        Emergency and Safety                toxicology information used
management needs,” said           enabling the company to offer
                                                                        Programs                            across the poison control
Seema Lall, contact center        developers using the Envox 6
                                                                                                            center’s special services
analyst for Frost & Sullivan.     platform a hosted alternative         Los Altos, Calif. – Kaidara         including its Animal Product
“They continue to show a          to customer premise                   Software, Inc., announced that      Safety Service, Veterinary
strong commitment to              equipment (CPE) deployment            the ASPCA Animal Poison             Lifeline Partner Program, and
research and development          through the Voice Harbor              Control Center, the world’s first   Veterinary Toxicology
that addresses the real world     service.                              animal-oriented poison control      Education Program.
challenges facing contact                                               center, has selected the            Additionally, Kaidara Advisor
centers today.”                   “This partnership with CPT            Kaidara Advisor™ knowledge          will be instrumental in providing
                                  allows Envox Worldwide to             management system to                life-saving information to the
“The proliferation of             expand its services for               improve consistency and             center’s support staff and
                                  customers requiring hosted            quality of response to calls        veterinarians who handle
multichannel contact types has
                                  solutions,” said Mark D.              regarding animal medical            incoming calls from animal
made managing agent’s time
                                                                        emergencies and safety              owners and veterinarians in
more complex. At the same         Flanagan, president and chief
                                                                        matters.                            North America and Canada.
time, productivity pressures      executive officer of Envox
have added stress to the          Worldwide. “A steadily growing                                            I

Formula Telecom Solutions         NextNine enables FTS to                                                       enterprise customers can
Selects NEXTNINE for              minimize service disruptions,             Genesys Announces IP-               maximize ROI on GVP, while
Service and Support of its        Mean-Time-To-Repair and                   Enabled Genesys Voice               enhancing the customer
Converged Billing, CRM            service costs, driving customer           Platform for the Enterprise         experience and increasing
Systems                           satisfaction. I                           Market                              customer retention.

New York, Tel Aviv – NextNine,    Envision Announces Second                 SAN FRANCISCO – Genesys             “Enterprise customers that are
a leading global provider of      Quarter Results                           Telecommunications                  actively moving forward with IP
proactive automated, remote                                                 Laboratories, Inc., an Alcatel      initiatives will find value in the
service and support solutions     Seattle — Envision Telephony,             company (NYSE: ALA, Paris:          self-service and ROI
for business-critical systems,    Inc. announced a 44 percent               CGEP), announced an IP-             deliverables of the IP-enabled
announced that Formula            increase in second quarter                enabled version of the              Genesys Voice Platform,” said
Telecom Solutions (FTS) has       revenue for 2005 over the                 Genesys Voice Platform (GVP)        Elliot Danziger, chief
selected NextNine Service         same period in the prior year.            to serve enterprise customers       technology officer, Genesys.
Automation for support of its     Revenues for the first half of            of all sizes. The new offering is   “With this new offering,
billing and CRM suite of          2005 exceeded 2004 by 49                  available now.                      Genesys presents flexible IP
products, and has begun           percent. Total revenue for the                                                migration solutions to
deploying it at several           last twelve months increased              The introduction of the new IP-     enterprises of all sizes.”
customer sites.                   more than 40 percent over the             enabled enterprise edition of       I
                                  preceding twelve months.                  GVP supports Genesys’
Formula Telecom Solutions         Envision is a privately held,             strategy to expand Internet         IEX Receives Customer
chose NextNine Service            Seattle-based leader in                   Protocol (IP) capabilities          Interaction Solutions®
Automation to continue            contact center recording,                 throughout the Genesys Voice        Magazine’s 2005 CRM
delivering superior service and   coaching, workforce                       Platform product portfolio.         Excellence Award
support to its customers by       optimization and business                 Enterprises actively considering    TotalView® Workforce
maximizing the availability of    intelligence software.                    migrating to IP can do so           Management System Singled
their business-critical billing                                             without an extensive system         Out for Helping Clients Improve
and CRM solutions. With           During the second quarter of              overhaul because the new IP-        CRM
customers around the globe,       2005, the company added                   enabled version of GVP allows
ensuring optimal system           twelve new customers,                     for time-division multiplexing      RICHARDSON, TEXAS: IEX
performance and efficient         spanning the globe and                    (TDM) and IP to coexist within      Corporation, a Tekelec
deployments at every site, was    several industries including              the same environment. Existing      company (Nasdaq: TKLC),
a key necessity for FTS. By       retail, outsourcing, utilities and        TDM-based environments limit        announced Customer
empowering the adoption of a      telecommunications. Envision              the return on investment (ROI)      Interaction Solutions magazine
proactive, automated              also secured major expansion              on contact center software due      has named its TotalView®
approach to customer support,     orders from one of its                    to the inherent complexities        Workforce Management
using proactive monitoring,       signature branded customers               and high cost of ownership at       system as a recipient of the
automatic problem escalation,     in the financial industry as well         the infrastructure level. By        2005 CRM Excellence Award.
automatic preventive              as one of the world’s largest             adopting an Open IP approach        I
maintenance and self-healing,     software companies. I                     being driven by Genesys,

Syntora Signs Agreement           international market for
with Matrium Technologies         analytics and eLearning                            ANNOUNCEMENTS
to Offer Real-time Analytics      solutions,” said Henry Lach,
and eLearning Solutions to        President and CEO of Syntora
the Australian Call Center        Inc. “We are excited about the
                                                                         CollabGen has announced         centers to not only control

Market                            opportunity to partner with
                                                                         the release of a generic        costs and improve efficiency

                                  Matrium and to bring
                                                                         white paper series on           but also to
                                                                         Unified Telecommunication       optimize the effectiveness
Toronto, Canada—Syntora,          Agentivity to the Australian           Model C. Each part in the       and profitability of customer
Inc. announced an agreement       Call Center Market.”                   series will categorize a        interactions.
has been signed with Matrium                                             major component or set of       Attend ICCM to keep up
Technologies Pty Ltd, a           “Matrium Technologies is the           components as an integral       with the most current
leading provider of contact       leading supplier of the                part of an overall              advancements in your field -
center solutions, to distribute   workforce management                   telecommunications              the performance of your
the company’s Agentivity          solution IEX TotalView,” said          architecture (infrastructure,   contact center depends on it.
Analytics and eLearning           Anthony Pisani, General
                                                                         systems and applications)                     ***
solutions. Under the terms of     Manager for Matrium
                                                                         and will cover the major

the agreement, Matrium            Technologies. “We are
                                                                         trends including networks           TOUCHSTAR

Technologies will provide full    expanding our presence in the
                                                                         convergence, TDM / IP           SOFTWARE RELEASES

local support for Agentivity in   Australian contact center
                                                                         Telephony, portals, presence      DIAL-ON-DEMAND

Australia.                        market by offering further
                                                                         / proximity, multi-modal         HOSTED SOLUTION

                                  Workforce Optimisation suite
                                                                         and collaborative                 FOR AS LITTLE AS
The Australian contact center     of products to the Australian
                                                                         communications. If you are
                                                                         interested in receiving,
industry is experiencing          Market. Syntora’s Agentivity           distributing or                 TouchStar Software is
continued growth. Increased       Analytics and eLearning                sponsoring any of the white     pleased to announce the
competition among companies       solution allows us to go               papers in this series, please   release of its new web-
for skilled customer service      beyond traditional workforce           contact Ed LaBanca              based dialer application:
agents has pushed salaries        management, to provide real-           at 877-7Collab (877-726-        Dial-On-Demand.
higher and placed a greater       time analytics and eLearning           5522) or                        Dial-On-Demand is easy-to-
focus on operational costs.       to call centers. This agreement         deploy, affordable and
Syntora’s Agentivity helps        will serve to strengthen our
                                                                         You can also visit              allows users to immediately
improve agent performance         presence and leverage upon
                                                                         their web site at               realize increases in
through its Analytics and         our strong reputation in
                                                                      productivity, while

eLearning modules offering        providing workforce
                                                                                      ***                providing agents the tools

reduced operating costs year      management solutions.”
                                                                                                         they require to deliver

to year.
                                                                          ICCM Conference & Expo         exceptional customer care.
                                                                         September 25-28, 2005           Call 866-338-0678 or

“The distribution agreement
                                                                         The Bellagio, Las Vegas         simply visit
with Matrium Technologies
                                                                         Learn about performance-        /hosted.shtml to get started
allows Syntora to take                                                   enhancing tools and             today.
advantage of the growing                                                 solutions that enable contact                 ***

                              Corporate offices in
M.E.R., a premier             Atlanta, to help expedite
Executive Search Firm in
                              contracts, procedures,
the Direct Marketing,
Call Center (Customer         claims and reduce
Care and Collections)         implementation times.
industries, recently          PRESS ONE NOW, the
released a North               leaders in Spanish call
American Call Center
Report. Receive a free
copy (compliments of Call        Please contact us....
Center Times) by clicking
here:                             1-888-617-6020              ***


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AMCAT - Amcat software-based solutions power rapid, dramatic            competitive salaries, an inspiring work environment, great benefits
increases in inbound / outbound and blended productivity, agent         and professional development opportunities.
professionalism, and campaign management flexibility.
Contact: E-mail,                                        All career opportunities may be found either at our corporate
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4800 Curtin Drive                                                       - Call Center Associates, Inc. - Years
McFarland, WI 53558                                                     of operations and management
Telephone: (800)356-9148 or (608)838-4194                               savvy gained through real world
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of service provided by your Representatives. Our research               E-mail:
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BARBADOS – A Preferred Location For Your                                and quantity of customer care and sales
Call Center Expansion. Barbados has                                     experiences. Since our inception in 1990,
established itself as a reputable and                                   we have worked with companies and
diversified international business center.                              contact centers where confidence and competence needed                                                            improvement by a deadline and within a budget.
Contact: (305) 442-2269
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                                                                        Caras ( at 978.531.2022 x55.

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require our expertise and experience in                               industries.
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COMMUNICO LTD - Communico partners with organizations to
help them build and sustain exceptional service cultures. The         GMT - GMT makes companies more profitable
heart of our commitment is the MAGIC® System. MAGIC, which            through the effective use of their workforce by
stands for Make A Great Impression on the Customer, is an             combining leading edge technology with the
integrated system of assessment, customer service training and        features most desired by customers.
consulting that ensures consistently exceptional service.             Contact: Gordon McMahan, E-mail:

                                                                      GN NETCOM - Delivering Value to
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Communico Ltd.
                                                                      increasing the quality of customer
(203) 226-7117
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DATA-TEL INFO SOLUTIONS - Whether your business is just               IEX CORP - IEX Corp., a Tekelec company, is
starting out with a few agents or it is well established with         the leading provider of innovative productivity
hundreds of agents, Data-Tel has a solution to fit your needs.        solutions for contact centers.
Contact - Data-Tel Info Solutions
      Phone: (614) 895-8852                                 
      Fax: (614) 901-2059

ENVISION - Envision is a leading provider of contact center           InstantService
software solutions that empower businesses to maximize every          InstantService provides an integrated suite of live chat, email
contact with their customers.                                         management, knowledge base, website analytics and lead capture
Contact: Melissa Cole                                                 solutions designed to increase online sales and improve customer
Envision                                                              support while reducing contact center costs.
520 Pike Street, Suite 1600
Seattle, WA 98101                                                     Sales Inquiries contact
Telephone: (206) 225-0800 ext. 500                          
E-mail:                                  206-956-8000

pioneer in web-based call center
services, Global Response has gone
on to become one of the nation’s

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                                                                   consulting firm. We deliver a blended learning solution both in
MARASTAR COMMUNICATIONS - MaraStar                                 person or online that incorporates a unique process of high
Communications develops and distributes                            impact coaching to
humorous animated training programs for                            individuals and
customer service and sales call centers.                           teams.
Contact:                        Contact: Jim Brodo -

M.E.R. Inc. (McDaniel Executive Recruiters) is a highly            RSA SOLUTIONS - RSA Solutions is a private-label, customer
specialized search firm in the CRM, Direct Marketing, Call         intimate sales organization for the financial services industry. We
Center, and Collections Industries. We specialize in sales,        partner with our clients to grow their business and optimize the
marketing, operations and support function staffing.               lifetime value of their customer relationships.
Contact: Chad McDaniel                                           Contact Information:
866-991-3555 (toll-free)                                           Donald Edman, VP
PHONEPRO - Leaders in Telephone Skills                             phone: (716) 564-5993
Training for 19 years, Phone Pro delivers
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customized training programs.                                      SCANSOFT - ScanSoft, Inc. is the leading supplier of speech
Contact: or give us a call                        and imaging solutions that are used to automate a wide range of
at 800-888-4893                                                    manual processes - increasing productivity, reducing costs and
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In need of SPANISH?
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serve you!                                                         contact center industry in delivering
More than 5000 positions ready if and when                         products that significantly improve
you need them.                                                     operational efficiencies and agent
Contact: 1-888-617-6020                                            productivity.                                              Contact:
                                                                   SKILLCHECK - SkillCheck pre-employment skills tests help call
                                                                   centers to reduce turnover,
PROCORE - ProCore Solutions provides call                          increase sales productivity, and
center outsource services, employee training                       enhance overall customer
and development programs, systems                                  satisfaction through better job
developments and reengineering to improve                          candidate assessment.
business processes, and a full range of
strategic staffing services to its clients.                        To learn more about SkillCheck Call Center assessments, and
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Performance Incentives is an online motivation, reward, and
                                                                         Connection® to field thousands of calls daily for each client with a
recognition solution for call centers that
                                                                         high degree of professionalism and
integrates the science of human behavior
and the power of random positive
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SHUMSKY - Shumsky is nationally recognized as an industry                
leader not only in promotional marketing and advertising, but
with employee recognition as well.
                                                                         TOUCHSTAR SOFTWARE provides the easiest to use and most
To learn more about either of these                                      reasonably priced predictive dialing solution available, along with
programs, please contact the Gold Team at                                robust inbound ACD features found in most high-end phone
Shumsky.                                                                 systems.
800-326-2203 phone                                                       Contact us now to find out
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Synovate - Synovate, one of the world's top research firms, is           For over 16 years, VXI Corporation has been a leading
the market research arm of global communications specialist              manufacturer of professional-grade headset solutions for contact
Aegis Group plc. Across all our business units, we constantly            centers. VXI's TuffSet and Passport headset systems provide
consider ways to develop powerful new services, both through             superior audio quality, durability and
combined interaction and through                                         comfort at an exceptional price.
blue-sky thinking to produce inspired
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