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        Inside this issue:

        Opening Night Makes
        Music Mobile® Orienta-
        tion Attracts Affiliates
        Dudamel Fellows
        Program Launched
                                       3                       IT’S GOING TO BE A GREAT YEAR!
        New Member Contest
                                       3            MESSAGE FROM AFFILIATE CHAIR
        Crescendo Offered
        Keyboard Mysticism
                                       4            Affiliates are gathering this fall        the LA Phil’s education
                                                    in their Committees to listen to          programs for children and
        Music Mobile® Swings
        Into Action
                                       4            beautiful classical music                 youth. It’s the essence of what
                                                    performed by LA Phil musicians,           we do as Affiliates and together
        Affiliate Board’s Get
                                       4            other professionals or                    we make a difference.
        Acquainted Party
                                                    accomplished students. From
        Endowment Invitational
                                       5            this core of fellowship with like-
        Rehearsal                                   minded members, Affiliates
        New Member                                  draw their strength and
                                       5            vibrancy. Centered in
                                                    Committees, Affiliates
        Philharmonic Friends
        Awards Brunch
                                       6            continuously reach out to raise
                                                    funds in their communities for
                                       7            the LA Phil and to volunteer at
                                                                                                                Arlyss Burkett
Fall 2009
                                            AFFILIATES NEWS                                                                                      Page 2

                                                     OPENING NIGHT MAKES HISTORY
                                                      Performances” and throughout                        Pavilion’s fifth floor Salon A, a
                                                      Europe, South America and                           dining area overlooking night-lit
                                                      Asia. Media from around the                         Jacques Lipchitz’ “Peace on
                                                      world attended the sold-out                         Earth” sculpture fountain, the
                                                      concert in the 2,265-seat Hall.                     buffet dinner offered the 104
                                                      LA Philharmonic President                           members and guests an
Affiliates participated in the                        Deborah Borda called it “the                        opportunity to mingle with
historic Opening Night concert at                     most excitement since the                           members from other Affiliate
Walt Disney Concert Hall on                           opening of Walt Disney Concert                      committees. Thank you to
October 8, 2009 as Gustavo                            Hall.”                                              Affiliate Dinner Chair Renee
Dudamel and the Los Angeles                                                                               Mitchell for coordinating the
                                                      Affiliates offered members a
Philharmonic launched their                                                                               event and to Affiliates@Large
                                                      package of a concert ticket and
inaugural concert performing the                                                                          Committee President Nancy
                                                      an Affiliates Dinner following the
world premiere of John Adams’                                                                             Howard for the floral
                                                      concert, which included a
City Noir and Gustav Mahler’s                                                                             centerpieces.
                                                      donation to the LA Philharmonic
Symphony No. 1 in D major. The
                                                      youth education programs. Held
concert was telecast across the
                                                      in the Dorothy Chandler
United States via PBS “Great                                                                                          Photo: Los Angeles Times

            Affiliates, seated in the Terrace Center and Orchestra East/West seats, join the audience in twelve minutes of applause at the con-
            clusion of the October 8th Opening Night concert.

Fall 2009
AFFILIATES NEWS                                                                                                        Page 3

The Affiliates 2009 Music Mo-                oboe called the shawm. This was
bile® Orientation, held at the               an exciting lead into our interac-
Colburn School on October 9,                 tive encounter between our Affili-
started in the Olive Rehearsal               ate docents and ten very accom-
Hall under the direction of Robert           plished Colburn students.” The
McAllister, Associate Dean. The              students presented the instru-
session opened with a presenta-              ments that make up the contem-
tion of Baroque wind instruments             porary orchestra. Their enthusi-
by Adam and Rotem Gilbert from               asm and infectious love for their
the USC Thornton School of Mu-               instruments gave the Affiliate do-
sic. Music Mobile® Co -                      cents a greatly enriched under-
Coordinator Margo Penney re-                 standing of the material they            The Music Mobile® van makes traveling
ports, “They greatly enriched our            share with the third grade stu-          music education possible.
understanding and appreciation               dents through the Music Mobile®
of some of the early woodwind                program, reports Margo Penney.
instruments, particularly the early

                                                                                               NEW MEMBER
The Los Angeles Philharmonic                  Over the course of two months,
announced recently the members                each Fellow will participate as a
of the new Dudamel Fellows                    cover conductor or extra musician         To encourage Affiliate
                                              with the orchestra, will have the         Committees to bring in new
                                              opportunity to conduct or perform         members, there is an excit-
                                              in at least one concert with              ing membership contest.
                                              musicians of the LA Phil, will be         The Committee that brings
                                              mentored by Dudamel and the LA            in the most new members,
                                              Phil musicians, and will work on a        as a percentage of their
                                              weekly basis with students in a           active members, will win a
                                              key LA Philharmonic education             prize. The prize? The
                                              program, such as Youth Orchestra          Philharmonic will provide free
                                              Los Angeles (YOLA).                       bench seats to a Tuesday or
David Afkham, from Germany, is one of four
                                                                                        Thursday concert at the
hand-picked Dudamel Fellows.                  Dudamel is passionate about
                                                                                        Hollywood Bowl next sum-
                                              bringing this program to life, as his
Program for 2009-2010: David                                                            mer, plus free use of the
                                              ver y own m usical car eer
Afkham from Germany; Christian                                                          Volunteer Cottage, for all
                                              flourished because of the
Vasquez and Diego Mathuez from                                                          members of the winning
                                              guidance he received by El
Venezuela; and Perry So from                                                            committee. The winner will
                                              Sistema, a publically funded
Hong Kong. Each was hand-                                                               be announced at Spring
                                              musician training program of
picked by Music Director Gustavo                                                        Celebration on Thursday,
                                              thousands of children in          his
Dudamel and the Artistic Staff of                                                        May 20, 2010.
                                              native Venezuela.
the LA Phil.

Fall 2009
                                 AFFILIATES NEWS                                                                      Page 4

                                     CRESCENDO OFFERED KEYBOARD MYSTICISM
                                     AND THE ROMANTIC PERIOD

                                     and the Romantic Period enticed               Simmons pipe organ, rebuilt by
                                     Affiliates to the concert held at             Manuel Rosales and Associates,
                                     the Los Altos United Methodist                the same firm that built the organ
                                     Church in Long Beach. Proficient              in Walt Disney Concert Hall. A
                                     as a pianist, organist, composer,             reception followed the concert.
                                     producer, and songwriter,
                                     Rusnak entertained his audience
                                     with the music of Franz Liszt,
                                     Alexander Skryabin, Frederic
Crescendo Coordinators Renee         Chopin, Marcel Dupre and his
Mitchell, Peninsula Committee,       own compositions, 3 Dances for
and Marie Stiebing, Santa            Piano. Performing on a rare-
Monica-Westside Committee,           edition Steinway, Rusnak intro-
welcomed sixty-three guests to       duced each piece with an expla-
the Crescendo XVIII 2009 pro-        nation of its musical history and             From left: Carole McCormac, Beverly Quaife,
gram of organ and piano music        period. He performed Cortege                  LaVonne Clay, Co-Coordinator Marie Stie-
                                                                                   bing, Co-Coordinator Renee Mitchell, and
performed by Los Angeles-based       Et Litanie by 20th century French             Affiliate Chair Arlyss Burkett
musician John Rusnak on              composer Marcel Dupre on an
October 25. Keyboard Mysticism       1852 historic W illiam B.

 MUSIC MOBILE® PROGRAM SWINGS INTO ACTION                                           AFFILIATE BOARD’S GET
 The Music Mobile® interactive       the end of the day before the
                                                                                     ACQUAINTED PARTY
 presentations occur throughout      students return to their schools.”
                                                                                 The Virginia
 the school year, either in the      The Music Mobile® docents also
 individual schools of Glendale      p r e s e n t t h e pr e - c o n c e r t    Country
 (January and February), Palos       “Instrument Petting Zoo” at the             Club in
 Verdes (February and March),        Toyota Symphonies for Youth                 Long Beach
 Los Angeles (October,               concerts at Walt Disney Concert             was the set-
 November and April) or the          Hall on selected Saturdays.                 ting on
 Hollywood Bowl.                                                                 September
 Students arrive in two buses at                                                 13 for the
 the Hollywood Bowl. While the                                                   Affiliate
 Affiliate docents make their                                                    Board’s Get From left: Arlyss Burkett,
 presentation in the Orchestra                                                   Acquainted Joan Gustafson, event coor-
                                                                                              dinator, and Robert Mungo
 Lounge, the Affiliates Speakers                                                 Party.
 Bureau members take the other                                                   Thirty-two members and guests,
 students on a tour through the                                                  who included Valerie Thompson
 Hollywood Bowl and its                                                          and Teresa Bond from the Los
 Museum. Music Mobile® Co-            Irene Naftulin, Westside Committee, pre-   Angeles Philharmonic, enjoyed
 Coordinator Margo Penney             sents the instruments at a Music Mobile®
                                                                                 dinner and entertainment by
 says, “This venue isn’t complete     Petting Zoo prior to a Toyota Symphonies
                                      for Youth concert.                         Robert Mungo, a young pianist.
 without the traditional picnic at

Fall 2009
                                  Affiliates News                                                                              Page 5

Members of the Affiliates who were donors last year
to the LA Philharmonic Endowment attended a re-
cent LA Philharmonic rehearsal. Each year, a re-
hearsal is opened to Affiliates who have donated
$100 or more the previous year to the Affiliates LA
Philharmonic Endowment Fund. It was a wonderful
musical morning, topped off by a terrific talk by the
Philharmonic’s young violinist, Robert Gupta. Mr.
Gupta joined the Philharmonic when he was 19, and
has just begun his third year in the orchestra. All
agreed that the excellent concert and engaging talk
with Mr. Gupta made it a very special morning, re-
ports Coordinator DeAnne Hayes.
Any Affiliate member who donates $100 or more this
                                                                  Affiliates members (from left) Wendy Kelman, Marilyn Kelliher, DeAnne
year to the Endowment Fund will be invited next                   Hayes, and Meg Evans greet Philharmonic violinist, Robert Gupta, at
year to another Philharmonic rehearsal with an artist             the Endowment Invitational Rehearsal.

The New Member Symposium in             to include improving programs                      Beginning next year, the Affiliate
Choral Hall on November 2 was           already in the community.                          Board voted to encourage all
attended by 42 enthusiastic                                                                Committees to require New
Affiliates. A Patina brunch was                                                            Members to attend the New
followed by an excellent panel of                                                          Member Symposium, and
speakers: Arlyss Burkett, Affiliate                                                        encourage attendance at Spring
Chair, and Los Angeles                                                                     Celebration. Committees will be
Philharmonic              Staff                                                            rewarded          by     more
members Teresa Bond, Deputy                                                                knowledgeable, enthusiastic, and
Director of Development, Valerie        From left: Sheri Gill, Teresa Bond, Arlyss         dedicated active members.
                                        Burkett, and Leni Boorstin
Thompson, Manager, Volunteer
Activities, and Leni Boorstin,
                                        Following the program, a
Director of Community
                                        backstage tour was guided by
Affairs. Ms. Boorstin gave an
                                        members of the Speakers
inspiring talk on how the LA Phil
is extending its goal of
developing new youth orchestras                                                           A beautiful collection of new members

                                                SAVE THE DATE
                                             Membership Roundtable
                                        Monday, January 11, 2010, 9:30 a.m.
                                             Hollywood Bowl Cottage
                Committee Presidents, Membership Chairs, Membership Mentors, Anyone Else Interested
Fall 2009
                            AFFILIATES NEWS                                                           Page 6

The Philharmonic Friends Awards      Second Place, Most Dollars Over-      Two door prizes were awarded
Brunch was held at the Colburn       all: Santa Monica-Westside            by Margaret Lulejian and Eunice
School on October 15, coordi-        Committee.                            Horwitz.
nated by Margaret Lulejian
(Valley CommitteeS). Fifty-eight
Affiliate members began the
morning with a breakfast buffet
in the bright student café, fol-
lowed by discussion of the 2009-
210 campaign, presentation of
awards and concluding with a
concert by Colburn students and
a docent-led tour of the Colburn                                           From left: Anne Curry Destabelle,
School.                              From left: President Lucetta Kallis   Peninsula Committee won a
                                     accepts award from Valerie            Hollywood Bowl box for four peo-
Awards were presented by
                                     Thompson.                             ple for the 2010 season.
Valerie Thompson, Margaret
Lulejian and Eunice Horwitz          Third Place, Most Dollars Overall:
(2008-2009 Coordinator):             Valley CommitteeS.
Highest Percentage Over Com-
mittee’s Goal: Los Angeles
Philharmonic Committee.

                                                                           From left: Laurie Harrison, guest
                                                                           of the Committee of Professional
                                                                           Women, won six bench seats for
                                     From left: Co-President Ellie
                                                                           next June’s Opening Night at the
                                     Hamburger accepts award from
                                                                           Hollywood Bowl.
                                     Valerie Thompson and Eunice
                                                                                2009-2010 Campaign
From left: Co-Presidents Marilyn     Committees Meeting Their Goals:
                                                                           Teresa Bond, Deputy Director of
Kezirian and Cindy Norian accept                                           Development, briefly explained
award from Valerie Thompson.                                               the 2009-2010 campaign encour-
First Place, Most Dollars Overall:                                         aging Affiliates to write personal
Foothill Committee.                                                        notes to be included in the mail-
                                                                           ings. The Friends Goal is a new
                                                                           challenge set at $154,000, a four
                                     From left: accepting awards from      percent increase over this past
                                     Valerie Thompson were Myrtle          season’s goal of $148,000.
                                     Watilo of the Long Beach
                                     Auxiliary; Nancy Howard of the
                                     Affiliates at Large Committee;
                                     Marilyn Kelliher of the Speakers
                                     Bureau; and a representative of
                                     the Business and Professional
From left: Helen Martin accepts
award from Valerie Thompson
and Eunice Horwitz.

Fall 2009
                                            AFFILIATES NEWS                                                                 Page 7

The Affiliates@Large got off to a                men and women from the               Youth, (some attended the
busy start with the summer                       greater Los Angeles area             “Petting Zoo” training), the
meeting kicking off a great                      interested in assisting in various   Symphonies for Schools and the
season of volunteering.         A                events in support of the LA Phil     Pasadena Showcase House of
delicious buffet supper at the                   and other Affiliate groups. For      Design. For further information,
Volunteer Cottage was followed                   the opening Gala, the A@L            contact Nancy Howard at:
by an evening of symphonic                       created centerpieces for the
music by Mozart. Returning                       Affiliates’ post concert dinner at
members were glad to see old                     the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion.
friends and greet new members.                   Members are great volunteers
The Affiliates@Large include                     for the Toyota Symphonies for

                                                 From July 18 to 25, fortunate        Znaider, among others. Robert
                                                 members of the Business and          Redford narrated a performance
                                                 Professional Committee (B&P)         of Vivaldi’s Four Seasons that
                                                 travelled to Napa for the Napa       featured wunderkind 14-year-old
                                                 Valley Music Festival del Sole.      violinist Chad Hoopes. The
                                                 The festival was amazing in its      pleasures of touring, wine tasting
                                                 ability to attract greats of the     and superb dining filled out the
                                                 classical music world including      days. B&P plans to make a
                                                 violinist Sarah Chang, soprano       repeat visit next year. Anyone
                                                 Renée Fleming, pianist Lief Ove      interested in joining the group
From left: Ambassador Kathryn Hall, Craig Hall   Andsnes, cellist Johannes            during July 2010 may contact
with B&P members Marcia Hollander, Gary
Hollander, Yvonne Hessler and Gordon             Moser, conductor Alondra de la       Marcia Hollander at
Hessler at the Hall Saint Helena Winery
                                                 Parra and violinist Nikolaj

“Prelude to Fall” was the theme                  included challenging works by        will proudly celebrate the group’s
for COPW’s opening event for                     Mozart, Rossini and Von Weber.       45th anniversary as an LA Phil
2009-2010. Forty-five members                    The audience was thrilled by his     Affiliate.
and friends gathered at the lovely               accomplished performance and
Creative Kids Artist Retreat in                  gave him a standing
Beverly Glen Canyon for a recital                ovation. After the program, both
by student clarinetist James                     guest artists stayed for follow-up
Calix, accompanied by pianist                    discussion and joined the group
Roberta Garten. James is a                       for a light buffet luncheon
freshman at the USC Thornton                     provided by COPW Board
School of Music and formerly a                   members. James' proud father
merit scholarship student at the                 was also in attendance.
                                                                                      From left: Joyce Mallean, event Co-Hostess,
Colburn School. The program                                                           Roberta Garten, pianist, James Calix, clarinet-
                                                 COPW’s next event in January         ist, and Joey Hynes, Co-Hostess.

Fall 2009
Affiliates News                                                                                                         Page 8

Encore, the committee of past        in Pasadena.
presidents, gathered at the
                                     The calendar of up-coming
Pacific Asian Museum in
                                     events is full. A Holiday Tea is
Pasadena for their Autumn
                                     scheduled for December 14;
Annual Meeting on October 20.
                                     January 17 is the date for the
Members were requested to
                                     very special Encore-sponsored
wear costumes they had col-
                                     Orchestra Party, at the Dorothy
lected throughout their travels.
                                     Chandler Pavilion; February, will
Following their business meeting,
                                     find Encore members visiting the
members enjoyed a docent-led                                                        Erika Riley, Sona Boyd and Sippin Pappas,
                                     Fashion Institute of Design and                dressed in Asian gowns, pose by an Asian
tour of the museum, followed by                                                     mural at the Pacific Asian Museum in Pasa-
                                     Merchandising in Los Angeles.
lunch at McCormick & Schmick's                                                      dena.

Foothill Committee began the         bers had an opportunity to not                 duction, who shared insights, an-
season with a superb perform-        only enjoy the lively venue but                ecdotes, and tips with the group.
                      ance    by     also to tour the recently reno-
                      Sligo Rags     vated Padua Hills Theatre with
                      at     the     roots dating back to the 1930s.
                                     In October, members met and
                      P a d u a
                                     wrote fund raising letters to po-
                      H i l l s
                                     tential donors. It was, however,
                      Theatre in
                                     not all work as members’ were
Claremont to experience “Celtic
                                     rewarded with a delightful talk by
Folk Music with a Bluegrass
                                     Gail Samuel, Vice President and
Attitude.” The ensemble per-
                                     General Manager of the Los
formed a variety of traditional
                                     Angeles Philharmonic and Pro-
songs and original pieces. Mem-                                                       Jan Corey (left) thanks Gail Samuel.

The Glendale committee is cur-                                                      program scheduled for January
rently planning its upcoming                                                        2010. This program introduces
Christmas Musicale to be held at                                                    the instruments of the orchestra
the Annandale Country Club in                                                       to third grade students in all the
Pasadena, on December 14.                                                           Glendale schools. The well-
The Musicale will feature Jona-                                                     supplied Affiliate van contributes
than Karoly, cello, and Catherine                                                   to this project’s success.
Ransom Karoly, flute, members
                                                                                    The Glendale Committee, as are
of the LA Phil.                     Members are planning and eagerly anticipating
                                                                                    all Affiliates, is looking forward to
                                    the Christmas Musicale.
Also in the planning stage is the                                                   an energizing Philharmonic sea-
annual Music Mobile® education                                                      son.

Fall 2009
                                    AFFILIATES NEWS                                                                      Page 9

The International Committee          tainment featuring the flute and             Pavilion, will be a festive, memo-
opened the 2009-2010 season at       harp duo of Arpa y Aulos who                 rable feast. Save the date!
the Fremont Place residence of       played classical Mexican music.
Consul General of Mexico and         The highlight of the day was a
his wife, Mrs. Alejandra Garza de    visit by the Consul General who
Gutierrez. It was most befitting     spoke of next year’s Bicentennial
since next year's International      celebration of Mexico's inde-
Night Ball honoring the Consular     pendence. "Viva Mexico Gala de
Corps will celebrate Mexico.         Bicentenario," the International
                                     Night Ball planned for May 15,
Besides a delicious Mexican                                                      From left: Committee President Janine Bobin,
                                     2010 in the Dorothy Chandler                Consul General of Mexico and his wife, Mr. &
lunch, Alejandra provided enter-
                                                                                 Mrs. Juan Marcos Gutierrez Gonzales

Long Beach Auxiliary kicked off its new season with
a Fall Musicale held at the Long Beach Yacht Club
on September 24. The program featured guitarist
Jack Sanders.
On October 8, members participated in a historic
moment as Los Angeles welcomed Gustavo
Dudamel at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. Fourteen
members and guests traveled to Walt Disney
Concert Hall for the Opening Night concert, and
eleven members and guests enjoyed the black tie        Enjoying camaraderie at the Affiliates Dinner after the Opening Night
Affiliates Dinner, which followed the concert.         concert are: (seated) Rick Berry, Cecily Berry, Arlyss Burkett, (standing)
                                                       Carole McCormac, Joan Gustafson, Miriam Garland, Barbara Vaught,
                                                       Linda Parsons, Dave Parsons, Karen McBride, and Tom Burkett.

Peninsula Committee’s new            James Miller, trombone, and
fundraiser, “An Evening with the     John Lofton, bass trombone
LA Phil Brass,” was a great          presented a concert ranging
success. More than 350               from Paul Dukas’ “Fanfare from
members and guests gathered          La Peri,” to works by J. S. Bach,
on the lawn at Chadwick School       Samuel Scheidt, Isaac Albeniz,
for   box suppers on Sunday          and Eric Maschwitz. A highlight
afternoon August 30. The             of the program was the “Quintet
concert followed in the outdoor      No. 1” by Victor Ewald.                     Shown above: (standing) Christopher Still,
amphitheater. Members of the         Entertaining introductions by               Janet Ceske and Bette Moen, event Co-Chairs,
                                                                                 James Wilt, (seated ) Eric Overholt, John
LA Philharmonic’s brass section,     each musician provided a
                                                                                 Lofton and James Miller
James Wilt and Christopher Still,    special dimension to the
trumpet; Eric Overholt, horn,        memorable evening.

Fall 2009
Affiliates News                                                                                                                     Page 10

The Los Angeles Philharmonic                                                                       entertaining with musical salons,
Committee began the year with                                                                      letter writing campaigns for the
t wo o u t s t a n d i n g m u s i c a l                                                           endowment fund for Symphonies
programs: Rufus Chol, pianist,                                                                     for Schools and the Friends
perf orm ed in Sept ember ,                                                                        Campaign, an annual holiday
followed in October by Jason                                                                       party at the California Club in
Issokson, violinist, who was                                                                       December and a spring benefit
beautifully accompanied by                                                                         May 22 at the Los Angeles
pianist Mitsuko Morikawa. Sylvie           Members are thanked for their various contributions     Equestrian Center. Members
Olliver and Anne Brilliant,                to the Committee. Pictured from left are Kathie         also look forward to volunteering
                                           Johnson, Sylvie Olliver, Ann Brilliant, Nancy Wayte,
opened their lovely homes for              and Sheryl Mendez .                                     for the myriad opportunities to
these performances.                                                                                enrich music education for the
                                                                                                   children of Los Angeles.
The year will be productive and

SANTA MONICA-WESTSIDE PHILHARMONIC COMMITTEE                                                           SPEAKERS BUREAU
The Santa Monica-Westside Philharmonic                                                                 The Speakers Bureau
Committee will hold a          Holiday Concert on                                                      is “getting ready” to
December 6th in the Contrapuntal Music Hall at the                                                     give tours of the Holly-
home of Alan Kay and Bonnie MacBird. The
                                                                                                       wood Bowl in con-
featured artist is Christine Sofiane who will perform
“Songs of Auvergne” by Canteloube and                                                                  junction with the Mu-
international Christmas songs. All are welcome. To                                                     sic Mobile from mid-
reserve your seat, contact Trish Dickey at trish-                                                      October through No- or (310) 471-4241.                                        Christine Sofiane           vember.

T h e S o u t hW e s t H e i g h t s          by an LAUSD traveling music
Philharmonic Committee works                  teacher, with violin, cello, flute,
to encourage an understanding                 clarinet, trumpet and trombone
of and an appreciation for sym-               lessons for the 3rd, 4th and 5th
phonic music among the commu-                 graders; a 50-student African
nities of       SouthWest Los                 Drum and Dance Ensemble; and
Angeles. This includes a project              a 95-student Guitar Ensemble for
supporting music at the Loyola                all the 3rd graders.
Village Elementary School in
                                              These students are becoming an
Westchester. Member Melinda
                                              exciting part of a musical tapes-                   The Loyola Village African Dance Ensemble
Goodall is the school principal.                                                                  gets moving.
                                              try, and preparing themselves to
She reported in September that
                                              be the expressive performers,
"music is alive at Loyola Village,"
                                              the creative teachers, and the re-
with a 65-student orchestra, led
                                              flective audience for tomorrow.
Fall 2009
                                      AFFILIATES NEWS                                                             Page 11

                                     WESTSIDE COMMITTEE
       After silence, that which       presidents who are no longer ac-      pianist Yoko Rosenbaum, will
          comes nearest to             tive, but still want to remain con-   perform.
            expressing the             nected. It is a great tradition and
       inexpressible is music.         one of the highlights of the year.
             - Aldous Huxley
                                       On November 22, Westside
                                       Committee holds its first fund-
                                       raiser     for    the     year,
Thanks to Sue D’Alessio, on
                                       Dessertimento, a wine and
October 21, the Westside
                                       cheese Musicale followed by
Committee once again held its
                                       homemade desserts. LA Phil
annual Reunion Luncheon at the                                               Past presidents pictured are: (standing from
                                       member Anna Marie Gabriele will
California Yacht Club in Marina                                              left) Deanna Mc Nitt, Peggy Fonkalsrud,
                                       be performing an oboe recital. In     Linda Smith, Virginia Teller, Eva Holberg,
del Rey. It is always a delight to
                                       addition, one of their annual         Bea Mandel, Astrid Rottman, Kathy Gray,
welcome back those former                                                    and (seated) Irene Naftulin, Rosemary
                                       scholarship winners, ten-year-old
                                                                             Stewart, and Alice Bragg, current president.

Over the summer, the Valley            On October 8, thirty members
Committee and the West Valley          and guests of the Valley
Committee became one—now               CommitteeS enjoyed its first
known as the Valley                    business meeting/luncheon at
CommitteeS. Ellie Hamburger            the Lakeside Golf Club in
and Jan Agens will serve as Co-        Burbank which also included a
Presidents.  The merger was            performance by Pianist Yoshinko
celebrated on September 9 at           Yerkes. Yoshinko thrilled the au-
the home of Co-President Ellie         dience with a beautiful perform-
Hamburger.                             ance of four pieces by Schubert,
                                                                             From left: Marjorie Baker, Yoshinko Yerkes
                                       Mendelssohn and Chopin.               and Jan Agens

The Los Angeles Philharmonic’s          the train station in Old Town
first support group, the Women’s        Pasadena. That same week,
Committee, had a very active            members attended the
summer. With all of the activity        Philharmonic Friends Awards
of getting tickets to the Dudamel       Brunch and then returned to staff
free concert at the Hollywood           the first Toyota Symphonies for
Bowl and organizing the occa-           Youth concert—life lives on
sion, no one will forget the            music!
“Dudamel summer.”
                                        Christmas season will include
Starting their 87th year,               English High Tea at the Women
Women’s Committee held a re-            of Glendale’s Salem Lutheran          Ursula Krummel, Women’s Committee Chair,
turning fall luncheon meeting at        Church, which is now a tradition.     enjoys a summer Hollywood Bowl concert.

Fall 2009

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