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Year                                                      Year

1851   Isaac Singer invents the sewing machine            1946   Bikinis introduced
1858   Washing machine invented                           1947   Sound barrier broken
1866   Tin can patented                                          Mobile phone invented
1867   First practical typewriter produced                1948   Frisbee & Velcro invented
1872   A.M. Ward issues the first mail-order catalogue    1949   Cake mix invented
1876   Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone
1877   Thomas Edison invents cylinder phonograph          1950   First modern credit cards introduced
1878   First practical light bulb                                First organ transplant
1880   Toilet paper invented                              1951   Color TV introduced
1884   First mechanical cash register                            Mr. Potato Head patented
1885   Karl Benz invents internal combustion automobile   1952   Start of car seat belts
1886   Dishwasher invented                                       First diet soft drink sold
1886   Coca-Cola invented (first year sales = $50)        1955   Disneyland opens
1887   First contect lenses                                      McDonald's corporation founded
1888   First paper drinking straws produced               1956   Elvis on The Ed Sullivan show
1891   Escalator invented                                        TV remote control & velcro introduced
1893   Zipper invented                                    1957   Dr. Seuss' The Cat in the Hat published
1898   Roller coaster patented                            1958   Hula hoops are all the rage
1899   Vacuum cleaner patented                                   Legos introduced
                                                          1959   Barbie doll invented
1902   Air conditioning invented                                 Microchip invented
1903   First flight at Kittyhawk & first silent movie
1906   Kellogg's starts selling corn flakes               1960   First televised presidential debates
1907   First electric washing machine                            Lasers invented
1908   Ford introduces the Model-T                        1962   Audio cassette invented
1909   Plastic is invented                                1964   GI Joe introduced by Hasbro
                                                          1965   Soft contact lenses invented
1912   Oreo cookies & Lifesavers candy introduced         1967   First heart transplant
1913   Henry Ford creates assembly line                          First Super Bowl
       Personal income tax introduced in U.S.             1968   Computer Mouse invented
1914   First traffic light                                1969   ARPANET - the precursor to the Internet - created
1916   First self service grocery store opens                    First man on the moon
       Radio tuners invented                                     Sesame Street begins
1919   Pop-up toaster invented                                   ATM invented

1920   First commercial radio broadcast                   1970   Computer floppy disks introduced
       Band-Aid invented                                  1971   VCR's introduced
1922   Reader's Digest begins                             1972   Pocket calculators introduced
1923   Time magazine founded                                     First video game invented - Pong
       Clarence Birdseye invents frozen food              1974   Post-It notes invented
1926   Winnie the Pooh published                          1975   Microsoft founded
1927   First talking movie - The Jazz Singer                     Push-through tab on drink cans invented
       PEZ candy dispenser invented                       1975   Laser printer invented
1928   Bubble gum invented & Penicillen invented          1976   Ink-Jet printer invented
       First Mickey Mouse cartoon                         1977   Star Wars released
1929   Car radio invented                                 1979   Sony introduces the Walkman
       Stock Market Crash                                        Patent for Voicemail
                                                                 Cell-phone invented
1930   Sliced bread becomes available in stores
1933   FDR launches the New Deal                          1980   CNN begins
       FM radio invented                                  1981   AIDS identified
1934   Cheeseburger created                                      Personal Computer (PC) introduced by IBM
       The game "Monopoly" introduced                     1982   CD-ROM invented
1935   Social Security begins
1937   Golden Gate Bridge opened                          1984   Apple Macintosh invented
       Photocopier invented & first jet engine built      1985   Windows program invented
1939   First commercial flight over the Atlantic ocean    1986   Disposable camera introduced
       Helicopter invented                                1989   High-Definition TV invented

1941   First computer controlled by software              1990   World Wide Web (and HTML) created
1942   T-shirt introduced                                 1991   Collapse of the Soviet Union
1943   Slinky & Silly Putty invented
1944   Ballpoint pens go on sale                          2001   iPod invented
1945   Atomic bomb invented                               2005   YouTube invented
       Microwave oven invented